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Last updated: May 7, 2008

This post contains spoilers and news about The Office Season 4.

May 7: Zap2it

Kate Flannery talks about the finale:

“All I can say is it’s going to be a monster,” says the redhead. “So many unexpected things happen in the finale, it’s so good. I think we’re more excited than the fans. I really do. I did have some really fun scenes with Rainn [Wilson] so it was really, really fun. No bats or anything in my hair, but yeah, some really great stuff. I think you’re going to be excited.”

May 7: Ask Ausiello

Question: You’ve been awesome with The Office scoop recently, but you haven’t said much about Ryan. He’s been getting himself into trouble recently. How much more trouble should we expect? — MB

Ausiello: Let’s just say he has a brush with the law, but not for the reason you think.

May 6: Korbi TV

… I thought it might be fun to tell you that another lady in the Dunder-Mifflin family is currently with child. Not in real life though. No, this pregnancy is strictly storyline-related, and what a storyline it will be …

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May 5: Watch with Kristin

Jason in Dublin: I heard that the Hollywood goddess of beauty, Amy Ryan, is guest starring in the season finale of The Office. Do you have any info on her character?
According to Brian Baumgartner, “Kevin is involved in a plot to torture the new human resources person in the finale, so I got to work some with Amy Ryan, and it was really a lot of fun. He is involved, actually, but as is typical, he is not aware that he is involved in the hazing of Amy. But because Michael does not like Toby, he cannot like any of the human resources people, so they decide that they are going to make life difficult for her on her first day.”

Sara in Boston: What is going on with Michael and Jan?! Please tell me Jan will be back on The Office!
Brian said, “Melora Hardin, as far as I know, is still a part of the cast; although, Jan and Michael have broken up. Where their relationship is going to go, I truly do not know at this point.” Seriously, folks, would the genius of Jan and Michael be allowed to wither on the vine? I think not. She’ll be back. Bet on it.

Irene in Pittsburgh: I miss Angela and Dwight. Is there any hope?
All I can tell you is that Angela and Andy are still a factor in the story. According to Brian B., “Andy and Angela are a very interesting couple. Angela is given the job of throwing the goodbye party, but those duties get taken away from her. There’s a little bit of a power struggle between her and Phyllis, and Andy factors into that a little bit as well. It’s gonna be really good.” Here’s hoping Andy pisses her off and she heads back into the loving arms of Dwight!

May 1:

When asked for a season finale spoiler, Mike Schur replies:

I can’t say anything interesting or important, but I will say that it’s possible that before the end of the year, Mose will appear on screen again.

Apr. 30: Ask Ausiello

Question: Considering the title of the Office season finale is “Goodbye, Toby,” I guess it’s safe to say that Paul Lieberstein is the one leaving the show. — Julie

Ausiello: Kinda-sorta safe, anyway. But get this — that’s not the twist that prompted producers to turn the set into Fort Knox. Nooo. According to several well-placed birdies, whose decision to sing to me like the proverbial canary was clearly in breach of their confidentiality agreements, there are three even bigger plot twists that will profoundly impact Angela, Dwight, Andy, Jan, Toby, Michael, Jim and Pam. I will now possibly reveal what those three twists are among (or not) the following six options (Possible Major Spoiler Alert): an engagement, a death, an infidelity, a pregnancy, a fire and a coming-out. Let the wild speculation begin!

Question: I freaked out when I read that Amy Ryan of The Wire will guest-star in the season finale of The Office! Do you know if this is a one-shot deal, or is she joining the cast for multiple episodes? — Matt

Ausiello: Not sure, but I’m hearing that she’s playing Toby’s replacement, a pretty young thing with whom Michael becomes instantly enamored. And by “enamored” I mean horny.

Apr. 25: NBC Universal Media Village

The Season 4 finale is called ‘Goodbye, Toby.’


05/15/2008 (09:00PM – 10:01PM) (Thursday) : IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE–SPECIAL ONE HOUR SEASON FINALE-OSCAR NOMINEE AMY RYAN (“Gone Baby Gone”) GUEST STARS — It’s Toby’s (Paul Lieberstein) goodbye party at Dunder Mifflin and Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) demands a huge celebration that matches the joy in his heart. Angela (Angela Kinsey), sick of Michael’s unreasonable last minute demands, refuses, and Michael turns to Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) to take over the party planning committee. Meanwhile, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Meredith (Kate Flannery) haze the new HR woman, Holly (Oscar Nominee Amy Ryan). John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Oscar Nunez, Mindy Kaling, Creed Bratton, and Craig Robinson also star.

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Apr. 23: NBC Universal Media Village


Marquee Guest Stars Include Robin Williams, Matthew Broderick, Edie Falco, Amy Ryan, Hal Holbrook, Aida Turturro, Kelly Preston, Brian Dennehy, Alyssa Milano, Stanley Tucci, Miguel Ferrer, Steve Buscemi and Jason Sudeikis …

On Thursday, May 15th back-to-back hour finales of “My Name is Earl,” guest-starring Milano, and “The Office,” featuring Oscar-nominated guest star Ryan, will wrap up the season for those acclaimed comedies from 8-9 p.m. ET and 9-10 p.m. ET respectively.

Apr. 23: Ask Ausiello

Question: OK, so last week’s Office was ridonkulously awesome. Jim and Pam get engaged by the end of the season, right? — Jeff
Ausiello: An Office couple will get engaged by the end of the season, but I’m not saying whether it’s Jim and Pam. And apparently neither is anyone else. Office producers made the entire cast and crew sign confidentiality agreements about the top-secret and oh-so-twisty season finale.

Question: Jenna Fischer said that an Office character will be leaving in the season finale. Any hints? — Chris
Ausiello: OK, well, maybe it was just the crew that signed them. In any event, Jenna Fischer is correct. Someone is leaving in the finale.

Apr. 22: NBC Universal Media Village

Synopsis for ‘Job Fair’ (May 8):

Jim (John Krasinski) hits the links with Andy (Ed Helms) and Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) to try and land his biggest client ever. Meanwhile, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) sets up a booth at a local job fair, which happens to be at Pam’s (Jenna Fischer) alma mater, to find “the best and the brightest” for Dunder Mifflin’s summer internship.

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Apr. 21: Watch With Kristin

Marshall in Atlanta: The Office was so good last week! What’s next for Jim and Pam?
A ring! It’s gotta be, right, Jim?! According to Jenna Fischer, Pam has a secret that everyone will soon find out. Some kind of quirk that she’ll get a lot of heat for. Any guesses as to what it might be? Here’s hoping it’s not any kind of proposal-breaker!

Apr. 18: Watch With Kristin

At least one scene of The Office’s last two episodes of the season was shot in front of a green screen. (To throw off any onlookers?) I’m told security was tight. Members of the cast and crew said they must turn in their scripts and sides at the end of each shoot day.

Apr. 16: Ask Ausiello

Question: From one Smurf fan to another, can you give any additional hints as to which of your options — engagement, elopement, breaking up or having sex — is the “big stuff” in store for Jim and Pam on The Office?— Kathryn
Ausiello: I have a better idea. How ’bout I eliminate one of the options from the mix? I can confirm that the “big stuff” does not involve any sort of Jam split. That leaves engagement, elopement and having sex as the three remaining possibilities. Look for the field to narrow even further tomorrow night between 9-9:30 pm/ET.

Question: Can you give us more about the big Jim-Pam spoiler on The Office? — C.
Ausiello: Neither Jim nor Pam is currently hiding a drug problem. But someone else is.

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Apr. 14: Watch With Kristin

Deej in Baltimore: The Office is back, and thank god. Got any info?
… I can tell you that The Office shot scenes in a high school basketball gym last week. More Jim-ball? Dare we hope for shirts versus skins? (I think we all know who should not be wearing a shirt … ) I can also tell you that security was tight, and everything took place behind a giant screen, so maybe they’re saving us spoiling ourselves about a giant Jam storyline?


The name of the May 8th episode is ‘Job Fair.’

Apr. 9: Kate’s blog

Leatherheads opened the same week I got hit with a football in the face 14 times. (The cameraman said it was 10 times, but it felt like 14.) Yep, I did my own stunt again on The Office. I decided to do it because Jenna was throwing the football. I underestimated her abilities.


Somebody will be leaving Dunder-Mifflin, too. “It’s kind of a shocker,” [Jenna] Fischer says. “It’s not me and it’s not Steve. I can say that.”

In a later episode, viewers will learn one of Pam’s quirks that comes out at the office after she has spent the night at Jim’s place. “Michael and everybody have a good time with that, teasing her about it.”

Apr. 8: Ask Ausiello

Question: I need Office scoop! Anything on the Jim-Pam front? — Ashley
Ausiello: Jenna Fischer told Entertainment Weekly that “big stuff happens” for Dunder-Miff’s soul mates next Thursday, which, at this point, can only mean one of four things: They’re getting engaged, they’re having sex, they’re eloping or they’re breaking up (again). Naturally, I ran my theory by my Office snitch, who confirmed that one of those four events will indeed take place, but the April 17 episode merely serves as the staging ground. Apparently, the plot is set in motion next week, picks up steam on April 24, and then climaxes on May 1. And to quote Fischer, it definitely qualifies as “big stuff.”

Question: What do you know about the Office spin-off? — J.R.
Ausiello: I know that, contrary to speculation, it will not revolve around Dwight. According to an insider, the Michael-Dwight dynamic is “too integral to the show.” The likelier scenario, according to a Peacock insider, has Ed Helms’ Andy headlining Office 2.0. “That idea was batted around prior to the strike,” whispers my source, “and NBC seemed interested.”

Apr. 7: OfficeTally chat with Jenna Fischer

Mexicanity: Jenna … we’ve heard you hint of a curveball for Jim and Pam, any hints as to what that may be about?
JennaFischer: Well … as far as the curveball remark …
JennaFischer: I was originally told that they weren’t going to do much with Jim and Pam because of the small amount of time. I guess they had a big arc planned but didn’t have time to do everything with the shortened season.
JennaFischer: But then, at our second table read there was this thing that happened and I thought, “Well, so much for not doing much with Jim and Pam”. But that’s all I think I’m allowed to say.

CubeFarm: Are there plans to have David Denman come back…or at least let the fans know what his character (Roy) is currently doing?
JennaFischer: I don’t think David is coming back. At least not this year.

GMMR (kath): can we expect a cliffhanger for the finale?
JennaFischer: Yes … I believe there is a nice cliffhanger. But, who knows. Seriously, things change daily.
JennaFischer: In one of the episodes you learn something about Pam that no one knew before.
JennaFischer: It’s a cool little fun fact about her. Makes for a fun episode.

Matt Collins: Can you reveal if we get a relationshippy cliffhanger, character cliffhanger (like someone leaving) or neither?
JennaFischer: Someone leaves Dunder Mifflin at the end of the season. A series regular.
JennaFischer: I think that is still the plan.

Apr. 4:

‘Parking’ has now been renamed to ‘The Chair Model.’

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Apr. 4:

Synopsis for ‘Did I Stutter?’ (May 1):

TAKING ON THE BOSS- When Stanley (Leslie David Baker) snaps at Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) during a meeting, Michael tries to give Stanley an attitude adjustment. Dwight (Rainn Wilson) decides to buy Andy’s (Ed Helms) car. Meanwhile, Pam (Jenna Fischer) deals with an unexpected inconvenience after spending the night at Jim’s (John Krasinski). Brian Baumgarter, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Mindy Kaling, Paul Lieberstein, Craig Robinson and Creed Bratton also star.

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Entertainment Weekly, April 11 issue

The Office finally returns after a too-long hiatus this week, and star Jenna Fischer promised major plot developments when EW caught up with her at the March 31 L.A. premiere of costar John Krasinski’s Leatherheads … “You don’t want to miss the second episode back,” she hints. “Big stuff happens for Jim and Pam.” Also ahead for American’s favorite paper pushers: Pam will set Michael up on a date — perhaps Bob Vance has a spinster sister? — and on May 1, “you find out something new and big about Pam that you have never known.”

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Apr. 4:

The title of the May 1st episode is ‘Did I Stutter?’

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Apr. 2: USA Today

As for upcoming plots when the series returns April 10, Flannery previewed that her character is headed for another alcohol-related injury, while Krasinski is hoping for an engagement for Jim and Pam. “A lot of logical things are coming up for them — big decisions,” he hinted. “If I waited that long for a girl, I’d probably be close to giving her a ring. So we’ll see what the writers come up with.”

Fischer got more specific, revealing something big is in store for Jim and Pam in the second episode back. “The writers totally surprised me,” she said. “It’s a big curveball.”

… watch for Dwight to go on a few dates as the season winds down.

Mar. 31: MoviesOnline

John Krasinski talks about ‘Dinner Party’:

It is one of the funniest episodes we’ve ever done and we realized it more and more in the shooting of it because, plain and simple, the way I describe it is it’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? meets The Office pretty literally, I’ve got to say. There’s a little bit of drinking, a little bit of yelling and there’s a whole lot of awkward stares from Pam and I while Jan and Michael are fighting so it was fun to do.

Mar. 31:

Synopsis for ‘Night Out’ (April 24):

Michael and Dwight decide to surprise Ryan in New York for a night of clubbing and meet his friends. Meanwhile, the Scranton branch is upset when they find out they have to come in on a Saturday for Ryan’s website project. Jim’s plan to save them has unexpected results.

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Mar. 28:

The title of the April 24th episode is ‘Night Out.’

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Mar. 25: Hollywood Reporter

When the strike ended, “The Office” executive producer Greg Daniels said, Universal Media Studios, which produces the NBC comedy, took writers from several of its shows out for a nice dinner to make amends. Since then, he said, things haven’t been as contentious between the networks/studios and writers as they were during the strike.

“The executives in the scripted entertainment department are glad to see the strike over, and all I get (from my writers) is relief to be back to work,” he said, adding that his writers are at work on another set of “Office” webisodes, following the 10 that became available in summer 2006 on

Mar. 24: Greg Daniels/Rainn Wilson conference call

Lots of good stuff in the full transcript!

Mar. 24: Watch with Kristin

Michelle in Chicago: Thank you so much for the Office scoop! I’ve been in serious John Krasinski withdrawal. Can’t wait for April 10!
Actually, you’ll get your John Krasinski fix April 3 when he hosts NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup. They’re going to replay the last four episodes of The Office, and J.K. will be previewing scenes from his upcoming movie, Leatherheads, with Mr. George Clooney.

Kate in East Lansing, Mich.: I know people love Pam and Jim together, but I was always a fan of Karen, too. Will we ever see her again?
There are no definite plans to see Karen again, but it’s a total possibility. Greg Daniels told me he thinks Rashida Jones is fantastic and said they worked out a deal with the Unhitched producers, which allowed her to return to The Office earlier this season, and they have one more opportunity to use her as part of that arrangement.

Nina in Cape Cod, Mass.: On The Office, I can’t wait to see Michael and Dwight go clubbing with Ryan!
You’re not alone. And by the way, I’m hearing they might be accompanied by one of Ryan’s corporate coworkers, and the character has much hilarious potential. I guess he is in his 20s, supershort and a serious party boy.

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Mar. 24: NBC

Synopsis for ‘Parking’ (April 17):

Michael’s (Steve Carell) fascination with a woman modeling a chair in an office supply catalog makes him feel things he hasn’t felt in a while. With Michael distracted, Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) and Andy(Ed Helms) team up to win back Dunder-Mifflin’s stolen parking spaces, forcing them into a showdown with the bosses of the five businesses of the office park. Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Oscar Nunez, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Mindy Kaling, Leslie David Baker, Melora Hardin, Kate Flannery and Creed Bratton also star.

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Mar. 20: Watch with Kristin

More on today’s Greg Daniels/Rainn Wilson conference call about the possibility of a spin-off, how Angela Kinsey’s real-life pregnancy is being handled on the show, and the fate of Dwangela.

Mar. 20:

From today’s conference call with The Office’s Executive Producer Greg Daniels and Rainn Wilson:

“Coming up we have some episodes that follow off on [Dinner Party],” continued Daniels, “Some of them involve the character of Ryan whose website initiative started the season off and is kind of crumbling underneath him and has, for some reason, become infested with sexual predators.”

Mar. 20: Entertainment Weekly

The latest Entertainment Weekly has a bunch of good spoilerish tidbits, including an ill-fated game of Celebrity, Dwight entering a management training program, Dwight suing kids in small claims court, meeting other tenants in the office park, and a night of NYC clubbing for Michael, Dwight, and Ryan.

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Mar. 19: JustJared

Photos from ‘Dinner Party.’

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Mar. 18:

[Craig] Robinson’s character on the show, pressman Darryl Philbin, shows up for a few seconds every now and again, making some sort of wise-crack. It’s a role that, despite the wishes of Robinson’s fans, is not getting any bigger this season, he said.

“Darryl will keep showing up, doing his thing and getting out of the way,” he said. The fans “sometimes say we need to see more Darryl. I’m like, ‘Darryl is happy just to be part of the team, in whatever role he’s playing.’ “

Mar. 18: casting call

The Office Casting Call

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Mar. 17: NBC

Synopsis for ‘Dinner Party’ (April 10):

GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER — Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) find they have run out of excuses and are forced to go to Jan (Melora Hardin) and Michael’s (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) house for dinner. When Andy (Ed Helms) and Angela (Angela Kinsey) are also invited to dinner, Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) jealousy gets the best of him. Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein, Mindy Kaling and Creed Bratton also star.

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Mar. 16: Kate’s TV Guide blog

We were out late the other night shooting at “Michael’s condo” for the “Dinner Party” episode. The episode is hilarious! NBC staff photographer Chris Haston (who just so happens to be my boyfriend) was working that night taking pictures, not just of the scenes but of the smiling crew and actors alike. It was a really fun night. It’s great to be back with the work family! … Paul Feig is directing “Dinner Party” …

Mar. 15: Entertainment Weekly

“We just shot the first episode [since the strike ended],” Carell said. “We finished last night at midnight and I think it’s really, really good … Carell said he was going to head back to L.A. and start shooting the second of the season’s last six episodes on Friday.

