The Office: The Merger, 3.08

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the office the merger jim pam

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Ken Whittingham

Summary (NBC): The Scranton branch and the Stamford branch of Dunder-Mifflin are merged, bringing old friends Jim and Pam back together after months apart. The original airing of this episode was supersized.

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The Office The Merger quotes

Andy: Playin’ your cards close to the vest? I get it. Good luck over there, Tuna. Cross me and I will destroy you.
Jim: Sounds good, Andy.

Karen: Hey, is that Josh’s computer?
Andy: What?

Dwight: What was your mile time?
Toby: About seven.
Dwight (scoffs): I could beat that on a skateboard.
Toby: Well, that has wheels.
Dwight: Yeah, well, my feet don’t. And I could still crush that time.

Dwight: Last weekend, I outran a black pepper snake.

Dwight: I am fast. To give you a reference point, I’m somewhere between a snake and a mongoose. And a panther.

Pam: Am I being mean to Dwight? I don’t know. I did just make him run around the building, and I have no intention of timing him. This isn’t even a stopwatch, it’s a digital thermometer.

Pam: I should probably get back to work.

Michael: My branch is absorbing the Stamford branch. Or as I like to put it, my family is doubling in size.

Michael: Andy Bernard. Saint Bernard …

Dwight: The Japanese camp guards of World War Two always chose one man to kill whenever a batch of new prisoners arrived. I always wondered how they chose the man who was to die. I think I would have been good at choosing the person.

Michael: Make it look nice. As if you were trying to impress a much older man who’s way out of your league.

Pam: That’s always a thing that makes people happy. To have an old friend back.

Michael: As far as I’m concerned (holds up ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug), this says ‘World’s Best Dad.’

Michael (in robot voice): Take-me-to-your-leader. Oh-wait,-I-am-your-leader.
Karen: Uh wait, are you a robot or a Martian?

Michael: Wow, you are very exotic looking. Was your dad a G.I., or … ?

Andy: I’ll be the number two guy here in Scranton in six weeks.

Andy: I’m always thinking one step ahead. Like a carpenter that makes stairs.

Andy: Hello.
Michael: Ah, you must be Andy Bernard. Aloha and welcome!
Andy: And you must be Michael Scott. Aloha and … hello.
Michael (laughing): Ah ha! Very good! Welcome to our little kingdom. We have a bag of nifty gifties for you.
Andy: Michael, thank you for welcoming me to your little kingdom … Mike. Nifty!
Michael: They are nifty! They’re nifty gifties.

Michael: You know who I really like? Is this guy Andy Bernard. He has got this very likeable way about him.

Michael: Follow me, I will show you where all the slaves work. Not …

Jim: Hi, I’m Jim. I’m new here.
Pam: Oh my god. It’s really you!
Jim: I was just doing a little joke there, about how we’d never met …
Pam: I know. I don’t care.
Jim: Awesome! Good to be back. The place looks really good.
Pam: It’s really good to see you.
Jim: You too.

Jim: Where do I stand with Pam? Um … no idea. I mean, we’re friends, always have been friends, um, that is where we stand.

Dwight: Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in from Stamford.

Dwight: Fact — I am older. I am wiser. Do not mess with me.

Dwight: Meet my eye line, Jim!

Ryan: Yeah, Jim is a nice guy. That’s why I got the desk.

Kevin: In general, they do not give me much responsibility. But they do let me shred the company documents. And that is really all I need.

Dwight: Hello. I don’t believe we’ve been introduced. Dwight Schrute, Assistant Regional Manager.
Andy: Andy Bernard, Regional Director in charge of sales.
Dwight: So you’ll be reporting to me then.
Andy: On the contrary.
Dwight: My title has ‘manager’ in it.
Andy: And I’m a director. Which on a film set, is the highest title there is. Do you know anything about film?
Dwight: I know everything about film. I’ve seen over 240 of them.
Andy: Congratulations.

Michael: It’s not matter of more or less. Your pay is just different.

Kelly: Oh my god, I have so much to tell you!
Jim: Really?
Kelly: Yes! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? — they had a baby and they named it Suri. And then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they had a baby, too, and they named it Shiloh. And both babies are a-mazing.
Jim: Great. What’s new with you?
Kelly: I just told you.
Jim: What’s new with you?
Kelly: I just told you.

Michael: For you, consider it cow meat. Strictly taboo.

Michael: This is an orientation, not a bore-ientation.

Michael: Cell phones and pagers off, please.

Michael: So let’s just all laugh together and watch ‘Lazy Scranton.’

Jim: It reminds me of the orientation video Michael showed on my first day — The Scranton Witch Project.

Michael: I am so scared! — when people don’t label their personal food.

Andy: Hey buddy, anything new to report?
Dwight: You mean, to me, from you? Cause that’s how it works.

Andy: Am I trying to get under his skin? Yes.

Hannah: Take a picture, it’ll last longer.
Ryan: I’m sorry, it’s just, it’s a little distracting.
Creed: Ditto that, my brother.

Michael: What is that, a squid’s eye?

Karen: It smells like a funeral home.

Phyllis: Bob Vance bought this perfume for me in Metropolitan Orlando. It’s made from real pine.

Phyllis: You have a lot to learn about this town, sweetie.

Michael: I don’t know what I’m grabbin’ here!

Michael: You can’t quit on the first day. That’s heresy, my friend!

Michael: Don’t bother quitting. Because you’re fired.

Michael: Take your bad vibes with you.

Andy: Dwight may have won the battle. But I will win … the next battle.

Michael: Hooters is a restaurant. With over 400 locations worldwide.

Michael: Can’t we all just get along? Or have we forgotten the words of the Reverend King?

Michael: The word ‘merger’ comes from the word ‘marriage.’ And that was what today was supposed to be. The loving union between people. Instead, it has become like when my mom moved in with Jeff, and once again, it becomes my job to fix it.

Karen: Does Bob Vance work for Vance Refrigeration?
Jim: Does he ever.

Michael: We have got to pull together as one and steal their refrigerators!

Michael (reading note): “You guys suck! You can never pull together as one and revenge us. That is why you suck!”

Michael: This is egregious! This is egregious.

Ryan: Sometimes he brings more costumes.

Michael: Sometimes, what brings the kids together is hating the lunch lady. Although that’ll change. Because, by the end of the fourth grade, the lunch lady was actually the person I hung out with the most.

Michael: So after a great deal of thought and introspective-shun, I have decided to make Jim my new number two.

Andy: I saw your dorkmobile in the parking lot, what does it get, like four miles to the gallon?
Dwight: Uh, try double that. Classic Trans Am, vintage American muscle. Please.
Andy: Yeah, my Xterra’s pretty sweet. Luxurious yet rugged. Leave it to the Japanese.
Dwight: Xterra’s not even a real word.
Andy: Actually, it is. It’s Latin for “earth.”
Dwight: Oh, so you drive an X-Earth?
Andy: Yeah.
Dwight: That makes sense. I’d rather drive a classic Trans Am than an XEarth.
Andy: Yeah, I bet you would. Oh, by the way, 1985 called and wants its car back.
Dwight: Well I hope 1985 has a time machine ’cause I drive an 87.
Andy: Oh, speaking of time machines, I just got back from the future and I went to your funeral and guess what, nobody came.
Dwight: Speaking of funerals, why don’t you go ahead and go die.
Andy: Oh, that was a really well-constructed sentence. You should be an English professor at Cor-not University.
Dwight: Idiot!
Andy: If I were an idiot, I’d be driving a Trans Am.
Dwight: If you were driving a Trans Am, you would be the smartest idiot in the whole world.
Andy (fake coughing): Idiot!
Dwight (fake coughing): You’re the idiot!
Andy (fake coughing): Nice comeback!
Dwight (fake coughing): I was making fun of your comeback! That’s why it worked. (Andy leaves in disgust.) I totally got the best of that interchange. (Coughs for real.)

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  1. what?!?! wait, WHAT?!?!?! “kind of seeing someone” better lead up to “kind of dumping someone” VERY soon….

  2. great, Karen vs. Pam it is official. Michael even dumber than ever. and Dwight vs. Andy hilarious

  3. How did they go from “I’m kind of into him”, to “I’m seeing someone”????? When did this happen???

  4. So the Jim and Karen relationship is finally announced. I liked towards the end where Jim got out and talked to pam. It was so awkward but when the Karen and Jim is over, WATCH OUT!.
    Michael Scott is the best boss ever… So many classic moments with him again.
    Loved the ending between Dwight and Andy! rofl.

  5. This episode ranks up there with the Injury and Casino Night. Awesome! And… Poor Pam!

  6. oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no. i don’t like this.great episode. but i don’t like this. i miss the chemistry and the oh no.

  7. THAT was fantastic! Well written, well acted, the interaction between Jim and Pam OMG SO REAL! Andy & Dwight, oh so funny! I love this show.

    Lazy Scranton…!! They should show they whole video on the website.

  8. Well, us Scranton natives are flipping over the “Lazy Scranton” rap. But Jim? Seriously? Way to break my heart into a thousand pieces. Damnit.



    i cant stand karen.. ack i cant stand her.

  10. I think the funniest moment was Stanley looking at the other black guy, who made that sign. Then looking back at the camera in disgust.

    The new interactions between people is gonna be fantastic.

    Btw, who do we think is going to be The Convict?

  11. “seeing someone?” are you kidding me!! and who do these people think they are? i found myself extremely tense and frustrated at the end of this episode. we went from karen simply admitting that she liked jim and now they’re seeing each other and she’s rubbing her grubby hands on his back!! if karen thinks scranton is so dumb that she wants to use a corkscrew for a lobotomy, then maybe she should leave! i’m very upset and i’m not sure how much more i can take!

  12. It was ok. Last week’s episode was MUCH better. I like where the cast is, but I don’t like the assigned seating. :-)

  13. poor tony!
    it’s too bad he doesnt have the required sense of humor for scranton.
    omg dwight vs. andy
    and pam vs. karen…

  14. I’d just like to say that I called it!

    “I can see Pam making a move for Jim but Jim rejecting her…” (331, Branch Closing)

    These last two episodes have been two of the best ever…I really love the way the writing is going this season. It’s so real between Jim/Pam/Karen! I smell another Emmy, too!

  15. aaaw I feel bad the chips guy isn’t around anymore, but Andy and Dwight together is hilarious

  16. Ok, I know there are a lot of JAM fans out there but seriously.. Pam rejected Jim. Jim moves on. The end.

    PS Loved the big guy, wish he weren’t going to be gone just like that, he would be good to pull out for a laugh every now and then!

  17. YESSS!!! There was alot of fist pumping of “YES”ing when Karen rubben Jim’s back.

    What are people’s thoughts on Jim’s expression at the end? Mad that Pam could so easily brush it off? I think he was hoping she would be sad about him moving on. I think he kind of wanted her to know what it felt like being hurt and then he was upset when she “wasn’t.”

    What’s with the woman pumping her breasts in the open? Good Lord.

  18. Aaron(31), you must be crazy to think that Jim and Pam’s romance won’t be rekindled at some point.

    One or two episodes will have Jim leaning towards Karen, and the next few will have Jim leaning towards Pam. It will be a very frustrating thing, though!

  19. OMG…it was really disappointing.
    i think its because the awkwardness of it. saying you are in love with someone the next time you see him or her, its going to be awkward

  20. Is Jim lying?!
    was he trying to get something from pam by telling her that? cuz it’s a lie! i know it! it can’t be true!
    cuz the first scene he high fives karen and it’s a friendly thing and karen was put off by it.
    so jim was definitly lying and trying to get her jealous.
    i freaked out though.
    hilarious episode. possibly the best. andy and dwight are ridiculously funny together.

  21. Oh I’m sure it will be rekindled, and there will be tension between the three of them, but I’m just trying to put myself in Jim’s shoes and move on from Pam for now. :) Just my personal opinion but I love the show for the comedy, a little JAM is nice but too much of it and wham, sucks the funny out of the room.

  22. I think I’m more annoyed with Jim than Jim and Karen being together. I know part of this is Pam’s fault, but it was heartbreaking!!! I kept thinking “JIM, YOU JERK!” for sort of dismissing her the whole day.

  23. i can’t believe that Jim would play with Pam like that…
    I always thought that he was pretty cool about not getting jealous or vengeful-this was really out of character for Jim!

  24. You know what kippib23, when he was leaning in to high 5 her, I thought he was going to kiss her! Maybe that’s what Karen thought too, and when he did the high 5 instead, that put her off.

  25. I was okay with Karen until she put down Phyllis. Who would hurt Phyllis’s feelings?! She’s incredibly sweet! And Karen is new…and she was just trying to help. Ugh. I now have a bad feeling about Karen. And what’s w/ them suddenly dating? Since when?! But Pam’s reaction to Jim was spot-on perfect. She’s pissed off but playing it off incredibly cooly. And Jim, being a guy, is completely confused. Pam’s NOT going to be chummy w/ him anymore. She’s gonna go out of her way to make sure he misses that. She’s so passive-aggressive. It’s brilliant.

  26. I loved Phyllis’ indignance when Karen didn’t know who Bob Vance was.

    May have to buy that team Karen shirt. Pam is being difficult. Was it that it wasn’t awkward for her or she is so unable to acknowledge feelings for Jim she can’t acknowledge his? ARGH. Bravo for Jim for moving on. Except I don’t think he has moved on. Funny scene when Michael walked in on them…you can see Jim cringe at the thought of Michael saying something inappropriate. Dwight and Andy, as hilarious as I thought they’d be. That will only get better and better. Loved his wallpaper. Funny episode, but ARGH.

  27. becky, i have to admit i too thought he was going to kiss her.
    but noooo!
    it can’t be true, it just can’t.

  28. I was crushed. So sad. ….the pained look on Jim’s face as he walked away from Pam & got in his car was amazing…John Krasinski says so much with those intense looks…and that Pam to Jim “you can do whatever you want”…such an crushingly real exchange. Oh but it was SO painful to watch.
    Some funny bits…Steve Carell is brilliant as usual. I LOVED Kelly’s response to Jim’s “what’s new with you?” So funny. The Dwight-Andy rivalry was a bit over the top.
    I drew the line at Karen’s revealing comments re our beloved Phyllis’s cologne – no more sympathy for Karen.
    I agree with Jordan – when this fling with Karen is over….

  29. This is what I thought happened:

    Jim thought things were awkward between them during the day because of how they left things. So what’s the best way to get back a friend after telling her you loved her and she rejected you?

    You tell her you’re dating someone else so that she’ll feel more comfortable

    And after the parking lot scene where Pam looked like she wanted to burst into tears, throw up and slit her wrists all at the same time, she figured that she messed up and is too late, so she’s acting like they don’t owe each other anything

    Both of which hurt the other person, all in the process of trying to bridge the gap

    That’s how I took it. Its frustrating as hell, but I think its an honest reaction from both of them to protect themselves.

    The rest of the show was SO brilliant! One of my top 5 already and an instant classic :)

  30. I really loved it. It was long, and it was good.

    That’s what she said.

    Little confused why Jim was fine for drinks with Karen but wouldn’t go out for coffee with Pam. Is he afraid of getting hurt again? I would be. Ball’s in Pam’s court now.

    I was laughing hysterically most of the episode.

    Jim looking right above Dwight was great, as was Kevin with the shredder. Dwight and Andy in the same office is almost too much.

  31. ehhhh i have a strong feeling he’s not lying

    remember- a few weeks have passed between this episode and last’s

  32. i loved the whole mood of the episode–the fact that all of the characters are in Scranton again made the episode have that good ol’ season 1 and 2 feel to it…plus, i’m excited for all of the potential hilarity with the new workers! =]

  33. Good episode!

    Guess I didn’t have to wait that long to find out how long it took for one of the Stanford people to get fed up with Michael

    Let the Battle for Number 3 begin!

    As far as the Jim/Pam/Karen thing, I think that Jim and Karen aren’t a couple but Jim just said that to see what Pam’s reaction was so that he knew where he stood with her.

  34. i just thought it was so cute when Jim and Pam sat next to each other in the conference room! :)

    it was like old times, until the end:(

  35. kippib23- agreed (36). I think Jim is thinking that he may be getting together with Karen at some point (or wishing), but being confused about it now that he’s around Pam again…so he wanted to say something to Pam to feel out what’s going on. Oh it’s all so real I love it.

  36. well mr. egregious (39), sometimes when you’re hurt you act a little out of character, i guess… i’d like to apologize to all of my exes ;P.

    pretty meh on tonight’s episode. it was better than diwali but worse than branch closing, so we’ll see what happens next. oh, and i missed the first few minutes so i’m also pretty meh on myself.

  37. It made me so mad when Jim told Pam that he couldn’t go out with her that night.

    I had kind of forgotten it until Jim decided to go out with Karen after he told Pam he had plans!

    That’s not like Jim at all!

  38. I didn’t really like it, but I blame my sister for constantly interrupting me when I was watching. When do itunes have the episodes up?

  39. Did anyone notice how Jim and Pam talking at the end was same spot (kind of) as the scene of the crime? (a.k.a. The “I’m in love with you” spot?)

  40. Emily…excellent. I didn’t see her as pissed off but maybe you’re right. Not sure how I missed the high five…I’ll have to watch more closely tomorrow.

  41. Note to self….when recording a show with plot lines you have waited weeks to see…check to make SURE that you pressed record before you leave the house….pulling hair out amidst screams of frustration…

  42. I loved ‘sad Jim’ after Pam’s lack of reaction to him dating someone. He looked heartbroken!

  43. Okay, exactly when did Jim start seeing Karen??? As far as I knew they were still just friends!!


    Okay, when I was watching the DVD’s for Season 2 I kept thinking to myself … damn Pam get your act together. Now I’m thinking the exact same thing about Jim.

  44. Wouldn’t Karen+Jim=Kim, or am I missing something? Anyway, i like Karen, but she doesn’t really make sense for Jim. Also, i might just really want to see Jim and Pam together… :p

  45. I feel like I’m holding my breath this whole season. It’s so good but each episode pulls me in and then drops me right off the edge.

    What does everyone think? I think, Jim kinda said he was kinda seeing someone, to kinda feel out things with Pam. And it kinda backfired. Of course Pam is not going to jump in when he says he’s moved on. She thinks she’s lost.

    Man, I don’t like Hanah.
    Love Kelly: “What’s new with you?”
    “I just told you.”

    I was hoping they’d put Andy across from Dwight where Jim actually is, but it’s probably for the best. How smart was Andy with Angela!!! He almost got her to smile. No one but Dwight and her cats does that.

    I wonder who’s going to quit. My guess is Hanah, with Creed to deal with all day.

    And yes, I was kinda scared of Phyllis.

    Go Scranton!

