1. I am so glad Jenna is feeling better! I dont know what we would do with out our Fancy New Beesly!

  2. I bet that Emmy nom helped ease the pain, and a win should fully heal it :)

  3. They should really let her take the first few episodes off to fully recover. I’d be glad to fill in as Pam and KISS JKras for her. She could keep the pay…I just want to KISS JKras.

    Really I’m glad to hear she’s feeling better and can’t wait for the new season.

  4. I’m so glad that Jenna is getting better, though it’s sad to hear that she’s not yet fully recovered and the injury is still causing her some discomfort and affecting her daily routine. The little things do get to you sometimes, so I hope Jenna doesn’t get too disheartened. I think she’ll be in good spirits now that filming for the new season is underway and she’s around all the awesome “Office” folks daily :) Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, Jenna!

  5. _bales: that’s a good point — I am sure that her spirits will be lifted now that she’s back to work… I’m sure she’s missed her Office friends! :)

  6. i’m glad to see NBC (and/or the folks on the office set) are taking care of Jenna- very sweet of them. I wonder which chair she actually chose…

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