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Mar. 14: NBC

NBC briefly listed an episode entitled “Parking” to air on April 10th, in place of ‘Dinner Party.’ They have since removed it, but I’ve confirmed with show insiders that “Parking” is indeed the real name of the next episode after “Dinner Party”!

The Office

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Mar. 13: Scranton Times-Tribune

With the Writers Guild of America strike now over, “The Office” is set to return with six new episodes starting April 10. The cast went back to work last week, and [Andy] Buckley expects to be called in for at least one of the remaining episodes.

Mar. 12: Ask Ausiello

Question: Hey! I just wanted to know what’s going on with The Office. Is there going to be a Dwangela baby on the way now that Angela Kinsey is going to be a real-life mommy? — Mia

Ausiello: You know what the best part of my job is? Having my ego stroked on an almost minute-by-minute basis. When other people do it for me. So check out this week’s installment of Mitovich’s Megaminute (it’s live even as you read this), and Matt will hook you up with the 411 on the possibility of Dunder-Mifflin getting a nursery. Meanwhile, what this next thing means for The Office staff, I can only imagine. In an upcoming episode, we’ll meet Old Man Jones, an old man (duh) who works out of the DM office park, and a popular and pricey Scranton call girl. Oh, Creed, what have you done now?

Tipster: Lisa

Mar. 12:’s Mitovich’s Megaminute

The Office staff goes back to work this week, and one big question is how the hitcom will address the pregnancy of cast member Angela Kinsey … sources tell me the show will simply hide Kinsey’s pregnancy behind cubicle walls, oversized kitten calendars, and whatnot.

Mar. 10:

In the first show back, Michael tricks Jim and Pam into attending a dinner party hosted by Jan and Michael. To Dwight’s horror, Michael also invites Angela and Andy.

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Mar. 10: TV Guide

When asked about upcoming plotlines, Carell remarked, “The first [returning] episode is the one that was written previous to the strike. It involves Michael Scott having a dinner party for some of the couples in the office — and obviously things go terribly awry.”

Mar. 10: Watch With Kristin

April in Springfield, New Jersey: Did you ever get confirmation on whether The Office will make a time leap forward when it returns?

Indeed. Insiders say the writers have ultimately decided that after their first episode back (the dinner party, written prestrike), they will jump ahead several months.

Mar. 6:

Q: Steve are you going back at work on The Office, and what sort of interesting things are going on there?

Steve Carell: Uh, we go back to work this week. This Thursday is our first day back and the first episode involves a dinner party that Michael Scott throws and it’s — I think maybe the funniest episode this season so far. Our table read before the strike was great so I, in terms of Michael and Jan, I would say that storm clouds loom.

Mar. 5: Live with Regis and Kelly

Steve Carell reports that the cast goes back to set on Thursday, March 6th.

Feb. 25: Watch with Kristin: Spoiler Chat

Lisa in Albany, California: Any scoop on the new episodes of The Office coming in April?
Just that Rashida Jones told me last week at the Unhitched premiere party that she was originally slated to do another episode this season! No telling if that will still work in this wacky poststrike environment, but it seems we might not yet have seen the last of Utica’s lovely Karen Filippelli.

Feb. 22: Jenna’s MySpace blog

We start back to work on The Office the week of March 3rd. We are doing 6 episodes. The sixth will be an hour long finale. Our first episode back is The Dinner Party. Michael and Jan throw a dinner party for a few of the Dunder-Mifflin couples. It’s HILARIOUS. We had just started filming when we got shut down. I don’t know anything else from there. I’ll be curious to see how the writers condense the stories with only 6 episodes left this season.

Feb. 21: Watch With Kristin

“Over on ‘The Office,’ NBC has confirmed the show will return April 10th. And when it does, we’ll get a hilarious episode that was written before the strike, about an awkward double date with Michael, Jan, Jim, and Pam. And then, sources tell me, the storyline will take a time leap forward, actually acknowledging the five-month time absence from the strike. Maybe the fake documentary crew went on strike, too?”

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Feb. 15: OfficeTally

A letter from The Office writing staff confirms:

  1. The next new episode of the show will be ‘Dinner Party’ on April 10th.
  2. Six more episodes are planned for Season 4, and
  3. There will possibly be a one-hour season finale.

Feb. 14: Associated Press

Rainn Wilson, a Writers Guild member and co-star of “The Office,” said he was hearing that everyone on the show will report back on March 10 to shoot six more episodes.

Feb. 13: New York Times

  • ‘The Office’ returns to the air April 10th.
  • The first episode that will be produced is ‘Dinner Party.’
  • A Christmas script was written before the strike, but will not be produced.
  • As showrunner Greg Daniels mentioned previously, a total of six new episodes will be produced for Season 4.
  • Handling the time lapse: “I’m tempted to just leap ahead to where we would have been,” Mr. Daniels said.

Update: NBC now confirms that The Office will return on Thursday, April 10th, 9-9:30pm ET.

Tipster: Alison

Feb. 7: Ausiello Report

After the Strike: When Your Favorites Will Return!

Keep in mind that the following information remains extremely tentative and is subject to change (and probably will).

The Office
Expected to shoot 5 to 10 new episodes to air in April/May.

Jan. 10: MySpace Celebrity Channel Q&A with Jenna Fischer

Where is the romance going with you and Jim on The Office?

I have no idea. We don’t have any scripts. They were still going strong in the last episode I read, but that is all I know. I heard Rashida Jones [who plays Jenna’s character Pam’s romantic rival] was going to come back for a couple of more episodes before the end of the season, but they didn’t tell me why. I’d like to know!


  1. Well to each his/her own. I wonder if either James or Kristin knows the true significance of the yogurt lid, which obviously was a crucial element. Or perhaps we, as the audience, have just been inundated and de-sensitized with so many over-the-top romantic gestures in the season finales of other shows that if we don’t get a kiss and an overt admission of love, we feel inclined to be disappointed. I personally think that the sublime manner in which “The Office” concluded the Jim/Pam arc for this season was absolutely beautiful in its understatement, and says much more than what mere words alone possibly could.

  2. Regardless of what happens with Rashida, it’s gonna be a long summer. I’m happy to see new spoilers up, though.
    PS: Yeah, very nicely voiced, bales.

  3. To be disappointed by the Jim-Pam is just baffling to me. Pam’s face after Jim asked her to dinner had the sweetest expression I have ever seen. And we have all summer to picture the date. Less is more in this case.

  4. yeah, i’m also in total agreement with bales. i feel like how you saw the ending was pretty tied to how closely you follow the show. “office olympics” happened early in season 2, and a lot of the people that just started watching this season probably didn’t get that reference. additionally, i think this is another time that the office writers clearly did not pander to the lowest common denominator of viewers, hitting them over the head with an obvious romantic ending. and that’s probably one of the top reasons i love the office so much– it really respects the viewer’s intelligence. in my view, anyway!

  5. looks like Bales has a fan club! Can I join? Seriously though did people want it to turn into the disaster that was Grey’s Anatomy? This season finale blew many out of the water. What did people want? Jam to get it on while Karen watched? Yeah. Not that kind of show. It’s the subtle things that make this show great. The writers don’t shove things in your face and expect you to react but we do anyway.

  6. Whoa I can be in the first ten! I wonder what to say here, how about: I can’t wait for season 4 and JAM action, but I really want to know Karen’s reaction to Jim ditching (?) her in New York.

  7. I’m excited to see where the Jan/Michael relationship goes. Woot woot to more Melora!

  8. This is just a guess, but what if Jan didn’t get a boob job afterall. Did she actually say that she did? Because maybe she is pregnant and is just filling out more??

  9. Bales: You are right on. The beauty of the office and the JAM relationship are the subtle moments.

  10. I thought the yogurt lid was perfect! What an awesome way to end the season! But, I must admit, the thought that Roy may be back kind of scares me….

  11. I’ve been reading plenty of commentary on the internet. Most people were doubled over by the beauty of The Job. Others weren’t. You can’t please everyone. As Bales said, perhaps a contingent of the viewing public is desensitized to the contrived immediacy of story arcs and romantic conclusions on TV today. Personally, I was dumbstruck at the beauty of the season finale. There are plenty of open ended questions to keep us talking, and I feel satisfied with the Jim and Pam ending. There is so much to lok forward to in S4. And, I look forward to seeing Rashida’s new show as well!

  12. i actually kind of want to see that jim just LEFT new york. you know? not saying anything to karen at all. i think that would be awesome. bravery. stick to it.

  13. Bales, you rock. I had a perfect post thought out, and now I cant remember a single word, mostly because you summed it up so well. Soooo moving on.

    I’m on the fence about Rashida Jones. I don’t really know whether I want her back or not. She did turn into a plot device, so having her back would be kind of odd. As far as we know, Jim dumped her before he left. I hope her new show does well though!

  14. “What did people want? Jam to get it on while Karen watched?”

    Sorry, I’m still laughing at that.

    _bales, I too applaud your sentiments. But the finale’s “beautiful understatement” leaves plenty of room for NBC to pull a fast one and impose the kind of plot twist that would leave few of us satisfied and smiling.

  15. If anyone wants to read a really insightful _bales comment, check out #674 on the comments page for “The Job”.

  16. Beautiful bales.

    A plot twist where Roy comes back into Pam’s life and/or Jim is still with Karen=Worst Plot Twist in The World. They’ve changed Karen’s character so drastically from GWH and B. Christmas, that no one is going to think she’s right with Jim now. And she’s certainly not going to stick around and watch Jim and Pam do whatever they’re doing. And the FNB cannot backslide with Roy.

    I’d even take a lame “no employee dating” storyline. Karen and Roy aren’t viable options anymore.

  17. First of all:
    Brian — That’s what she said.
    Debi — “the beauty of the season finale” Well said!
    Alyssa — those are some big boobs even for a pregnant lady! Although her mood swings could be pregnancy hormones. I think she did have a boob job and is bi-polar!
    bales — you summed it up perfectly. Personally, I wasn’t looking for a kiss because they did that last year. The writers handled it perfectly.

  18. I’ll say it again – Well said, Bales! Just had to write in and agree with you – I thought the ending was absolutely stunning. I have never seen something so moving and yet so simple. And, I am so happy to see Season 4 spoilers already! Makes me feel like I don’t have too much longer to wait!

  19. I do have to say this: NBC doesn’t pull plot twists, the writers do. I really did like the yogurt lid from Office Olympics, I thought that was a sweet touch. Good call bales.

    Good Ole JR

  20. Wow, spoilers already? Okay, so I read the newest one, but I think that I’m really going to try hard to stay away from them. I learned my lesson when I watched the yahoo spoiler with the whole Roy/Jim thing ending with Dwight and his pepper spray. That was TOO much of a spoiler.

  21. Ok, I don’t want the writers to pull some crazy plot twists. “Up in the air”? What woman sticks with a guy who drove two hours to go on a “date” with his “friend”? I really wish the best for RJ, but Karen is done. Right?

  22. #12 – Jan did say something about the pain killers she’s been on since “the surgery”, so I think it’s pretty clear that she got a boob job…sorry boob enhancement.

  23. thank you E! for the tip and thanks Lacey for the link! Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to find out! (I know only six-grade girls include more exclamations but I am so curious)

  24. hello season 4 spoilers. I will be seeing you a lot over the summer.

  25. Good one E! and Lacey (and GMMR)! Thanks for the tip, great story.

    Remember the spoiler from BJ that said that we’d see Michael on a golf course? It didn’t happen, so will it happen in season four?? And really, who would there be to go golfing with Michael? It’s not like David and Ryan would partner up with him I wouldn’t think.

    Just idle speculation…

  26. I’m with everyone who thinks the season finale was handled perfectly and sets up some great possibilities for next season. I think it will be great to see what happens with Michael and Ryan (does anyone else think Ryan is actually a lot like a Michael-in-training?).

    Maybe I’m a wimp but I’m so ready for Season 4 spoilers already (and it’s been, what, 6 days since the finale?). Maybe we can start a new topic: How I spent my summer vacation without The Office (I just went and bought the BBC version to help me cope).

  27. I love the March 22 interview with Jenna — her smile reveals all! I am SOOO excited for next season. Those two together will be so awesome. Instead of angst it will be so cute to turn in just to see how cute they are. (And of course to see the rest of the awesomeness that is the show.)

    I loved this ending so much better than last years. Last year, we had no idea what would happen, although we kind of knew deep down that she would still stay with Roy. This year we KNOW that something awesome is going to probably happen, so it’s so much fun to imagine it! Wow, September is so far away. I can’t believe there are already spoilers!

  28. Did anyone notice the mention of Kendall, the annoying HR guy at corporate that Wallace mentions during Jim’s interview?

    They give him a name for a reason…

  29. september, seems so far away! i hope these spoilers will help me through!

  30. Yeah #36 — Will he get his long hair back or wear that wig??? I like him so much more with the long hair.

  31. I don’t think that implies “The Office” is guaranteed to go to Season 6. If reports on GMMR that Kevin Reilly has been asked to leave NBC are true, then it just proves the vicissitudes of jobs in the entertainment industry. Didn’t Reilly just sign a new contract earlier this year? If this could happen to the head of NBC entertainment, it could happen to anyone.

    I’m personally a bit apprehensive about the implications of this upheaval within NBC for the future of our little show. Reilly was the one who supported “The Office” during its initial struggle in the ratings. I would expect his successor to be more aggressive in pursuing “instant” hit shows to improve the bottomline, since Reilly was obviously asked to leave because NBC continues to be relegated in its 4th place ranking. While the ratings for “The Office” aren’t bad, it still remains, at best, a niche hit. I’m worried the new boss might cut back on the episode order. Renewal into a 5th season might even be a problem if ratings don’t improve, or (goodness forbid) dip, which is a real possibility considering the timeslot change for the new season.

  32. I think the contract structure for writers is similar to that for actors. They get long-term deals, with no guarantee that the show will last that long. For example, before “ER” started, the principle cast were all signed to 5-year contracts. The show proved to be a hit, and has lasted 14 seasons. If it had failed early on, the actors would have been out of work, even though they all had multi-year deals. Kinda unfair, and definitely tilted in favor of the network.

  33. I think that Jan is pregnant. Granted pain killers may cause some mood changes but theyre more likely to make you sleepy, not sweet and cuddley then psycho and terrifying the next minute

  34. To call any of these spoilers is just completely wishful thinking and sort of irresponsible to report on. Regardless, it is a lot of fun to speculate about the future. So…maybe rename this section? Or save it for REAL spoilers?

  35. Oh, and I highly doubt Jan is pregnant since they basically visited that entire plot line with her one line of dialogue: “I could wear stretch pants and wait for you to come home at 5:15” Sure, it was a good chuckle, but I doubt they would pursue that any more. Think Ricky Gervais, not Friends, people.

  36. Hey just to let you know there is a new Vines show with Kristin on E! (love that exclamation point). Anyway, she interviewed some cast members and answered some really easy questions from fans. Also, she said that Rashida Jones won’t be back full-time due to her new series. She ended it by saying how much she love Jim/Pam and had a message for Karen…
    “good riddance, Tramp!” It was really funny.

  37. six seasons!? hoosha. i’m happy as long as the office keeps on giving. what i want for next season: just some really cute jim and pam scenes of them together just chilling being together and being together and being together and all. you know, being together!!!

  38. #42,
    If Jan is pregnant why would they be having her smoking and taking painkillers? The show wouldn’t go that dramatic, a new baby (possibly deformed) that would just send the comedy of the show on a tailspin. Jan also just got plastic surgery, I don’t know much about that but I’m guessing you would have to do a regular follow up check up with your doctor. She would know if she were pregnant. Middle-end of season 4? Possibly. Any time soon? Not really. That’s just what I think.

  39. the vine show over at watch with kristin has a good amount of spoilers for season 4.

  40. That IESB interview makes me laugh and smile every time I see (and apparently read) it… it just makes me so happy. I can’t wait for September

  41. Bales, I don’t think you have anything to worry about with the changes at NBC. Reilly is being replaced with Ben Silverman who is the head of Reveille which is The Office’s production company. Even the articles that announced his coming contained several references to The Office so the show should be fine…

  42. I hate to spoil everyone’s fun….
    I don’t think Pam and Jim are actually going to get together in Season 4. Many great TV shows are built around wanting a couple to get together (Think Rachel and Ross from Friends). It’s what draws people in to watch and I think the writers know that

  43. You did watch the finale, right?

    While many scenarios could kick off the fourth season I highly doubt Jim and Pam going out, deciding not to continue a relationship they both have been dying for for three years, and then one or both of them secretly becoming in love with the other AGAIN and pining through a bag-of-french-onion-chips-means-I-secretly-love-you phase is one of those options.

    As much fun as season two is these characters have to evolve. The best part about this show since day one is how realistically it deals with, above all else, this particular relationship. These “real people” can’t revert back to will they/won’t they just for the sake of sexually tense television.

  44. JSK makes a good point, and certainly I was mentally prepared for another season of Jim and Pam being apart before the finale aired. But the way the finale was set up points towards the beginnings of a serious relationship between them…anything else would be too cruel a joke on the audience and I don’t think “The Office” is that kind of show to pull such a stunt. Besides, the addition of the Ryan twist, I think, was significant because that was meant to be the big “surprise”, not Jim asking Pam out on a date, i.e. we can (probably) take the latter at face value and not worry about any hidden agenda by the writers.

    I don’t see either Jim or Pam as people who would take a relationship lightly, and certainly they would put in the effort to make the relationship work instead of breaking it off at the slightest hurdle. It would be nice to see a genuine relationship on TV between two people who truly enjoy each other’s company and are willing to be there for each other, instead of the get-together-break-up-get-back-together cliches endemic in so many other shows.

  45. I hope that Jim & Pam become a couple, so then the focus will return more to office comedy rather than office romance.

  46. I have a feeling that Ryan’s Dunder Mifflin Infinity has something to do with the shows new interactive web thing that I believe was introduced back at the Upfronts. Should be interesting. I’m excited and it’s not even September yet!