  46. the Dwight-Andy relationship is one of the most promising new parts of the show.

    The writers have a new personality to throw in with Dwight instead of just Dwight acting weird (which was getting old)…

  47. What is going on, this a 9/10 not a 7. please look at the combo of Drama and Comedy. it is perfect.

  48. wow.. turn of events. seriously.
    we seemed to have done a complete 180 since casino night. pam is hiding feelings for jim because he’s with someone else?


  49. But beyond the fact that I’m disappointed about Jim saying what he did to Pam (quite frankly I just don’t believe it since it was only last week that Karen admitted being into Jim, but not thinking he was into her) it was a really great episode. Their reunion scene at the beginning almost (and I emphasize almost) made the ending scene between them halfway bearable.

  50. you know, this whole roller-coaster thing with Jim/Pam/Karen is making me really angry…

    i realize the writers are doing brilliant work but one moment having Pam be the front-runner and the next having Karen take the lead is being overused.

    they shouldnt change the leader so often!

  51. You know, robo-martian(69), I totally agree with you. I think that it is good that there is drama with JAM and PIM, but they shouldnt change the mood so many times during the episode.

  52. I dunno. I have total mixed feelings with the whole episode. I am definatly a Pam crusader (grrr karen!) and I really hope that she tells Jim how she feels, but I know even if that happened, it won’t happen till the end of the season. *Sigh* Is it bad that I’m already too excited about the season 3 DVD? I can’t wait for it!!

  53. Oh my goodness…well all I can say is I have NO idea who will end up with who!! But the writers are awesome and I know they won’t leave us hanging. I honestly can’t decide though. I was SOOOO anti Karen since the beginning but Pam is kind of making me angry right now because of the last scene and Karen and Jim DO have chemistry. Honestly, Karen is the smart one because she knew how great Jim was from the start…Pam rejected him…twice. Jim deserves the girl who truly appreciates him and loves him the most. We’ll see who he ends up with.

    A few questions that I would appreciate opinions on:

    What’s with Ryan being SO mean to everyone lately?

    Does anyone else find it ironic that out of everyone to hit on, Andy picks Angela?? And he’s Dwight’s enemy?? hmmm…

  54. How is this episode rated in the bottom five?

    When rating the episode, people shouldn’t be so affected by the ending.

    Look at the episode as a whole, people!

  55. Jim has never seen Pam once go out of her way to say how she feels about him. The most he got out of her was one kiss, then a flat-out rejection right after. I don’t blame him for going after Karen, though I do want his head examined.

  56. i cant think of a way for pam to tell jim how she feels– i can only picture the EXACT same scene as the end of casino night.


  57. Isitthursdayyet #46, Right on!! That’s exactly how it is, couldn’t have put it better myself.

  58. Geuss we know whose side Phyllis is in the Pam-Jim-Karen triangle.

    Wow Karen really ticked her off!

    Go Pam … go!!

  59. I loved this episode. It was so funny. The night at the roxbury part and the lazy scranton part were really funny.

  60. It kind of makes me mad when people lash out at Pam for rejecting Jim.



    even though it wasn’t the popular thing…

  61. Yeah! The story is going to get better and better now! I love the Pam/Jim/Karen triangle. But gosh so many characters now. I feel a bit overwhelmed.

  62. this episode had me giggling all the way.

    there is nothing like laughing at michael’s stupidity then cringing at his lack of, well, ‘social skills’…

  63. I agree Face of Scranton.

    I truly believe Pam didn’t really have a choice in the finale but to turn down Jim since she was engaged to Roy and really had all intentions of going through with the wedding. I mean after all her & Roy had been together for what … 9 or 10 years? Even though her heart I’m sure was telling her to go for it she knew she had to be logical and at first deal with the doubts she was having, which clearly she did. The bad thing is Jim didn’t wait around for her to deal with them. I don’t blame Jim for this, but I honestly think in real life he would’ve probably told her to try to figure out what she wants to do and that he’d be there no matter what.

  64. Hmm the person posting below as DrunkBiking is not me and didn’t come from my computer…

    Having said that, this was the most stereotypical sitcommy way they could have handled the Jam reunion.

    The funny parts early on were well done though.

  65. I agree Shannon.

    I’m not saying it’s unrealistic that Jim would just run away from Pam after his rejection, I am just saying it’s more likely.

    I think in real life, Pam would have told Jim that she needed some time to think and Jim would have totally respected that. That’s just how their relationship was.

    …And i miss that…

  66. I liked the gum thing… It showed how Jim and Karen are getting along so well, their kind of sychronized (sp?).

    OMG Andy flirting with Angela?! LOVED IT!

    I find myself rooting for just about everyone from Stamford at this point. I like Andy more than Dwight. I like Karen more than Pam. I thought almost everyone from Scranton weren’t very nice tonight:
    -Ryan being abrupt with Jim
    -Dwight hating hardcore on Andy (expected though)
    -Michael firing Tony (also expected)
    -And what was with Phyllis?! Karen didn’t know it was coming from her, so she tried to politely say she was allergic to the smell and Phyllis kind of flew of the handle! Chill out… not everyone knows Bob Vance.

    I’m taking sides

  67. I miss it too, electric city man!!

    Can’t Karen just go away now, so we can have our “JAM” back together again??

  68. Well its obvious Jim is still hurt and very defensive. He didn’t want to go out with Pam earlier because he’s not ready for revisiting those feelings yet. He has built up this wall from Casino Night, and isn’t ready to tear it down just yet.

    There is just so much pain there…Hang in there Jim!

    I don’t think he’s “seeing” Karen just yet. But those two are close…*sigh*…Life is a tragedy…

  69. Frankly, I am a little disappointed in you, Becky.

    I am taking sides, too. Attacking Scranton is one thing, but attacking phyllis is another!

    Do you think that Phylisses are sprouting up all over the place? Ripe for the plucking? Show me that farm.

  70. This episode was fantastic. They needed to get Jim (and Andy) to Scranton. I agree with all the comments about Dwight and Andy. This love triangle is similar to the BBC version but actually better here, I think. From a dramatic POV, it makes much better comedy/tension for “KIM” rather than “JAM”. I know I’m dating myself here…but having watched Dave and Maddie’s hookug ruin “Moonlighting” . . . I don’t think the Office should go for JAM anytime soon. The “you can do whatever you want” was pitch perfect. To the comment about Ryan being “mean” . . . I think it’s always been there lurking. If you listen to the DVD commentaries…BJ is kind of snarky and I have no doubt he pushed for that line about “Jim’s a nice guy…that’s why I got the chair.” His little smug smile to the camera was great. And of course the severance package conversation with Jan was amazing…Michael immediately blaming Dwight – loved it.

  71. i LOVE andy. seriously him flirting with angela was AMAZING.

    jim and karen kinda together…I see it now that they’re showing them more coupley but i feel bad for pam since she kinda went into a downward spiral of so excited to yeah whatever date who you want.

    hmmm. conflicted.

  72. What? Since when is marrying a man you don’t love out of fear admirable? At least she did not go through with it. Don’t worry all you JAM know at some point they will hook up. Ross and Rachel did right?

  73. I don’t care for Andy’s character all that much (he’s a good character, but i just don’t like him), but I really love the way Michael reacts to Andy’s suck-upping.

    The Night at the Roxbury scene between those two was great!

    Hopefully there is more to come!

  74. oh one thing i don’t get is WHEN exactly did jim and karen get together and become as close as they were in this episode?

    did anyone else think that was a bit abrupt?

  75. I agree, there are a lot of characters to keep track of now… somehow I knew the fat guy wouldn’t last. I also agree that the Pam/Jim/Karen triangle should be interesting.

    I want to see more of Angela. Good thing Jenna said in the blog the two will war in a future episode!

  76. Since when is hooking-up with a co-worker when you have been engaged to someone else admirable?

  77. You are right Face of Scranton. I forget once you are enganged that means you MUST be with your partner until the wedding day and THEN call it all off. I forgot about that, thanks for reminding me!!

  78. I’m not saying that Pam calling off her wedding on her wedding day was admirable, I am just saying that being faithful to your fiance is something that should be respected.

  79. i’m with scranton man(89)… karen was really rude… she said that it smelled like a funeral home and phyllis is really proud of who she’s dating, wouldn’t any girl feel like royalty going out with bob vance?! :)

  80. Um, I think RealityCheck needs a Reality Check. Face of Scranton’s comment is focusing on not cheating on her fiance; not marrying into a loveless relationship.

  81. All right, I’m not going to say I hate Karen because–well, I don’t. But I am, however, a HUGE jam fan. On the other hand, I guess Jim had to do something. Pam hurt him pretty bad but I don’t think anyone should harbor negative feelings towards her; even though she cared about Jim she spent so much time suppressing those feelings because of Roy. When Jim pushed her to confront her true feelings she was terrified and, let’s remember, she’d never been in a relationship with anyone other than Roy. Stability isn’t scary, but the unknown is and that’s what Jim represented to Pam. And, besides, when Jam finally becomes official (which they will eventually), Pam will be a better partner after spending some time alone. I don’t think she really knew who she was while she was with Roy and she would have been just as lost had she moved straight to Jim.
    Everyone needs to recognize what a huge bombshell it was that Jim dropped on Pam. It completely turned her world upside down. Now she’s gotten her life on track and she’s ready for him. He didn’t really give her a chance to process it–of course he thought she was getting married, but he should have at least waited it out to see what happened after the Initiation because, apparently, that wasn’t the only time they talked.
    For now it’s Jim and Karen but I could totally see Pam starting to see someone, Jim getting jealous, Karen picking up on it and then dumping him.

  82. Um just watched and wanted to pose this question: Does anyone else think that Jim might be exaggerating his relationship with Karen just to see how Pam reacts?
    PS: I think it’s great that Jim isn’t waiting and pining for her (I mean, obviously, he still loves her and wants to be with her, but he’s not waiting around like some lovesick puppy dog). I also think Pam is going to have to step up and confess her feelings, paralelling Jim’s Casino Night confession. I CAN’T WAIT.

  83. OhMyJohnKrasinski! I definetely thought the hookup between Karen & Jim was abrupt. Like I said on another post … just last week she was saying she was kind of into him, but she didn’t really think he was into her and now???

    WTH happened since the last episode that we didn’t see??

  84. “Don’t worry all you JAM know at some point they will hook up. Ross and Rachel did right?”

    Well some of us were hoping this show would not take the same route as a plastic laughtrack sitcom.

  85. Then my good friend Face, Jim should be respected for actually trying to move on with his life and perhaps go on a date with a single woman who really likes him.
    Sorry to say, I have bad news. That can’t happen yet – we need some more longing stares from Pam as Karen and Jim share a joke. Or maybe have Pam rush over to his pad to FINALLY profess her secret undying love for him, only to have Karen answer the door!!! (cue Friends intro.)

  86. Oh and I’m totally with OhMyJohnKrasinski! I have absolutely no idea how the story went from “I don’t think he’s into me or anything” to Jim “seeing someone”. Unless he just has a date with Karen planned that they haven’t gone out on and he’s anticipating something coming out of it.

  87. I agree Face of Scranton about what you said about being faithful and I’d also like to add that this is coming from a huge “JAM” fan.

  88. wow, thatswhatshesaid07… that was well thought out! it’s pretty much what i was thinking, but not really smart enough to word it! i just hope you’re right…

  89. Although I would love for JAM to be a reality, I don’t think there is any guarantee that it will happen.

    I can see a final episode consisting of everyone just being content with each other and leaving forever, or, it could be really disappointing and PIM would be real.

    I really don’t think the ending will be predictable(although the merger was)…

  90. Scrantonman, I feel pretty confident in the end JAM will be together. I mean they’re two of the main characters and they’re based on Tim & Dawn from the BBC version who if I’m not mistaken did end up together. I just think it may take them a while and some stuff to get through before they’re actually there.

  91. i am gonna take a step out here and say that i totally expected Jim to be more into Karen than Pam.

    the writers were playing up Pam’s crush on Jim bigtime, and Pam being disappointed was inevitable.

  92. DrunkBiking Im with you 110%. I LOVED how Jim and Pam were written the first 2 seasons. In true sitcom fashion, I am thinking a tease over Feb. sweeps and the big season-ending cliffhanger – Karen and Pam both tell Jim they love him, and they both are sincere and you can see it either way. Later that night, we see Jim sitting alone in his apt. He is deep in thought. He opens his cell phone and dials a number. He says, “Hey it’s me. You know what you said earlier? Well…I…I love you too.” Fade to black.

  93. I agree electriccityman … I didn’t want Jim & Karen to be together and was in denial that they would, but unfortuantely I completely expected it.

  94. I hope you are right, Shannon.

    I am a person that will need closure when The Office comes to an end, and the only way that will happen is for Jim to be with Pam (:Dwangela would help, too:).

    I am just skeptical, though…

  95. you’re welcome, thatswhatshesaid07. :) i still have a small fear that drunkbiking(103) might be right… my family is spilt on whether or not it’ll be a predictable ending or if they’ll just leave us with happy characters and an empty feeling…

  96. my heart just sank to the ground when Jim told Pam he was sorta seeing someone else. I think he did that cuz he was a little deperate to show Pam that he isn’t hurt. Oh and I watched the scene about 3 times and I could see Jim’s face after talking to Pam, he looked hurt that Pam wasn’t affected by what he said.

    I feel really crappy.

  97. thats sounds awesome, (RealityCheck).

    hopefully the writers read the comments, because that sounds like a pretty good ending to me!

  98. RealityCheck… I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right on the money. That seems like something they’d do. I think they’re going to drag this Jim/Pam thing out for as long as possible, which is probably a good thing, because if it goes the way of Ross/Rachel, noone will care by the end of the series, which would be awful.

  99. I’m the same way … if I have closure when a show ends then I’m fine with it ending. If I’m left hanging or get an ending that’s anything less than what I really want to happen then I’m not a very happy camper and I’ve had both happen over the years. Let’s just hope that JAM are another Ross & Rachel and end up together in the end.

  100. Jim and Pam are soul mates and they’ll find their way to each other eventually… that’s it! Tomorrow I am buying a “Team Pam” shirt!!

  101. Okay this rating should be in the nine’s at least, dang Jam fans, I mean c’mon the show can’t revolve around that.

  102. I can’t help but think about what all you ‘Pam blew it because she didn’t dump Roy immediately’ people would say if she did dump Roy. What would she be called then? The way it’s all been happening, is probably the way it would really happen, all the way up to Jim feeling her out with the whole, sorta seeing someone hooey. This would be news to Karen I’m sure.
    And she did love Roy, just look at the old episodes, even though she was probably not In Love with him anymore. I know how that can be. That’s not fun.

  103. Realitycheck that would be a great season ender … it kind of reminds me of one from Cheers. I don’t remember exactly how it went, but Sam was picking between Diane and someone else and it went pretty much like that.

  104. I would like to say that I am a proud JAM fan, and i gave this episode a 9.

    Even though it wasnt “Branch Closing”, this episode should be in the top 15 at least.

    People should focus on the whole episode and not just the end when rating it!

  105. I think we should all be honest with ourselves, once Jim and Pam are together they’re never breaking up. Jam fans are going to need to be in this for the long haul if they still want the show on the air.

  106. Face of Scranton,

    I haven’t had a chance to rate it yet, but as soon as I do I’ll rate it high because even though I’m disappointed at how things went down between JAM in the end it was still a great episode … one of the best, imo!

  107. I agree that this show was the second best of the year, next to Branch Closing. Though all the episodes this season deserve a 9 star rating at least. I know alot of you JAM fans are unhappy but DON’T GIVE UP HOPE! They will be together. Then we’ll feel sorry for Karen. Well, some of us will. :)

  108. Man I got a lot to say about this episode… most of it positive too… probably my favorite out of all 35-ish episodes.

    But first, what about that shameless plug for the paper shredder? Kevin goes and shreds a CD and a credit card, then there are two Staples commercials selling that product during the show, then Kevin mentions Staples at the end of the show. Geez.

  109. Oh I’m definetely in it for the long haul, thatswhatshesaid. No matter how long it takes (I just hope its sooner rather than later that they get together even if its only temporary and so long as they get together for real when the show ends).

  110. Unfortunately for Office writers, they had to have a big JAM event at the end of Season 2 or the show would have been boring.

    It’s going to be hard for them to keep adding new plot twists to keep the show interesting.

    I think the writers have the rest of this season until they have to throw in a new wrinkle not only to JAM/PIM, but also to the rest of The Office.

  111. I have to say when Kevin was plugging the shredder, I was like wait a minute its a Staples product … isn’t that a bad word around Dunder Mifflin??


  112. Dtemp, the Staples shredder was just as much of a plug as Chilli’s and Hooters was last year. Actually this year too. I know it was obvious but c’mon, that salad at the end was hysterical.

  113. I just want to say, I completely understand that every JAM fan wants to see them together as soon as possible, but what I love about this show is that it tries to stay true to life and deals with situations as they would likely happen to the average joe. And the Jim/Pam thing is so painful and so awkward that it’s going to take some time to sort out, because that’s how it would work in real life. Jim’s already put himself out there and was rejected twice. And Pam just got out of a 10-year relationship and is terrified to take a step forward. Also, she’s probably regressed even more after Jim’s confession of “seeing someone”. I have a feeling it’s gonna be awhile folks.

  114. I would have to say that NBC went over the top tonight with product placement.

    I don’t know if anyone was paying attention to 30 Rock afterwards, but they had a whole show based around writing skits with product placement(meanwhile, they were drinking Snapple and talking about how delicious it was).

    I guess it cost them top dollar for the supersized episodes!

  115. I had the same thought as Shannon about Staples. Or maybe Michael’s just showing his appreciation that they took Josh and he gets to double the size of his family.

  116. I agree AllieB … I’m not wild about it (I want them together now … even if it is only a short term thing as long as they do get together at the end of the show), but I do completely agree.

  117. Favorite episode of the season. I haven’t laughted or felt for an episode this much since last season! All the interactions were played so well.

    Dwight and Andy? Oh, it’s on. And hitting on Angela? One bloody battle is a browin’ here.

    And I am so glad I didn’t watch that preview for “Lazy Scranton”. Defiantly the biggest laugh of the episode. (SNL fetish much?)

    Then the matter of Jim..and Pam..and Karren. I knew things weren’t going to be pretty for the Jammers but that touch in the parking heart sank. But did anyone else notice the look on Jim’s face while walking to his car after talking to Pam? It wasn’t very content.

    I just hope JAM wise this episode is like the discomfort of “The Secret” and we get a nice “Casino Night” in our near future.

  118. I’m gonna go with AllieB on this one. Pam was pretty close to putting herself out there. She was ready for it, you could tell, but now I can see her putting up even thicker walls then Jim started to establish in tonight’s episode–we all now how great she is at keeping her feelings hidden, unfortunately.

