1. I just realized last night when I saw a new episode that Studio 60 is still on! I thought that it was cancelled. Anyway, I was glad, because I still like that show! I am glad she is guest starring!

  2. H-

    It was cancelled, they’re just playing the rest of the current season.

  3. !!!

    Allison Janney last night, followed by Jenna Fischer next week? If they manage to get Rashida Jones on there before the show is gone into all oblivion forever and ever, they would be the first show to have achieved my girlcrush trifecta – an impressive feat.

  4. Wow, that is pretty awesome. I haven’t heard anthing about Jenna being on Studio 60, but that’s way cool. I love the show even though it’s canceled, but last night’s ep was amazing. Will let you know if I find info anywhere about it. Thanks for the heads up tanster!

  5. Well, they’re airing the rest of the season. I LOVE Studio 60. It’s amazingly amazing. That would be wonderful to get Rashida. But it’s over in only five short weeks! NO! At least I still have The Office! (:

  6. Score!! Early this season Lauren Graham was on, now Jenna Fischer? Aweomeness, awesomness.

  7. Squee! That is awesome. Of course, I would watch anyways because I like S60, but still, Jenna on – yay!!!

    This news makes me happier than it should

  8. I gave up on this show after six episodes and much dashed enthusiasm. Surprising then, seven months later, to feel suddenly so motivated to run to my DVR and set this bad boy to record.

  9. HOW in the world did we not hear about this until now? I would have thought for sure Jenna would have blogged it (because we are such close friends, ha). Maybe she didn’t think it would make the edit or maybe she thought it’d never get aired?

  10. It will probably be like when Masi Oka made his appearance taping a promo on Studio 60. It was like a minute long. Hopefully, Jenna will get more screen time.

  11. Fact: Lucy Davis, who was Dawn, the original Pam, in The Office (the British series), has a small recurring part as Lucy Kenwright (a writer) in “Studio 60”.

  12. It wasn’t publicized because it’s about one second long. Jenna doesn’t get any lines, unfortunately. :-(

  13. Jenna did appear on Studio 60. I think she was the guest host and she was on briefly during the goodbye segment about 2/3 of the way into the show.

  14. I saw Jenna! She even has a line or two thanking the cast and the viewers for watching. They could have at least given her a skit or two. She would have been great.

  15. I watched through the first 1/3 of Studio 60, but I turned it off when the Nicholas Cage cooking show came on… No wonder the show was canceled, making a comedy skit show with no funny skits… Too bad I missed Jenna, though

  16. GMMR, yes! Dawn and Pam in one ep! It would have been cool if they were in the same scene or if there was more Jenna (duh). :)

  17. I remember reading somewhere the only reason that NBC is showing the remaining episodes is because they’re contractually obligated to show all of the episodes in the first and now it would appear only season. I caught a few episodes but I have to agree with the shows critics, horribly pretentious, contrived dramatic situations, self important, and most importantly not funny. And a cooking with Nicholas Cage skit, hey I didn’t know it was 1992 again already. Good riddance to this show.

  18. It was a great surprise to see Jenna pop on for a bit. I personally love this show and am quite sad it was not picked up. These last two episodes are not indicative of the standard show (The Christmas Episode was AWESOME!) However, I’m pretty sure there’s no way this show can pull a Family Guy.

    Good to see Jenna for a second though!

  19. It was awesome…. I was like, THATS JENNA when she came on the screen and was smiling. Totally worth watching (of course, I actually like it, and would watch anyways)

  20. I had high hopes for Studio 60 but it’s just ultra-liberal preachy tripe. Jenna was hardly on at all. She introduced the band’s second song but they only had her voice, then they showed her on stage at the closing. Still, she looked hot.

  21. They should have done a “Office” skit with Jenna and Lucy! I know Lucy’s character isn’t part of the cast, but maybe none of the cast fit the character they created and Lucy’s character was perfect. Or, since Lucy’s character is a writer she could have written an “Office” skit for Jenna!

    That would have made my day!

  22. Completely forgot to catch this last night – thanks so much for posting the link to the video. So was that the only part she was on the show? If so, I’m glad I didn’t sit through the whole show then! I agree that they totally missed a great opportunity to have Jenna and Lucy Davis in a fun scene together!

  23. Every time I see Studio 60, all I can think of is that Conan O’Brian parody that described it as follows: “Finally–a show about comedy that isn’t funny!”

  24. I watched a bit of it last night for the first time hoping to see Jenna. Too bad she had such a small part. It was fun to see Lucy on too. However, this show seems like a not funny, hour long, not as good version of 30 Rock. No wonder it got cut. One network should have two shows with the same premise and 30 rock is more light and fun so I can see why they would keep it and lose this one.

  25. My husband and I turned on the TV just a second before Jenna was up, so although we saw her thanking everyone we were disappointed to have missed the earlier portions of the show. But, from what I’ve read here, we didn’t miss anything! I, too, expected some clever Jenna-Dawn interaction…NBC totally missed a great opportunity there.

  26. Was that all that she was on or was there a little more? It’s exciting, but still.

  27. What a waste of Jenna Fischer! But it does make one wonder how long till she hosts the real SNL; most guest hosts have a movie to plug, Rainn had one and has already hosted, Jenna has three movies coming out this year and next, so she’ll probably host sometime next season.

  28. I happened to LOVE this show, and it’s a shame that it didn’t find an audience. For those of you who watched it for the first time last night just because of Jenna, please know that this episode was not indicative of the rest of the episodes. This episode was very much the downer compared to some of the other episodes. Between Jordan and Danny fighting, Matt’s pill problem, and the situation with Tom’s brother, no one was very happy, and sadly, there weren’t as many comic moments. And for those saying that it wasn’t very funny for a show about sketch comedy, you’re missing what the show is really about. It’s not about the sketches, and it’s not really supposed to be a comedy. It’s about the behind the scenes stuff at a sketch comedy show. Again, I thought this was an excellent show with great writing and acting, and I will miss it!

    As for hosting SNL, as much as I love Jenna, I would rather see John Krasinski host (though it would be great for her to host, too). I think he’s just slightly ahead of her in terms of recognition, plus he has some movies coming out in the next year or so.

  29. Also a brief mention (no appearance of Jenna Fischer) on Studio 60 tonight. Jordan (president of the network) was telling Danny (producer of show) that they needed younger hosts for the show. His response was something like “Jenna Fischer hosted the show tonight! She’s like 15!”

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