  47. Aww…Greg Daniels mentioned that the ideal running time for an “Office” episode is 28 minutes, which seems to be the consensus of most of the OT posters too. Such a pity that they have to trim it down for broadcast. I wonder how “The Office” will do on a cable channel like HBO which could give them the 30-minutes of airtime per week, and also fewer restrictions on the material/jokes that the writers can tell. Then again, we would probably have a lower episode order, or have to wait 21 months between seasons (*cough* Sopranos *cough*). I can’t believe I’m complaining about NBC who has shown so much faith in our little show…no cookie for me!

  48. Thrilled for Craig & Ed, but I’m especially happy to see Creed added as a fulltime cast member. I hope that one episode will eventually revolve around him.

  49. Dunder Mifflin Infinity sounds like a Web-based initiative. … Remember, Ryan said in business school that Dunder Mifflin was unwilling or unable to change with the times (a paraphrase).

  50. I think Dunder Mifflin Infinity will be really important to the fans. I think it will play into the new OFFICE 360 site on

  51. I’m surprised no one has brought this up yet, but if Ryan is officially going to corporate, than what’s happening to Karen? I thought Ryan being offered the job was just clever editing and Karen was actually the one on the phone with David Wallace. Rashida was not mentioned as one of the actors moving from guest star to co-star (all of which I am very excited about!) and her pilot was picked up, so does Karen quit and move to New York? That’s what I’m putting my money on, hence Jim driving home alone.
    These spoilers always break my brain.

  52. GMMR — What is this Office 360 website you speak of?? I haven’t heard of this… :)

  53. Here’s what I think:
    Dunder Mifflin Infinity= An international mail order website with language selecting tools and all that jazz??
    It took 30 minutes to think of that.

  54. I knew about Ed Helms being added to the cast of regulars, but good for Craig Robinson and Creed. Creed and Darryl are becoming so popular that they just HAVE to be regulars on the show. If nothing else, for one or 2 lines each.

  55. not really a spoiler, but the WWK spoiler chat debunked the Dwight Schrute Spin-Off rumours.

  56. Ok I have a new idea after watching “Branch Closing” again tonight.
    So the name for the Scranton and Stamford was going to be “Dunder Mifflin North-east” so Dunder Mifflin Infinity sounds like if they merged ALL of the branches into one big copany. I don’t what that has to with the web, but it sounded like a good fit.

  57. So is Michael not in the show anymore?
    I have had a great idea for an episode:
    Ryan gets a real girlfriend that he really likes and may love, and at first kelly is devistated but then spends the rest of the episode sabotoging the new couple.

  58. #70: Casey,
    By “the new boss” they mean Jan’s job, not Michaels. Steve Carell cannot leave The Office, that’s a step away from suicide.

  59. Yeah, I wish there was less inter office dating. Don’t get me wrong I looooove Jim and Pam and Dwight and Angela, but the others seem unrealistic. I’m all for Ryan finding someone outside of his office.

  60. Many thanks for this latest bit of spoiler news, iHaveA_Dundie and tanster! It would be great if we could see Jim and Pam take their first steps at a serious romantic relationship, as the description suggests. I really feel sorry for Kelly now, after reading that synopsis. I’m hopeful that the new season will be as funny and great as the ones that come before. Why is it still June?!? Come quick, you obscure, eternally faraway Season Premiere date!

  61. Ah, sweet spoiler news. It’s not much, but in late June it quenches my Office thirst. I too feel bad for Kelly. As ditzy as she is, Ryan was a total jerk with his “You and I are done” business.

  62. Well the S3 Netflix summary it basically describes the premiere :
    “In the program’s third satirical season, Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) wade through the aftermath of their Casino Night kiss, and Michael (Carell) accidentally outs a gay employee.”

    So maybe this one is also just a description of the S4 premiere.

  63. They didn’t so much “wade through” as ignore it altogether. After that, I’m not getting my hopes up for S4.

  64. I wonder how valid that netflix description can be. It’s so vague; I think somebody over there just came up with their best guess so they could have a placeholder for the season 4 DVD. It’s silly though. Why bother having a description for a DVD that’s over a year away from even existing?

  65. ten·ta·tive(těn’tə-tĭv)adj.
    1. Not fully worked out, concluded, or agreed on; provisional: tentative plans.
    2. Uncertain; hesitant.

    Oh this worries me. This worries me big time. I just hope it doesn’t mean it wont work. Oye vey.

  66. I think the Netflix description of S4 is BS. They needed to come up with a description and just spec’d on what they think will happen based on the S3 finale. I don’t think anyone should hold their hat on this.

  67. i totally agree that it’s not true. There’s no way anyone associated with the office would give away spoilers like that this early. I think it was definitely people at Netflix just guessing based on the season finale.

  68. I think this is what they were talking about with Dunder-Mifflin Infinity:

    “In addition to making extra content available on digital platforms, “The Office 360″ will allow online users of NBC’s Web site to create their own branches of the comedy’s fictional Dunder-Mifflin paper company with different challenges to complete. The branches could be integrated into a network episode of the show.”

  69. “We get to see a character who we think is no longer going to be on the show any more,” she said cryptically. “Someone who we think is long gone. They make an appearance so I was excited about the script.”

    Roy?!? ROY??

    Can you tell I think it is Roy? Here to f with JammyJam!

  70. “We get to see a character who we think is no longer going to be on the show any more,” she said cryptically. “Someone who we think is long gone. They make an appearance so I was excited about the script.”


  71. HAHAHA that was hilarious, elisabeth.

    the first person that popped into my mind was katy. although, i have no idea what purpose she’d serve. do you think roy has been really “long gone”?

  72. 84 | Elisabeth: Your comment made me LOL! Alas, I’m inclined to agree with 83 | Caroline.

  73. Possible Candidates: Josh, Katy the purse girl, Carol, Devon, the ghost of Ed Truck, Martin the Convict, Hannah, Tony Gardner, Roy, Karen (if for some reason she leaves and comes back). Let the speculation begin!

  74. Elisabeth-

    Tooo Funny!
    I actually laughed out loud- not just a typed LOL.

    My two fictional obsessions?
    Harry Potter and The Office

    But- yeah, I think Roy- Karen would be too obvious.
    Unless Mose takes over Ryan’s position… HeHe.

  75. Caroline – if it is Roy, I doubt he’d have anything to do with JAM. Roy left on a somewhat good note with Pam, and for him to play interference would just be beating a dead horse (and I have more faith in the writers than that – this isn’t Days of our Lives).

  76. Does anyone have any idea when they will start taping the new season?

  77. Apologies for jumping on the bandwagon, but Elisabeth…your comment #84 made me LOL too!

  78. yeah my first inclination was that its roy…i think david denman is awesome and its too bad he got written out of the show…i mean i am glad that his character is out of the jam…i’d like to see him again. but hey it could be a number of different characters.

  79. From me, to you, my bet is on Prison Mike.
    The Office needs more action, be-atch.

  80. I bet its Josh. I’m sure they realize Ryan is too inexperienced for Jan’s job and demote him back to Scranton, leaving it open for Josh (the poor man’s Michael Scott) to become Michael’s boss.

  81. Dude, come on guys. It has to be Katie, Jim’s old girlfriend, from Season 1! Anyone with me?

  82. Posted over at from TCA

    “NBC Universal in all its many corporate guises will have a “Green Is Universal” week Nov. 4 through 11 where they’ll be ecologically pro-active in every possible way. That includes “green-themed” programming on all of NBC’s prime-time shows, with characters like Michael Scott of “The Office” tackling environmental issues. That oughta be good.”

  83. Rashida Jones will be back for a “handful of episodes”? The post-breakup Karen will be funny. I think Kelly will have some competition in the “hell hath no fury” department…

  84. TV with MeeVee talked briefly with John Krasinski about the fate of Karen and how the writers will handle Jim and Pam being together, as well as some other things.

  85. Hi, sorry if this has been posted, but more tidbits from the TCA session with the NBC comedies, including “The Office”, as posted by Alan Sepinwall of the NJ Star Ledger. Joss Whedon is scheduled to direct another episode of “The Office” (yay!!), and Greg Daniels also mentioned that he wants to do an episode that more explicitly acknowledges the presence of the documentary crew.

  86. there can’t be a Dwight spin off!!! I thought that was a joke anyway…but seriously, what’s the Office without Dwight? and what’s Dwight without the office?

  87. The only thing about some of the candidates for the “long gone” person, is that some of them aren’t “long gone”. Example: Roy? Not long gone. Karen? Was in the freakin latest episode. It’s gotta be someone we thought wouldn’t come back at all. Who could it be…? I doubt it its an old Season 3 employee (although I guess that would be someone we thought was “long gone”), Ed Truck is silly, Devon was in one episode. That leaves…Josh, Katy and Carol. However, since there is going to be a Ryan/Michael dynamic, doubtful on Josh. Katy got dumped by Jim, doubt she would come back. That leaves…Carol! Although, she left Michael. And that leaves no one! Is there anyone else…?

  88. Just for all those that wish to count down, I got bored and counted the days until the Season 4 premiere, 67 counting today.

  89. Boooo-urns. I can’t believe Karen’s coming back for a few episdoes and that they might NOT be right at the beginning (hopefully when she gets dumped). I’ll bet she comes and messes everything up with JAM (because she sucks like that).
    No bad feelings towards Rashida Jones. I’m sure she’s very nice. I just dislike her character (character that she plays….not her personal character).

  90. Either Steve Carell’s wife (Carol) or Roy will be the one to re-surface. Nobody else makes sense. It is probably Carol because Michael was selling his condo on EBay and Carol was the realtor. He’s going to have issues backing out of it probably.

  91. Uh oh . . . that Greg Daniels interview with makes me feel like a little kid who finally got caught cheating. Maybe I’ll reform my spoiler seeking ways . . .

  92. I think that Jan should get a job at Hooters, that would make Michael very happy, or she can also get a job at Chilli’s…

  93. I understand what Greg Daniels is saying. They need that bit of mystery to keep us fans guessing. You have to admit it’s more fun to speculate than to just be told what’s going to happen.

  94. I think Jan should start her own business making homemade jam. Ha! Pun intended.

  95. Greg Daniels did give his blessing to a couple hints that Angela Kinsey gave us in that TheOfficeChat chat the other night. So I guess he understands that we are just crazed Office fiends.
    Even though those hints didn’t tell us much new except that one of Angela’s cats will get sick. I still am happy to know anything at all.

  96. I’m loving the irony here…

    The first spoiler said that Greg Daniels hates spoilers.

    Followed by a cornecopia of more spoilers.

    I love it.

  97. #117 Lauren,

    LOL, I love your comment. That is exactly how I feel too. He is right that you do enjoy the show a lot more when you don’t know what’s going to happen. Maybe I’ll reform too.

  98. I look at spoilers as a sport. We as fans (the spoiled ones) love when any tiny juicy detail comes out. The great thing about spoilers is that we can never really be COMPLETELY in on what’s actually going to happen on screen. Sure a script could leak, or a plot line let out, but the joy of being spoiled comes in the guessing of how it will really be played out. How they deliver the lines or play out the scene. I for one am proud to be a spoiler hunter.

  99. yay! stepping up! that’s a good sign, right? and i’m so glad we’ll find out what’s going on in the first episode. i don’t think any of us could wait to find out!

  100. I am stunned with happiness that Rainn gave us the name of the first episode! I’ve been thinking about what it could be called for a while .. now the premier doesn’t seem so far away!

  101. I’m glad that John sees the same potential in the Jim/Pam relationship I saw and have been trying to communicate to all the “Jim and Pam getting together would ruin the show”-ers out there. I can not wait for this season to begin with a “Fun Run”

  102. Sounds like a cool episode idea- ‘Fun Run’

    But I wish they’d stop leaving THE OFFICE so much :-/

    Unless it takes place in the parking lot. Then I apologize.

  103. A fun run around the Dunder Mifflin building — that’s brilliant!

    And Pam could time everyone with a thermometer. ;)

  104. thats funny and all but i still think the idea of Michael getting everyone trained and exercising around the office to get fit for a marathon race is brilliant

  105. And while Pam is timing everyone, she can share a popsicle with Jim every time he crosses the start/finish line :)

  106. 130: Maybe in episode two they can have a party. And then, in episode three, have a party out of the office.

    Parties! Outside! Outside Parties!

  107. What?!? I don’t want them to start two months after last season!:( I was really hoping to see all the JAM first dates kind of stuff. Oh well, I s’pose I should trust the writers. They’ve never let me down before.

  108. #135 – That’s a great idea. I was thinking they should have an episode where the flu goes around the office. Angela wears a mask and won’t touch anything … Dwight has it the worst, but won’t go home and tarnish his perfect record … Angela gives it to Dwight … Pam gives it to Jim and Michael gives it to Jan … but wait, Jan doesn’t have the cough or sore throat. Jan has … morning sickness!

  109. so I had an idea about Rashida…she was clearly a qualified candidate, but didn’t get the top job. Is is possible she got another job at corporate or was stolen away like Josh was by Staples? I wonder if she was offered the job, but then went over to another company. Because it really doesn’t make sense to me why she would not have got the job, except perhaps since she’s a woman. So maybe that’s how they resolve her storyline. I don’t know if this has already been discussed, so sorry if I’m being redundant. What do you all think?

  110. Alien, I agree that Karen may go to another company. However I don’t think she was offered the Job, and not because she was a woman. We really don’t see much of Karen in sales, or anything for that matter, that would show us she is qualified for the Job. I even thought that Jim going was a bit weird. Oddly enough, considering Michael’s position in the company, he, for me, would be the only logical one of the bunch that was accurately even considered for the corperate position. I’m looking forward to see how Ryan will do. I really don’t know how he even got in. Granted his evening classes apparently brought him an MBA, but that doesn’t really mean much. And knowing how bad he has done in sales, may not bode that will with him in the near future.

  111. Wow! Did they mistake “Law and Order: SVU” for “The Office”? Common mistake :P

  112. WHAT? GUNSHOTS???
    Oh my word.
    Crazed Karen?
    Please don’t tell me Andy loses it. I love him!

  113. they have to be filming the date *yay!*. but gunshots?! it can’t be karen; that’s waaay too all my children. what if it’s like, gunshots on the street and jim dives to save pam but gets hit by the bullet in his leg and knicks a major artery?! wait .. general hospital.

    maybe that’s where they’re doing the “fun run” and the gunshots are like the shots to start the race. or whatever.

  114. Episode title “Fun Run” – single gunshot. I’m thinking… Marathon or race of some sort. Now the better question is… where exactly is this “area” they are filming?

  115. Seriously? People think the gunshot is something other than the start of the race?? I’ll be more than surprised – I’ll be stunned beyond belief if it turns out to be anything but that.

  116. Hmm…yeah, I agree, I don’t think Karen got passed over because she’s a woman as much as because she didn’t have the experience behind her. At least Jim was an ARM – which STILL doesn’t mean he had experience managing a branch. I thought it was more a convenient set-up for the writers than an actual logical plot point to have Karen interview. In real life, she would have known that she was totally underqualified.

    Then again, Ryan got the job. But at least he had an MBA.

  117. I think the gun would have to deal with Michael and Dwight. Just think about it, Dwight already shoots paint balls for fun.

  118. yeah but i still think its just the gun from the start of the race- and i hope we hear more from season 4 today

  119. yikes! i can’t wait to hear more spoilers about the episode. and for the nbc fall preview on aug. 26 – will we see season 4 footage??

  120. GUNSHOT? Pam, you better run fast in those Ked’s, Karen is comming for you, sweetie. Haha.

  121. good question- Tanster will we…
    1. see season 4 clips on the NBC primetime preview
    2. get more info on “FUN RUN”

  122. Okay. I’m guessing it’s Meredith. When Dwight trapped the bat, he trapped it in a garbage bag while it was over Meredith’s head. It make the most sense. There’s also the bat poop “raining from the ceiling”, but I don’t think you can get rabies from poop…

  123. But wait….didn’t somebody say that one of Angela’s cats gets sick? That could be it too couldn’t it?

  124. I just hope it’s not Cousin Mose. I love Mose…but he does spend a lot of time with animals…

  125. i still think the gun is for a race but cars and smoke machine i dont know… maybe a car breaks down

  126. 161: I like that idea. That makes a lot of sense. Perhaps one of Angela’s cats dies and she has a memorial fun run for it.

  127. hmmmm .. interesting. i bet it’s for karen or ryan, and michael holds the memorial since one of his ”children” has ”passed on” or something. but actually i can’t see why it would be for ryn. he’s like the rebel-runaway child.

  128. I don’t think it’s John.. his arms looks to chunky and he doesn’t seem stretched out enough to be John.

  129. So, I’m guessing from the photos… and from the title of the episode, that it might be about a marathon (fundraising maybe). :O


  130. Tanster-I’m thinking these pics need their own post. These are bound to be debated and discussed at length in the comments. :)

  131. Zoom in on the t-shirts & table sign, which clearly read: “Meredith Palmer Memorial” — yikes!

  132. Tanster,

    Somebody else posted in this comments section as Samuel L. Chang. I contend that I have rightfully claimed that as my alias. Should I be at all bothered by this? I am offended at the other Samuel L.’s far-too-casual punctuation. … Anyway, thanks for the latest spoilers.

    — The real Samuel L. Chang

  133. Meredith Palmer memorial?

    I’m assuming it’s Michael overreacting to her getting attacked by a dog… I hope

  134. meridith palmer memorial?! did she get rabies from that bat?? she’s not dead though, right? she can’t be. michael’s just politacally incorrect again .. RiGHT??!

  135. That really does say “Meredith Palmer Memorial” on the shirt. That was a good point brought up by Jamtastic on post 160 about the bat giving Meredith rabies.

  136. That shirt is hilarious. It looks like the premiere will be great (as if we had any doubt). NBC must sell those shirts!