  119. Seems to be a lot of different takes on the last scene with Pam & Jim. I think IsItThursdayYet (46) got it exactly right — Jim was only trying to reassure Pam that he’s not pining away for her anymore by telling her he’s seeing someone. That’s a totally realistic way to react on his part. Remember, Jim only sees rejection where Pam is concerned and is just trying to ease any tension, real or imagined. And if he looked hurt afterward, it was because of Pam’s abrupt reaction. Anyway, it’s kind of an exciting set up because I think if Pam wants her man she should work for it because she dropped the ball the first time! I think Jim would absolutely still be up for it, the key is that Pam needs to show him she cares this time around.

    DTemp, totally agree with you about the shredder — I thought those bits were pointless and SO obviously a product placement.

    LOVED Phyllis’s line in response to Karen asking who Bob Vance was… something like “You don’t know how things work in this town at all, do you sweetheart?” God that cracked me up. As did Pam making Dwight run around the building… oh silly pranks. We need more of those pranks!

  120. I am so excited now for the show to really get its groove on even more.

    This merger stuff is great and I can’t wait to see the stuff they can come up with, having the new characters.

    I really loved the shock on all of the faces of the new employees after Michael brought them all outside because the Vance Refridgeration guys let the air out of their tires.

  121. Pam’s “you can do whatever you want” was definetly an overboard reaction to cover her real feelings, and she got out of there before he could see the reaction on her face revealing she really did care. Despite the clue to his relationship with Karen, she still had to be shocked as we were about him “dating” her

  122. I agree Kim B. I think that Pam is going to have to be the one to initiate it this time around. What’s cool about that is that it’ll put them back on equal footing – Jim’s been vocal about his devotion to her and made himself vulnerable. She hasn’t been in a place of vulnerability in the relationship (he’s always been there to worship her, even though she tried to pretend it wasn’t happening), it’s nice to see the tables turn and to see Pam squirm a little. Jim’s a catch, and she needs to realize that in order to fully appreciate him.

  123. Scrantonicity… the product placement in 30 Rock WAS the joke… That is why it was SOOO obvious, it was a joke!

    As for the staples shredder… it was fine in the show, until they immediately followed it up with a feature commercial on it, that was cheap.

  124. I think that it’s going to be interesting seeing how Jim handles the upper-hand in his relationship with Pam.

    Pam had the upper-hand last season because she was engaged, and if she would have made a move Jim would have gone along.

    But now if Pam made a move, it wouldn’t be a sure thing Jim would be into it. Jim has the power now and he will have to misuse it at some point…just when?

  125. To add to Kim E’s point I think Jim was also taken aback by Pam’s response because she was basically giving him permission to date when a) that’s not what he was looking for and b) she doesn’t have any actual authority over his life and he shouldn’t need her permission. That was also one of the more heartbreaking moments I’ve seen on the show–Pam trying to put herself out there only to have to overcompensate by appearing completely unaffected. Of course her exaggeration of being nonchalant is 100% transparent, at least to the audience.

  126. I realize the product placement in 30 Rock was a joke, but joke or not, Snapple still paid their share for it.

  127. I agree with Faces of Scranton. Pam abused her power over Jim numerous times last year and he’s bound to do the same, though I don’t believe either would ever deliberately hurt the other–though I think it would be slightly more of a conscious act for Jim now that everything is out in the open.
    One more thing: Pam is probably completely shocked Jim has moved on. Sure, she probably knew she’d need to work a little for him once he came back but I doubt she was anticipating him moving on after professing his love to her while she was engaged–that’s a pretty bold act.

  128. re: Courtney… he didn’t actually say that he was seeing Karen.. .he just said “seeing someone”. I thought about that two, because at the end of the last episode Karen says that she was glad that Jim mentioned movie to the other branch because although she didnt think that he was into her, she was into him. So they would have moved really fast from last week until now.

    I think it was simply a cover-up statement, not real.

  129. AllieB, exactly. I think part of Pam’s growth as a more independent woman (“fancy new Beesley”) is going to be learning to have the confidence to go after what she wants. I think once she gets over the blow of Jim “moving on”, she’s going to have a taste of how Jim felt and realize she needs to be the one to make a move if anything’s going to change.

  130. I am apprehensive about the rest of this season because I know the writers will be playing with our hearts when they write about JAM/PIM(which is what they should do, but…).

    Some episodes will have Jim liking Karen more, then he will go back to Pam for a few. I just hope they don’t go back in forth bunches of times during one episode. They should do it in 1-3’s.

  131. Well said, Kim E. Makes me think of Pam in terms of the romantic relationships she’s been in. When she started with Roy, she was a teenager, and maybe had been sort of stuck in a “romantic adolescence” if you will. But now, she’s learning to be a woman and striving for a more adult relationship? Sorry if that got a little metaphorical… it’s kinda late.

  132. Tracey, you’re correct on the actual wording, but I think he put it out there hoping Pam would draw that conclusion or knowing how he intended to act regarding it(going to get drinks with her) When faced with his alleged relationship, Pam didn’t want to appear as if she wanted more because on the surface for the time being Jim’s rejecting her, a blow to her pride.

  133. It still makes me really mad that Jim told Pam he had plans, then went to get an impromtu drink with Karen! That was thoughtless…

  134. Face of Scranton, Jim’s totally playing it cool (or should we say cold!). Clearly he’s really trying to keep his distance from Pam in order not to get hurt again. It is pretty heartbreaking to watch, but again kudos to the writers for keeping the situation realistic.

  135. I still think he should have just gone to coffee with her-it was obvious she was really eager to talk to him!

    But i understand why he wouldnt.

    I am mostly upset with him going out with Karen instead, like Pam isnt good enough.

  136. Jim was completly “un-jim like” in this episode. I think he has no clue how to act around Pam. He’s covering his hurt and probably a little anger with snippyness.

  137. Maybe snippiness is the wrong word, but by being nonchalant and emotional-less towards her.

  138. I have to say that I’m really excited about the next episode when Andy apparently shows some interest in Pam. That is going to drive Jim crazy! They’re both going to be dating other people because they think that’s what the other one wants, but they both just want to be with each other.

  139. I think I need to watch the episode again (which I likely will in a few minutes). On first viewing, I wasn’t that crazy about it….and mostly because it wasn’t that funny. I did really love the bit with the big guy. I wish he was staying on. Phyllis was also very cool, but she always is.

    Now to be fair, I loved the last episode so much it got me all wound up and full of possibly unfullfilable [is that a word?] expectations for this one. I built up all this stuff in my mind about what might happen…and most of those things didn’t happen. Most of all, I had been looking forward to Dwight flipping out about Jim being the #2 guy…after years of conflict with Jim, of trying to have him fired…Dwight just says “ok, can I be #3?”…I just didn’t see how only one day with Andy could make Dwight more concerned about one-upping Andy than Jim. Ok, enough negative ranting…I will watch the episode again, I will learn to love it. : )

  140. They’ve totally whored out my favorite show!!! I feel dirty… and the need to shred something.

    Has this been going on all along??? Think of how many times we’ve heard the word “Staples” this season.

    If Donald Trump jumps out with a Domino’s cheeseburger pizza next week, I won’t be surprised.

  141. I don’t know how so many people didn’t understand that Jim isn’t actually going out with Karen right now, he just wanted to see how Pam would react….It’s truly shocking.

    Second of all, I hope all of you know that when Jim and Pam finally get together, the show will end right.

  142. Pam just needs to tell Jim how she feels. She owes it to him to be honest. Howcome these people can’t be honest with each other? I mean, he totally went out on a limb and spilled his guts to her last season. She totally disses him…then her feelings change, and she expects Jim to just pick up where they left off? Of course not! Pam should just tell Jim she’s sorry that she turned him down and explain why…then she can tell him how she has missed him and realized how much she loves him!!! And he’ll take her back for sure!

  143. Don’t hate me for saying this, but i’m kinda over the whole jim and pam thing. With every new episode I love Karen more and more. The only thing that makes Karen and Jim a little less than perfect is the fact that Jim isn’t in love with her…yet.


    But thats not to say that i don’t still love Pam. I just think she deserves someone whose willing to fight for her, not someone who runs away when things get a little rough. ( i know, that sounds a little harsh but its true!)

  144. Okay…don’t hate ME for saying this, but you Jim/Karen people are just setting yourself up for disappointment. All the ups and downs, all the roadblocks…they don’t mean anything. It’s going to be Jim and Pam at the end, whether you like it or not. It’s obvious.

    Also, CunninLynguists – I TOTALLY AGREE. How is it that no one saw that…and how much of a total jerk does that make Jim? To both Pam AND Karen? Finally, Mr. Perfect falls down a notch…

  145. Did it ever occur to anyone that Jim wasn’t referring to Karen when he said he was seeing someone? He could have easily been lying to Pam just to get her reaction, make her jealous, make things more comfortable between them, etc. We, the audience, all ASSUME he was referring to Karen because we know that she’s into him. Pam also thinks he is referring to Karen because of everything she witnessed during the day. The fact remains, however, that Jim hasn’t done a single thing to make us (the audience) believe he’s interested in Karen or currently seeing her.

    I think some people are jumping to conclusions way to soon. Just enjoy the show and let the storylines play out before rushing to judgement.

  146. “I don’t know how so many people didn’t understand that Jim isn’t actually going out with Karen right now, he just wanted to see how Pam would react….It’s truly shocking.”

    Where did this fact emerge? How do you know he’s NOT really seeing her? Didn’t she have her hand on his back as they were walking during one scene? I don’t do that with any of my co-workers. I don’t think he said it to see Pam’s reaction.

  147. Check it out:

    Its more of the office promotion from tonight’s episode with staples. You can “play a game” on the site of shredding personal affects of the cast. A picture of Roy…a Dunder Mifflin memo, etc. When you shred, it gives you office related messages about what you shredded. Its kinda fun for like 5 minutes or so.

  148. two things:

    I thought Pam’s disappointment was apparent, if unspoken. The tone and bluntness of her remarks — esp. “You can do what you want” — indicate their insincerity; they seem to be more of a defense mechanism than a brushing off. I think Jim sensed that she was hurt.

    Isn’t it against policy in most workplaces for a member of managment to be romantically involved with an employee?

  149. As I’m thinking back to Branch Closing I’m remembering how Jim wasn’t sure if he would go back and he told Karen to move to NY…then he takes the job and tells Karen she should move to Scranton. So to me he knows he still loves Pam and wants to be in Scranton, but he might only be able to bare it if he has a “friend”/distraction and that is why he encourages Karen to come along. I think he kinda likes her, but its nothing like what him and Pam had. And on the subject of Pam that last scene just killed me! I wish Jim could see through her like the audience did…geez Pam, just tell how you feel already! Well, I digress…looking forward to the ups and downs, twists and turns, and whatever else they throw at us!

    PS- TEAM PAM!…I don’t hate Karen or anything, but come on…JAM is where it’s at!

  150. A)…Funny, Funny episode….

    Second…Am I alone or do you all feel like somebody took your heart, and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears. And, at the same time, somebody else is hitting your soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer. And then, a third guy walks in and starts punching you in the grief bone? That’s how I feel right now :o(

  151. First, I want to say that I haven’t enjoyed the episodes this season that happened to bring forth compelling Jim and Pam storyline as much as some of you have, but I think this episode was great for its ability to be hilarious and significant.

    In another comments section, I argued that three weeks to a month probably passed between Branch Closing and The Merger, which gave Karen plenty of time to make her moves on Jim. I believe I also said that Jim would have some emotional difficulty returning to Scranton without some progress being made, and that progress is a new title and a new girlfriend.

    But don’t worry. I think it’s obvious from Jim’s contact with Pam that he very much feels something for her. Karen almost certainly isn’t permanent. The fact that he bothered to justify Karen to her at all says so much. I kind of perceived some mix of anger, resentment, and awkwardness from Jim with Pam, though. If Pam confessed all of her feelings for Jim in the next episode, I don’t think he’d be willing to entertain them quite yet. It’s okay – Karen’s role is going to light this whole situation on fire in a good way.

  152. My laugh out loud moments:

    Kevin’s giddy excitement with the shredder
    Every moment with Stanley
    Lazy Scranton video

  153. I so agree with you CrazyGringa I think that bucket of bolling tears just got a little hotter! Poor, poor Pam, I guess Fancy New Beesly has a run for her money now….

  154. i was pretty disappointed by jim this episode. except for the dwight forehead bit. that was great. it seems like jim should have made some kind of distraction during the integration celebration to ease the akwardness. especially being the new number two and all. i guess all i really want is more jim and dwight. though i love dwight and andy together!

  155. Oh, I forgot about this part. Maybe somebody already mentioned it, but I’m too lazy to search through 10 pages: in the cell phone conversation between Jim and Karen at the end, Jim called Karen by her last name. That was very Jim-and-Pam-esque.

  156. Definitely agree with Adriana. I definitely want Jim and Pam together, but think about this: Pam was expecting an easy time reconnecting with Jim romantically. Jim spent 2 seasons (and countless time before that) pining for Pam. Pam needs a taste of what Jim was going through. Yes, it was difficult being separated, but it’ll be even harder having him so close by and unavailable, like she once was. Jim had to put up with a lot of Pam and Roy. Pam has to know what Jim was feeling. It shouldn’t be easy for her.

  157. of course the staples thing was a plant. was was funny was that they made it a completely obvious plant, and they made fun of it too.

    “This thing shreds CDs!!!!!!!”
    *later, during commercials*
    “he new shredder dealio at staples. it shreds cds!”

    i can’t speak for everyone, but i found it to be true w/ the deadpan spirit of the show. it was priceless.

    if anyone watched the first little bit of 30rock it’s like what they did w/ snapple, just a little different to fit the mood of of the office.

    also, seemed to me that jim didn’t plan to tell pam he was dating someone. seemed like thought of it on the spot as a way to mess w/ her a bit and see how she felt. if that’s the case, he was probably watching her face to see how she felt, so her excessive “you can do whatever you want” definitely didn’t get by him. that may have been why he looked so bummed while walking to his car.

    i changed my name, but below i’m “officerally,” just so you know.

  158. Oh, i don’t know if anyone talked about this yet, but since when is creed the pervert? shouldn’t it have been KEVIN, or was he too busy with the product placement?

  159. Ah I was kind of disappointed with Jim in telling Pam that he was seeing someone, but not saying it was Karen? It was heartbreaking watching Pam see Jim and Karen getting along.

    I really enjoyed the teaser when Pam was “timing” Dwight running around the building. That had be laughing so loud. It was a funny episode nonetheless. Waiting to see what will happen with future Dwight and Andy conflicts.

  160. oh, and more things: Team creed, i noticed that too, but i don’t think he would lie about something like that, because he seems like a pretty honest person. also, can someone tell me what PIM is?

  161. And sorry to post again so quickly, but Karen’s little put downs here and there about Scranton may add up. Jim may end up getting sick of it and cut her loose. Like I said last week, she was stupid to let a coworker play a key role in her decision to transfer… now she’s stuck in a town she’s not fond of.

  162. Oh and the end with Kevin and the shredder and the salad. That was hilarious, too. I’m sad we didn’t get to see more of the background characters. Now there is just too many people! gah!

  163. I kind of feel like that’s how all this ‘guest star’ stuff will end, Callan. The newbies can’t take Michael anymore, and they leave.

    Maybe that’s the finale…maybe Karen does decide to go to New York and leaves Jim behind. Or he decides to stay behind…for some reason…

  164. I just watched it again and noticed something I hadn’t at first viewing…When Michael walks into the break room and sees Jim and Pam talking and he kinda of gets awkward, Jim says “Don’t” so he won’t spill the beans about their conversation in the convention. I hadn’t heard this mentioned before and just thought I’d drop it in here…Jim certainly doesn’t want Pam to know he still wants her.

  165. have to say, a bit disappointed in the episode. obviously some parts were good, like the dwight/andy moments, but didn’t live up to the hype for me. hahaha, i think there needs to be a lot more firing/quitting in the office in episodes to come. probably 7 for me.

  166. The upcoming episode is called “Christmas Special”. There was one of these in the British version, which was actually the last of the BBC episodes, and it is where Tim and Dawn (the British Jim and Pam) get together. But if this show follows that format at all (in the Christmas Special or at the end of the season), don’t expect to see much of Jim and Pam together. Becuase at the end of the BBC series, you simply see Dawn leave Tim at the Christmas party, drive away with her fiance, cry, and then reappear at the party, suprising Tim with a kiss, and then the two of them walk out holding hands, and the series ends. I’m sure the american version won’t be exactly the same, but it may be similar in that we don’t see Jim and Pam together until the end, and then only very briefly before the show comes to a close.

  167. i didn’t want this episode to end (but then, i never do). i can’t wait to see how the power struggle works out between dwight and andy. do you think they’ll band together against jim’s new authority?

    do you think it’s possible that jim’s seeing someone outside the office? if he’s seeing karen, why didn’t he just say her name when he told pam? is he just going to try to hide their relationship while at work, like dwight and angela?

    also, weren’t john and rashida dating irl? it must be a little odd being in a relationship on screen if they’re exes. i wonder how it felt for steve carell to have his wife turn down his marriage proposal in diwali :P

  168. The new Andy/Dwight thing is going to be awesome. As for the whole JAM thing, Pam had her chance and it appears Jim has moved on. I’m not saying I’m rooting for Karen though. I think Jim in a sub conscious level is putting Pam through what he went through when she was with Roy.

    Whatever is going to happen, it will be great TV :)

  169. does anyone else hope that pam breaks down crying during one of the talking head interviews after talking about jim, and then he sees her crying and walks in to comfort her and then they confess their love for each other and immediately start making out all over the place?

    i do.

    also, i think there are too many people in the office now. it lost its small company feel. i guess that’s what happens with a merger, but i don’t really like it. all the new people should go away. except maybe andy. he can stay.

  170. Word – Creed can be pervy. Remember how he was staring at Pam in her new outfit and in Conflict Resolution he wanted a “seat facing the receptionist”? He’s just not as obvious about it as Kevin most of the time.

    Has anyone else noticed that Jim has kind of become “Stamfordized”? He doesn’t seem to be fitting in with the Scranton crew the way he used to, like with his awkward interaction with Toby.

    What struck me most was Jim’s talking head when asked where he stands with Pam and he said he really didn’t know except for that they were friends. He may have been trying to establish where he stands by telling her he was sort of seeing someone; although it should have been obvious to him how excited she was to see him by her forwardness when he first arrived and then asking him out for coffee.

    Jim is, as Ryan said, a nice guy. He knows he is in the middle of a very complicated situation and he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt and he is trying to figure out the best way to handle it. This could be the reason his behavior and personality seem more subdued than usual. Except for his staring at Dwight’s forehead (which cracked me up), he seemed pretty reserved and guarded during the whole show.

