1. Happy birthday to Brian!!
    lol am i the only one imagining him passing out Koolaid drinks and PBandJ sandwiches at his party??
    I hope you have a blast at your bday!

  2. Wow, Tanster. This is your life! You have the stars of your favorite tv show calling you, emailing you, hanging out with you, and *professing their love for you*!! How does it feel??

    [from tanster: weird and wonderful. :) ]

  3. What a fun little “gabcast”! That was adorable. Brian is too much fun. Thanks for sharing this with us Tanster.


  4. Happy Bird-day, Brian! Don’t stuff too many M&M’s into your mouth today! lol.

  5. Happy Birthday, Kevin.!

    Sending you some double fudge brownies your way.

    Stay awesome

  6. Happy Birthday, Brian! May you receive 69 cup o noodles on your special day! We miss you guys.

  7. Happy Birthday Brian! Hope you have a great day :)

    Thanks for sharing the audio clip with us Tanster! I played it at work “by accident” hahaha…. Sounds like it was a fun time!

  8. For my money, nothing’s better than your karaoke version of “You Oughta Know”. I make my wife laugh daily just by saying “you you you you you”. Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday Brian! Go crazy and eat 69 M&M’s.

    BTW, who were the first two participants in that clip? Kate Flannery and…???

    [from tanster: it was kate flannery and a very hoarse bobby ray shafer.]

  10. Whoo!

    I heard you’re turning 35, but you’re an accountant, right? You can just fudge the numbers!

    I couldn’t resist. Happy Bird-Day.

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