  137. Is that Pam sitting down at the table? It looks like Jenna’s curly hair under that baseball cap!

  138. There is no way they could have killed off Meredith is there? Seems too dramatic for The Office. Hopefully she just has rabies from the bat and Michael is acting like she is dying. Also, I do think that is Jenna sitting down in the first picture, but I am not sure who that is in the second picture. The guy has the height of John Krasinski but he just looks to be too big for John. Maybe its just an extra.

  139. I’m not too worried about Meredith. We all know that Michael Scott goes a little overboard…..always! It would be just like him to have a “memorial” fun-run for someone who wasn’t dead.

  140. I fancy myself somewhat of a John Krasinski expert (ha)and I’m sure that’s not him in the picture above. Our boy is much lankier than that guy. Although the back of the head and the ears certainly do bare a striking resemblence. I wonder if it is the same guy that was in the coffee shop in “Traveling Salesman”.

  141. I think ‘Memorial’ is just part of the joke as Michael is over reacting and just using those words you hear all the time: Celebrity, Memorial, Awareness. Classic Michael.

  142. I can hardly wait until the end of September for the new season to start! I cannot wait to find out about the fun run!

  143. Yes, I DO see the “Meredith Palmer Memorial” bit on the back of the T-shirt. I hope she’s not dead! I’m wondering if Michael maybe just uses Meredith’s name as an excuse to do a “Fun Run” or maybe Meredith just gets sick from the Rabies and doesn’t die, but Michael doesn’t know any better than to call it a “Memorial” for Meredith. You know he’s a little slow with that stuff. ;)

  144. Did you guys not read post 174? It’s Toby standing up.

    And no, that’s not Pam sitting at the desk.

  145. The shirt says Meredith Palmer memorial. I don’t believe the writers would let one of the office members die so it is probably Michael’s “different” way of wording a fundraiser for Meredith. If she contracted rabies via that bat at work would she qualify for worker’s comp? Also, what kind of celebrities would they have in Scranton?

    The guy with his back to the camera can’t be John. I don’t think he would have love handles! Maybe that’s Toby.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  146. Those pictures are amazing!!!
    I really don’t think that Meredith is going to die, even though the word memorial is used. I definetly think that there is going to be a whole conversation [not sure if conversation is the right word] on the fact that Michael used the word memorial though! :D

  147. I don’t think that’s John or Jenna. The curly hair looks like Pam, but would she be sitting in an uncomfortable metal chair? Those things are not good for your back. And the side of her face looks un-Jenna-like.
    I could be wrong though.
    I hope Meredith isn’t dead! I bet she’s just sick.

  148. There is a good chance that, even if Meredith Palmer got rabies from the bat, that she might still survive even after the symptoms appear. In 2004 in Wisconsin, Doctors successfully treated the disease with only minor nerve damage. They put the patient into a medical-induced coma and then administered a cocktail of antiviral drugs.

    I can see Michael Scott, hearing that she’s in a coma, automatically assume she’s going to die and does the fun-run. This would put Meredith off of the show for a while, like Oscar last season.

  149. Asian Dude – what makes you so sure it’s Toby (Paul). It doesn’t look like him at all to me.

  150. I don’t think it’s JK… it does look a little like Roy, though. You think? Is he baaack? :)

  151. I love how the words on the back are incredibly long. LOL. Is this the first episode they’re filming? I know they shoot out of order though so probably not.

  152. That looks like Ed Helms, too chunky to be John. Is that Ed’s bracelet on his left hand?

    Hmm…I LOVE the shirts though and Steve in his little bike shorts!

  153. It is a “CELEBRITY Rabies Awareness Pro-AM Fun Run Race For The Cure”…maybe the mystery man is the celebrity.

  154. I don’t think Meredith died of rabies from the bat because she was in later episodes. Remember when some people were teasing Pam about her “Beach Games” speech in the breakroom and Meredith said everone was drunk and probably didn’t remember what she said? She might have contracted rabies sometime later, though, from another, probably comical, source during one of her drunken adventures. I agree with those that said Michael probably overreacted or, as usual, got his facts mixed up.

  155. I’m sure it is exaggerated Michael-style. Remember in the Injury?

    “What is worse a foot injury or a head injury?”
    “A head injury”
    “Wait, I don’t think you have all the details….”

  156. If she got rabies it was definitely from the bat — My question is it is a “celebrity” fun run — who is the celebrity??

  157. conundrum! do i buy the target or best buy package?! i could just make it easier on myself and just by both!!!

  158. I just realized that all the text that is on the back of the shirt is also on the front of the shirt in a tiny little block….so ridiculous.

  159. These pictures are great! That is not John and I don’t think we have to worry about Meredith being gone either. I just think Michael is over-reacting. I love his biker shorts though!

  160. Based upon the MySpace entries the “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure” only means that Meredith was diagnosed with Rabies, and nothing more. Everyone likes Kate Flannery. She’s an essential part of the ‘reality’ of the office setting.

  161. Does that say “for the cats” at the end of the huge block of text? If so, then it couldn’t be from the bat in season 3.

  162. I think it might be Jenna. Her hands look like the picture of her and Tanster in the right hand column. Also, it looks like there’s a thin cushion on the chair.

    Wow, back to work now.

  163. YES! a new scene from the first episode will be on the internet at NBC between August- September 23rd (Which is my birthday)

  164. The girl sitting on the chair looks the most like Rashida to me. Isn’t she supposed to come back for the first few episodes?

    I think that the mystery guy is probably Ed Helms, (he’s way too thick to be JK). If it was Paul Lieberstein playing Toby, Michael wouldn’t be smiling at him.

  165. I think the guy standing next to Steve is too thick to be John.

    I know we are supposed to think Michael looks silly in that outfit, but Steve Carell is in really nice shape these days…

  166. I bet Mr. Mystery is Michael’s neighbor, as played by Greg Daniels, although I’ve never seen Greg Daniels’ back.

  167. After looking at this picture again after watching Cocktails:

    It probably is Jenna sitting because if she didn’t hurt her back, the writers would’ve had Pam run. Given they’re together, it would’ve been a nice Jam moment to have them running together for rabies.

    Mr. Mystery aside, who are all of these other mystery people? The lady behind Steve. The lady to the left of Jenna. The man to the right of Jenna with his red truck…we need to know these things!

    Oh ummm…why does one of Steve’s legs look waxed (our left) and the other look quite furry?

  168. I don’t think Michael knows what memorial means. She’s most likely alive.

  169. Oh my, you’re absolutely right Figgy Newton…his leg does look waxed! Wouldn’t it be just like Michael to shave his legs so he could cut down on wind resistance while running? Haha.

  170. i think the woman behind steve is jenna…same visor, same khakis. also, about steve’s legs, i think that just might be pixellation/shadowplay, not necessarily the result of a botched wax job…although, actually, on second thought, i wouldn’t put it past michael.

  171. the woman next to “jenna” somewhat resembles karen, but karen would never wear something like that.

  172. Hi,
    I just saw a shirtless picture of Ed Helms and he is not as big as that dude in the picture.I hope that Jim didn’t gain weight. I just got used to him not having the long hair that I loved so much.Although his new hair is cute too.

  173. Well guys, since these pictures are “behind the scenes,” the people in them do not have to be Jenna or Rashida or John at all. They are probably members of the crew.

  174. Could Mr. Mystery be the CFO? I doubt he’d be there, but he’s got the same build, and it looks like he’s wearing glasses, huh? Just a thought…

  175. The woman in the chair, I think, is Jenna. It looks like Pam’s hair texture. The lady standing could be anyone. I think it is too chunky to be Krasinski.

  176. Matt, #212:
    It says “For the cure” I’m 99% sure. The text above it says “Fun run race” and I don’t think that ‘for the cats’ would follow that phrase.
    And that guy does look a lot like Todd Packer, I didn’t even think about him!

  177. i second that, BeckySue. there’s some pretty interesting stuff over there (; . i won’t ruin it for anyone; you’ll just have to go and look at it yourself!

  178. Link

    there are some great spoilers on there .. it’s also continued onto the next page.

    and after reading it, i’m pretty sure the woman in the picture is jenna.

  179. Whoa, I bet Greg Daniels is annoyed by those spoilers:)!!! Don’t fret Greg! It just makes us want to see the show all the more. And thankyouthankyouthankyouforever for making it by the way.:)

  180. I’m more than a little disgusted with myself for how happy the thought of Jim and Pam holding hands makes me…I think I need therapy.

  181. I don’t have his link, but Bob Vance (Bobby Ray Schafer) has a picture of him and Ed Helms (in his yellow running outfit) on his myspace page. He’s wearing a Vance Refrigeration t-shirt, of course. I clicked onto his page off of Jenna’s page…

    Holding hands and helping Michael…all is right in the world…

  182. Jeremy Goodwin posted a link to his pictures that he took at the shoot over at TwoP (link)

    I guess we can tell from those pics that the girl sitting down in the picture on this page is not Pam. Oh and Yay for old Jim hair!

  183. HEY! i just thought of something tomorrow they will start shooting episode 2 of season 4

  184. oh yay! i’ve been waiting for him to put them up after he mentioned them yesterday or earlier today. great JAM shot,too!

  185. Ok, I just finally read the “Fun Run” shirt. Meredith Palmer memorial…run?! Does that mean Meredith dies? Or quits? Or goes to rehab? That’s pretty serious. What’s going on?

  186. This sounds bad!!
    Silas in Greencastle, Indiana: Did you see that your unconfirmed rumor-spoiler about the Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run was right?
    Yep, which may unfortunately mean our Office source was also right when she said that Meredith Palmer is dead. All dead, not just mostly dead, and as you may know, there is a big difference between all dead and mostly dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.
    but then it goes on to say:
    Update (9:30 p.m.): A very well-connected Office source assures us that Meredith is not at all dead. Not even slightly dead. Yay!!

    So shes not dead!!


  187. So I heard that they just started filming within the last week or so and i saw rashida jones out last night in nyc… makes me think she is NOT going to be around for long at all this season. maybe im just over thinking it.

  188. Jenna,
    Maybe she is only going to be in the premiere in a flashback or something and they only needed her in the first week of shooting. That could explain why she is in NY.

  189. JimHalpertIsLife, I noticed that too. The only thing interesting to me about Kristin/Korbi/Jen’s spoiler was the funny Princess Bride reference. Otherwise, meh.

  190. This is kind of off-topic, but I was just re-watching the pilot, and Michael mentions that he has a brother. Does anyone think there’s any chance that we might get to see Michael’s brother at some point. If so, who do you think would be good to play him?

  191. Pamera:

    I think the guy who played his brother-in-law in Little Miss Sunshine would be good. I think they kind of look a little bit alike. Enough to look like siblings.

  192. Eh… I think Greg Kinnear is too well know for an Office appearance. It wouldn’t sit well for me.

  193. Another spoiler thing…..
    From Ask Ausiello:

    Question: Since Kristen Bell isn’t doing Lost, can you at least give me some Office scoop? — Matt

    Ausiello: If that helps you cope, sure. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Carol Burnett to play Michael’s mama. Although the Office creator considered hiring her to play the plum part, when asked about it at press tour, he acknowledged that her status as a TV legend might prove a distraction for viewers. “The thing I’m a little worried about,” he said, “is she’s so famous.”

  194. i think we should see gould, but i can’t seem to find anyone who could play him. i see gould as a tall, dark, sleek business man, but that’s just my opinion.

  195. I can’t remember where, but I’ve read that a lot of people would like to see Stephen Colbert play Gould. I would love to see another “Daily Show” alum come on.

  196. Yeah there is actually a petition for Stephen Colbert to be Gould going around somewhere…..
    I think its a really good idea!

  197. Hey tanster,

    In the most recent UsWeekly, Steve is in it. It’s a picture from the set of Fun Run…and just might possibly be a spoiler…I would send the photo your way but I don’t have a scanner. Anywho, just thought I’d let you know.

  198. hey i went on US and could not find anything on the office can u tell about the picture or give a link please

  199. finally another spoiler! (: it’s been a pretty slow spoiler week, even with the office filming. i’ve tried pretty much every forum, but the execs are pretty good at letting pretty much nothing slip out.

  200. I will die if Carol Burnett plays Michael’s mother. She would be perfect! She could totally play her as the crackpot you know Michael’s mom is. I wonder if she’ll rub lotion all over him again like she did when he rode the pony at his birthday party…

  201. I think the idea of having to reveal all these characters is pretty irritating. The show shouldn’t go too far away from the general idea of a day at work, period. Constantly seeing these characters in other settings is becoming irritating to say the least. Keep them in the office, and if you really need guest stars, have them introduced as new employees. That’s perfectly realistic and plausible.

  202. I would love to see Joanna Lumley of Absolutely Fabulous play Michael’s mother. She’s way famous in the UK, but not so much here. Having her as a mother (if the character is anything like what she plays in Ab Fab) would explain lots about Michael. I also think it would be a nod to the UK office in some strange way.

  203. Mr. Mystery is Toby!
    He’s wearing a grey hat with black shorts and has a watch on his left wrist.

  204. Oh! To add to my previous post:
    I don’t think that’s Jenna sitting down because she has a white visor, hair is down, and black capris vs. blue visor, hair up, and khakis. Also, Jenna’s actually participating in the race. The sitting girl may just be a Scrantonian…or Scrantonite.

    It could still be Jenna…they might have decided to change her outfit for whatever reason and maybe she doesn’t participate in the race for the whole episode, but I think that’s highly unlikely.

  205. ahahahah. ohhhh steve in spandex. i mean, he could just stand there and at this point it would still be funny to me. the pic of him running past the dog is priceless. wonder why kevin is in office clothes?

  206. Haha sooo like NBC/Office crew to post a JAM fic where neither character is smiling and they aren’t holding hands. I’m not worried, though ;)

  207. What I find odd about Kevin is how sweaty his hair is (unless he’s trying a new slick back do) any yet, no pit stains. I mean with a guy that size, no deodorant works that well. Heck, my deodorant doesn’t work that well, and I’m like 200 pounds less than him.

  208. is it just me, or do any of you guys notice that in the group photo, andy’s shirt has red stains, but in another photo he doesn’t. are the stains blood?

  209. Jim hair is back. I don’t know how I feel like- I like the significance of it, but then again, Krasinski looked hot with the haircut.

    I just really hope it’s not the obvious wig again.

  210. Okay, two things:

    1)Is it just me, or does Toby look like he’s gained some weight? Maybe his suits just hide it, but he looks a little heavier.

    2)Has anyone seen an NBC promo for Fun Run on TV yet? I’ve been watching for them, but so far I haven’t seen one. If i’ve missed it, can someone please post it on, I think alot of people and me would greatly appreciate it. :D

  211. Erin,

    I also notiiced that Toby looked a lot heavier. Who knows what happened. I saw some kind of promo for a bunch of different nbc shows, it only showed the end of The Job when Jim comes back and asks Pam out, no new footage.

  212. Jenna and Angela’s myspace blog posts just make me more excited for the season to start than I already was! Do I really have to wait a month???

  213. Jan did move into Michael’s condo…. its in the deleted scenes of the Job

  214. Hey krentist, I read your other post where you said you got to watch the last disc of the S3 dvd because your friends work at blockbuster. So how was the commentary for The Job. Did Jenna and John have anything interesting to say that you might want to share?

  215. I haven’t gotten to listen to the commentary yet, and I’ve got a conference I’m going to this weekend, so hopefully Sunday night or so I can listen to it with the commentary.

  216. i don’t know if someone brought this up before, but i reread the filming notice: who is going to be firing a gun?!

  217. Is there any word of Mackenzie Crook, Martin Freeman, and Lucy Davis appearing this season? There was talk of them making a cameo last season but it never happened. That would be soo cool if it did. I was a staunch Office UK supporter before the US series started and I grew to love the US series.

    “We are at Threat Level Midnight people!”

  218. thanks, dundies! i thought of that a few minutes later but didn’t know if there was another explanation that someone had uncovered.

  219. adrienne, Tanster posted an AWESOME promo yesterday on the main page, I’m surprised you didn’t see it. I suggest you drop everything you are doing and go watch it… NOW!

  220. I think this ambiguous discussion of Jim and Pam’s relationship suggests what a lot of us have been thinking all the long: they will be back to being friends. No sex, no hot ‘n heavy making out, and other such fluff until they rebuild their basic friendship without Roys and Karens butting in all the time. They’ll be taking it slow, I think, as they should. Which is awesome. :-)

  221. I’m really happy to see the care and passion with which the producers are approaching the new season and in particular the hourlong episodes. Including scenes which would otherwise have been deleted in a half hour broadcast almost certainly would not have worked for the hourlongs. But yikes…it seems like a pretty heavy workload writing four movies in a row. Didn’t Mike Schur mention the original cut of “The Job” was 73 minutes long? I’ve originally been a proponent of weekly hourlongs of “The Office”, but in this light, maybe it is better for the show to remain at half-hour each week, if anything to prevent writer burnout. I’ll gladly take the occasional extended episodes if and when they turn up. So excited for the new season!

  222. CH:

    I would agree with you, but there are too many hints indicating that Jim and Pam will be together. I really don’t think Jim would “dump Karen’s ass” just to go back to being “friends” with Pam. There is something going on between them. I also don’t think “the new Pam” would wear her hair down just because her and Jim were friends… I think they are going to be together, but taking things slow. They are obviously not going to be able to keep it secret, Karen will know something is going on. She will be the person getting in the way all the time. As for what Greg Daniels said, about how it’s not what people expect or want, of course he’s going to say that. He’s not going to say “Oh yea, Jim and Pam will be together as a couple.” So that’s just to throw everyone off. Last but not least, why would Jim ask a “friend” on a date… tried that in Season 2 remember? Pam got mad, but this time, she was ecstatic!

  223. Maybe Greg Daniels is just saying it’s not what people expect because Jim and Pam’s relationship won’t be the A plot every week. I imagine that they might be together but it’s going to seem just like it was when they were friends because obviously they’re not going to be all over each other in the office/in front of the cameras.