    Other observations: I don’t think Andy was flirting with Angela, I think he was just trying to get on her good side and suck-up to her. After all, she is the head accountant.

    I Loved Kelly running up to Jim and filling him in on what’s new with “her”. I was also pretty psyched that my name was mentioned in an episode (even though it was referring to Suri Cruise).

    Michael & Dwight trying to lift Tony onto the table

    Lazy Scranton & the Scranton Witch Project

    Dwight & Andy’s endless handshake

    Kevin’s shredder salad

    All in all a great episode.

  171. Oh noooo! Just when I started to love Tony, he quits…or they fire him….whatever….couldn’t they bring him back so they don’t have to pay him severance?

  172. I have been a Jammer all this time, and don’t get me wrong but I just thnk Karen is more together than Pam. Karen knows what she wants and she will go for it…

  173. Okay, I have a lot to say about this episode.
    I loved Dwight/Andy.
    I love Kevin and the shredder.
    I loved Jim staring at Dwight’s forehead.
    BUT, I was very, very heartbroken at Jim and Pam’s ending scene. I mean, in ‘The Initiation’, during their phone conversation, Jim wasn’t nearly as awkward around Pam as he was tonight…How could he be so rude acting? Especially the part where after Michael left the break-room, and she turned to Jim and started laughing like they used to, He just basically ignored her :[

    However, I’m a little disappointed in Pam for not telling Jim how she feels. But I guess I don’t expect her to just run up and gush all her feeling to him after months of not seeing each other, and with him being as awkward as he is being towards her.

    I would really like to see Jim and Karen date a little while longer, and possible Pam start dating Toby or somebody temporary (sort of like Jim did with Katie in season 2, just to make Pam jealous), and then the two of them somehow just end up telling each other that they really do love each other. But I think it’ll be a while before they do get together, as that would kind of end the suspense of it all. I don’t know. I’m just so heartbroken. I really feel bad for Pam :[

  174. Any guy with a shred of pride would have acted the same way Jim did tonight. In a way, we have more respect for Jim because he didn’t run back to Pam like a whipped puppy.

    Pam is still too Sandra Dee for Jim, as reflected by the “my mom made it for me” sweater. Jim’s proving his manhood by advancing his career and taking bold steps (moving to Stamford); Pam will need to do the same and blossom as a woman before pulling in a guy like Jim.

    I almost fell on the floor laughing when Stanley looked over and got the brother chest salute.

  175. I’m just a little T.O.’d at my TiVo–did anyone else get their episode cut off at the beginning and end? I even set it for one minute early and one minute late and it was still cut. Gotta love technology.

    I enjoyed this episode, although the Jim/Pam/Karen triangle made me a little sad. I just know that deep down, Jim still longs for Pam, but he’s moved on. Alas, the timing on Pam’s end is off as well. That last scene with them in the parking lot just about knocked the wind out of me. Ugg.

  176. Did anyone else think the new seating arrangement was significant. Jim now faces Karen and the two of them can have all their little knowing look moments.

    Of course, Jim might have a new location now that he is officially Michael’s #2 man.

  177. I loved it, here is my girlfriends comments on the episode via my myspace: “Do you see the parallel structure going on in the Office. Michael and Jim are both being lead away from their true feelings by imposters. Stupid Andy and Karen are ruining the two best relationships on TV, Dwichael and Jam. :(”

    Shes clearly a Team Pam girl.

  178. Jarrod, if you recall “Gay Witch Hunt” (which I just saw, having been a recent “iTunes” winner here! Thank you!), Oscar got a 3-month paid vacation in compensation for being harassed by Michael Scott. In reality, Oscar Nunez I believe is working on a movie or another TV show, but I read elsewhere that he’s definitely coming back.

  179. Last night my heart broke for Pam the way it broke for Jim in Casino Night. The Merger was brilliant. I laughed so hard, I snorted! It is great fun having new people to react to Michael. And Dwight and Andy…funnier than I imagined it. Ed Helms was a perfect addition to what was already a perfect cast.

  180. Yay! NBC put up the whole Lazy Scranton video. LOL Too bad they didn’t put up all (if there was more) of the Scranton Witch Project.

  181. As Suri touched on (comment 212): Did anyone else notice how much Pam actually reached out to Jim? She initiated The Hug. She asked him out for coffee – after work. She sat next to him during that meeting.
    And Jim was very rejecting of these overtures – kind of coldly defensive. The scene at the vending machine: he lets Pam know, pointedly, it seemed to me spitefully, that his new preference is flavorless, cold bottled water (Karen) and he’s no longer enamored of fizzy, delicious, soul-satisfying grape soda (Pam).
    They behave like two real people (and they are the only “real people” in the lot – by contrast the comedy & characterization is so broad for other characters) — their emotions are complex and that’s what is so painful and beautiful about watching them trying to connect.
    I loved the ending of the UK “Office” – when Dawn walks straight to Tim, they silently and knowingly embrace and kiss, and – did I imagine this? – absolutely no one at the xmas party pays them the slightest notice – they are like an island in the middle of the office.

  182. Wow. This show was filled with uncomfortable moments. From Jim trying to sit at his old desk, to Creed just being super creepy. But the Dwight/Andy interaction was so great.

  183. OK….why would it be so hard for JAM to exist on the show in a relationship? Relationships are complex and variable….can’t they also be touching and funny?

    If they are together, it doesn’t have to be crappy like ross/rachel or maddie/david…these writers are talented…can’t they make it work?

    The chemistry between John and Jenna is a major part of the fuel that makes the show run….karen/jim is going to kill that!!!


  184. Damn right Jim is rejecting Pam. It’s time for the brother to move on. And he moved on to Stamford and to Karen. Go live your life Jim. Shame you had to relocate back to Scranton and dig up old wounds.

    Remember. She rejected him, twice!

  185. Is it just me or did Dwight take the news of Jim being the new number two a little too well? He is so wrapped up with Andy he just wants to trump him in any way.

  186. Also, did anybody notice (I haven’t read all the comments) that Jim’s desk not only has him with his back to Pam but facing Karen? Also where is Oscar going to sit when he gets back? This is going to be a great rest of the season if you ask me.

  187. Brian, with all fairness to Pam keep in mind that she was engaged to be married to Roy when Jim approached her. I do think she could’ve perhaps told Jim that she needed some time to think things over, because I honestly think that was what she was planning on doing from the get go. I honestly think deep down in her heart she knew she’d never go through with wedding, but still she was engaged to Roy someone she had been with for probably close to 10 years and although it was far from the perfect relationship she did the right thing by not jumping from a relationship with Roy to a relationship with Jim (and please bear in mind that this is coming from someone who is absolutely, without question a huge, huge JAM fan and wants Jim and Pam together).

  188. Okay, question, did anyone find it a bit odd that Dwight didn’t seem to be at all upset that Jim was going to now be above him in the corporate hierarchy? I honestly expected Dwight to basically throw a temper tantrum and was actually a little disappointed that he didn’t (that would’ve made for some hilarious moments).

  189. dubbledown, I didn’t notice that, but unfortunately it stands to reason so that now Jim can and Karen can do what Jim & Pam used to do. Coming from a JAM fan that’s probably about the most depressing thing I can think of to happen on this show. I want my JAM back the way they used to be!!

  190. ok, seriously, itunes needs to get with it so i can download this episode because I HAD TO WORK LAST NIGHT! grr….

  191. I wish that more people would like the show because of the comedy factor, not the Pam/Jim/Karen romance. I’m not saying I don’t like the romance…I just don’t see why everyone seems to think it’s the whole point of the show. There really are a lot more things, a LOT MORE THINGS, going on here then just that.

  192. That1guypictures, you are right on! This show is more then Pam/Jim (I hate that term JAM). It’s the funniest show on television. I do like the Jim and Pam storyline because it gives the show heart, but there are so many other things to love about the show.

  193. I gave the episode an 8.

    It felt like the first couple from this season (setting up for better things down the road). I thought the Jim/Pam stuff was realistic, and I want them together in the end like most.

    My problem with the episode was it just wasn’t that funny. The video and roxbury bit kind of fell flat for me. Most of it felt forced. However, there was a lot of subtle humor that had me laughing out loud.

    Like most of season 3, this episode has me excited for more. I really can’t wait to have the full season to watch and appreciate. I think this season will be an excellent one once the season 3 story is complete. Branch Closing made the first 6 episodes of the season much better for me. I expect several episodes in the future to make me appreciate this one more.

  194. Crap. I knew I’d forget something.

    The Staples product placement thing- a bit strange but so funny… It may seem like a sell out but let’s not forget this is network television- and the more advertising dollars our beloved Office can bring in the longer it will stay on the air, and more likelihood of supersized/hour long eps.

    (sorry- I had to throw that in- I work in advertising)

  195. Hey did anyone else notice this? When that woman was pumping her breast milk, that was one Michael Scott’s fears coming true. Is the “Boys and Girls” episode, he doesn’t want Jan to have the women in the workplace seminar because he says after the same thing happened at another branch, the break room turned into a lactation room.

    I don’t know if it was intentional, but I like how little things come back on The Office.

  196. Ok, I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying that they think Jim is “making up” his relationship with Karen. They were closer and more in sinc than they had been in any of the other episodes (the hand on the back in th parking lot, the gum). Its not necessarily “sudden” its just implied. That makes it obvious that when Jim told Pam he was busy, he was. He didn’t have definite plans with Karen at the time, but he assumed he would, and he didn’t want to have to tell Pam about the relationship in the break room.

    Pam rejecting Jim in Casino Night was necessary since she was engaged; however, Jim should have realized that and instead of taking it as a final decision, should have at least tried to establish contact once he knew the wedding was off. He should have given her some time and then waited to see what happened before dating Karen.

    I think he asked Karen out before returning to Scranton to protect himself. He thought Pam would reject him, so if he was already seeing someone he could do it first. We just have to hope it doesn’t last long and Karen quits soon.

    I miss my Jim and Pam dynamic!!!

    If you smell a bad smell around another person, you MAKE SURE ITS NOT THEM before annoucing it to the room and that person, or else you put your foot in your mouth.

    I was dissapointed by the lack of JAM dynamic, but I thought the episode in general was good. I loved that Pam was getting into the spirit of messing with Dwight on the day Jim was coming back.

  197. “Lots of room in the parking lot,
    the little cars go in the compact spot!”
    my absolute FAVORITE! i about died. and “i’m seeing someone now…” NO!! i hate karen even more.

  198. Katie, I truly think that once Pam called off the wedding, she owed it to Jim to contact him. She didn’t. That’s where she dropped the ball, not by turning him down on Casino Night. Obviously Jim heard about the wedding being off from someone else and took Pam’s lack of contact as a sign that she didn’t want him. Jim totally laid himself on the line for here and she did nothing whatsoever in the months that followed to indicate that she had any feelings toward him. That’s why he moved on, that’s why he didn’t want to return to Scranton.

    Jim has done enough. It’s time for Pam to put herself out there!

  199. “Pam rejecting Jim in Casino Night was necessary since she was engaged; however, Jim should have realized that and instead of taking it as a final decision, should have at least tried to establish contact once he knew the wedding was off. He should have given her some time and then waited to see what happened before dating Karen.”

    Thanks for putting this into words Katie … this is what I keep thinking.

  200. Angela, you are wrong. Hooters is a restaurant, with over 400 locations worldwide.

    Just thought I’d throw that in there.

  201. I laughed a LOT last night. I was devastated at the end of the show, but I’m glad they had more Andy/Dwight interactions. I love how Andy totally manipulates Michael and it’s so easy. I was hating Jim last night. He wasn’t himself or charming or anything. I understand it, and his loyalties have certainly changed a lot since he moved away. He moved because he was in pain, so going back to that place would be tough. I don’t hate Karen right now. I hate Jim. I LOVE Andy and that bitchy breast pump lady. I have worked with those idiots before.

    I’m sure the dynamics will all change and I will change loyalties. I expect to forgive some people and get angry at others, but that’s how life works right? It’s such a realistic show, with plenty of absurd moments added in.

  202. I agree anti-soccermom … it is time for Pam to put herself out there and let Jim know exactly how she feels. She has been taking “baby steps” if you will, but seriously if she wants this to happen she needs to put herself full on out there and tell Jim like he told her in “Casino Night”.

  203. You know what I DO love though? Pam’s reaction to Jim. That would have TOTALLY been how I would have acted. I LOVE her being jealous and angry. What great acting!!!! I can’t wait to see more, and I LOVED seeing Jim squirm. He’s going to hate that Pam is pissed off, but that’s how a lot of relationships work. It’s jealousy and longing and bravery and moving on and lots of stuff that make it interesting.

  204. It’s funny how one episode could make me laugh hysterically one moment and feel sad the next. The Jim/Pam situation left me with knots in my stomach at the end of the episode.

    I think that Jim suddenly let Karen go while on the phone because he wanted to test Pam to see her reaction when he told her that he was seeing someone. I think that he was really hoping that she would tell him that she had feelings for him but she didn’t. It’s almost like he had to make one last attempt to get her to open up. It’s a shame…

    BTW…When Jim was staring at Dwights forehead I about died. I’ve missed that!

  205. I think I probably said this before, but I’ll say it again, because given the events of last night with Jim and Pam at the end I can’t tell you how excited I am that Andy apparently shows some interest in Pam. That should really get Jim all twisted up in knots!

  206. TOTALLY agree with you, Anti-Soccermom! Well-said! She should have called him, and she didn’t. She can justify that however she needs to in order to feel better, but at the end of the day, it was her move, and she didn’t make one.

  207. I can’t believe that I was even “on the fence” about the whole Pam/Karen issue! I’m a 100% Pam supporter.

  208. Thanks, JK!

    More than that, I think that it is really important that Pam be the one to make the move. Pam needs to stop letting other people make decisions for her in her life, especially men.

    I once again need to make the statement that I really need to get a life. haha

  209. I just watched it again. Jenna was absolutely amazing. Just incredible.

    And it really made me think about her Acting Advice MySpace blog. Her performance last night makes me wonder just why we haven’t seen her all over the place before. She said she had been out there for about ten years before an opportunity like this came along. That takes a ton of determination. And it’s so clear that she’s got what it takes to make a lasting career for herself. I guess that just goes to show you what Hollywood is really like. “Struggling” actress for ten years and then absolutely brilliant on Primetime TV.

    And the same goes for Steve. I’ve been a big fan of his since the daily show. I quoted Even Stevphens with a friend of mine all the time (ie “You just made me vomit in my own mouth.” “What’s the weather like up your own ass?”) I thought he was wonderful. He had enough bit parts in certain things to provide for himself and for his family, which is wonderful. And that went on for about twenty years! Now, he’s this Thursday night Must See actor and absolutely adored by the industry (See The Emmy opener with Conan O’Brien for solid proof).

    I guess what I’m driving at here is that this show is so perfectly cast with what I think we can all safely assume to be the most deserving cast out there. It’s just that good. And last night might have been the best ever; even though Jim and Pam broke my heart– I still was entirely pleased with the direction they’re taking this show now.

    Plus, everyone in this town will now be singing “Scranton! What? The Electric City!”


  210. I loved this one!!! I was rolling on the floor. So many funny things. Andy and dwight!!!!! This show just keeps getting better and better.

  211. In the begining of the episode, when Karen and Pam first met, I thought to myself “Karen could be okay.” Then by the end, my dislike for her resurfaced. I know its wrong, and it is just tv, but what can I say?-No new people. I thought it was super funny, and I’m glad it was super-sized, but I like the core group, I don’t need any extra characters thrown in there. Dwight vs Andy. Team Dwight all the way!

  212. Great episode with a lot of laughs. The Andy, Dwight, Michael combo is going to be hysterical.

    Sad way to end the episode though. Pam was so excited that Jim was coming back, only to see her at the end of the day looking as if she’s been crying.

  213. The Anti-soccermom, Pam did not want to admit that the reason she called off the wedding was because of Jim (to herself or to anyone else). Contacting Jim would have done that. I agree that she needs to be a little more outgoing, but now that Jim is with Karen it would be completely hypocritical of her to say something, since that is what Jim did to her. She needs to wait and see where things play out with Jim and Karen before making her move, its the right thing to do.

  214. Am I the only one who really, really does not like Andy? His character and his jokes seem to me to be very anti-Office. They are hit-you-over-the-head obvious, not smart and subtle like most jokes were last season.

    Also, I hate that the Office is turning into a will-they-or-won’t-they Friends soap opera. I love the Jim and Pam dynamic, and I’ve been disappointed this season that it (and the Jim and Dwight dynamic) were eliminated with his being in Stamford. I was looking forward to things moving forward with the reunion this episode, but it just feels like more of the same. Seasons 1 and 2 were so character-driven. Season 3 is plot driven, and I am just not sold on that so far.

  215. I agree, Katie. I don’t think that she’s ready to be with anyone right now. I’m just saying that from Jim’s point of view, there was no reason to initiate contact with her. If he had done that, he risks coming across as desperate. Plus, in his own way, I think he has accepted that Pam just isn’t ready and he may regret his decision to tell her he’s in love with her, because she clearly wasn’t ready to deal with that. I don’t think that he was really trying to hurt her by telling her he’s seeing someone, maybe he was just trying to let her know he’s okay. I think that he was surprised to see her get so upset… I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

  216. Also, I don’t really think it would be hypocritical for her to tell Jim how she feels. She was engaged when he told her he loved her, plus she supposedly only thought of him as a friend and he was telling her he wanted more than that. He only said that he was sort of seeing someone. It wouldn’t of been out of line for her to say, “Look, I’ve really missed you, and I wish that things were different, etc…” because she would have been responding to something that he already admitted to her. But it would be totally out of character for her to say that.

  217. This episode was one of my favorites. Watching Dwight and Andy go at it for the #3 position should be a battle of the ages. There were so many great moments in this episode.

  218. Stephanie C (264) – I totally agree with you – don’t need any new people. Sure, it’s funny for a brief period of time, but I’d like to get back to the core group… any hope for that?

    Some stuff that I found hilarious – Toby trying to do the fist bump with Jim; Ryan and Jim’s awkward moment over who was going to sit at the desk; Michael’s comment to Martin about showing him where the slaves sit, and then quickly trying to correct what he said; the part where Dwight and Michael tried to “help” Tony up onto the table (reminded me of Michael’s scene with Oscar) – though I have to wonder why Toby just sat there and didn’t put an end or try to at least, to it.

