1. Does anyone know if Jenna attended the Bravo A-list awards? She was nominated, and it’s airing tonight.

  2. I never got into Ferguson, not sure why. I’m a Conan man myself. It looks like Jenna’s making the run around on late night shows for The Promotion. Anyone know if she’s gonna stop by Conan’s?

  3. YAY! Craig is my favorite too!! I always love when the people from The Office go on Craig, it’s always so funny; Angela was cute on there back when she was still preggers! :)

  4. One of our Canadian newspapers called this a “must see” for tonight – along with Brian and Kate on Last Comic Standing. Good call!

  5. Craig is the best. If people have about 10 minutes watch the youtube video where Craig talks about fighting his alcahol addiction. It is really great to see Craig go from such a low to now having a great life.

    Also looking forward to Jenna tonight.

  6. I REALLY want to know where zombie poop comes from! I hope that either Jenna or Craig brings it up again…

  7. Love the unscriptedness of Craig’s interviews. You never know where it’s going to go and the guests generally looked enthused. Plus, maybe Jenna wears the dress she told Letterman was too revealing. ;)

  8. I love that Jenna had a great time in my hometown, but it leaves me to ponder… WHERE THE HECK WAS I?!!

    ah well… can’t wait to see her tonight.

  9. Great interview. Jenna looked amazing and Craig interacts so well with her.

    Glad to see she’s doing so well and making a great recovery.

  10. I thought this was a great interview. So often on these late night talk shows, it’s so obvious that they prepared the questions and what they’re going to talk about beforehand, but this just seemed to really flow like a natural conversation – so much that they almost forgot to talk about the movie!

    I was a little disappointed with the Promotion clip. It was like it was building up to something funny but they cut it off too soon.

    Jenna’s hair’s getting so long! And she looked very pretty.

  11. Great interview…I fell asleep right after the film clip so thanks for posting.

  12. That was one of my favorite Jenna interviews ever! She was so witty and had such great rapport with Craig. She looked amazing! I really liked the Macy’s dress. Her hair looks longer – I wonder if she had hair extensions . . . it was very “ethereal” looking . . . so pretty. “Chocolate boobies and pickles.” Too funny!

  13. She is just so adorable! I really wish she was my friend in real-life! (Wait, she’s not?!)

  14. Jenna is never putting on airs – I love that about her! She’ll go on t.v. and talk about craft fairs and chocolate boobies and be utterly charming and funny.

  15. That was the funniest interview I’ve seen in a loooooong time — this totally made my day. I’m so glad Jenna is still a proud midwesterner — us midwestern gals have to stick together! Crafts fair rock…

  16. Every interview with Jenna makes her seem even cooler! Craft fairs! come on, you can’t get any cooler than that. – but chocolate boobies, i really have no idea what that’s about.

  17. Aw, that was funny! I feel like I’m always repeating myself, but I just love Jenna! She’s my bestest imaginary friend! Me and Jenna, pretend BFF’s! Hitting Target and the craft fairs, having our pictures taken with Abe Lincoln. Something my REAL friends and I would totally do. You rock, Jenna!

    Thanks tanster for making it so easy for me to catch up on all these appearances. I just can never seem to be on the right channel at the right time, even when I know they’re going to be on. My life just gets in the way, but I know I can come here and it’s all in one convenient place. tanster, YOU rock!

  18. What a funny interview! Jenna was so cute! And I’ll bet it’s the first time Taylorville, Illinois ever got a shout out on national television. I used to have some relatives who lived there.

  19. Let me first say that I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Jenna’s. But…if I were her girlfriend…I wouldn’t have let her wear that dress. She’s a slim yet curvy woman – and that dress was ALL WRONG for her. It looked like a tank top under a fluffy pretty sundress. The dress was too full on the bottom and made her look chunky on the bottom as well as make her look like dolly parton on top.

    Stylists make tons of money for a reason – they know what looks good on camera and what looks good to be filmed in while you sit down. (on a talk show) That dress would be STUNNING in person I’m sure- just not on camera.

    Makes me feel like Jenna’s pushing the ‘everywoman’ angle a little hard. She’s a successful hollywood actress…bragging about styling yourself (in a dress she must have thought was a huge success already) confuses me! Everyone in showbiz has folks get clothes for them.

    I’m so sad to have said this…..I love Jenna! She’s funny and real.


  20. Great interview as always from Jenna! I love Craig’s laid back format compared to the other late night shows. I was cracking up that Springfield, Illinois got a shout out on her blog. It’s the town where every Chicago-area 8th grader must visit for their class trip. Oh, the memories.

  21. I love this late host!! He is trully fun to watch. I think he and Jenna had great CHEMISTRY!

  22. Fun interview! “Chocolate boobies and pickles, (wink, wink).” HA! Hilarious! She did a great job styling herself- the dress was adorable. I’m not just saying that because I love her- she really looked fabulous. I liked it better than the Letterman dress- even though that one was a really pretty color. I’d be willing to bet she had hair extensions in because her hair was SO long! Her curls weren’t as tight as they usually are but it seemed too long to have been able to grow that fast. It was gorgeous on her! Two thumbs up, Jenna!

    ALSO, sorry to post this here, but I don’t know where else to talk to Office crazies: I know Jenna has been super-busy lately with the movie ‘n’ stuff, but I’ve been waiting for her to add me as a friend on MySpace for over two weeks now. Should I just continue to wait or request again? I know, I should just wait. But if you’re a friend of hers, how long did it take you to get added??? I thought her assistant kept up with those- maybe she’s on vacation, too! Any info would be appreciated. *sigh* Must be patient…

  23. I think Jenna and Craig should make a romantic movie together. They have great chemistry!

  24. I thought she looked beautiful, & I love her confidence & insistence on normalcy. I would imagine there’s not a straight man on the planet who thought anything but “WOOHOOO!” when they saw her walk out.

  25. Dear Jenna,

    You are a wonderful actress. But please hire me to be your stylist. Actually, I’ll just do it for free.


  26. jenna is so adorable! and i love that she is a midwestern girl and mentioned some illinois towns!! the interview was hilarious and her hair looked extremely long!! i was just noticing how short it was in the final episodes of the office…extensions perhaps?

  27. this interview made me laugh and laugh…it’s always more entertaining when the host of a talk show or whoever’s interviewing asks really random questions. well, at least to me.

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