  224. I agree with the CH theory as stated by Jamcram – They will be taking it real slow, but definitely be “dating.” I feel like they’ll be in the process of getting to know each other again, only this time with a relationship mindset. I think its a good way to the show to 1) set up something that pleases the fans (because we all know we want us some Pimmy) 2) Avoid the pitfalls of previous shows that have built up seasons of will they/wont they tension, only to have them get together and lose the magic and 3) keep it realistic, which has always been one of the show’s major goals as far as the relationships/interactions go.
    And those are my thoughts on Jam.

  225. I found it interesting that Greg Daniels said that Jim and Pam are not as together as we the viewers hoped. In the summer vacation video, it was never really comfirmed that Jam was finally JAM. all we knew was Karen and Jim were offically over, which is great. we will all just have to find out on sept. 27th.

  226. Just a quick question, have any new characters been mentioned yet? Someone has to take Ryan’s old job…

  227. Stanley Bobanley, I don’t think they will introduce another character for a while. Andy is enough. In my opinion, I could do without him. And I don’t think I could handle yet another character being introduced.

  228. That’s a good question, Stanley Bobanley. Karen will also probably be leaving soon, so they may need to hire a replacement for her as well. Then again, they survived without Karen before, so I suppose they won’t necessarily need someone new. I really like the office right now the way it is, and I hope that they don’t add anyone new just yet. It would be kind of funny watching Michael interview people for that job, though.

  229. Craig Robinson is now a full-time cast member! That’s going to be awesome. Maybe we’ll hear a lot more “black man phrases”?!

  230. Lemonade — oh THAT one. Sorry, didn’t know the official name! I see anything The Office and just whiz on in. Lo Siento senorita.

  231. Tanster, NBC has the episode description for Fun Run:

    THE RUN FOR THE CURE-SPECIAL ONE-HOUR PREMIERE – A freak accident causes Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) to feel the office is cursed. He explores the religious beliefs of his employees before deciding to hold a charity 5K fun run. Meanwhile, further developments in the romances of Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski), and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Angela (Angela Kinsey) are explored. B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein, Mindy Kaling, Craig Robinson and Creed Bratton also star.

  232. So, does this mean the first episode is now titled “The Run for the Cure” instead of “Fun Run”?

  233. oh yeah i didn’t realize that rashida wasn’t in it or that the title was changed. maybe nbc just goofed

  234. 333) They didn’t change the title. The “Run for the Cure” is like a byline. The title is still the same: “Fun Run.”

  235. Lets talk about Craig Robinson being a regular on the show now and how extremely excited I am about that. Is it possible that since Ryan (and very possibly Karen) are leaving the office, that Daryl is now working in the office? Unlikely I know, but I think that would be awesome. Any thoughts?

  236. On the DVD commentary for “Business School”, they talk about Meredith getting rabies from a bat bite – in one of the photos from Fun Run, on the back of Michael’s shirt it says something about rabies….but it’s hard to read. Is THAT why they’re doing the Fun Run??

  237. YAY!! I’ve been waiting for a synopsis! Developments in Dwangela!? Have they gone public? I hope not, half the fun of Dwangela is see how much they try to hide it.

  238. on the back of michael’s shirt it says “….meredith palmer memorial….” so is she or is she not dead?? i dont understand people keep saying different things

  239. I have a sneaking suspicion that Meredith did, in fact, get rabies and that Michael developed this ‘Fun Run’ in her honor. There is probably a side story line about he ‘misunderstands’ the true meaning of the phrase ‘memorial’ and no one corrects him, or he already has the t-shirts printed and can’t do anything about it. After all, this IS Michael we are talking about! I doubt Meredith is actually dead…she’s probably just drunk somewhere:)

  240. New episode description:
    10-04-2007 9:00PM

    THERE’S A NEW BOSS IN TOWN – Much to the dismay of Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) and many of the employees, Ryan (B.J. Novak) returns to the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin to bring the company into the digital age. Angela (Angela Kinsey) is still upset about her cat. Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Melora Hardin, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein, Mindy Kaling, Craig Robinson and Creed Bratton also star.

  241. Thanks for the new episode synopsis for the second episode! Sounds like it will be great – I think we can maybe now safely assume that Angela’s cat had rabies and she probably brought it into the office for some reason and somehow Meredith was bitten?

  242. I don’t know if anyone said this already… I know there was debate over who the sitting girl was in the Fun Run pictures… we know it’s not Pam now right? Has anyone thought that maybe it’s Jan?? She IS living with Michael now and that kinda looks like her hair color.

  243. Maybe Meredith has rabies (from the bat? I don’t know how long the incubation period for rabies is) and Angela brings in one of her many cats and it bites Meredith and gets rabies from her? I don’t know, it seems kind of unbelievable that even Angela would bring a rabid cat to work.

  244. Here’s my speculation of the day…perhaps Ryan will downsize the sales staff (Karen!) to make way for more internet sales…

  245. Pam’s BBF – that’s really smart haha i never thought of that. but who would be fired? andy? oh, please fire andy!

  246. Write Ed Helms off the show and I will scream in anger; if anything they need to hire someone to replace Ryan, and maybe if things go as we we think, Karen.

  247. In the Rainn Nightline interview, they showed filming of a scene between Dwight and Angela. It looked to be a dinner date. Smiles and nervousness, it seems. Hopefully, someone will catch it on the West Coast. :)

  248. It seems like from the spoilers from the Oct. 4 episode that everyone who is guessing that Ryan is unprepared for his job and as oblivious as Michael to how ridiculous he is behaving is right. I wonder if a new dynamic of the show will be the Scranton employees, Michael included against a ridiculous Ryan.

  249. Write Ed Helms off the show and I will lose my freakin’ mind! LOL

    If they get rid of anyone, it would be Karen because they said she was coming back for a couple episodes to wrap up her storyline.

  250. I think Ed Helm’s Andy is the most ridiculous character on the show, a little of him goes a very long way. I would rather see more Creed.

  251. I absolutely love Andy! He’s quickly become one of my favorite characters on the show. I seriously doubt that he will be written off, seeing as how Karen will be on her way out soon as well. Plus, then who would Dwight have to fight with every day (besides Jim, of course)?

  252. i don’t think andy is funny. but that scene in the nightline thing looks like dwight and angela are out on a date. could they see jam there?? who knows … it’s nebulous (:

  253. Tanster,

    I was reading over at the TWOP forums and someone mentioned a myspace blog from a person that got a role on the show for an episode. They provide a little snippet as to what the episode is called and who they acted with when they were on the set.

    Heres the link

  254. I don’t know if this is news or not, but I found a website for an actress who gives a brief description of the scene she filmed with Steve Carell and Rain Wilson for the upcoming episode, Dunder Mifflin Infinity.
    Here’s the link:

  255. Is it weird that I am more excited about the season premiere of The Office than I am about my own birthday, which is the same day?

    ………*thinks very hard*……no

    “I’m hearing lots of cutie-patootieness for Jim and Pam in the new season. You better stock up on bread and peanut butter, or all that Jam will go lonely!”

    That totally just made my day.

  256. Ahh, good thinking, Matt. They’re making a huge deal out of this website… I’m looking forward to seeing what this is all about.

  257. Did you see who is included in the cast in Launch Party? David Denman! This could be interesting…

  258. I saw that too, but I noticed that it was listed under “Show Cast”. So I looked under other episodes, like The Job, Women’s Appreciation and Product Recall, and he was listed under “Show Cast” there too. I think NBC usually just tells us is in the episode by releasing the episode description. The episode description usually gives the synopsis of the episode as well as the cast for that particular show. So as of right now, I don’t think that David Denman is in this one yet.

  259. Description of “Launch Party” is up at the NBC Media site:

    THE WORLDWIDE WEB–The Dunder Mifflin Infinity website is launching and Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) is excited about going to the big launch party in New York while Angela (Angela Kinsey) plans a satellite party for the Scranton branch. Meanwhile, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) competes against the website to see who can sell the most paper in one day. John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Paul Lieberstein, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton, and Craig Robinson also star.

  260. I think I have to change my name. I’m not the Matt who posted the episode description. I don’t want to take that Matt’s credit. Oh well. Good find Matt. Not me…the other Matt.

  261. I’m a little worried that I haven’t seen anything about Jim and Pam yet! Maybe they’re just trying to keep it a secret until the show airs! Which I’m totally pumped about! I really hope JAM will be together! If anyone has any more info on them please tell me!

  262. Sounds like the Party Planning Committee is back in “Launch Party.” Yesssss!!!!!!
    Computer-themed rice squares, anyone?

  263. I completely agree, Allison. Dwight just gets funnier as the shows goes on. I wonder what Andy’s going to do. After seeing his excerpt from Summer Vacations, I’m getting so pumped!!

  264. Did anyone else see the individual “What the Office did this Summer” videos. Um……Is Angela PREGNANT?!?

  265. Loved the NBC “what I did over the summer” clips!

    Despite the fact that going to “Knocked Up” was an office outing, I think Angela might still be pregnant – there have been previous hints (remember she’s not on any pills).

    On another note, I think Karen might resurface in New York…hooking up with Ryan! He was interested in her previously.

    On yet another note, Fancy New Beesly might be too fancy for Jim. Maybe the unexpected returning character is Cartoonist Guy,…or Ben Franklin!

    And what did Jan do over the summer, hmmm?

  266. what video is jamtastic talking about? I’ve only seen the one office vacation and I don’t remember anything about Knocked Up…
    linkage perhaps?

  267. Danboy- What if the returning character is Katie? We haven’t seen her for a while and she and Jim used to date…

  268. Why do people think Angela is pregnant? I watched the “What the Office did this Summer” video like four times and I can’t see where they are getting that. :-/

  269. Tanster, I saw at the MTT spoiler forum that Bealsebub (aka The Office crew guy) had posted some behind the scenes pictures of some upcoming episodes on his myspace. FYI!

  270. You know what would be terrible? A Pam and Ryan pairing.

    Jim looks adorbsville.

    Officetally is a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

  271. E I think in that first picture it looks like Ryan is trying to flirt with Pam. Also the next picture seems to be a shot of Jim reacting to the flirting. But hey I could be completely wrong.

  272. OMG, Jim is back!!!! He’s back at his old desk, his sleeves are rolled up, and ‘homeless hair’ is back. That has absolutely made my week!!!!!

    Ryan looks so sleazy….he’s going to be more of an a$$ than ever. This should be fun.

    Awwwwwww, Fancy New Beesly is in the house — Pam looks so pretty with her hair down and her pretty shirt. Jim is having a good influence on her :)

  273. I don’t think Angela is pregnant, if you watch Oscar’s talking head he says going to see Knocked Up was a mandatory work event.

  274. Angela is on pills…When Dwight asked her in a panicked voice “You’re not on ANYthing?” and she gave him that death glare, he eased up and said “Good.” I just don’t think she could voice it aloud without raising Oscar’s or–heaven forbid–Kevin’s interest.

  275. Anyone know what that note on the basket that Dwight is holding says in that picture?

    I cant seem to make it out.

  276. oh man. this is the happiest ive been knowing that jim is back home at his old desk and his hair has grown in. is pam’s shirt the same from the “summer vacation” video? because it looks a little better than it did in that, and hopefully even better in the episode.

  277. OMG!!! I agree, it looks like Ryan is trying to flirt with Pam, and then the next shot is JIm reacting. Could be wrong though.

  278. If Ryan was hitting on Pam, doesn’t he know she’s kind-of sort-of maybe with Jim?! She would NEVER like Ryan (in that way). By the way, he looks like a werewolf with those whiskers.

  279. I think we’re perhaps jumping to conclusions. Still photos can be rather misleading. Pam-Ryan: I don’t see it.

  280. Ryan has already been a complete tool. It would not surprise me if he did hit on Pam, just for fun, in front of Kelly even. He doesn’t care that Jim might be with her. I hope that look doesn’t last. I really think he’ll be back in no time.

  281. Okay, why are Dwight and Michael wet in the picture where Dwight is holding the basket? And not in the other picture? I guess one is the before and one is the after.

  282. Why would Ryan flirting with Pam mean that Jim and Pam aren’t a couple? If you have a hot girlfriend guys(especially if they’re a-holes like Ryan) are going to flirt with her even if your a few feet away. And especially if noone in the office knows they’re a couple. You think Jim is going to punch Ryan out just for trying to make an unsuccessful pass at her?

  283. Even if Jim and Pam aren’t together he’d get a little a jealous if Ryan did flirt with Pam. Ryan does seem to be the cocky type that would think his corporate position would impress a girl. I think the sexual tension between Michael and Ryan will be funnier than the tension between Ryan and Kelly.

  284. What with Pam wearing the same top in these pictures as she was in the “office summer vacation” promo, it would appear that the documentary crew asks only asks them about their summer in this episode (episode 2). Wouldn’t those be some of the first scenes from the first episode (fun run) when the documentary crew comes back? I’m confused… but then again maybe I’m unnecessarily complicating things.

  285. OK, let me clarify: The photos look like what zorro and others have pointed out — Ryan flirting and Jim-Pam not a couple. I just don’t want that to be the case, so it’s wishful thinking on my part.

    Non-sequitor: One of my favorite bloopers on the Season 3 DVD is when Ed Helms says, “Pam Beesly. More like Pam Babely.”

  286. Pam practically wore the same blouse every day in the previous seasons. Wouldn’t she wear her new “Jim clothes” constantly too?

  287. Maybe I’m the only person who thinks this, but I think Jim and Pam are together. Last season Jim treated Pam cold because he wanted to be with her, and she didn’t want to be with him. So why would Jim break up with Karen, change desks, and become closer to Pam if they’re not together? Maybe I’m just wishful thinking also. Anybody agree/disagree?

  288. hey, i found this at spoilerfix!

    The Office
    An upcoming episode will feature East Indian Vikram, a man aged between 30 and 50 years old who speaks English well but has an accent. It is unknown at this point what his storyline will be about.


  289. Here’s my take: I think they are just taking it slow and probably not announcing it to everyone (including the “documentary” crew and cameras). I bet there will be some flirty-flirt glances and the like, but I don’t think it will be overt (until the launch party maybe?). I think they might trade places with Dwangela and be the secret office romance while they let Dwangela become the focal point, taking a lot of pressure off JAM but still leaving us the viewers wanting more. And as for Ryan flirting with Pam, I wouldn’t put it past him, but I don’t think that’s what he’s up to in that picture — I think they’re just laughing about something….

  290. Hey Office Tally – Ask Ausiello has been updated with some Jam action!!!

    Question: Have to tell you that I am still talking about running into you at Sapporo East outside Harrisburg two weeks ago. I pretty much tell everyone. No one is quite as excited as me, but they all appreciate the idea. I think that me hunting you down in Pennsylvania deserves anything you’ve got regarding the opening episode of The Office! — Natalie
    Ausiello: Funny, I’m still talking about our meeting, too… usually as I pass the security guards on my way into the office. “You remember what I told you Natalie looks like, right?” I ask them. “Yes, Mike,” they groan. “We’ll shoot to stun.” I kid, I kid. In fact, since it’s you asking, I’ll spill what Office-mate Brian Baumgartner (aka Kevin) told me at the Emmys. “I know that Pam was asked out on a date by Jim, and I think they might have gone out on that date,” he said. “I’m not exactly sure.” Which, translated, means, “I believe we will find out in the first hour-long episode.” In it, as Baumgartner revealed, “Kevin becomes an investigative journalist, not unlike you, and tries to determine their relationship.” And if he really is anything like me, he won’t rest until he knows for sure.

  291. MONEY
    10-18-2007 9:00PM

    EASY COME, EASY GO–As Jan (Melora Hardin) renovates the condo, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) confronts his growing debt every way he can, which includes pressuring his employees for a loan. Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) spend a night out on Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) family farm, now a bed and breakfast. B.J. Novak, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein, Mindy Kaling, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson also star.

  292. “Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) spend a night out on Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) family farm, now a bed and breakfast.”

    thats pretty exciting! can’t wait! beet farm is back!

  293. Did I just read the words “Jim,” “Pam” and “bed” all in the same sentence? Oh my…

    ::fanning myself::

  294. wow – the “Money” episode sounds like it’s really going to get the JAM fans going! I cannot wait for this season to start! Is it crazy that I have the season premiere marked down on my calendar and have already made sure I have absolutely no other plans that night? Probably not, right?

  295. Spend the night on Dwights farm?!! Yes! I can’t wait, that is comedy gold right there. Plus, “spend the night together” that has to be a good sign. :)

  296. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I cannot HANDLE that synopsis for ‘Money’. It’s so wonderful and RIDICULOUSLY ABSURD. I AM SO EXCITED. Seriously, I am in the library right now and am making gasping, choking noises trying not to be to loud, but I might have to leave the building for a minute and go laugh outside.

    *gets out of chair and dashes off*

  297. hahaha dwights dream of owning a bed and breakfast is coming true! granted it isn’t in hell with satan, but the schrute farm with mose is a close second.

  298. WHAT!?! That episode sounds hilarious, but am I reading this synopsis right? Pam and Jim at Dwight’s farm which is now a Bed & Breakfast?! That can’t be true. But what I am wondering about is why Dwight’s farm is now a Bed & Breakfast. It would be hilarious if Michael forced Dwight to turn Schrute Farm into a B&B so he could make money. Also, does this mean we get to see the return of Mose? One can only hope.

  299. Well, I guess the synopsis for “Money” answers a few questions we’ve had so far–Pam and Jim definitely seem to be dating, and it doesn’t seem to be a secret. But this new episode definitely raises another question for me:

    Why the HECK would Pam and Jim go to Dwight’s (former) beet farm voluntarily? Can’t wait to see how that gets set up…

  300. The synopsis for Money made me laugh so hard! It just proves that The Office is great when you burst into hysterics upon reading their episode synopsis’s.

    Dwight’s family farm now a bed and breakfast? I am -amazed-.

  301. Pam and Jim on Dwight’s beet farm. I cannot imagine any other scenario that tickles me more. We’ll probably get great JAM stuff, and the opportunity for the JAM super-duo to react to Dwight’s farm? Cannot. Wait.

