Kate Flannery on Loveline

Kate Flannery appeared on the radio show Loveline tonight!

If you’ve never heard of Loveline, it’s a call-in radio show “with the primary goal of helping youth and young adults with relationship, sexuality, and drug addiction problems.” Not for the faint of heart, and definitely NSFW.

Links: Kate Flannery on Loveline | Kate Flannery video

Jenna, Rainn, B.J., Angela, and Brian have all made appearances on the show — check out the archives here.


  1. LoveLine is my god. I just wish Adam Carolla was back with Drewsky.
    You can also download each episode on the loveline site after the show if you want to listen on the go!

  2. Hi Tanster :) Do we know if this was ever added to apparently-not.com? All of the Loveline shows that featured cast members of “The Office” were and are linked to on your site…

    Thanks again for all that you do :)

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