    Pam’s face when Michael asked Karen if her dad was a G.I.; Kelly running and squealing when she saw Jim (reminded me of last week’s episode where she ran up to Ryan and gave him a hug when they found out that the Scranton branch was not going to close;

    One question though – I though Pam did most of the shredding (remember the large shredder that she showed to Meredith’s son?). I guess for product placement…

  219. How about when Michael and Andy sang “What is Love” from the SNL skit? HA! Everytime that Andy sings I lose it! :)

    Does anyone remember when Pam tried to call Jim during the Diwali episode? I wonder if his phone had caller ID? Hmmm…..

  220. When are Angela and Roy going to get together? I know the show is really moving in a plot wise direction which leads me believe we’re on our way to a major Pam breakdown episode when she sees Roy and Angela, and Jim and Karen all together and shes left out in the cold. What holiday is coming up?

  221. What was with the scene where Pam talks to the camera while Dwight is running a “mile?” I hated it.. somehow it didn’t feel right.
    Speaking of not feeling right, I hope the breast pumper left for good. She is a FREAK!
    And okay, so I like Karen (sort of), but the way she manuevers her bottom lip is so ANNOYING! She covers it with her upper lip like a baby eating mushy baby food… gross.
    The only thing I really liked was Phyllis. She was SO awesome in this episode… I love how she got all uptight about Bob Vance.
    As for Jamen, this is only the beginning of a really drawn out tension filled weird experience. Something is telling me to just wait until it comes out on DVD because I can’t take this triangle 1/2 hour at a time. If everyone else weren’t so hilarious, I might do just that.

  222. Best episode of the season, def. in my top ten. it’s overtaking my life! How can i get more people to watch the show to keep the awesomeness spreading…

  223. I’m not that crazy about Andy either. Dwight is like a family member- you can be mean to him, but once an outsider is mean, they have crossed the line. I do like Ed Helms though, so I try and seperate the two. Also JAM, I don’t need them to suddenly get married and have babies together pronto, but I miss their chemistry as friends, and I hope that is back on the show soon. Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with “Ross & Racheal” type characters on tv. It’s entertainment. The fact that people care enough to discuss team Pam or team Karen shows that the writers and actors are doing their jobs. We keep watching to see what is happening in The Office relationships. No matter who it involves.

  224. does anyone think its odd that in Jim’s talking head scene he says that “Pam and I have always been friends”, and at the end scene Pam tells Jim, “we’ll always be friends”? just thought that was kinda weird

    ps…. GO TEAM KAREN!

  225. Hello all,
    I am slowly becoming a regular on this site. And I mean 2-3 times a day. Problem???

    Anyway, I am so mad at Pam! We, the audience, know that she is hurt, jealous, etc., but could she just give Jim an inkling as to how she feels? He gave her the perfect opportunity to discus “things” and she just plays dumb (Jim: Sorry if things were weird before. Pam: What do you mean?) If I were Jim, I would be angry that I keep putting myself out there and she just ignores the whole situation completely. I would think that she has no romantic feelings toward me at all.
    Anyone else?

  226. LOVED LOVED LOVED this episode! Andy is hysterical – esp. with Dwight and “Mike.” Very funny…

    And yeah, it was a little awkward when Pam was timing Dwight running around the building by herself – because that was something she would have done with Jim.

    Over all – A+!!

  227. Pretty good … it has its moments. (Top favorites: fight with Dwight/Andy, Kevin’s obsession with shredding, and Creed’s photography skills.) But at least Jim and Pam are in the same office together!!!!! Yay!

  228. I personally LOVE Andy! I think he’s hilarious. I loved how he went around and introduced himself to everyone. He’s just one of those funny members that really adds to the show’s dynamics. I’m starting to like him more and more. Along with you guys, i’m also looking forward to seeing how he “makes a play for Pam” in the next episode!

    Oh and i also have a question. Does anyone know if the clip of the 2 minutes before the intro is posted anywhere? I missed those two minutes before the intro song started, and i’m really upset about it… so i guess if there’s a clip of that i’d love to know. I’m downloading the ep. on Itunes later, but i’m at work right now with nothing to do…. :)

  229. I just got the Itunes version of last night. No staples product placement! Were the producers forced to put that in by NBC?????

  230. YES Oscar is coming back… he’s gone for 3 months, remember? It’s explained on a couple different blogs/webpages out there online. Anyway, i’m not sure where Oscar will sit… Andy may move back to where Tony sat, and Oscar will get his old desk back, since he is in accounting and everything… I always get confused when i see Toby’s cubicle, because i don’t know how he gets there… i must be losing my memory or something, because i know it’s through the breakroom door, but after that, i get lost. Haha

  231. The shredder was from Staples… Kevin shredding all the stuff and the salad at the end… all gone? Weird.

    I like Andy too, I was dying when he was shmoozing Michael (did you catch that he called him Mike? haha)

  232. Yeah i remember the shredder part, but why on earth would they take that out for the itunes version?… that’s extremely weird… I wish they would have added in the deleted scenes at least, if they were gonna take out that part. It makes it shorter!! I did notice that Andy called Michael “Mike”… he was great in this ep…
    “Never break off a handshake” :)

  233. Good episode. I think Andy is a great additional character. Him and Michael are two peas in a pod, and rivalry with Dwight is awesome.

    I loved it when Andy complimented Angela on her smile. The look on Dwights face when he stuck his out was priceless.

    None the less, the office seems overcrowded. Fat Gardner is gone, and Im pretty sure the lactating dame will be gone soon too. I just think there’s too many characters with the merger to cover in a 30 min show. One hour episode, maybe.

    Right place right time!!

  234. The iTunes is a full 30 minute episode again.

    Was the shredder actually cut? And how did you get the itunes version so soon?
    I’m just downloading it now!

    Overall, I loved the episode.

  235. I had a little bit different take than other commenters on the Jim-Pam exchange at the end. I think when Jim said he is kind of seeing someone else he was really saying that Pam needs to back off a little. She is being too friendly, and he can’t deal with that right now given how he was hurt before. He needs some space to heal and get on with his life. His sad/hurt expression as he was walking away from her I took to be not, as others have said, disappointment that Pam didn’t seem moved by what he said, but rather pain that he had clearly hurt her. Even though Pam bravely tried to not show emotion, her face clearly showed it to me and I think to Jim as well. Even though Jim was hurt, he doesn’t want to hurt Pam, but he needed to confront her to get her to chill a little.

  236. I haven’t even gotten the email about the episode being available to download yet. (I have the season pass…) but it better be out by 5:30 when i get off work! I missed the first two minutes of the episode before the intro. Does anyone know if they posted clips on youtube?

  237. Meredith, I just got back from class (1:40 Eastern time) and it’s up for download… I’m not sure if season pass makes it any different.

  238. Callan – Thanks for the info!

    Lance – I actually hadn’t even thought about that point of view, but you hit it right on. I definitely think Pam was a little put off by Jim’s obvious distance to her, and she tried to be forward because i think she expected him to still be up-front about his feelings. When he wasn’t, she was clearly hurt pretty badly, and thus was “standoffish” to him in retaliation, because she didn’t know how else to react. We have to remember that she’s new at this since she just got out of the Roy relationship. Thanks for your comment, it really changed my entire perspective on that whole scene! :)

  239. does anyone else think that Karen offered the gum to Jim, because she was jealous they were talking and sitting next to each other.

    Jenna is truely an amazing actress. after Karen gives Jim the gum, Pam looks back at her, and gives her the look over (looks down to her feet to her head). People do this all the time when they’re sizing up their competion, and Jenna pulled it off so well. She can tell you so much by just giving a look to the camera. she is a to the mazing!!!

    also.. just cause I’m pro-Karen, that doesn’t mean I’m a Pam hater. Pam and Jim will obviously end up together, but I think that right now Jim needs to experience a relationship with Karen.

  240. Jim took a real nose-dive in my list of favorite characters. For now, Ryan is on top. Jim left, the desk is fair game ;-)

  241. Very well put, Lance.

    I agree with you, I think that Jim is experiencing a lot of different emotions- and it’s rough on him to have Pam just acting like nothing ever happened. I think that anyone who says that Pam and Jim just need to get together right now are missing the point. Enjoy the ride! It’s all about timing.

  242. There are so many great quotes this week! Dwight absolutely cracked me up. So, Team Karen prevails, Woot Woot! I couldn’t help but feel terrible for Pam though, I sort of feel like I’ve betrayed a close friend by rooting for Karen. I’m torn, yet so excited for future episodes. I’m so glad to have everyone all in the same office again! Oh and I hope breast pump lady is gone, however, I can see her and Angela really butting heads. Last thing, Creed! HAHA, I think he had every right to take that picture if she’s going to pump her breast for all to see. Great episode!

  243. Thanks Meredith!!!

    You’ve made some great points too! I love seeing everyone else’s take on things.

  244. Kim has it 100% right in the first part of post 153.

    I was in a somewhat similar situation in high school. I professed to a friend of mine that I had a crush on her, and I took her rejection as a flat out “no way” and things got really awkward for a while.

    Then a few months later, in an effort to try to still be friends with her, I told her “hey, don’t worry, it’s all over with.” Her reaction was very strange, and I didn’t find out until the end of high school that her rejection was not absolute and that I probably would have still had a chance with her.

    I have a feeling Jim was trying to do something similar, saying “Hey Pam, don’t worry, even though that thing happened on Casino Night, we can still be friends because I’m seeing someone else.”

    I think the friendship is what’s most important to Jim, and he was trying to put the awkwardness behind them by telling her that he’s seeing someone else – whether it’s true or not that he’s seeing Karen. Obviously, similar to my high school situation, Pam’s rejection was not absolute, but she’s reluctant to express that and Jim has no way of knowing.

    On a related note, I know “JAM” fans are anxious to see them get together. That’s understandable. But the brilliance of this show is that the human interactions are very realistic. Jim and Pam each have their own individual issues to work through, and it would not be very realistic to have them jump immediately into a relationship.

    Even though Karen is in the picture now, Jim is obviously still hurting from what he perceives is a total rejection from Pam. He held her at a distance in last night’s episode, because he doesn’t want to get hurt again. That’s totally realistic writing.

    Pam obviously has a hard time expressing her feelings, and is confusing about her own identity – “fancy new Beesley”. Like others have said, she may be scared of the unknown – the possibility of having a deep relationship with her “best friend.” And let’s not forget Roy is still chasing after her. This is another totally realistic portrayal.

    This show is brilliant because it doesn’t have easy solutions and it accurately portrays what individuals might feel if they faced a similar Jim/Pam situation. The writers will milk some brilliant moments out of this tension, and it’s what is going to keep us all watching.

    So “JAM” fans – keep your shorts on. There will be lots of twists and turns, just like in real life. But I have a feeling we’ll all be satisfied in the end.

  245. Lance I totally see that. I definitely thought Jim wanted time to settle in and start getting used to Scranton again before anything happened with his and Pam’s relationship. I don’t know if Pam looked hurt by it, but I think she just thought everything would be the same and it clearly isn’t. Jim was the one that moved away and got on with his life, so to say. Pam hasn’t really done that and I hope she realizes that and explores her feelings for Jim while doing other things.

  246. I was actually thinking about it later and I’ve kind of shifted my viewpoint on the whole exchange at the end. I think Jim DID feel bad about the way things were between them that day, and he knew it was mostly his fault (even if he couldn’t help it). I think he wants to be able to be friends with Pam again and get rid of the weirdness (on his end standoffishness, on hers overenthusiasm to go back to ‘normal’), so he tells her he’s seeing someone so she won’t feel uncomfortable remembering Casino Night and they can just get on with their friendship (which I think he truly DOES miss). Kind of like, “You can relax, I’m not gunning for you anymore”.

    I think her reaction to it confused him. “You can do whatever you want” is the response of someone who’s just been told they have been passed over for someone else, and I don’t think Jim meant for her to take it that way. He wouldn’t expect her to take it that way, because I truly believe that he doubts or is completely unaware of her interest in him romatically. I think her reaction threw him, and presented a whole new thing for him to ponder.

    Sorry this is so long!

  247. Good GOD that was a long post. Very informative though and some good points.

    I think people are underestimating just how big the Ross/Rachael relationship was on tv, and it was much bigger on a national scale then JAM. After season’s 5-6 of Freinds the Ross/Rachael thing got old and people stopped caring. My only hope is that the writers don’t drag JAM on too long or it could suffer the same fate.

  248. True Question, you said a lot of great things, but i have to disagree on just a couple…

    First being about Pam turning Jim down because she was engaged. Now i know engaged ain’t married, but how often do you see someone just picking up and dropping everything they’ve known and grown accustomed to in the past 10 years. There’s no way to know how Pam was truly feeling. She obviously loved Roy AND Jim, and it was a complete shock for Jim to come right out and say he was IN LOVE with her! She’s not used to the love triangle as much as we all are, because she’s been denying it and suppressing it for as long as Jim has been a part of her life.

    Second, i really don’t think Karen will turn out to be as likeable of a character as she is right now. I really do like her character despite some of the little things that have annoyed me, but we’ll just have to see how that plays out later on. These writers are geniouses, we’ll let them do their thing.

    Now as for the stuff i agree with – I have to say Andy has fast become my favorite character. He really does a great job, and his lines are fantastic.

    About Phyllis, i actually think she does a great job. Ryan sorta pissed me off in this episode, and in a lot of them actually, because we really don’t know exactly where he stands. He’s extremely vague… the whole Kelly situation, and now this random taking over of Jim’s desk? His character is very up-and-down, and it doesn’t fit so well to me.

    I also agree with your take on how Jim is on the outs with everybody. I think it’s hitting him hard will all of this transferring back and forth – and on top of all of that, he’s got the Karen/Pam situation to deal with. It’s got to be stressful. I do think that for a couple episodes, he’s going to be a little standoffish towards everyone (Toby was a good example of this) Because he used to be so mellow with everybody, and now he’s somewhat rude. I think Karen is also a little bit like that (The Phyllis example), but then again, there have to be flaws to make this show work.

    I never saw one episode of Friends, so i can’t do any comparing. I will just say that this show has a completely unique dynamic of it’s own, and that’s why it draws me in unlike any other stupid sitcom we’ve seen repeated for years.

  249. Whew, finally got the itunes download email.

    Oh, and forgive me for the looooooong post! I get into it sometimes, and can’t stop ’til i’m finished! :)

  250. Engaged ain’t married, true, but I think Jim is the one who blew it. If he’d told Pam how he felt when she was in the long engagement but no wedding in sight phase, I could blame her for turning him down. She was one month away from being married when Jim chose to tell her. Honestly, has anyone ever planned a wedding? Cancelling one is socially embarassing for you, your parents, etc. It’s also expensive, because you’ve paid for a dress, the food, the ceremony. There are lots of reasons why Pam said, “I can’t,” NOT just that she was afriad of changing.

    I think Jim waited until he knew she couldn’t act on it, so he wouldn’t have to face the reality of dating his woman on a pedestal. I think Jim’s the coward in this scenario, which makes rubbing Karen in Pam’s face pretty awful. I can’t believe people can blame Pam for needing time to think about things – a month before her wedding. She called the wedding off pretty soon thereafter, which I think speaks volumes about her feelings for Jim.

    I think all signs point to Jim as the one who is at fault here, which is why it’s twice as hard to watch poor Pam suffer.

  251. Great conversations going today!

    True Question, you made a lot of great points. I agree with Meredith’s response, so I won’t rehash too much.

    The one thing that Meredith stated that I really want to touch on is Roy. Yes, he was an insensitive jerk. Yes, Pam needed to get out of that relationship. But that is a very difficult thing for someone like Pam (or anyone for that matter) to go through. Roy, while he had his faults, obviously wasn’t a jerk all the time and Pam clearly had feelings for him (watch the basketball ep, booze cruise, and others and you’ll see they did have some chemistry). So while yes, engaged ain’t married, Pam absolutely was not ready to turn her life upside down for Jim. I think that Jim telling her that he was in love with her scared her to death. I’m sure that she wanted to act on that but she just wasn’t ready. I don’t blame Pam for her shortcomings, but she is what she is and she’s getting better.

  252. Just watched it again. The writers are amazing. They make you root for Dwight AND Andy, Pam AND Karen. I love that this show has tons of gray area… there is no black and white as to who to root for.

    And by the way, when Phyllis told Karen she had a lot to learn about Scranton… I audibly said “Oh, BURN!”

  253. Exactly, anti-soccermom! All of the Karen supporters like her because she’s fun (like Pam), she’s smart (like Pam), and she’s able to easily express her feelings for Jim (unlike Pam). I’d hardly say that’s a fair comparison. Karen’s got a leg up; she’s not engaged to someone. She’s not coming out of a 10-year relationship. She CAN be open and affectionate with Jim. Pam was never (and still really isn’t) in a position to be that way. I don’t think that’s a reason to write her off or say she’s somehow less worth of Jim than Karen.

  254. I agree with you Anti, I love seeing her insecure and vunerable side. It makes the show so real and it’s easy to relate to what she is going through. It’s very touching. That show is genius and the acting is beyond incredible.

  255. You’re right Anti-Soccermom, Roy is a big part of the triangle/square, whatever, and he MUST have done some things right to get Pam to stay with him for so long – even if she was a reserved shy woman BEFORE she broke the wedding off. And yes, it is EXTREMELY hard to break off a wedding. Not only because it was 3 weeks away, stuff had already been paid for, but on top of all that it was her security blanket. You can’t blame her for that, and Jim shouldn’t. There’s not really a clear-cut explanation with this, i guess.

    Man, this is what i was waiting for all morning… the chance to come in here and discuss last night’s episode! I really enjoy these “debates”, or declarations of our statements, because some people give me a different perspective and it completely changes my mind!

  256. ElaineChick,

    Totally agree. Karen is Pam 2.0 and that’s why Jim seems to have transferred his jokes and feelings to Karen for right now… because Karen can express what Pam cannot. That’s what Jim wanted when he confessed his feelings to Pam.

    … But wait until Pam comes out with Pam 3.0.

    And by the way, I love that with Andy, we finally have a person who WILL sink to Dwight’s level.

  257. haha.. FINALY itunes has it up.. “probably italian, possibly filipino.” thank you, dwight, for always mentioning my nationality! ^_^

  258. I wonder if Pam will give herself a little makeover to try and attract the attention of Jim. I noticed in last night’s episode she had her hair in bigger curls and she had more make-up on. She also was wearing a sweater. Maybe she’ll wear the top from the “fashion show at lunch” that was a hit with the guys in the office! I’m anxious to see what will happen in the future. I’m sure that she’ll eventually delare her love for him.

  259. Here’s something that I haven’t seen anyone talk about: Karen’s phone message. Jim was being playful, trying to get her to do it “more Italian,” and she does. Then, as soon as Jim walks away, Karen changes her outgoing message.