    I think I’m going to watch all 3 seasons this coming week to keep me from going crazy – all of these fantastic episode descriptions and this anticipation of the premiere is killing me.

  302. Didn’t Jenna say that she was really excited about the 4th episode on her blog? The B&B&B (Bed & Breakfast & Beets) date sounds tremendous :-)

  303. I don’t believe Ryan and Pam are flirting. (People are trying to create controversy where this is none.) He probably walked in and said something funny or smug and got a Pam reaction.

    Oh, and the Dwight Schrute Bed & Breakfast? That’s classic. I wonder if he’s making his goal salary of $80,000 a year yet. Plus, I can’t ignore that Jim and Pam are going, presumably together, presumably in the same room, and same bed… Interesting, indeed.

    I’m so excited about next Thursday!

  304. I’m excited that we get to see the Schrute beet farm. I wonder if cousin Mose will be poking around. At some point I’d like Dwight’s parents to appear on the show, not just for Jim’s reaction but also to see how ended up like he is.

  305. I hate to be pessimistic but I hope the subtitle “EASY COME, EASY GO” is just refering to Michael’s money or Michael & Jan and not Jim & Pam.

  306. Pam + Jim + Bed and Breakfast = SQQUUUEEEEEEEEEE!

    That rocks…but will Dwight make them sleep in separate rooms? Or, if his B&B is all booked up, will he (translation: Angela, since Dwight is obviously the woman in the relationship) make them hang a sheet between them like in “It Happened One Night”??

    I’m SOO PSYCHED for this episode!!

  307. Perhaps Dwight gives the offer a reduced rate at the B & B & B to get business going. He kinda owes it to Pam for her brief stint as Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager.

  308. Oh my gosh! “Money” sounds like an AMAZING episode!
    I already think that this season will be just as good as Season 2, and that’s saying A LOT!

  309. OMIGOD!!! Sounds like the best episode ever. Jim and Pam, together? In the same house? in the same room? in the same bed? AHH Thursdays can’t come soon enough!!!

  310. Okay, “Money” is going to rock, not only because of Jammy goodness at the B&B, but we will also get to see Dwight achieving his greatest dream—being the owner of a bed and breakfast! The only question remaining is whether or not he’s co-owning with Satan.
    And will Jim and Pam’s sheets be made of fire?? Hmm….

  311. “Pam and Jim spend a night out” … did anyone else’s’ heart skip a beat? *Rushes to circle October 18th on his calender*

    What if the title eludes to a Jim/Pam break up? Easy come-Easy go.
    They wouldn’t to that to us, would they?

    I am now afraid.
    Very afraid.

  312. J.D.,

    Absolutely! And it’s about time, too…don’t you think? ;) Will there be a trumpet (or was it a bugle? I forget) beside the bed? Perhaps that’s how the B&B guests get their breakfast…bugle/trumpet call.

    I’m swimming in squeeeness here people! :)

  313. Vampire-Bat Jim,

    The title of the episode is “Money”, not Easy Come, Easy Go. That was just a tagline.

    Thank goodness.

  314. Re: #432 (Matt) and #441 (Vampire-Bat Jim): You guys raise good points, and it could well work out that way, but it assumes the “easy-come” element, and I think most of us can be in agreement that it has been anything but easy for Jim and Pam to get from the Cugino’s (sp?) “Best first date is also my worst first date” to the point of “Then it’s a date” at the end of last season. Of course, this is all a matter of semantics. But still, let’s be hopeful until proven otherwise.

  315. 447- I think they’re being deliberately misleading about how/why they get there and what they will be doing. I DO wish they’d stop leaving The Office so much, though!!!

  316. This season hasn’t even started yet and I’m more excited then I can put into words!! Come on Thursday!!

  317. Jennifer,

    It was a toy trumpet I believe, though Jim and Pam may have to settle for Dwight’s recorder. And I misquoted the line earlier. The walls of Jericho were toppling, not crumbling. I agree with you, by the way, it’s about time. In the words of Mr. Andrews, “Let ’em topple!”

  318. It says they “spend a night” out at the farm, not “spend the night.” For some reason, and I’m probably ridiculously bogged down in semantics, but to me that doesn’t suggest they have sex or even sleep over. Sounds like they go out for a visit.
    I could be way off base, but in my opinion, there will be no “Moonlighting Effect” on “The Office.” I have faith in our writers to keep the tension going and leave us all wanting more.

  319. J.D.,

    Recorder?!? That would be DAWESOME. :) Love that.

    Also, I think that if they visited but didn’t spend the night that would be good too. Someone had it right: prank! prank! Prank at the beet farm! Prank! Prank! Prank at the beet farm! (lame imitation of Kelly saying, “Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion show at lunch!”) :)

  320. CH (#459), I understand what you’re saying, but why would JAM go to a bed and breakfast if they weren’t planning to sleep over?

  321. I agree with AP about the loss of sexual tension whenever a TV couple hook up. That’s why whenever I read posts of Jammers all upset that Jim and Pam weren’t together in S3 I thought “be careful what you wish for”. That’s why I really hope Karen sticks around for a while this season for some awkwardness so it won’t get boring during the honeymoon phase of this relationship.

  322. 458- But don’t you think they had to get together at some point? I mean who wants to watch 9 years of will they/won’t they?

    I am happy that they’re together, I think it gives the show a chance to focus a little less on the Pam/Jim dynamic, and a little more on the supporting cast, who I don’t think we know nearly well enough.

  323. Wow! People jump to some pretty wild conclusions. Trust in this writing staff. If we’ve learned anything in 3 seasons it’s that things won’t happen exactly as you are expecting.

  324. My two cents on the bed and breakfast thing:
    My first reaction was excitement…not over spending the night (or “a” night), but just how cool it will be to see Jim and Pam at the Dwight’s beet farm. Personally, I have yet to be let down by the writers of this show. Though I am a little worried that things will change if Jim and Pam are actually dating, I still think The Office will be as good as ever.

    And I think people should stop making judgments about the show (one that’s 4 episodes away!) and the season before we’ve seen it and just wait and see what happens.

  325. I bet Dwight made his house into a B&B to help get Michael out of debt, I mean there has to be a connection between the two plots.

  326. We should remember that Mike Schur and others have said Jim and Pam aren’t together in a predictable way, so let’s not read too much into this little synopsis. Let’s revisit some of the past…

    -The Return: “Jim turns to Karen and Pam for help to stage a prank on a new target.” Yeah, we know Karen did NOTHING in that situation.

    -Cocktails: “At the party, Jim meets Karen’s ex.” Turns out that wasn’t even real, so 0-2, NBC.

    -Branch Closing: “When Jan tells Michael the Scranton branch will be shutting down, Michael strives to keep his staff’s spirits up.” I think we’ll all agree that bolstering is the LAST thing Michael did that day.

    So there you have it, three examples of why these paragraph blurbs are not to be trusted. Let’s just wait and see how the season kicks off before we make rushes to judgment…

  327. Yes, the tension between Jim and Pam lasted us through Seasons 1 and 3 and it’s what attracted us to the characters in large part. If the writers pull out the same ol’ will they/won’t they dynamic again for Season 4, though, then I’ll be seriously disappointed. These characters need to make some progress, and not necessarily together. (Although I think we all realize where the developments have been leading.) My point? We’re worried about manufactured tension, but that’s exactly what we’re going to have if Season 4 resurrects the relationship Jim and Pam had for years. I enjoyed that awkward friendship, too, but doesn’t anybody else think it’s played out?

  328. Well then, maybe the show should have ended in two seasons. Gervais knew what he was doing. Personally, I’d rather see a Dwight spin off then turning them into a Ross and Rachel or heaven forbid, J.D. and Elliot situation.

    Horrors of horrors if they go with the Jim and Pam are only together to find the “real person” they’re supposed to be with idea. Roy and Karen are essentially losers. New people means new characters and Meredith is never going to be heard from again.

  329. Like I said last season, I have complete faith in the writers.

    I don’t think the show’s going to go downhill with Jim/Pam. I think they’re going to hide whatever’s going on between them away from The Office…so there’s the tension. I mean, wasn’t there stuff out there about Kevin doing some investigating? I’ll be very surprised if Jim/Pam date openly.

    Bottom line: Jim/Pam together is not the end of the show. Period. And the writers are much smarter than to have Jim/Pam date on and off all season long. That’s just torture. I think they’ve been through enough.

  330. this show is called ‘the office’ not ‘the jim and pam show’. yes their relationship affects a portion of what the show is, but whatever happens “the show must go on” i’m as crazy as most about the jim/pam story, but i won’t let that break my loyalty to the show. i hope everything works out and i know that i shouldn’t trust everything it says. its a gray area with the synopsis everytime.

  331. I think everybody that is worried about the shows’ future needs to take it down a notch. Have we been disappointed yet? I know that i’ve been satisfied. I think that the writers have a handle on what their fans deserve. We should all just have faith and brace our selves for a most excellent season

  332. Re: AP (#458) and zorro (#467). Excellent points! But I think the crucial element here is how well the relationship resonates with the audience, not whether Jim and Pam are together. Ross/Rachel, David/Maddie, etc use romantic tension to “tease” the audience in the same way “24” uses the tension of a car chase, i.e. goal attainment.

    On the other hand, Jim and Pam “speaks” to most of us because we have been in Jim or Pam’s position before. There’s undeniably a will-they-won’t-they element involved, but in this case, it’s more that we want them to be together and be happy, because in a way, it’s like we could be happy someday too. Jim and Pam are a real-life fairy tale presented in very tangible, heartfelt terms. The beauty of the little moments in Jim and Pam’s friendship are not inextricably linked to romantic tension, e.g. one could argue Pam’s voicemails in “The Carpet” work as well if they were a couple. Jim and Pam will continue to be compelling as long as aspects of their relationship are presented in the beautifully subtle way that we can either relate to from our personal experience, or wish could happen to us.

  333. The potential hilarity of Mose/Dwight interacting for a night on their ranch with JAM COMPLETELY overshadows any worries about the Jim/Pam relationhip arc, imho.

  334. It sounds like Dwight’s wildest dream may be coming true! He has a bed and breakfast now-is he co-owning it with the devil and making $80K?

  335. Even though I shouldn’t judge it before I’ve seen it…this sounds like a filler episode. I’m probably wrong though but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  336. i believe in the writers. jim and pam still have a long way to go. season 3 took a turn that we didn’t expect with the whole jim/pam sitch. why wouldn’t they do that with season 4 too? the writers even said that it would be a surprise and NOT what we’re expecting.

    on another note, a bed and breakfast at dwight’s beet farm? that is EXCELLENT.

  337. I think the tension between Jim and Pam as friends is totally played out. They need to be a couple. For example, Friends was at its best when Ross and Rachel were together, yes it was wonderful when they were pining after each other for the season and a half that they were but viewers wanted to see them together and when we did it was great.
    It didn’t take away from the show in fact I think it gave MORE to the show by allowing other characters to shine. I think the biggest mistake the writers can make is to either continue to keep them apart or put them together and then break them up. Again with Friends once R&R broke up it was downhill from there. I hope Jim and Pam are together from here on out, so we can get on with the show!

  338. Bloody hell people, c’mon, if Pam and Jim never got together you’d be following this show grumbling to the end of the earth like that guy from Lord of the Rings. Now there’s a slight chance they’re going to get together and your apalled and think it’ll end the show. It WON’T, don’t you have faith in these writers, these same writers that have made your Thursdays fantastic these past years, to make this show awesome no matter what?

  339. I have to agree ES, if Jim and Pam get together it won’t be the end of the show. I’d like to see a show with a will they/won’t they couple get together before the series finale and break the mold. It would be more interesting to watch a developing relationship. Plus there are many ways they can handle the relationship and keep it realistic. For instance, they could be taking it slow. Just an example.

  340. i agree #488 & #489, i want to see that too. just because they’re together doesn’t mean they are without problems. i mean, let’s face it, we are all going to have to undergo a jim/pam breakup at some point, but they will always end up together. the season finale doesn’t have to be another “i’m in love with you” it could be a “i do”.

  341. Re: #491: I agree that the Jim/Pam relationship is as much a part of the show as the comedy. The raison d’etre is naturally the comedy, but being the subplot doesn’t make Jim/Pam any less integral to the show. It’s the primary counterpoint to the comedy, not a “problem” that has to be “solved” so the show can “move on”.

    zorro, I have to disagree on the rest of your post. Ross/Rachel is a precedence that has been cited as a reason to be pessimistic, and maybe there are parallels. However, I think a more apt comparison might be Doug/Carol from “ER”. It’s not wholly similar, but Doug is a charming, funny guy, while Carol is the voice of compassion and reason in the craziness of the “ER”; they have an easy, effortless chemistry, and it’s a relationship that’s handled with more maturity (pretty much as Jim/Pam is) than Ross/Rachel, which being the typical sitcom-y relationship, has more of a comic undertone. As a couple, Doug/Carol were as compelling as ever (until Clooney’s departure), and “ER” was still a great show after they got together (decline didn’t start till year 8, and has nothing to do with Doug/Carol).

  342. The writers have concocted the storyline of two ppl who secretly pine for each other developing within the ‘realism’ of an office setting. We watch for the comedy, and we are enticed by the budding romance. If the writers are going for realism then the JAM relationship will only be baby steps and bumps this season, with bigger developments NEXT season, and the final steps for the sixth–perhaps marriage and/or kids. Successful shows tend to weaken after a sixth or seventh season, so it’s likely they will end on a high note. As Greg Daniels said, the JAM relationship this season is NOT going to be what people expect. If they care about the fans, they won’t let us down, but they will make us wait, because real-life makes us wait, too.

  343. zorro, you misunderstand me. The gist of my argument is that the appeal of Jim/Pam is not (solely) in the tease of the will-they-won’t-they element, but that it’s the ultimate wish-fulfillment for most of us. In the UK Office, there’s a Tim TH where he said a true connection between two people is so hard to come by, and that’s what Jim/Pam provides in a fictional context. We love Jim/Pam because we hope we could have a friendship like theirs; that they are eminently relatable as characters only serve to accentuate the resonance of this relationship. In a way, Jim/Pam are more like Lorelai/Rory on “Gilmore Girls”, which presents the parent/child relationship in a way that most parents and kids would love to have. The problems that Lorelai and Rory face are eminently relatable to most parents and kids, but at the heart of this relationship is this extremely appealing element that parents can be best friends to their kids. As long as the friendship between Jim and Pam is presented in very relatable terms, whilst keeping at its heart the fact that Jim and Pam are true soulmates to each other, then they will never lose their appeal.

  344. i completely agree, _bales. we’re all entitled to our own opinions! anyway moving on i am so excited to see mose aka michael schur in “money”! and i think that is such a great title, too!

  345. We were watching football and they just showed a new promo for Fun Run. Pam walks in on Michael who is pantless and another clip shows Jim doing a TH with no shirt on! Can’t wait!

  346. _bales, those were some excellent comparisons. Especially Doug/Carol. I loved them as a couple. More than when they were apart.

    Actually, word to absolutely everything you’ve said. I couldn’t agree more.

    Sorry zorro, I just don’t agree with you at all. Ross/Rachel and Sam/Diane aren’t the template that all tv shows have to go by (see Doug and Carol). I wasn’t invested in Jam for the ‘will they/won’t they’ factor (I mean, OBVIOUSLY they were always going to get together, no matter how long it took). I just love their relationship. I love their banter and their obvious love for each other (I want that relationship myself, dammit!). Neither of which is going to change now they’re together. As long as they keep being ridiculously cute and pranking Dwight, their appeal isn’t going to diminish (maybe for you, but not for me and many others).

    Also, I read fanfiction (laugh it up), and my favourites are ALWAYS the ones set in the future with them as a couple. I love that insight into their lives together. That’s what I want to see.

    And Dov Cohen – I totally agree with your rough timeline.

  347. Did anyone else notice that those synopsis all say also starring Craig Robinson? Does that mean we’ll be seeing a lot more of Darryl?

  348. zorro, primarily-

    Season Two’s brilliance may never be matched. People may say they want to see two people together but they don’t. They want to see the tension beforehand because a) it’s more relatable, and b) it makes for better TV.

    HOWEVER, the show is evolving. I would rather see the relationship change and show it’s different aspects over the life of the show. When it’s all said and done I want to have a collection showing the alpha and the omega of Jam.

    Creating Season 2A, 2B, etc. would be funny and heartfelt, but it would also be easy. And far from the realm of realism, which the Jim/Pam aspect has always brought to this faux-documentary.

    I heart Season Two to death and may hold it as the greatest collection of TV episodes ever. But I’m ready for Season Four, not more of the same.

  349. I’m not saying that Jim and Pam will get together this season, I was making an argument against the moonlighting/sam and diane type relationship popular on tv, popular because its a means to get ratings. I think it would be nice to see one of types of couples get together before the final season or series finale, which is standard in those type of tv relationships

  350. Wow, nobody’s seen the spoiler clips of “Fun Run” on IESB yet? There are six of them. And ladies I KNOW you’re going to like clip 4(and it’s not because of Michael)! From what I see of Season 4 Pam looks great and Jan is [email protected]#in’ nuts!

  351. why did i just get BEYOND excited and smiled like a geek reading zorro’s comment?? wow. therapy is needed for this addiction, asap.

    although, i too, am frightened for what this relationship may do to the tone of the show, but it needs to happen…

  352. If you look closely towards the end of the EW video clip of John and Jenna, you can see a small gold band on Jenna’s finger. I assumed it was Jenna’s and that the video was shot before she separated from her husband. But maybe the ring is Pam’s.

  353. “Local Ad”
    THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF ADVERTISING– When the Scranton branch is asked to participate in a Dunder Mifflin ad, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) seizes his chance to exhibit his creativity. Meanwhile, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) explores the online world of Second Life. John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J Novak, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Paul Lieberstein, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson also star.

