‘The Office’ cast on ‘Last Comic Standing’

The Office’s Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nuñez, Kate Flannery, and Brian Baumgartner will serve as talent scouts for the new season of the NBC show ‘Last Comic Standing.’

UPDATE: a reminder that Kate Flannery and Brian Baumgartner appear in tonight’s episode!

Also, read what Brian Baumgartner has to say: ‘Office’ actor talks about judging local auditions for ‘Last Comic Standing’

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May 29, 2008

A reminder that Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nuñez appear in tonight’s episode!

May 22, 2008

The show premieres tonight.

Here are some funny clips of Angela and Oscar!


  1. Yessss!! Can’t wait. I love seeing how they are outside of the office with each other

  2. If you watch the video and you click on the link that says “oscar & angela part 1,” you will see a little behind-the-scenes thing with the two of them.
    At the end I totally called a “That’s What she said” and like a second after that Angela says “That’s What she said”

    AHHH I Love it!!!

  3. hahahah priceless twss moment
    “tickets to the gun show”
    “it’s just beer and donuts”
    ^^i love them^^

  4. “i was just writing in my journal” !!
    they are so cute and hilarious. i can’t wait to watch this.


    So awesome. I can go to bed happy now in preparation for my exams tomorrow!

  6. “What are they going to do with a toothbrush? They’re comedians.” lol

  7. Didn’t Angela or Oscar say at one point that they should have a TV show like Regis & Kelly? For the record, I would totally watch that show. Those two are quite funny together.

  8. Great! But where’s Kate, Leslie, and Brian? I got all excited.

  9. omg! I love them together! Oscar’s so funny!

    o: is that a baby in there?
    a: no it’s just beer and donuts!

    hahaha! =]

  10. There was hockey on instead of Last Comic Standing where I live! Very disappointing!

  11. I would watch, but tonight is the season finale of LOST… my other favorite show

  12. I’ll watch! I can’t stand Lost… too confusing for my comedy-loving soul.

  13. Must See TV! (wait… I forgot the NBA Finals are on)

    These are the kind of nights I wish I had the screen in screen option on my tv.

  14. Did anyone notice that Brian kept on looking into the camera, just like he/Kevin does on The Office?

    [from tanster: YES, I did! I thought that was hilarious.]

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