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought that spoke volumes about her. Not that she would have really left the funny message on her phone, but that she so quickly changed it to simply “Karen Filli-whatever-her-last-name-is.” Karen may be “kind of into” Jim, and she may be a lot of things that Pam isn’t, but I don’t think she’s really that nice of a person at her core. She just seems a little cold.

    Now imagine if that scene had played out with pre-Casino Night Pam. What would Pam have done? No, she wouldn’t have really left a silly outgoing message either–that’s not the point. The point is that Pam is a much warmer person than Karen. And, say what you will about Jim still beingg hurt, or still harboring feelings for Pam… I think Karen’s coldness rubbed off on him a little bit.

    And, I think that’ll be the deal breaker and thus the end of Jim and Karen…eventually. Nice people might finish last, but at least they finish.

  260. Yes, Callan, Pam 3.0 should be arising pretty soon here… and she’s gonna blow us all out of the water! If we know Pam, she’ll prevail!

  261. “Oh, and the thing about Pam doing the right thing turning Jim down because she was engaged? Bull. You follow your heart in these matters or you suffer the consequences. I don’t blame Jim for acting like he is and I don’t feel sorry for Pam. Michael Scott was right on in this case. “Engaged ain’t married.””

    Good point, True Question. Plus…why couldn’t PAM have told JIM that she had feelings for Jim, which she obviously did? I never understand why Jim is the one who takes flack for waiting so long to tell Pam how he felt, when: a. his feelings were obvious (I’m sure Pam knew and just didn’t want to acknowledge them, lest she rock the boat), and b. it was clear she had feelings for Jim, too, and just said nothing. Instead, she went through the motions of planning a wedding to a man she probably did love, in some way, knowing she had strong feelings for another man.

    It’s true – most decisions have consequences, good or bad. Pam is suffering the consequences of some questionable decisions right now, for sure. It’s not a character flaw, but she did make her own bed. She’s an adult.

  262. It’s not the same type of thing when you’ve been in a serious relationship for 10 years, and engaged for 3+ of those… I don’t know how it is for guys, but maybe it’s easier to break off a long-term relationship, but you really can’t blame Pam for hesitating because she’s naturally a reserved and shy person, so it’s what was expected of her. But when she DID take the step, she realized a lot of things about her personality that showed her attempt to reach out. You’ve got to give her credit for that, at least. I could say more, but i don’t want to reiterate my words.

  263. the itunes version cut out the scene where Kevin shreds his salad in the shredder from Staples…..


  264. I agree w/ you Meredith. I think that Pam has learned a great deal from everything that has happened. When you are in a relationship with someone for that amount of time it’s easy to lose yourself and not know what you really want because you are comfortable. Pam is finding herself and I think that with a little time she’ll be more honest about her feelings.

  265. ok so the season pass is great…but why is the episode already posted and available for download…but the season pass hasn’t recognized it…uggg

  266. This is really funny. I’m listening to Mr. Roboto and all this talk about Pam 2.0 and 3.0 is making me laugh. Like she’s in her house at night, and then one day she just rises with all this new stuff on, Mr. Roboto in the backround. That vision plus this song is too much not to laugh.

  267. One thing that has always sat in the back of my head since Casino Night- did anyone else think that Pam’s reply to Jim when he told her he loved her seemed almost rehearsed? Almost like she had seen it coming for a while and had the words ready for him- but really regretted having to say them…

  268. “”Good point, True Question. Plus…why couldn’t PAM have told JIM that she had feelings for Jim, which she obviously did? I never understand why Jim is the one who takes flack for waiting so long to tell Pam how he felt, when: a. his feelings were obvious (I’m sure Pam knew and just didn’t want to acknowledge them, lest she rock the boat), and b. it was clear she had feelings for Jim, too, and just said nothing. Instead, she went through the motions of planning a wedding to a man she probably did love, in some way, knowing she had strong feelings for another man.””

    Pam couldn’t tell Jim how she felt because she at one point had feelings for that “other man” (Roy), and I think it’s not within Pam’s nature to cruelly break the heart of someone important to her by dumping him suddenly for another man. Sure, she eventually decided that Roy wasn’t “the one,” but even if he wasn’t, he didn’t deserve to be tossed aside like yesterday’s garbage. Pam’s a good person who cares about other people. Roy was in her life a long time. She couldn’t just have jumped into Jim’s arms and said, “Wedding, what wedding? I love you, too.” That’s not realistic, and it isn’t true to Pam.

    She couldn’t really have even said, “I have feelings for you, too, Jim, I just need time to work things out.” She had already decided to go through with the wedding. So what if that was a mistaken decision? I think it shows she DIDN’T know how Jim felt, and I think it shows how emotionally stunted Pam’s character was. I think she thought she knew what love was, was ready to get married, and then found out what love really felt like on Casino Night. She didn’t know what to do with those new feelings and couldn’t well back out of a wedding that very second.

    I think Jim made her feel like it was now or never when he said, “I needed you to know. Once.” I think he pressured Pam to make an on-the-spot decision and it backfired. Jim is just as much to blame for bungling things as Pam. More so, in my mind, because he stacked the deck against anything happening. He waited until it was basically too late to tell her the truth. Jim ALREADY transferred. Pam was a month away from a wedding. I think Jim told Pam when he did because he knew she couldn’t do anything about it. That’s not Pam’s fault!

  269. You know what else? Pam didn’t just break off an engagement…she totally changed the ENTIRE course of her life. You have to figure it this way: she dated Roy for seven years, which says she must have at least THOUGHT she loved the guy. During that time, her goal was to get a proposal from him. When he finally DID propose, she was engaged to him for another three years, during which all her heart and mind were bent on that stupid wedding.

    FINALLY it seemed like all the hopes and dreams she’d been hanging onto for years were coming to fruition…and then here comes Jim and shakes her entire life up. He makes her question her resolve, her own judgment, her sense of self. This is NOT a decision that one makes in a few moments in a parking lot, nor is it even one you can completely be confident about even a few months after making the huge leap of calling off your wedding. Ya know?? ;)

  270. Forgive me if someone has already mentioned this, but there are 17 pages so. . .

    In the beginning of the episode where Jim gives Karen a high five, is it just me, or does Karen look a little upset? My first thought was that maybe Karen came on to Jim and he turned her down, and that high five was a way of showing friendship.

    BUT then he said he was kind of seeing someone. Hmmm. Maybe he changed his mind.


  271. I haven’t received my iTunes email yet. Oh hurry. Hurry. I can’t wait much longer to see the episode again. Even though that shredder scene with Kevin was pretty much just a commercial, I still thought it was funny. And if it’s gone from the iTunes version, I’ll be very sad.

  272. I don’t know if anyone posted this yet, but does anyone know how to get the full version on Lazy Scranton from into a format that one can put on their video ipod? I must have that with me at all times!!

  273. I have two theories on that, Michele.

    One is that she saw the high five as sort of an immature gesture and was showing a little bit of annoyance. My other theory is that she was expecting something a little more intimate than a high five…

  274. Karen makes a lot of strange faces, I think that she’s very hard to read. She just doesn’t have the likeablity that Pam has.

    This site is so great. I keep working and then checking to read the new postings. Thanks for making my workday more enjoyable!

    I just read an article that said Jim (John) and Ryan (BJ) were on the little league team as children. I would love to see those pictures!

  275. Forgive me for reposting this but for some reason it is awaiting moderation and I’m impatient!

    One thing that has always sat in the back of my head since Casino Night- did anyone else think that Pam’s reply to Jim when he told her he loved her seemed almost rehearsed? Almost like she had seen it coming for a while and had the words ready for him- but really regretted having to say them…

  276. Great episode! I loved how all of the new Stamford employees were disgusted by everything Michael said, while the old Scranton employees were completely unphased….

    TEAM PAM!!

  277. i was reading over all of the comments and i have a thought…

    during the whole episode, we saw the pam OBVIOUSLY misses jim — especially when he first walks in and tries to make a joke, and she says something like “yeah, i don’t care.” and then in the break room, when she suggests talking about things over coffee.

    thinking back, maybe jim thinks that pam is being OVERLY nice to him because she rejected him (twice). the way she’s acting doesn’t really match their relationship was in the first two seasons. they were friends that bordered on the flirty side. also remember their conversation on the phone that was abruptly stopped?? that was the old JAM we know and love. i would think that maybe jim thinks she’s trying to compensate for the way things left off now that he’s back in the office.

    so to save face, jim makes this “kind of seeing someone” comment to make pam stop. i don’t think he’s seeing karen. actually i’m not really sure if he knows that karen is into him. their conversation on the phone didn’t really sound like they were dating…it sounded like friends. that’s just my two cents :)

  278. Ohh…maybe there will be a twist and he’s not really seeing Karen at all. Maybe there’s someone else. Doubtful but wouldn’t that be something?

  279. You can buy The Merger at the iTunes store now. I just hope i have 1.99$ left on my gift card!

  280. Don’t want to read through all 300-some-odd comments so…

    Jim never said he was seeing Karen; he only said “he’s kind of seeing someone now.” And yes, she put her hand on his back and gave him a high five and all, but i don’t see how that equals relationship. I refuse to believe it.
    Also, Jim’s subtle “wtf?” face as he’s walking back toward his car says so much about that scene.
    And the way he says “right” after Pam says “we’ll always be friends.”
    The Office is back!

  281. Fear –
    I agree with you’re take. It looks like Jim is somewhat annoyed by Pam’s reaction, when he tells her that he is dating. Its as if he hoped that she would be disappointed, but instead she said that it was cool and fine. Poor Jim… he’s been trying to get a reaction out of Pam for so long, but she won’t ever acknowledge her feeling for him.

    this is why Jim is turning to Karen.

  282. It’s obvious that Jim still has feelings for Pam and he just has his guard up. If he was completely over her going back to Scranton wouldn’t have weighed so heavily on his mind. Also, when he’s asked about where they stand you can sense the frustration in his voice. If he is with Karen I don’t think that his heart is into it.

  283. antisoccermom, I noticed that too about awaiting moderation on an earlier post. Is that something new or am I just now noticing it??

  284. Cousin Mose, i agree with you wholeheartedly on the Karen subject, and i won’t reiterate, but i think she is secretly a colder person than we’ve seen so far, and YES Jim was abnormally colder in this episode than he has ever been in any of the others.

    And ElaineChick, you also put that scenario in great words.

    I think after the reaction he got from Pam, Jim is going to go running STRAIGHT to Karen’s open arms… and that’s a little bit disheartening, but on a different scale, it’s what’s inevitable before we can conquer Karen -the obstacle- in the way of Jim and Pam’s relationship.

  285. You know I have to think I’d probably be the same way if the guy I was into just came back into my life after not seeing him for several months and was very flirtatious with a girl I didn’t know. I would’ve done exactly what Pam did. I would’ve tried to be cool about the entire situation too and just act like it wasn’t a big deal.

    The thing is Pam and Jim just need to sit down and talk and get this whole thing straightened out. Of course that said, I think that was Pam’s entire reason for asking Jim out for coffee and unfortunately he didn’t take the bait.

  286. Hmm.
    If Jim wasn’t referring to Karen when he said he was seeing someone, why would he meet her for drinks a few minutes later? I assumed that one of the many reasons he was telling Pam he was involved with someone else was to explain why he couldn’t go get coffee with her.
    Maybe I’m over-analyzing things, but I think if he was seeing someone other than Karen, he wouldn’t have agreed to meet up with her at the bar.
    This, of course, depends on the fact of whether or not he’s actually “seeing someone”…

  287. I’m very curious to see how Jim is going to “coach” Any when he tries to hit on Pam. I think that during that episode we’ll see that the feelings are still there because I’m sure that he’s going to try and sabotage the attempt. Andy and Pam? Think not…

  288. I’m completely convinced that Karen is the “other person”, and it’s pretty obvious in Pam’s view according to how they acted all day at work. Pam was obviously extremely jealous when she saw the hand on Jim’s back. Her expression was absolutely incredible. But, that’s probably what pushed her to say what she did at the end of the episode because she was confused. She assumed that he would come back and things would return to normal, or even BETTER than before, but before she even had a chance with him – it was blown by Karen her new nemesis. Anyhow, I’m awaiting the moment when Karen finds out about the old JAM situation!

  289. jimsgirl81, I think it’ll be much in the same way he “coached” Dwight when Katy (purse girl) first showed up on the scene.

  290. littlekidluvr – the very simple reason that Pam didn’t contact Jim is that she didn’t think it was the morally right thing to do…I think for many reasons.

    1) she’d just broken off a ten-year relationship to another man that she still has to disentangle herself from…they probably had joint bank accounts, joint credit cards, joint EVERYTHING they owned including their place (which she had to move out of)…she was probably waiting until everything settled down a bit, and then started thinking she’d let it go for too long.

    2) She probably felt it would be like dangling a carrot in front of him – “Hi, I called off my wedding. Not ready to do anything about us yet, so…sit tight! Thanks, bye!” How angry would he have been with THAT? She probably thought he deserved the chance to move on with his life if he wanted to, without her interference, because she DOES feel bad about how she reacted Casino Night.

    3) I think it would have been different if he hadn’t moved out of state RIGHT after he instigated this whole thing. The whole mess is partly HIS fault, too, in ALL its stages. How could she feel comfortable, after he’s accepted a transfer, packed up and moved AWAY, calling him and being like, “Okay, come back, I’m ready now”.

    Uh-uh…I’m sorry, easier to sit back as the audience and pass judgement on what she should or should not have done than it would be for her to actually DO it. It’s ridiculous that Jim only allowed her a WEEK (or whatever) to figure out her life and make a decision, and yet she’s the one who handled everything wrong…

  291. Just had a thought … on one hand (and this is good for me since I’m a JAM fan) given the way the show is shot, I’ll never have to witness anything more than Jim & Karen kissing (although that still maybe a bit more than I’d care to see). Of course, unfortuantely the flip side of that is for the same reason I’ll also never get to see Jim & Pam. :(

  292. I think you’re right Shannon, it will be very entertaining to watch.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing how Karen handles the Jim/Pam situation.

  293. my heart just aches for pam. poor puppy. i think jim was lying about seeing someone…i do, however believe something between him and karen will happen at any moment.

    i predict the season finale this year will be pam confessing her love for jim.

  294. it felt like when Karen asked Jim if he wanted to get drinks, it was spontaneous and not planned. I don’t think Jim is in a romantic relationship with anyone. Just because Karen had her hand on his back, that doesn’t mean they’re together.

    I think that Jim lied to Pam twice in this episode, the first time when he told her he couldn’t get coffee cause he was busy (he obviously wasn’t busy because he accepted Karen’s invitation for drinks), and the second time when he told her he was seeing someone

  295. Agreed, E.

    And besides, Roy apparently knows NOTHING about The Kiss, or any other relations between Jim and Pam. Who wants a mad Roy? Me? NO! It’s better to give it time with that type of a situation… and Pam did the right thing.

  296. I still have a feeling though that Roy will find out … likely when Karen does. Wow! Can you imagine that??? Literally all hell will be breaking loose at Dunder Mifflin Scranton!

  297. I agree, I think that Roy is going to find out eventually. I don’t think that I would want to be on Roy’s bad side. At least we know that Kevin has Jim’s back! HA :)

    Off subject…has anyone noticed that Roy’s eyes look bluer than usual? Maybe it’s just me.

  298. Well, Roy will find out SOMETHING inevitably… i mean, when word gets out that Pam and Jim kinda had the hots for each other, then Roy will find out (maybe from Angela?) and you’re right, Shannon, all hell will break loose in Scranton. I can’t wait!

  299. I haven’t noticed that about his eyes, but I have noticed that he is looking particularly hot of late (loved how he looked dressed in the suit in the Diwali episode).

  300. Angst overload on this show lately. I’ve lost track of the number of people telling me they are borderline fed up with this show because it is depressing them.

    And I say that as a big fan but sometimes toughlove feedback is necessary.

  301. I was shocked when I saw Roy during the season premiere, he looks much different now. He’s doesn’t look like such a meathead now. He’s a cutie.

  302. E –
    I see your point on why Pam didn’t contact Jim. And I agree that its much easier to sit here and criticize her choices and decisions. I don’t mean to come across as a Pam-hater. she’s my fav character on the show. but I just wish she would be more assertive with her feelings for Jim (I guess that’s not really her personality though). the Jam relationship will finally happen, when Pam becomes brave enough to tell Jim how she feels.

  303. Couple of things:

    1) Roy is hella hot. ;)

    2) I think they didn’t arrange it so that Michael is the only one (besides Pam and Jim) who knows the whole story for nothing. I figure he’ll blab eventually (particularly the part about Jim’s Casino Night confession), but only AFTER a) Roy is finally beginning to accept the break up, b) Karen and Jim have gotten semi-serious, and c) Karen and Pam have grown somewhat close. Talk about hell breaking loose…Roy will want to kill Jim, Karen will want to kill Jim AND Pam for not telling her, Pam will want to kill Jim for opening his big mouth to Michael, and Jim will want to kill Michael!

    3) Re: Pam not calling Jim after the break-up – she didn’t ONLY have Jim’s feelings to think about, that’s all. She had Roy, Roy’s family, her family, their mutual friends etc. WE are only thinking about it from a Jim/Pam perspective.

    4) Last year was Jim’s season. THIS year is Pam’s…I feel it! ;)

  304. Also, why is there no episode on December 7th? Why are you doing this to me, NBC?! I can’t take this many weeks without my Office.

  305. Don’t you just hate rerun weeks? It bums me out. Watching the show is the highlight of my week.

  306. Yeah sooo Roy finds out, gets real mad of course, starts somethin with Jim & Karen finds out and then maybe Jim and Pam will get together…after all those Roy beatdowns and such.
    Man, we are totally turning this show into a soap opera….it’s fun though

  307. I hope Jim ends up with Karen in the end. Pam is pissing me off to no end. I don’t think Jim necessarily said that he was seeing someone because he wanted a reaction out of Pam, but I think he was expecting one and was prepared to feel kind of bad about it. But when she was so nonchalant about the whole thing, I think it kind of threw him and left him with the confused face we all saw. He expected he would be hurting Pam a little but she was the one that ended up hurting him. Again. I know alot of time has been invested in JAM but I think that he has to move on.

  308. I think that the episodes need to be an hour long each week. 30 minutes just isn’t enough. When you watch the deleted scenes there is so much that is taken out that should be left in.

  309. I think that re: Karen and Pam getting to be close, which i think does happen according to what i’ve read, Pam has to keep on her game-face — you know, the one where she hides her feelings for Jim. That way Karen will think it’s all over, correct?

  310. Poor Jim, still convicted to be honest with Pam and tell her he’s seeing someone else. I’m still wondering if he will ever discover the text message she sent him.