  354. I can tell what’s going to happen in “Money.” Jim and Pam, for whatever reason, decide to stay at Dwight’s Bed & Breakfast. Jim goes to pay with his credit card, but Dwight doesn’t take credit or something like that. Jim probably offers to pay when he gets back into the city, but Dwight doesn’t trust him, so he forces them to work off their debt on his beet farm.

  355. Dwight on 2nd life! Ha I can’t wait to see what kind of profile he makes for himself.

  356. The synopsis for “Local Ad” – besides the Second Life subplot – sounds exactly like a Spongebob episode from a couple years ago, of all things (titled “As Seen On TV”). It’ll be interesting to compare the two after this one airs. (By the way, “As Seen On TV” is hilarious, so “Local Ad” has a high standard to meet.)

  357. Never mind. I just figured out what Second Life is.

    Thank you very much, Wikipedia!

    (BTW, that Spongebob episode is comedy gold)

  358. Can’t they just say Karen has a new job? Do we really have to show it? Or talk about it? Or cast a new person(s)? Did I miss the episodes where Karen gets a personality and isn’t boring?

    I hope Ausiello is just full of crap.


    If this is true, I’ll be joining the agnostics in the no faith zone.

    But I’m sure Ausiello is just BSing.

    I hope.

  359. I don’t get it. Why would they bring Karen back? Hasn’t she served her purpose already? I don’t think that character was that interesting or funny, to justify an entire new story line around her.

  360. Are we to believe DM has hired Karen back after walking out like she did? I don’t buy it.

    Perhaps she works for the local advert. company producing the commercial.

    Also, are we supposed to think Karen is some big threat to Jim and Pam’s relationship? Puh-leaze. Karen’s not a threat to anyone but herself.

  361. I was listenig to a random podcast the other day and the host of the show was from the upstate New York town of Utica. At the end of the podcast he said that the producers of The Office are contacting Utica businesses, radio stations, restaurants, etc. for props because they are going to be creating a Utica branch of Dunder Mifflin. Maybe Karen transferred to this branch, and some people from the Scranton branch (Jim and Pam?) have to go up there for some reason (a meeting or training session, etc.). Maybe that is the reason why Karen is going to be making an appearance. Hopefully, for Jim and Pam’s sake, this will only be an awkward, one episode appearance for her. I agree with what M said. Can’t the producers just say Karen has a new job? Why do they need to bring her back? Oh well, I guess there has to be some type of a roadblock for Jim and Pam.

  362. i am too excited for the money episode

    the more we see dwight in his natural element, the better

    plus, who doesn’t love jim in casual wear?

  363. Building a storyline around Second Life is no different than building a storyline around Call of Duty.

    And I really hope Hunter’s band made it, because it sounds like Ryan’s not keep him on as an assistant.

    Or maybe he’s earning a living as a James Van Der Beek look alike.

  364. I just had a scary thought. I read from someone’s comments under the new DMInfinity promo section that BJ Novak claimed he would have issues with Jim. With the return of Karen for two episodes (is this one full hour episode which they consider 2 full half eps or she’ll be on 2 thursdays?), could this mean that Karen is suing Jim for sexual harassment? He was technically her slight superior and she could claim she felt she could never get ahead after he broke up with her, that he made her feel as though she were not welcome at the office. BJ could be trying to clean up and instigate a no-dating rule which would solve his kelly problem (and mean a prob for PB&J)…

  365. RixChick ~ A no-dating policy could be a way they go. I’m not so sure about lawsuit though. That seems a little over the top.

    I don’t understand why dating couples at DM, they way their policy is now (as if I know the actual wording of the policy or something), don’t just disclose to HR. What’s the big deal?

    Maybe I just don’t understand corporate America, but if that’s the way to legally and ethically date within the office, why wouldn’t you just do that, Jim/Pam and Dwight/Angela?

  366. “Office producers are currently casting the role of her assistant, a twentysomething metrosexual who is friendly and has a good energy.”

    Don’t we know someone who could be cast for this? LOL

    [from tanster: hmmm. can’t imagine who.]

  367. RixChick — I’ve thought that for a while now! A no dating rule would certainly end his Kelly problems once and for all. I bet Ryan catches wind of Jim turning down the job and considering the problems he says are in store between them, he institutes the policy to peeve Jim off even more…

    I wouldn’t put it past Karen to sue Jim either — hell hath no fury…

  368. I would like to see Karen back because I think Jim was kind of an a-hole to just leave her in NYC and I need to see consequences to that.

  369. Did anyone else notice that David Denman (Roy) appears in the cast list on the NBC website description for “Branch Wars”?

  370. There was another promo that aired during the Bears v. Packers game, unfortunately I am not blessed with DVR, but its basically the same scenes as the other one except with a bit more of Michael. I know he says “I’ll bring the pizza.” (For the party I assume?)

  371. I’m curious as to what the premise of Branch Wars will be. Is Scranton going to have to fight corporate downsizing by competing against another branch like Buffalo? Maybe DMI isn’t an immediate success, thus necessitating further downsizing.

  372. #525 – That’s just their default “Show Cast” list. Notice that it doesn’t mention Ed Helms, Craig Robinson, or Creed Bratton.

  373. k, I noticed that Denman’s name appeared on all of season 4’s episodes on the site so far. I think they might have forgot to remove it. Either that or there is some secret deleted scenes that we are not privy to :P

  374. I wonder if Jim will have to make a sales call and the person he has to sell to is Karen. And I have to wonder if Ryan’s new assistant will look like Pam.

  375. what is “second life”? on the synopsis for Local Ad it says Dwight explores the online world of Second Life… what is that?

  376. BATTLE OF THE BRANCHES-RASHIDA JONES (“Boston Public”) GUEST STARS–When Karen (guest star Rashida Jones) tries to woo Stanley (Leslie David Baker) away from Scranton, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) fights back, dragging her ex, Jim (John Krasinski), into his war. Meanwhile, the existence of a “Finer Things Club” further disturbs Dunder Mifflin’s calm. Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, B.J Novak, Ed Helms, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Paul Lieberstein, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson also star.

  377. For Branch Wars, does this mean that Karen disappeared because she was offered a regional manager job at Dunder-Mifflin? I don’t think the title “Branch War” would apply unless Scranton was fighting with another branch over Stanley. Maybe I’m way off base in my reasoning.

    [From tanster: Callan, I think you are right on target.]

  378. I think you’re right, Callan.
    It seems like that would also leave open the possibility of seeing Karen from time to time down the road. As much as I didn’t want Jim and Karen together, I do like the character.

    What is a “Finer Things Club?”

  379. “Branch Wars” sounds awesome – and I don’t say that about just any episode. It sounds as if several characters will be in interesting positions, and if the “Finer Things Club” is instituted by the new, cocky “I’m so great” Ryan, all the better. Even if it’s not, it should still be amusing. I’m looking forward to this one more than any other that’s been announced so far.

  380. I definitely thought it was weird that Karen would emphatically declare that she wasn’t going to compromise her career just because Jim broke up with her, then suddenly went back on everything she said and quit. I think she got a better offer- wasn’t the one branch manager from Albany pretty incompetent? I bet she got his job.

  381. RE: #537 I looked to see what I could find about the “finer things” club.

    They started a Finer Things club (for men) at the University of Pittsburgh.

    From their student paper:
    The University Society for the Finer Things is a cigar club that teaches people how to carry themselves in business situations. The organization’s president, Chris Weber, stated that the organization teaches its membership necessities such as etiquette and instructions on tying a bow tie. (2002)

  382. Why would Karen try to hire Stanley away? Stanley of all people? He has to be the worst salesperson in Scranton, this one already sounds great.

  383. I thought Stanley was the only one who did his job while everyone was goofing off. He has to pay for college for his daughter, after all. ;)

    Am I the only one who really and truly doesn’t care what Karen thinks about Jim and Pam? I mean…whatever. They existed before her. Her opinion of them shouldn’t matter so much.

  384. Does that mean that Karen has an important position at another branch? That’d be pretty interesting.

  385. I agree, ES…might as well have Roy and Katie weigh in on the situation, too, while we’re at it.

  386. Branch Wars looks awesome! Too bad it’s not an hour. Oh well. I agree with both 543 & 544. Like honestly, Karen, get out of here. No offense to anyone who likes her, but Jim and Pam are together now. She knew they should’ve been and probably would’ve been, and I don’t really care what she thinks about it because she really just was the “rebound girl”.

  387. I agree with everybody- I feel like the Karen card has been played. She served her purpose.

    Does anybody else think that Michael dragging Jim into it is a bad idea? All Karen’s gonna think when she sees Jim is “You dumped me by a fountain.”

  388. I don’t think he regrets it. The CFO David Wallace probably made Karen the Utica branch RM over Jim because he turned down the job at corporate. David’s probably like if he wants to stay in Scranton then I’ll give the job to somebody else!” I hope we see David feeling rejected and miffed at Jim as well as Karen!

  389. I definitely agree with you AP; Jim said in LP that he withdrew his name from consideration for the corporate job. If the butterflies ever stop fluttering, what he’s traded off for Pam will start to become a sore subject. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  390. Nov. 8 Episode: Survivor Man
    The same source as always, i don’t have the link right now.

  391. If Karen is the Utica RM than everyone in the Scranton office but Jim and Pam now knows it because JAM were up on the roof while all the Dunder Mifflin RMs were saying their greetings on the launch party webcast.

  392. I feel like the whole branch would know, including Jim and Pam, if Karen was a Regional Manager. Someone would have probably told Ryan and, knowing Michael, everyone in the office would know that within 2.5 seconds.

  393. Just to play devil’s advocate, if it’s true, then there’s a good chance Michael isn’t aware that Karen is a regional manager of another branch. He isn’t exactly knowledgeable about anything that occurs outside the Scranton Wilkes-Barre area, or even his own little world.

  394. It’s interesting that people think that Jim is going to be the one who is feeling badly about what he’s let go for Pam. I actually thought that Pam would be the one who becomes upset, when she finds out. In several episodes she talks about Jim’s (wasted) potential, and I think that she would be upset to know that he gave up such opportunities for her. (I know I would in her situation.)

    I also feel like this might be the case because of how the Ryan vs. Jim conflict was described by B.J. Novak (Paraphrased: Ryan chose the greedy path, while Jim is the opposite of that.. to a fault.)

  395. Nice point LL. Jim has always encouraged Pam to do what she wants. Maybe she’ll do the same this season. Not paper sales wise, but it would be interesting to see what Jim wants to do with his life.

  396. I agree, Elisabeth. Maybe we’ll get to see Jim play the guitar or in the Tour de France or something (-;

  397. Hey Tanster, did the Tallyhead who won the Sierra Mist thing give you any info on the episode?

    [from tanster: yes. but i don’t know when i’ll be able to post it.]

  398. INTO THE WOODS-SPECIAL GREEN WEEK EPISODE–After Ryan (B.J. Novak) excludes Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) from a corporate wilderness retreat, Michael heads into the woods for his own survival adventure with nothing but the suit on his back. Back at work, Jim (John Krasinski) tries to revolutionize the office birthday party. Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Ed Helms, Angela Kinsey, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Mindy Kaling, Paul Lieberstein, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson also star.

  399. There is no way that Jim and Karen will EVER get back together.
    I’m honestly not worried.

  400. “Michael heads into the woods for his own survival adventure with nothing but the suit on his back.”

    Are you kidding me?

  401. Woo! Karen lives in the other armpit of NY! ;-) She totally deserves it. (I can say that, I’m from Utica.)

  402. I bet Michael tells that to Jim because from the rumors of Branch Wars, Karen tries to “woo” Stanley away, so Micahel’s telling Jim to get Karen out of the office. I hope.

  403. Aw, I wonder if it’s Pam’s birthday and that’s why Jim goes to all the trouble. That would be cute.

  404. Yeah! Karen totally deserves to live in Utica for stealing Jim away from Pam! Oh wait, actually Pam rejected Jim and he used Karen to get over her.

  405. My thoughts exactly, 569. I’m approaching this episode like walking on eggshells; it could go either way. Remember when he used to sit behind a desk and just talk about how great he thought he was? *sigh* Those were the days.

  406. Have faith, OfficeHeads! PB&J are strong — their relationship won’t be hurt by job insecurities or the return of Karen. Jim worried about what he “gave up” for Pam? I don’t think so! Besides, Jim is a romantic — remember his teapot gift to Pam in Season 2? They’re finally together, which is what both of them have wanted for….forever. Now let’s see what happens to Angela and Dwight!

  407. Lynda – Utica is in upstate NY. I mapquested it and it’s close to a 3 hour drive from Scranton. I don’t think Jim would be interested in starting up a long distance relationship with this ex when he has the love of his life in his backyard. I’m not too worried about the Michael comment, Jim never listens to anything Michael has to say anyway (with the one exception of “never give up”, that was sound advice).

  408. Aaww I bet Jim is planning Pam’s birthday! But wait – on Jenna’s (and Pam’s) myspace page, it says she is an Aries, but her birthday is March 7 (Pisces. I’m an Aries and that starts March 21). So maybe Pam is the Aries? Or is it that poor Jenna doesn’t know her true sign? Or did she just pick out the *BEST* sign for her beloved character Pam (-:

  409. I dunno, I think it’s Creed’s birthday. Didn’t he keep saying that his birthday’s in November? And couldn’t you imagine annoying Michael (“the older you get the greater chance you’re gonna die”) doing a happy birthday party for him? Maybe Creed could pull a Kelly and slap Michael. Or maybe the Survivor Man could be a double title, like Michael says Creed’s a survivor for living to 82 or something. lol I’d love that!

    Sorry for the ramble…

  410. michael probably tells jim to sleep with karen so that jim can “woo” her into not stealing stanley.

    just a guess?

  411. Honestly, i don’t see how the writers could have jim and karen get back together and make it believable to the viewers. This show has been one of the most believable show’s i’ve ever seen. All of the characters tend to react the way any normal person would, i don’t see karen and jim happening.

  412. No, they won’t. I would seriously stop watching it if they did, and I think the writers know that.

  413. Anyone else see E!News last night? They showed filming footage from an upcoming episode of The Office. I assume it was from Branch Wars. Jim, Michael, and Dwight were together, in “Utica”, hiding in a car, dressed in uniforms that looked like ones from the warehouse. I believe Jim had a fake moustache on. Then Jim and Karen had a confrontaion while he was still in the car. She said something along the lines of “What are you doing here?”

    It was footage from Kristen’s visit to the set. It also showed her interviewing Steve and Raiin.

    Good stuff.

  414. Oh, Watch with Kristin, how many rumours you give, how frequently you are wrong…I think they feed her false (or harmless) info on purpose.

  415. Kristin is actually usually right but she just blows little details out of proportion.

  416. Karen’s return to Scranton causes a ruckus when she courts Stanley to relocate, prompting Michael to go on the offensive and recruit Jim in his battle. Elsewhere, a “Finer Things Club” riles the employees.

    Episode description of Branch Wars from

  417. If it was Michael wearing the mustache, I’d be worried. Jim MUST be doing it for a goof. He’s not stupid.

  418. Sorry I’m stupid I had to look it up…

    –noun 1. removal from an office or position.


  419. Back from Vacation

    Pam: Hannah quit while you were gone….so you might have to be deposed.

    July 8th Spoiler from Mindy: “We get to see a character who we think is no longer on the show.”

    Hannah Smoterich Barr?

  420. I thought Mindy said she was writing the sixth episode. That would be Branch Wars, so I’m sure it’s Karen who we think is “long gone.”

  421. Survivor Man? Do you think the birthday party Jim is revolutionizing is possibly for a very special girlfriend of his? I hope so.

  422. For those of you who have Youtube capabilities, E! News weekend aired the Kristin set visit to Utica and she interviews John and Rashida, and Steve and Rainn. They air it many times over the weekend.

  423. I’m not worried about Jim and Karen, especially after this week’s episode. I mean, he’s in love with her. He LOVES Pam. Its just where his heart is. A little encounter with his ex during his “awful times” wouldn’t hurt a thing.

  424. Why do I have this feeling Karen and Ryan are dating now and Michael tells Jim to get back together with her to make Ryan mad? Ryan tried to date Karen at one point while she was dating Jim, so it makes sense that he might go for her now that he knows Jim is with Pam.

    I’m just trying to think of a reason Michael would say that to Jim.

  425. PB&J – I agree with your thinking! I’ve thought for a while that Ryan would somehow hook up with Karen, considering he thinks Kelly is with Darryl and he knows that Jim is with Pam. Even Michael Scott wouldn’t say something like that to Jim without something behind it, like getting back at his new nemesis…

  426. From NBCUMV:

    “The Deposition”
    SUE CRAZY IN THE OFFICE–Michael finds himself between a rock and a hard place when Jan sues Dunder Mifflin and Michael is deposed as a witness. Meanwhile, Kelly trash-talks Pam after Darryl beats Jim at ping-pong.

  427. “kelly trashtalks pam after darryl beats jim at ping-pong”

    this should be hilariousss!

  428. Wow! OK two things I can conclude from this:

    1) Pam and Jim are still together after Jim seeing Karen after Branch Wars

    2) This is going to be awesomely INSANE.

  429. OMG! Two words that made me laugh for a good solid minute: PING and PONG. Wow. Just picturing Darryl playing that with Jim is too funny for words! Can’t wait!

  430. Why is everyone always trash-talking Pam? How dare anyone make fun of Pam? After all she’s been through- she went through a break up, she had to put up with Karen, and Michael! Jim ignored her for a year, she’s a human, leave Pam alone!

  431. Oh Kelly. Now you shall feel the wrath of the Jammers upon you. If you think we gave it to Karen…

  432. 597- OMG!! Maybe they’re bringing Roy back and we get to see his reaction to Pam and Jim!!! Cuz I thought he was done.

    And wow, “The Deposition”, that’s going to be an awesome episode. That’s an amazing plot with sooo much room for funny stuff!!! And wow, Jan has really hit rock bottom. Suing DM…wow. There are probably going to be more Jan/Ryan awkwardness.

