Jenna thanks fans

From People Magazine:

“I am very touched by the outpouring of support from my fans,” Fischer, 33, tells PEOPLE. “My friends and family and everyone at NBC are taking very good care of me. I’m on the mend. I couldn’t dream of a better network of support.”

Link: The Office’s Jenna Fischer Thanks Fans for Support

Tipster: Danna

If you’d like to send Jenna a gift, please donate to Rover Rescue in Jenna’s name. Linda over at JGAS says, “I thought I would let you know how much the donations to Rover Rescue have raised at this point — $757.00! Please thank everybody who has contributed in Jenna’s name, the generosity has been wonderful!”


  1. Jenna and Angela’s friendship is so wonderful. I’m glad Jenna had someone there for her. It must have been so scary.

  2. It’s not much, but I just donated 5 bucks in her name. We’ve got to raise the total to at least $1,000! Get well soon Jenna!

  3. Stop Spraying Me-
    I do understand what you are saying. I think b/c of the boards and OT and all the cast’s myspace pages – I really feel like these guys are my friends (I know its silly – but hey us little people can dream right?)
    Get well soon Jenna – it would be cool to meet you and visit the set someday – hint hint;)

  4. I saw her earlier in the day at the NBC Upfronts. She looked so beautiful with the very dapper John Krasinski by her side, answering a barrage of questions from the press line. Sad to think she had that horrible split later that night. I hope the pain has subsided by now and she heals quickly with no chronic back issues. We need our Jenna loose and spry for all the Jim Halpert hugs coming up in the future. I wouldn’t mind a little slap and tickle with a bit of a chase around the desk of love. Get well soon, Jenna!

  5. I agree with you #3 and #5. I posted a few days ago saying that I feel like the whole show itself is a good friend of mine, and I feel depressed that it is going away for 4 months. Thank goodness for my dvd’s, and reruns on Thursday night. I hope Jenna feels better soon. I donated $5 in her name a few days ago, and got an email from Cathy Rubin at Rover Rescue saying that the donation would absolutely be in her name.

  6. I have been worried sick about Jenna, so it’s nice to know how she’s doing. I feel like such a nerd for caring, but I do.

  7. I read that article on People, I wish they had said something about donating to Rover’s Rescue.

  8. I donated $25 last week and received a nice email from Cathy Rubin. She said that she would be presenting Jenna with thank you’s from donors, and she urged me to put the word out on Office boards.

    I’d sure like to see at least $1000 donated in Jenna’s name. I’m impressed with the fact that she asked fans to support Rover Rescue. She’s a very special person.


  9. I’m so glad to hear that Jenna is doing better! It was such a bad injury to suffer; my heart went out to her when I first heard the news. I hope she was feeling well enough to catch the finale of “The Office”. I know she’s a Jim/Pam fan at heart and I think the episode would at least lift her spirits a little. Thanks for always being so sweet and kind to fans of “The Office”, Jenna, and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!

  10. Not to lighten the mood too much, but I adore the picture of Jenna in the PEOPLE article. As Michael said in The Secret: “Likey, likey. You should wear your hair like that all the time.”

    Did I mention: Get well soon, Jenna.

  11. Ok I donated too! I’m not a dog person, but it’s for Jennna!

  12. It’s definitely more than that. I donated for Jenna, but not in Jenna’s name.

  13. I left a comment on Jenna Fischer’s myspace when I heard about her accident. Due to the number of comments she’s received you can no longer see it on the page…But there’s an interview in People with her and they quote what a fan said on her myspace… I think it’s my comment! I can’t remember what I wrote, and it’s a pretty stock standard comment, but I remember a particular phrase I wrote and how I ummed and aahed over it…

    I mean what are the odds, but I swear it’s mine!

  14. I received another email from Cathy at Rover Rescue:

    “Oh you are so funny.
    Tell your dogs that I appreciate their generosity.
    Donations are still flooding in. We are up to $1,247. It is amazing how many people are fans of Jenna’s and are sending sweet get well wishes.
    I am really touched that our rescue has been chosen in lieu of flowers and thrilled that I can save more dogs.

    Thanks, Jenna, for doing this. You and James are awesome!


  15. Doug-

    You are incredible! That’s a generous donation to a great cause. I’m proud that Jenna will get to see the appreciation of her fans in the form of dogs’ lives saved.
    Maybe I’m keyed into this because I have three pound-adopted dogs. I don’t know Jenna’s motivation to choose this cause, but I’m happy to help.
    Thanks, too, Jennie for spreading the word.

  16. I looked through the dogs available and…I want them all!!!I donated $50.

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