  311. I honestly don’t know how Jim doesn’t know about the text message, because according to John (the prop guy) on his myspace page (which you can get to via Jenna’s page … he’s one of her top friends) he says the phone did not fall in the bushes. So why is it that Jim seems to know absolutely nothing about it??

  312. When Jim was dating Katy, Pam was visibly jealous and hurt, but I think she tolerated the situation by still having a great interaction with him at work. Their friendship was never really compromised during that brief fling. They still flirted, joked, teased, and plotted against Dwight together.

    This time it’s completely different. Pam realizes she not only lost her opportunity to be with Jim romantically, but now Karen has taken her place at work, too. She doesn’t have the boyfriend, she doesn’t have the close friendship, and she doesn’t even have an insensitive fiance.

    She spent several months longing for Jim while he was away and I’m sure she imagined how great their reunion would be. I don’t know if she planned to initiate anything romantic with Jim – I think she just wanted to get back what they had before Casino Night. Now she knows (or at understandably believes) that Jim spent his few months away from her starting up a thing with another coworker.

    So, what’s going to make Pam fight for Jim? I don’t know, but it’s very exciting.

  313. The only thing I can think of is that when he was drunk, he either cleared or erased the message. Maybe he never checks his text messaged. Wow I have officially lost touch with reality and am obsessed with this show.

  314. I KNOW i’ve lost touch with reality and am without a doubt OBSESSED with the show… this is what i do all day during work. what has become of me?

    Either way, i think the cell phone thing was supposed to be a dangling string and we never really find out what happened with that. Not everything can be found out over documentary, i guess… although i’d also really love to know what Pam said! I think it was something to do with Michael’s proposal to Jan.

  315. Ya think? I was leaning toward Pam inviting Jim to Diwali. That’s why she was so down at the party. And didnt she tell Michael she was expecting the night to turn out differently?

  316. Based on everybody’s clever observations that I didn’t pick up on at first, I am starting to believe that maybe Jim isn’t dating Karen.

    I think the writers want us to see Karen and Jim through Pam’s eyes and right now, Pam is suspicious of what’s going on between them. I’m not really sure if Jim is even ready to be with someone else yet.

    I also don’t think the writers would purposely not show us Karen and Jim getting together, if they are dating. I think Jim’s lying to save face in front of Pam. And Pam is reading into what Jim is saying based on what she witnessed that day.

    If you noticed, Karen initiated everything intimate between them that day. Jim didn’t do anything and merely reacted to it, which leads me to believe that his relationship with Karen is nothing more than her having a crush on him.

    But then again… maybe I’m nuts.

  317. true question – that is what I’m talking about…
    I have no problem with the way Pam handled the Casino Night situation, and everything makes sense the way the wedding cancelation played out. but when will she finally make a move on Jim… she loves him right?? if you love someone you have to make a move sometime. even if this means hurting your ex (roy). unfortunately sometimes you have to hurt someones feeling to get what you want (oh man – I hope I don’t sound like an insensitive jerk by saying that)

    again – I’m not a Pam-hater. I want to see Pam with Jim just as much as anyone. But you also have to admirer Karen’s assertiveness. I think Karen took the job in Scranton to be with Jim. I wish Pam could be that confident

    E – has a good point. its easy for us to say she should have do this, or that.. the writers are doing a good job on playing it out the way Pam’s character would.

  318. I have one thing to add on Adriana’s response – She also now doesn’t have Roy to retaliate with and make Jim jealous… this time the ball’s in her court, and she’s got to either sit back and endure the pain, or step up and take the chance. Jim did it, she can do it too… but will she, is the question. And obviously only the writers can answer that… sigh.

    On the subject of the text message – i’ve heard other people say that they thought she was asking him to come to Diwali, but that wouldn’t be reasonable because he lives 2 1/2 hours away… by the time he would get there, it would be over. The most obvious thing would be for her to say “call me”, or something like “Michael just proposed to Carol!”

  319. Meredith, Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I don’t think Pam is going to sit back and take it, because it’ll just be a rehash of Jim’s storyline from seasons 1 and 2. Pam will step up.

    P.S. Can I just say that I love this board because everyone has valid and creative opinions!?

  320. major props to Pam for ……
    1) hugging Jim
    2) asking him out for Coffee

    Jim should have said yes to Coffee…… DUMMY!

  321. I sure hope you’re right Callan, because that’s what i’m rooting for. I have faith in my Pam!

    And yes, i completely agree about this board. I love OfficeTally – i have the best debates on here. Much better than the NBC board and lifeintheoffice or northernattack. Thanks guys :)

  322. The text thing makes sense. I think Jim had already set some guidelines for himself before he came back. He had to prepare himself for the whole Pam thing. And I think backing off a little is what he had in mind.

  323. I agree littlekidlover. Pam deserves major props for those … for her those were really big steps! Unfortunately none of it turned out the way she was hoping.

    BTW, have to say, I loved how Pam kind of fluffed her hair when Jim first walked in the door.

  324. That’s also a good point, but I just remembered that Pam thought Jim was in another time zone. So maybe she didnt expect him to come to Diwali.

  325. I actually thought maybe she’d found out about Diwali a few days before (which I assume she did, since they all would have had to make plans to go) and invited Jim then. He didn’t respond, so she wasn’t going to go either, out of disappointment. Then she decided what the heck and went anyway and had a good time…but then texted Jim something like, “Are you coming?”

    I don’t know…maybe, right? Maybe Jim got drunk because he was depressed that he couldn’t/wouldn’t go or was afraid he’d change his mind and drive all the way there.

    I know, I love how we all create these intricate backstories off of these sitcom characters! Haha! Brilliant! :)

  326. I know … I know I’m putting way too much thought into this whole text message thing, but since it happened its just been bugging me. I really hope somewhere now the road we find out what happened. It drives me crazy when things are never mentioned again … I deal enough with that on “Days of our Lives”.

  327. thanks Shannon!
    Pam was also playing with her hair when she was sitting next to Jim at the conference table. I def sign of flirting

    I just realized that I am analyzing how many times Pam played with her hair. maybe I should get back to work

  328. My heart nearly broke this episode… except it’s totally, completely normal the way that Pam/Jim are acting. Jim is being all nonchalant, since he’s pretty much figured that Pam wants nothing to do with him the way that he originally wanted. Pam was clearly excited that Jim was back, she was so giddy, she WANTED something to happen… but their relationship is clearly going to be guided by some other forces now. Sigh.

  329. Pam thought that the friendship she had with Jim was unique, I’m sure she felt like the only one who would have that kind of dynamic with Jim. So even if Jim and Karen aren’t dating (I think they are) she must feel jealous at being so easily replaced, if it is not in a romantic way. She hasn’t bonded with anyone else at the office and Jim moved to a new city and met a new Pam.

    Go Team Pam!

    BTW, I really dislike Andy, I know there are only a few of us…but I can’t jump on the “yay Andy” bandwagon.

  330. You’re right about Pam probably thinking her friendship with Jim was unique, that’s why she sorta did a “look” at Karen when she passed Jim the gum… and then when they were walking inside from the parking lot. I think it’s hitting her hard – and that’s probably another thing that sorta brought on the harshness at the end of the episode when she brushes Jim off.

    I LOVE Andy, however, I think his lines are hilarious, and his personality mixes so well with the Scranton workers. I thought it was cool how he went around and introduced himself to everyone (even if it was a tactic to get on everyone’s good side)

  331. Was it just me, or did “The Merger” remind anyone of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine was dating “Bizarro” Jerry?

    Granted, not everyone who came from Stamford was someone’s polar opposite *cough*Karen*cough*, but there were a lot of curious dopplegangers, were there not?

    Just a thought.

  332. Dia, I think it was in a spoiler somewhere. I’ve been ALL over the internet to millions of different sites. But it seems like it was either on someone’s blog, or in a spoiler review. I will try to find it, but if you search the spoilers on OfficeTally, i think you might be able to find it. Not sure if it’s on here though.

  333. I read the same spoiler… something about Karen & Pam becoming close friends. you could tell Karen was trying to connect with her, when she complimented Pam’s sweater. I can’t imagine Pam being close with Karen, while Karen is dating Jim.

  334. About spoilers, there’s a list of Season 3 spoilers on this very site and also you can find a thread on them at television without pity’s the office forums (under the sitcom category). I hope that helps.

  335. I can see Pam being just nice enough to play it off like she’s not bothered by the situation. Maybe even over compensating a little.

  336. I agree, Dia. I can definitely see her over-compensating for the lack of Jim’s friendship that she was used to. She’ll be super sweet to Karen, and form this friendship while on the underside of it, there’ll be raging jealousy and secret tactics to try and win Jim back.

  337. TOTALLY! I love the drama! I just checked out spoilers and The Merger was the last spoiler listed. Is that right?

  338. Remember these things:
    Jim told Jan that there was a personal reason why he wasn’t ready to go back to Scranton, then he tells Karen that she should go to NYC, then he rethinks it….call Karen the Buffer. He changed his mind so he can’t be there alone with Pam! It’s great that the writers wrote in an ego for Jim. Very classic male reaction. The writers are great to have the characters react like real people. This isn’t a soap or JAM would already be in bed. Jim still loves Pam, and I think the absence has deepened Pam’s feelings for Jim. He’s afraid of facing her alone. Yeah Karen is ok, but she’s not Pam. Karen is Jim’s buffer chick and I love it. That’s what I think anyway. After a few more episodes, we’ll see JAM scheming together again against DWAndy and things will be great and then we’ll all be Cheering! Go JAM!

  339. BOO! What’s Thanksgiving without the office? I was goi ng to make my mother in law turn it on while we ate dinner. HAHA I’m sure that would have gone over really well. Maybe it is a good thing it isn’t on Next Thursday ha.

  340. Anyone else see that Tony is listed as a guest star for next week’s episode? Anyone know how he comes back, or if he actually does?!

  341. Question. (God, I sound like Dwigt.)

    For those that have the itunes version:

    Is it just me, or is Kevin’s thing with the shredder not in there? I can’t seem to find it, and I’ve seen the ep two and a half times now.

  342. WOW! – I just realized how crazy the cold opening is of this episode.

    Dwight starts running around the building, and the camera never cuts away from Pam. While she is talking into the camera Dwight finishes his first lap. If Jenna messes up on her lines then Rainn has to run around the building all over again. I wonder how many laps around the building he had to run (or how many takes Jenna had to do of her talking head). I wonder if she messed up on purpose to make him run more laps =)

  343. CindyO, yes, iTunes seems to have cut that section out. Disappointing, isn’t it? I really liked that scene, even if it was just a cleverly placed product placement for Staples.

  344. Guys, i’m in the middle of watching my iTunes version of The Merger, and right after Tony leaves the room, and Dwight is telling Michael that he “told him to fire Tony earlier”, the camera spans to a view of Andy, and on the left side (my left, Andy’s right), there is an unfamiliar man standing next to him… Anybody wanna take a look at this scene and fill me in? I’m confused.

    And yes, the shredder part was taken out for the iTunes version. I guess iTunes wasn’t supposed to be responsible for promoting it…

    Let me know about that one scene. It’s confusing me!

  345. I think Pam’s face after Michael asks Karen if her dad was a GI is priceless…. thats probably my favorite face Pam makes in the whole series!

  346. Meredith,

    Wow, you are very observant. I reviewed the scene in question and I see the guy, too. He also appears in the Integration Celebration scene when Michael dresses up like Night at the Roxbury. My boyfriend suggested that we go back to count the “nifty gifties” and match the number of bags against the number of employees we can confirm. We counted five bags and five employees that are named. Of course, that doesn’t include the mystery man that you spotted. I don’t know what’s that about!

  347. Is it just me, or did anyone notice that Pam is not at her desk when Phyllis is telling off Karen. That would have been awsome if Pam saw that. At that moment, Phyllis oficially became my super hero. Sorry, am I the only one who doesn’t like Karen? I mean, you don’t just go around saying that people smell like a funeral home. And how do you not know who Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration is? Sorry to all you Karen likers out there (are there any?:P), I’m just venting because Jam has been swcrewing up alot lately, and its bugging me that they can’t just get together. Anyways, let me know if you noticed the Pam-not-in-the-backround thing, or if its just my crazy imagination. LOL!

  348. Yeah, I was a little annoyed to see that the Staples shredder bit wasn’t in the iTunes episode. I mean I paid for the episode that aired last night, not a cut up version. Why would iTunes want to go from being GREAT, by having the Producer’s Cut of ‘Branch Closing’ one week, to a cut short version of ‘The Merger’ the next?? Yeah it was product placement, but they at least mad it funny with Kevin making his salad with it, come on APPLE! Also, did anyone else’s download of the episode take an abnormally long time to download? I’ve never seen an iTunes download take so long.

  349. I think one of the brilliant things about this documentary-style show is that there are so many things that we as the audience are not privy to. All we get to witness are whatever the cameras happens to catch and whatever the characters choose to share in their talking heads. The rest is left as a mystery, and much like real life we find ourselves analyzing it all to death! (What did Jim mean when he said that? What did that expression mean? What was Pam implying when she said such-and-such? What did she text message him?). Like real life, we can only hope that eventually somehow the truth will be exposed, so we keep watching for more. Brilliant!

  350. I was so glad that blatant product placement was removed from the itunes version. I hope it never sees the light of day again, it made the show look bad. Though I can understand that the producers of The Office were probably forced to do it so I don’t blame them.

  351. Episode=amazing. i almost cried when jim and pam reunited. im such a sucker. i love the drama between andy and dwight.

  352. ::I have to ask … what is Pam doing with a digital thermometer at work??::

    office first aid kit…
    also, does anyone think that the text message
    from the dawali that pam sent jim will resurface
    at some point. or wonder if it had something to
    do with jim’s aloofness towards pam.

  353. Hey that mystery guy standing next to Andy is probably THEE convict in next next week’s episode.

  354. I read an article about that guy, Meredith. I think he work with Toby in HHRR. But I can’t find that article. If I get it i will post the link.

  355. My guess is that the “convict” is Andy. Think about it: former and perpetual frat boy does something stupid in a drunken stupor back in the day, and spends a few days in jail.

    I can’t see anyone there having done hard time in prison… well… maybe Creed.

  356. Any chance that Karen could be the “convict”? She was tossing her drinks out when Jim and Andy were getting drunk. Could be for reasons other than what we’ve assumed.

  357. I’m kind of on the fence with Karen. I liked her before this last episode but now given that it seems like her & Jim have hooked up it maybe a bit more difficult for me to really like her. I mean I like her fine, I’d just like her alot more if she weren’t with Jim and taking him away from Pam.

    Also, thinking about how Jim has now switched from grape soda to bottled water … I think Karen is going to be responsible for little changes that he makes. You know when that happens, when a character that has a certain way about them and is really well liked starts to change we never like the person who seems to be responsible for that change … I wonder if that’s Greg Daniel’s way of getting us to like Karen less and less.

    About Pam not being there when Phyllis raked Karen over the coals, I wouldn’t be surprised for Phyllis to tell Pam that, because I think we all know what a big supporter that Phyllis is of “JAM’s”.

  358. cyclopticcupcake, I guess that would make sense that a thermometer would be in a first aid kit … I’m just trying to think if we have one in the first aid kit at my office.

    About the text message, I certainly hope it will be mentioned again. They really seemed to make too big of a deal out of the whole thing for it to never be mentioned again, imo.

  359. About “product placement” – I was in a Staples the other day and saw big posters with photo of the cast of The Office….they were promoting the shredder.
    So I guess the deal is reciprocal.
    Tried to snag a poster…was told I’d have to speak to the manager.

  360. Well, it’s weird that the “unnamed and unknown” guy was in this episode, because i’ve never seen him in any other episode before – or at least I just haven’t noticed it. I just think it’s pretty odd that they have random people thrown in there… it seems like the amount of people they have now is enough!

    But anyway, I think the reason the shredder part wasn’t in the itunes version is because Itunes isn’t responsible for promoting Staples or the Shredder, and so they probably had NBC take it out for their version, and also because Staples would have to pay iTunes to promote it along with NBC and The Office i *think*. Just my guess…

    Anyway, I also hope that the text message resurfaces as well, but for some reason that nags me, i just don’t think it will. Because if it has – which it would have since Jim has obviously checked his phone since Diwali – it would have been dealt with off camera, and so we weren’t privy to that information. I think the text message was just another ploy to keep us on the edge of our seats, but it’s turned into something bigger that the writers probably didn’t expect it to. Because i know EVERYONE wants to know what it said!!

  361. Jim was drunk the night he got the text message. Could Kare have erased it since she was with him and had the opportunity?

  362. Great show! My favorite moment from the episode was the exchange in the break room between Jim and Pam, of course interrupted by Michael. Jim’s reaction to Michael’s bumbling apology reminded me so much of “The Secret” when Mike was trying to be buddy-buddy and talk to Jim and Jim was trying to shut Mike up. It really makes me think that Jim is not quite as over Pam as he led her to believe in their closing scene outside the office.

    I absolutely love Andy to death. I think that he and Meredith would be a really interesting and amusing pairing on the show; I could totally see something happening after some holiday festivities and boozing. This of course would be resting on the assertion that his play for Pam fails miserably and that he doesn’t go for Angela, even if he flirts with her to get Dwight annoyed. Dwight would probably throw down some intense karate moves if Andy made an actual move on “monkey” and Andy would get whipped.

    Oh, and Kev was great in this episode. I didn’t particularly love the Staples plug, but it was fun to see Kevin really happy about work. Just like Stanley’s pretzel day excitement, I’m glad that there’s something besides Michael’s risqué e-mail forwards that Kevin enjoys.

    There are a lot of interesting takes on the final Jam scene on this site. When I was watching it, I had a lot of different perspectives as to what could be going on in Jim’s head and his status with Karen and Pam. Just as he was a little unsure of where he and Pam stood in his talking head, I think the scene played out like that on purpose, intentionally vague and a bit confusing. Usually we as the audience know how the characters feel through their little glances and conversational subtext. I found it very refreshing that this time, for maybe the first time on the show, we were left a bit in the dark. That really rings true to the documentary aspect of the show. It makes me very excited for the rest of the season and I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.

  363. What an emotionally charged episode! It is great to have everybody back under one roof.Especially Jim!I also love Andy w/the gang.His scenes w/Michael and Dwight were some of the funniest of the ep.I hope he becomes a regular and not just a guest star.The Jim/Pam scenes were heartbreaking,to say the least.When Michael asked if he was interupting anything and Jim said,no I wanted to cry.My heart definitely went out to her.My take on the parking lot scene-Pam had built up this protective wall,it was a defense mechanism.She definitely has feelings for him,but also, she realizes they’re friendship has definitely changed.It’s not the close bond,it once was.As the day wore on,she realized this more and more.You could relly see the hurt,based on her actions.Unfortunatly,I’ve been there too.I truely felt her pain.It’s not fair for us to hate Karen because of her feelings.She hasn’t done anything wrong.I’m curious to see how all this will play out.

