Jenna in ARF 2008 Celebrity Calendar

Jenna Fischer

Looking for a holiday gift for the animal lover in your life?

Consider the ARF 2008 Celebrity Pet Calendar, which includes Jenna Fischer and her adorable pooch, Dr. Wesley Von Spears.

ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) “saves dogs and cats who have run out of time at public shelters and brings people and animals together to enrich each others lives.”

Link: ARF 2008 Celebrity Pet Calendar

Tipsters: April, Claire


  1. I love that dog’s name! It sounds like something Michael Schur would come up with. lol.

  2. Wow, Jenna could not be hotter. How I miss The Office…and her wardrobe this season.

  3. Dr Wesley Von Spears? I hope that dog didn’t originally belong to crazy Brittney. :)

    Great pic of Jenna!

  4. That name is hilarious! It sounds like that name on that commercial, “Mr. Barky Von Snoger”. hehe. What an adorable dog!

  5. Is the ARF acronym an intentional play on a dog’s bark? If so, that’s genius.

    Oh, and Jenna’s hot. :D

  6. That dog looks like a person. Which is kinda creepy.

    Jenna looks like a person too. A really, incredibly hot person. Which is NOT creepy. Definitely…not…creepy…

  7. Wowza! Jenna is beautiful! Dr Wesley Von Spears looks so cute too. He reminds me of one of my dogs.

  8. She looks beautiful in this picture. And I’m not really a pet person, but cute dog!

  9. My gosh, she looks stunning. She is easily the most beautiful celebrity in hollywood. They all look the same, but not her. She’s gorgeous, and I’m jealous :)

  10. I wasn’t aware that Wesley had completed his dissertation. Congrats to him on that. And to Jenna on being part of a fun, generous project.

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