Jenna live blogging tonight

This posted by nbcskampy at the NBC Office boards:

We just can’t get enough of the live blogging around here, especially when it comes to The Office! This Thursday after the supersized episode ‘The Merger,’ log on to to participate in a Q&A live blog with Jenna Fischer, who you may know better as Pam from The Office!


The Office Live Blog
Jenna Fischer aka Pam
Thursday, November 16 @ 6:15pm PST

We hope to see you in the comments!!

Update: I’m bumping this post as a reminder — this is happening tonight …


  1. This is awesome! NBC is certainly feeding the fans a lot of really cool bonus stuff this season. Thanks for letting us know :)

  2. Sorry, but I think the live blogs on kind of suck. I wish they had a better system set up.

  3. Good news. Besides being very nice she is also doing such a great job this season, she seems to be growing as an actress and it’s so cool to see.

  4. That’s a good question John, me too. Also what confuses me is that the page keeps refreshing itself on that site making it hard to type out a question.

  5. I really love how accessable the actors are with their fans. It makes me appreciate the show *that* much more.

  6. That’s really cool! Thank you for the tip! Can’t wait for the extended episode and blog with Jenna!

  7. Is Jenna the first actor to do the live blogging? (Isn’t Greg Daniels the only one who’s done it so far?)

  8. John, I think where you ask your question might be dependent on who is doing the live blog (i.e. Greg might look at questions in a different order than Jenna would). That said, it seems like Greg was looking at questions in the newer topics, rather than going all the way through the old ones.

  9. I think they should mix things up sometimes and blog for us central time folks. I still submitted my question and am crossing my fingers for a response!

    ((This cast spoils us way too much. :P))

  10. Anybody – does this blog site require one browser over another? How on earth do you read through all of her replies?
    I just get the same page with her replies that keeps “refreshing” automatically – maddening. No way to link through to the beginning.
    Can anybody advise?

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