  364. Did anyone notice that the iTunes version of the episode doesn’t have any of the staples scenes? I really wanted to see that salad part again.

  365. Great great show! Stanley’s reaction to the new guy was soooo Stanley! Love him. Dwight and Andy are putting on their gloves. What a battle it will be with the two of them! Can’t believe no OFFICE until December? Hope that I read that wrong. I will be glad when Oscar gets back. I miss him. Maybe Jim and Pam will be together for Christmas? I hope so. I’m not giving up on them! What ever happens, the show will be great as always.

  366. I feel like that fat guy who quit was like a larger version of Keith from the British Office

    i love Kieth

  367. Samantha, I found a clip on youtube that contains Kevin’s salad scene.

    This also contains the Jim/Pam parking lot scene and the Andy/Dwight elevator scene.

  368. I love the show, like everyubody else here! The best moments are those that are closest to real life. That makes great humor. For what it is worth, if I had a boss who took the time to create funny orientation videos with thequality that I see in this episode, I would die laughing, and Michael says right up front that it is supposed to be funny! Why aren’t they laughing? C’mon, we’re all laughing. The Valentine’s Day video was not supposed to be funny. It was “Michael Scott” painful. “Lazy Scranton” and the refrigerator witch project are hilarious! The staff should be laughing, not asking if it is supposed to be funny.

  369. Poor Pam, she looks so strained and hunched over at the end of the episode. And Jim looks so disappointed at her lack of emotion at his “kind of seeing someone”.

    Oh, and poor Karen! We’ve already seen Jim can be Brutal to his girlfriends when pining for Pam…

    My faveorite new couple is definitely Dwight and Andy (Dwandy?).

  370. At first I was disappointed with this episode but after rewatching it a few times it’s really grown on me. Each time I’ve rewatched it I’ve noticed new things that just make it better and better. I think I laughed harder at Creed’s “Ditto that, my brother” line than anything else this season. I’m glad they finally have everyone back in the same office again, and I look forward to seeing what the writers will think of next. About the product placement, I don’t like the idea of it, but if 2 minutes of it gets a supersized episode then I guess I don’t mind too much.

  371. Helen, there is an episode on November 30th, then not another one until the Christmas ep. on Dec. 14th. I hate waiting 2 weeks in between episodes. It kills me!

    I also loved the Andy/Angela scene, and i’m excited to see how far Andy will go to get “on the good side” of all the Scranton employees. We all know how jealous/protective Dwight can get — Gay Witch Hunt — and i’m sure he will break out the karate moves on Andy, if Andy starts getting too chummy with Angela.

  372. I absolutely loved this episode. I think it was an instant classic.

    The theme of this episode was awkwardness and they captured it beautifully. They captured the feeling of these type of situations. I felt awkard watching it.

    Karen/Pam/Jim is going to be very interesting people. Brace yourselves. Not to mention all the other permutations now, like Dwight/Angela/Andy, Dwight vs Andy, etc.

  373. On a side note, the way the Pam/Jim thing is going is a bit disappointing for the Jammers out there but I thought they handled it perfectly and in a realistic way.

    Jim is a good guy but even good guys do hurtful things to protect themselves. A lot of people would do what Jim is doing to avoid being hurt futher.

    For Jim the ultimate goal is Pam, and I would be shocked if when this as all said and done they are not together. That being said it is not going to be easy for Jim and Pam to be together, and it shouldn’t. If it were easy the show would suck. I don’t mind the Jim/Karen relationship since I actually like Karen. Karen is foxy!

  374. One thing I forgot to add, it’s a question. When the breast feeder Hannah or Ana (i’m not sure of her name)comes in why does Kevin hide his candy jar? I didn’t get that. Is it because he doesn’t want people feeling like they can take candy out of it?

  375. Speaking of the breastpumping, who does that in public? That was really over the top. I’m surprised that at the very least, they didn’t make that a deleted scene.

  376. Did anyone notice that at the end of the episode, when Jim and Pam have their little conversation outside, that Pam is comig from somewhere other than the office, since she is coming from the left and the office enterance is on the right. I think maybe she was having some special time with Roy if you ask me.

  377. Maybe she walked all the way around the building to avoid running into Jim. Roy probably went home a long time ago.

  378. I LOVED this episode, I truly did.

    I am new to this site, and just need help understanding something. Forgive me if this has been duly discussed and I’m just late.

    I get that Pam blew Jim off. Twice, no less. I get that this had to hurt him bad.

    But he found out she called off her wedding. Why doesn’t he at least explore with her whether that had anything to do with him?? If he really loved her, which I for one think he absolutely did, then why not at least see a ray of hope in her calling off the wedding with Roy?

    Can anyone shed some light?

    By the way, Roy looks GOOD. And I can’t help being a tiny bit charmed by the Jim and Karen thing…

  379. Lollilisa, I think that because Pam didn’t call Jim over the summer to tell him how she felt (IF she feels that way about him), he thought that maybe he wasn’t the reason she called it off at all, and of course since he’s already put himself on the line twice, and gotten rejected twice, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to have it happen a 3rd time… That’s just my take!

  380. Meredith, that makes a lot of sense – thank you!

    I think I’m just projecting here. If I were Jim, I’d just have to know why she called it off. If I were Pam, I would just have to have called him during the summer.

    But thank goodness they’re not me – this is much more interesting….

  381. Hi, I knw there is some problem with posting comments – but trying again…

    I’ve been giving this episode a bit more thought re Jim/Pam. That last scene in the parking lot – Jim’s body language actually indicates that he is not telling the truth when he says “I sort of started seeing someone” — he touches his face while saying it, a physical expression of deception (unconsciously done of course). Same goes for his forced laugh.
    After watching the NBC 2-minute replay about a zillion times, I came to this conclusion. Furthermore, though I understand it in terms of the character’s motivation (he’s defensive, hurt, wanting to avoid further pain…), I am really disappointed in Jim because, as others have hinted at here, he is capable of acting like a jerk. Who knew?
    And – if he were in some kind of hot&heavy thing with Karen – would she call him unexpectedly and ask him to meet in an hour because “she needs a drink”? Wouldn’t they have an understanding or have already made plans after their first day in the Scranton office? And didn’t Karen last time explicitly say that she didn’t think he was interested in her? Is she just pursuing him at this point? We’ve never actually heard Jim declare feelings for Karen….
    I kind of hope for some sort of satisfying resolution (and the only satsifying one is Jim & Pam together) so we can just enjoy the fun of the rest of the show!

  382. Lollilisa,

    For another take, here is Jenna’s perspective (which she has posted in a blog on her myspace page) on the whole JAM and what happened after Casino Night but before the season premiere.

    Per Jenna’s Myspace page …

    “Why is Pam not with Jim?

    On another note – my brother-in-law emailed me last night and asked “Why is Pam not with Jim!?” I’ve been asked this question a lot. Here is how it breaks down:

    1. On Casino Night (in May) – Jim tells Pam he is in love with her and wants to be more than friends. She says, “I can’t.” Later, Jim kisses Pam. She responds but then pulls away. Jim says, “So you’re really going to marry him?” And Pam nods “Yes.” Jim says “Okay” and leaves.

    2. Jim transfers to Stamford – This is in May. We know he transfers because in his conversation with Jan on Casino Night she asks him if he’s told anyone about the fact that he’s accepted the new job.

    3. Pam reveals that she called off her wedding 6 days before the wedding. Her wedding date was June 10th. So, Jim has been in Stamford for about one month* at this point. They haven’t been speaking as Jim made it clear he cannot be “just friends”. (I think it would be pretty awkward to assume they’ve been in contact over this time.)

    People want to know why she hasn’t called Jim all this time but you have to look at it realistically…she just got out of a 10 year relationship with her high school sweetheart. When she called off the wedding, Jim had already been living in Stamford. She has no idea what he is doing there. Maybe he has a girlfriend but even if he doesn’t, what are they going to do? Have a long distance romance? I’m sure she’s thought of it but it’s awkward. She’s not the type of person who takes a lot of initiative.

    And now, it’s been 6 months since she called off the wedding. She’s never lived on her own. She’s never had the chance to figure out who she is without a man in her life. She went on a date because Kelly set her up. I think we all know that Kelly can be pretty persuasive. She had probably been bugging Pam for a month and Pam finally broke down. But, she hasn’t dated since. She’s just trying to figure things out.”


  383. maybe just me, but if u watch jim’s reactions in the last scene with him and pam he gets disappointed when pam says “we’re friends, we’ll always be friends”. Jim just says “right” i a very monotone voice and does a little fake laugh, also notice he looses all eye-contact with her, he doesnt even look in her direction. It may be a ploy to make her jealous so she speaks out to him or he could’ve just realised by saying what he did he might of just wrecked ever being with pam alltogether. just interesting watching Jim’s reaction in that one bit. check it out and share what you think.

  384. I think the actual ploy of telling Pam that he was “seeing” someone else, was really the thing to be looking into, and not looking into the actual Karen part. Because it’s obvious that they are not exclusively seeing each other, but Jim knows for sure now that Karen wants to. So he’s going to take a big step and go ahead and tell Pam this, just to see how she reacts. I think that if Pam had said: “Jim, I love you” or something to that effect, I bet Jim would have gone back and canceled plans with Karen… but then again, Pam didn’t say that, instead she said “We’re friends, we’ll always be friends”… and of course he took that to mean the opposite of what we all know what the truth REALLY is. So, then, Jim can fall back on Karen, like he intended to do in case Pam did reject him YET AGAIN. And so… that leads us back to Karen and Jim… he’s going to go for Karen now, and we’ll see how that works out.

  385. Best part of this episode. Watch Jim the entire time. He gives more glances then ever and it makes the entire episode worthwhile.

  386. Well, I don’t think one can safely say they’ve been ‘rejected’ if they told the person they want that they’re seeing someone else and that person says ‘you can do what you want’. ;) Let’s not stretch!

  387. I don’t know-a big part of me really believes that Jim is seeing someone-probably Karen.I don’t think he said that just as a ploy to make Pam jealous.It’s not to say he wasn’t trying to make her jealous,I just might think he really is dating her.

  388. Yesterday I got my TV Guide for the week of November 27th and regarding the November 30th episode it says, “Between Jim’s plot to keep Andy away from Pam and script cowritten by Ricky Gervais, TV doesn’t get better.” That got me to thinking, even if Jim was telling the truth and he and Karen are in a relationship (and I feel pretty certain she’s the only one he’d be in one with) then this makes it even more obvious that his heart isn’t really in it since he is obviously bound and determined to keep Pam from going out with Andy. It sounds like to me Jim is going to have a bit of a jealous streak going on in the next episode.

  389. Well, reject was like the only word I could think of at that moment, so not technically ‘reject’, but I couldn’t think of something better to put there… you guys know what I mean.

    Anyway, I’m excited to see a bit of jealousy flaring up in Jim, although I don’t know how it’s going to work — if Andy tries to go for Pam, I doubt that Pam will be going along with it, because she knows Andy’s a bit of a weirdo. And besides, we ALL know she’s not over Jim… if anything she’s more into him than EVER! She’s finally discovered her true feelings for Jim, and even though she can’t make them known because of a woman named Karen, she at least admits them to herself now… even if not to the camera ;)

  390. Let’s forget Jim and Pam for a while, someone needs to throw Toby a bone and set him up with a girlfriend or something. I feel so bad for the guy. That scene with Jim while funny made me cringe as well, because I just felt so bad for the guy.

  391. Yeah what was up with that? I felt so bad for poor Toby. He’s such a nice guy, and then Jim kinda made him seem really lame. I don’t know why Jim didn’t just bump fists or whatever…

  392. Shannon (post 483), THANK YOU for that TV Guuide synopsis: “…Jim’s plot to keep Andy away from Pam…” I feel so relieved!
    I’m looking forward to the Ricky Gervais script…wonder who the convict is? I’m guessing it’s Meredith? someone else guessed Karen…anyone?

  393. Toby and Karen?? How’s that for a match? I don’t like Karen; I think she’s devious, but I could be wrong. In that case, Toby and Karen would be good together. Toby’s a sweetheart; I’d like to see him hook up with a great character on the show.

  394. From what I’ve read, the convict is someone new to the office in Scranton, so that would rule Meredith out. I think Karen might be the convict. If she only pretended to be drinking when she was working late with Jim and Andy, maybe she was going to see her parole officer the following morning.

  395. what’s up with the knucle hand gesture?
    In the “Branch Closing” episode Kevin does it to Pam, and in the “Merger” Toby trys it with Jim.

  396. Toby and Karen seems a bit off to me. Funny, outside of Jim I don’t see her as a match with anyone else.

    I thought about Toby and Hannah, but Toby just needs a girlfriend quick, it doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone who works at dunder mifflin.

    I sometimes wonder if Toby is doomed to forever represent the divorced, depressed, somber corporate employee. It’s a bit funny because I think if most of us met someone like Toby we would immediately think something is wrong with him and that he was depressed but no on the show seems to notice. Maybe it is meant to be a running joke. I dunno. Anyway I can’t help but feel bad for the guy sometimes.

  397. Toby might have a great secret life outside of work. If Hannah is the breastpumping employee who transferred from Stamford, he’s too good for her!!

  398. Hey, is it just me or did Michael actually do something right? The way he handled Dwight about who answers to whom and Dwight’s vs. Andy’s pay, was brilliant. My brother and I were saying that is the smartest thing Michael has ever said. Right there he was being a real boss and basically telling Dwight to worry about himself and not everyone else. I expected him to make the situation worse. High-Five Michael!

  399. Notice that the way everyone is seated in the office now, Jim and Karen face each other, while Pam is looking at Jim’s back.

    Which means she will be forced to endure every single flirty look Karen sends Jim’s way….

  400. Emily,

    I agree. He (Michael) answered the questions put to him by Dwight the way a real boss should. It really surprised me, because knowing Michael and the way he is I figured he’d open his big mouth and tell Dwight how much Andy made and clearly that is something you just don’t do. Kudos to “The Office” for getting this right!!


  401. You know something I realized going back and watching “The Merger” in every situation where Jim, Pam & Karen are in the same room sitting down that Jim & Pam are always sitted next to each other (yea) and Karen has either been behind them (i.e., the gum chewing scene or on the other side of the room from them). When I realized that I was like Pam was in “E-Mail Surveillance” when she saw Dwight with the Baby Ruth that Angela had bought … YES!!!!!

  402. Thanks Rachel! I really liked the way that spoiler was worded, because it definetely makes it appear that Jim is feeling jealous over “PANDY” (Pam & Andy).

  403. About who the convict might be, I agree with Marie. I think it’ll be Karen. I think she too will have an issue with drinking and remember at the end of “The Merger” her & Jim are supposed to meet for a drink so I ‘m wondering if someone (her parole officer maybe) finds out that she’s been drinking and has to tell Michael about it being that he’s her new boss. Hmmm.

  404. whats all this Pam and Andy talk? i didnt see any Pam and Andy interaction, could someone tell me, please?

  405. whats all this Pam and Andy talk? i didnt see any Pam and Andy interaction, could someone tell me, please? im am really confused.

  406. After reading the comments on Toby, I am feeling sorry for him too. Michael is always mean with him. I am hoping that he gets a nice girlfriend or something good happens to him, I really like him.

  407. yeiw,

    There are some Pam & Andy scenes in next week’s episode, “The Convict” you can read about it in the spoiler thread or in the thread that his preview videos for next week’s episode.


  408. Did anyone notice in grief counseling, Jim gives Karen a bag of chips, just as he had given to Pam in the Fight?

  409. Tobias,
    I think he is mainly giving karen the bag of chips because he can see that she doesnt take kindley to him having a base of power over her (since he’s the ‘new’ guy) and there’s none of her favorite chips in the machine so what better way to avoid conflict and be able to get along with people in his new working environment.

  410. Just finished watching the first season of The Office and am amazed that things come into play this season. Notably, Season 1 Jim shirking extra work responsibilities to Dwight, because if he gets promoted, paper is no longer a job, its a career, and he would have to kill himself. What does this mean now that he is the de facto Number 2 at DMNE? Also, the threat of downsizing was established directly from the pilot. A long time coming, and now its actually here.

  411. Wow, Michael is really being a (cough)d***(cough). Every clip I think he can’t get worse, and then he gets worse.

  412. Did anyone figure out who the “mystery employee” is (the young guy in the “Roxbury” meeting)?

  413. I don’t know if anyone’s interested in discussing this episode again after last night’s rerun, but I found myself wondering this time what exactly Pam was “finishing up” at the end of the day before meeting Jim in the parking lot – in hindsight, was she having a little cry in the bathroom? a private phone call with mom?

  414. so i am watching The Merger once again and i must say Jenna is an amazing actress! her facial expressions are priceless, she does such an awesome job :o)

  415. Did anyone else’s heart BREAK when Jim told Pam he was seeing someone else? This is the only episode that made me dislike Jim – – just a little.

  416. So I’m not sure if people read the comments from past episodes, but check out the scene where the Stamford people are on the table. When Dwight looks at Andy and give his whole “what advice has Andy given” talk they cut to Andy and you can see someone standing to Andy’s right (viewers left). Anyone know who this person is? Is there someone that came from Stamford and wasn’t in any other episodes and was only in this scene, or like half in the scene?

  417. DB – I just saw that today when I was watching the Season 3 DVD! If you watch the deleted scenes he’s also in the conference room when Michael asks for someone to come pick a card. It cuts to him, back to Michael, and when it cuts back to where he was sitting, Karen is there instead!

  418. the continuation on this episode is all whack. at 3:41 Pam is setting up the conference table and at ~9:45 it is empty.

  419. Did anyone notice that when Pam and Jim first see each other and Jim says “the place looks great” he is actually looking up and down at Pam?

  420. I know that there was a love story being constructed over time but come on. Jim is supposed to be the cool sensitive guy. But his first talking head back at Scranton where he says he has no idea where he stands with Pam strains all credibility.

    You pine for an engaged woman for years. You’re so upset at the prospect of her getting married that you book a trip out of the country during the wedding date and you request a transfer to a branch 150 miles away. You finally confess your love in a parking lot and get shot down twice.

    So you go. Meantime the woman breaks off her engagement. Starts dating again. Talks with you for what seems like hours to the television audience on a chance phone call and sends you a text message. You get transferred back and the woman runs to you and literally jumps into your arms. And you have no idea where you stand???!!! Even after she tries to make a date later that day. The most dense and insensitive guy on the planet wouldn’t have missed those signs. Roy wouldn’t have missed those signs.

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