1. Is it wrong that my first thought upon viewing this picture was, “Okay Jenna, now, just…smell her hair a little…”

  2. Yay, Jenna healthy and happy! Jenna/Angela are BFFs just like John/Rainn. Warms the heart. awwwwwwww. *tear* ;)

  3. I am in love with Pam Beesly/Jenna Fischer. She is solely responsible for my Office addiction. OK, mostly responsible…

  4. Jenna looks so good in her flip flops. I wonder if they are going to change her horrible Pam shoes this season to something that won’t hurt her back.

  5. As long as she sits behind reception or the camera stays off her feet she can wear whatever she wants.

    Hell, Peter Cushing wore slippers on the Death Star. :)

  6. Might I also add that Angela looks so good with those bangs? I wonder if they will allow Ms. Martin to have bangs on the show (too flirty for her?).

    Also, how adorable does Ed look with his glasses? Cutie Patootie!

  7. Jenna made a remark a few months ago along the lines of how at her age she isn’t getting any prettier. I disagree. :)

  8. Everyone looks great! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one bad photo of Melora, no matter what she wears.

  9. I love Jenna’s dress. Very feminine and cute.

    So in Rainn’s chat he said they were doing a script read today or something? So that means they are back to work at the best show on TV. Sweet!

  10. i’m just waiting for gofugyourself to do another post on melora. she’s gorgeous, yes — but, she needs a stylist. asap.

  11. Yeah honestly I don’t know what Melora is thinking. She asks for the fug….which kills me cause she is gorgeous and has no business wearing something our of Mrs. Roper’s closet.

  12. YiKES what was Melora wearing?? I usually love her daring style sense; this was just over the top. I L0VED Jenna’s dress. & Angela’s too. and David Denman is lookin’ FiNE.

  13. Everyone looks great! Jenna and Angela are too cute for words! Ed looks positively scholarly :)

  14. Jenna! A NASA-issue tablecloth? Why? I bet that gave a lot of microphone interference. On the other hand, Angels’s dress is the perfect summer dress up/down. So cute!

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