  433. in season 2 it was angela and pam dealing with pam-pong. now its kelly and pam with

  434. Pam is doing great now. She has Jim now and is a lot less meek in the office. She can take a little trashtalk from Kelly. She’s become a much stronger person this year and I hope it continues.

  435. I loved tonight’s episode! did anyone else think there was a *tiny* bit of tension between Jim and Pam tonight or was that just me?

  436. I think, there was an awkward moment between Jim and Pam.As she was fulfilling her dreams with Jim’s encouragement,Jim’s professional dreams remain yet unfulfilled.Anyway, it may be very uncomfortable to share your “second life” self. On the other hand, I felt that Pam was not quite her sensitive self leaving Jim to find his own ride home.Very realistic though.
    I enjoy the show very much. Thanks.

  437. tanster- it is office week on e watch with kristen. there will be interviews and there is a video posted right now with her talking to steve on set. this might be old news to you but i thought i would give you a heads up anyway!

  438. 582: Jim said he was going to wait to tell Pam about Dwight and Angela until her birthday. I would think her birthday was coming up in the near future, otherwise that doesn’t make sense.

  439. i really don’t think the office could continue for 30 more episodes or more with everyone staying in the office, interacting in the work environment and having talking heads in the conference room. i know people are resistant to change and to moving outside the office but is the alternative better? i think we would all get very bored very fast.

  440. COLEreport, me too! I think the estimate for most returning shows is that if the strike happens this Thursday (earliest possible strike date), then there’s likely to be enough completed scripts for episodes to last till the end of February, assuming December is rerun month and January might have some reruns as well in order for the networks to save the new eps for February (sweeps month).

    I think the following site ( keeps pretty good updates on the strike situation. Hope all parties can come to an amicable arrangement, but I have to say my sympathies are with the writers on this.

  441. uhm..i don’t know if anyone mentioned this yet….
    but could the “long lost employee” possibly be Devan?

  442. Elisabeth, Greg Daniels made all of the convention attendees sign a pact in our own blood. It was all very official.

    But actually, we didn’t get any spoilers. One audience member asked if we could get any hints about what’s coming up, and a bunch of non-spoiled people in the audience started booing. Mike Schur started thanking them for booing.

    So yeah, unless someone spoke to Greg one-on-one and he said something, we got nothing. Except that we got to watch the first act of tonight’s ep.

  443. i hope when jim tries to “revolutionize” the office birthday party, angela flips out like she did about karen and pam trying to change the office christmas party.

    that would be gennniuusss. very excited.

  444. I just read that the 9th episode of this season is called “REALITY SCRANTON” where Michael watched trading spouses and got an idea for that warehouse people and the office people to switch jobs for one week.

  445. Bring Back Ricky Gervais as ANYTHING , Maybe someone to “tag team” the job with Ryan…

  446. It’s KILLING me that we were so. close. to supposedly the funniest episode ever. :(
    Oh, strike, when will you end?

  447. I saw Kristin in a video today say that they are going to work Angela pregnancy into the storyline once the show returns and daddy could be Dwight according to her

  448. Don’t want to be pessimistic, but the strike came at such a bad time for The Office. I really wanted to see the next episode! Also, Angela is pregnant and the show needs to start up again soon in order for that to make any sense in the story-line! Plus, Christmas is coming up and the Christmas specials are really good. And what’s with NBC trying to make all these reality shows? Celebrity Apprentice, Battle of the Choirs…. they all seem so stupid…. I miss my Office :(

  449. i have watched every episode of seasons 1-3 countless times, and i miss the new season!!!!! please everyone come to a compromise soon! i want to see Dinner Party and the rest of the season!!!

  450. What is the spoiler in the Personality quiz? I took it several times, but didn’t really “get” what the spoiler was supposed to be. Yes, driven crazy! I’ll take what I can get these days, Office-wise!

  451. AHHHH! Tanster! You are right – it is driving me crazy. I have a couple theories – the love contract? Is it going to bite Jim and Pam in the butt since they didn’t sign one? Or is it winning a million dollars? Hints, please! And….. how do you know there is a spoiler?

  452. is the spoiler “new housewives of lackawanna county” ????? the new housewife being pam? ha.

  453. HA!!

    “My family is:
    B. At work with me every day”

    Pam and/or Angela pregnant? Hmmm…

  454. Yes, could you please just tell us what the spoiler is? I’ve taken this quiz three times now and still haven’t got a clue. Also, being most like Jim isn’t that great, I didn’t need this quiz to know I don’t like my job.

  455. Well, of course I’m most like Pam! I strive to be like Pam every day! :)

    But come on, Tanster, what’s the spoiler??? Is it going on vacation with my boyfriend? The Newhouse of Lackawanna County?? What is it???

  456. The quiz is dawsome but I’ve taken the quiz 7 (yes you read that right) times and don’t know what it is! Please Tanster tell us! I need some new office info or else I might go crazy!

  457. ok.. most like Pam, didn’t see that coming!
    What is the spoiler please, and how are there spoilers anyway with no writing going on? *confusion*

  458. I’m sad, I have a spilt personality. I’m just like Pam AND Kelly! What does that mean? Anyways, I can’t find what the spoiler might be? There was lots of stuff that it might’ve been, but…Tanster please tell us!

  459. I’m a Jim, it seems, but I did it again to look for the spoiler and came out as a Jan. That’s a new kind of “Jam,” no?

    I still don’t see what the spoiler is.

  460. Is the spoiler the “vacation with my boyfriend” comment? (It’s one of the possible answers for the million dollar question…)

  461. Didn’t find any spoilers. I have a split personality. I’m most like Jim and Angela.

    Laid-back and judgmental?
    I guess. Yea, pretty much. Stupid accurate personality tests.

    Vampire-Bat Jangela?

  462. I’m most like Pam! Sweeet. Now if only I could find my own Jim Halpert (if he looked like John Krasinski, that would be an added bonus).

    As for the spoiler, is Jan starting a candle-making business? Maybe that was a detail in the dinner party episode…? Grasping at straws, here. Tanster, can you help us out??

  463. I can’t figure the spoiler out exactly, but I would just like to see a new episode so badly. I hate so much about the things the networks choose to be.

  464. i agree with 644.. i think its
    My family is at work with me everyday, except i think that it has to do with a marriage. I dont know who it’d be between though…

  465. I think that the “family” comment is from Michael since he always refers to the office as one big happy family. I am dying for the real spoiler though.

  466. I don’t think its the family thing, that just sounds like something Michael would say normally.

  467. I couldn’t figure it out either (and I went through the whole quiz twice!)
    I do like the thinking behind both 644 and 663’s comments, but the first thing I thought of when I read that question and choice B (re: my family is with me at work) was that was something Michael would say, don’t you think?
    “You cannot tear Stanley from his family like this.”
    “I’m pretty sure his family’s coming with him.”
    “No, his work family….You may have Toby.”

  468. Oh… god. I am most like Kelly. Though a lot of them I just kind of picked random ones because none of the answers applied to me. Tanster PLEASE give us a hint on the spoiler???

  469. It could be the “New Housewives of Lackawanna County” show…..maybe Pam and Jim get married! (I wish!)

  470. I’m most like Jim, and I’m a girl! Does the spoiler have something to do with having a car service? Starting a candle making business?

  471. The Family comment I think definitely goes with Michael. C’mon tanster, what’s the spoiler!

  472. is it the new housewives of lackawanna county??? is someone tying the knot?? Tanster, enlighten us!

  473. I am so happy! I am Jim. I am a girl version of Jim!! Just what I was trying to be due to the very obvious questions! I feel so accomplished. But what was the spoiler?

  474. Split personality – Jim and Pam. Perfect!

    I think it’s the “family at work” comment.

  475. Oh no – misread it – I’m also Jan and Pam. Not that they have anything in common.

  476. Family at work refers to Michael – his work “family” is his real “family” to him.

    Maybe it’s the candle thing.

  477. I’m most like Pam. And I’m guessing the spoiler is the “vacation with my boyfriend” thing.

  478. I’m thinking #14. My future is me not working at the same job I’m working at now. Jim or Pam???? I wish the show would come back on and we’d find out then.

  479. I don’t know if anyone has said this, but maybe Michael hires Jan after losing her case for her.

    Just a thought.

  480. I just took the test and I am a mix of Jan and Angela, which is strange because I am not a woman.

  481. OK, I am convinced, Pam wins 1 million dollars from a scratch-off at Michael’s dinner party. You heard it here first, people…

  482. I don’t think it would have anything to do with Jim or Pam hating work, because we’ve known that for the last five years.

    And I’m not counting on the vacation one, because i think it just represents the simplicity of Pam and what she really would do if she won a million dollars .. and I doubt getting a million dollars for free is the spoiler.

    The best bet if probably the candle making business just because it is so randomly put in there, and there is no character that we have already just assumed owns a candle making business on the side.

  483. Was the spoiler about having a martini even though she didn’t have a job? Does Meredith get fired?

  484. 678, Jim’s dream has always been not working at the job he has now, so I don’t know if that’s particularly it.

  485. Tanster – Is this a special spoiler that only you know? I didn’t think of that before…LOL!

  486. They said I was most like Jan… what does that mean? (Slowly crawls in a ball) I’m scared.

  487. Well, whatever the spoiler is, Tanster got what she wished for – this quiz is driving us crazy! lol.
    In the quiz I got Pam, yes!! But I was really close to being Kelly I think. *shudders*

  488. The only thing I can think of is Jim going out to get another job for real but that’s been hinted at so much that I really wouldn’t see it as a spoiler.

  489. Personality-Pam
    I think the spoiler is either the frozen yogurt one or the candle one……

  490. I’m a Jim, woohoo!
    I really should be doing my homework though…
    I think I’ll start after I figure out this spoiler.

  491. Ha..I’m both Michael and Jan.
    I really can’t figure out the spoiler, i’ve been staring at each question for like half an hour! lol

  492. I’m a Pam!!! Slash Jan…? ummm…..
    ok, I’m bummed. What’s the spoiler?

  493. I got Jim! But I can’t figure out the spoiler. : ( Help Tanster, you’re my only hope!

  494. I’m most like Pam (what a surprise … umm … not), but seriously what’s the spoiler … I couldn’t figure it out.

  495. Please give us a hint or something Tanster :)
    My brain is going to explode due to over thinking.

  496. The candle making business could be from Phylis knitting Michael an oven mitt, just a thought. I’m stumped!

  497. The spoiler is probably the question about “What do you see yourself doing in the future”, answer “Not working here”, meaning Jim will probably want to find a new job. That’s what I think.

  498. I’m a Pam. Not surprising but there’s a shout-out to Boscov’s department store! Will the store at Steamtown mall be featured in an upcoming episode?

  499. i’m a pam too!

    WHAT IS THE SPOILER?!? i’ve gone through the quiz like 4 times and i still can’t figure it out! tanster, this is mean!! you’re going to break my brain…

  500. maybe it could be the question that says “my family is…” and then it says at work with me everyday


  501. Ugh Karen? I’m guessing someone is going back to Utica for her to be back in the picture…

  502. I will die if Karen comes back into the picture! Jim and Pam are perfect together, and I want them to stay together forever, and if Karen comes back that will make things difficult. Pam and Jim has been through soooo much already, I really hope that the writers just let them be together.

  503. I think that the spoiler is the question “my family is…” and Pam saying (I assume it’s Pam) “at work with me everyday.
    As for the whole Karen thing, that’s old news. I think I remember reading about Karen coming back a few times at the start of the season, if not earlier.

  504. I think the spoiler is in the office relationship question (#16). I think it is the one about the wrongful firing and is alluding to something that may happen with Michael.

  505. Tanster – we’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks! Please just give us a little tiny morsel of a hint!

  506. Woo – 5 to 10!! It would be really awesome if we could have 10 new episodes. 5 is good too, but I need as much Office as I can get now!!

  507. Actually, I can’t wait to see how they explain it – my guess, cold open with Michael telling us the camera crew went on strike and how inconvenient it was for him.

  508. Also, let’s not forget about Angela’s pregnancy!! Hmmmm….after her line about Pam being the office mattress it would be hilarious to see Angela try to hide this!

  509. I don’t think they would explain the time lapse. We never know how long each episode is set apart. I don’t even think they would mention it.

  510. I’m pretty sure the thing about wrongful firing was about Jan getting fired, not Michael. I have NO idea what the spoiler is. Maybe they re-phrased the quiz questions to hide the spoiler. Tell us Tanster, please!!

  511. Oh, I forgot to say: I’m a Jim!

    Also, I just ran through the quiz again and think I might have figured it out. Could it be the question about which TV show or movie you would star in, “New Housewives of Lackawanna County”? Maybe Jan and Michael are getting married? Who else would be the house wife? What d’ya think?

  512. Has anyone else watched the latest video posted on E!’s watch with kristin page? Well, in it she says that we will get to see the dinner party episode, but that the storyline will then jump ahead, acknowledging the show’s five month absence because of the strike.

  513. What does everyone think about if/how the 5-month time jump will e(a?)ffect JAM? They can’t stay so darn cute forever, although I love them more than some real people, and I was almost looking forward to some ups and downs. Does anyone think we’ll still get that?

  514. Maybe we’ll get a JAM engagement since now they’ll have been dating for awhile…One can hope.

  515. Well it seems like the E! story was more speculation than fact. If “Dinner Party” takes place five months later, why would Michael and Jan still be fighting about the deposition? Since this was supposedly ‘the funniest table read ever’ I really hope they don’t tweak the script TOO much.

  516. Haha, I like Samantha’s idea. The jump forward in time should also include a jump forward in their relationship. Of course, maybe they’ll be saving a Jam proposal for a season finale in the future. Oooh, I just got chills.

  517. I’m split personality: Pam and Jim.

    nice. and is the spoiler in the quiz the date with frozen yogurt?

  518. Rashida Jones is quoted in OK magazine today saying
    “Karen still works for the company,” so it sounds
    like she will be back sometime……..yet, for the life of me I don’t understand why!

  519. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they came back from the five-month break and the first shot of the show was Ryan back at his old desk?

    Haha, just kidding.

  520. HAHA Stephanie
    i would laugh so hard.
    Angela’s Pregnant…so …they’re either going to cover it up or put it in the role…
    maybe it’s Dwight’s? haha Dwight as a father…hilarious

  521. On E! news today, Kristin dos Santos spoke with Rainn about Angela’s pregnancy, and he said that the pregnancy storyline wouldn’t fit it in seeing as Angela would be 6 or 7 months pregnant when they begin shooting. But Kristin also said that from her writers’ sources a pregnant Angela Martin isn’t out of the picture. Hmm..

  522. can’t wait for the dinner party – the last episode with michael on the train was a riot. Dwight was pitiful, angela, sly, andy, manipulative, while jim and pam remain sympathetic and kind.

  523. Nooo! Michael and Jan should be in it for the long haul. I’d love to see Michael struggling with parenting. And is she preggers? Hmm…

  524. Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I see no reason to jump forward. The Office has become too linear. All the episodes of the first season and half of the second are virtually interchangeable. I miss the simply funny self-contained episodes without so many plot lines strung between them. I would have been happy with 6 more of those. Of course I’ll be there at 9 sharp on April 10th anyway :P

  525. Laundry and Betrayal – I totally agree with you! I miss the days where the only thing you needed to know to watch The Office was that Jim loved Pam, but that was pretty obvious anyway. Old Office – please come back!!

  526. I can’t wait to see what happens in the second episode, simply because I wonder what everyone is supposed to look like. Wouldn’t be hilarious if Michael gained like a bunch of weight or something? I don’t know… I just want the office back!!!

  527. probably the jump won’t effect much of how they look…unless someone’s pregnant.

  528. I sort of miss the glory days of s2 where they just sold paper and didn’t mess around with call girls. Sigh.

  529. The vodcast says no baby. I suppose that’s probably for the best, but it could’ve been fun!

  530. I’m bummed that they are going to leap ahead…I feel like we already missed the beginning stages of Jim and Pam’s relationship and now we are going to miss more. Sigh.However, I am still ecstatic that we get new episodes!

  531. CH- Feel ya, dawg! I do miss the feel of season two, but at least we get to see the old gang again for six new episodes. Even call girls couldn’t ruin that joy for me!

  532. Aw no! I was looking forward to Dinner Party! Oh well .. Parking better own up for a wait this long!

  533. tanster, so you think “Dinner Party” is still airing on the 10th and “Parking” will be the one for the following week?

  534. Since the writers have stated that Dinner Party, chronologically, is supposed to follow The Deposition by a week or two, and THEN episodes jump forward to real time, I think that Dinner Party will air before “Parking”.

    Parking…hmm, I’m interested already!

  535. Hey NBC! What happened to Dinner Party? Parking. What an interesting name. But it can air on the 17th, after Dinner Party. Agreed?

  536. Parking. Hmmm…. interesting. Well… first guess off the top, it has to deal with cars…. Am I right?

  537. GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER-Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) find they have run out of excuses and are forced to go to Jan (Melora Hardin)and Michael’s (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell)house for dinner. When Andy (Ed Helms) and Angela
    (Angela Kinsey) are also invited to dinner, Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) jealousy gets the best of him. Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein, Mindy Kaling and Creed Bratton also star.

  538. Okay… it’s official. I am so pumped about this episode! The description of this episode is insanely amazing. I have never squealed at a tiny paragraph before.

  539. AH! I’ve been checking everyday for the synopsis – and now here it is!! It looks awesome. I wonder what Dwight will do…

  540. How exciting to see a new episode synopsis! It’s been so long. Dinner Party sounds like it’s going to be a classic episode.


    “I just got goosebumps.”

  542. I hate to speculate but it sounds like this is going to be a great episode. I usually don’t get this excited but… come on, it’s been six months!

  543. Yay, synopsis! Bring on the Dinner Party, Office folks, we all know it’s been waaayy too long! ;D

  544. That basketball girl casting call has me all kinds of excited! I’m a basketball player so I can’t wait to see what this episode is about!

  545. Maybe the “basketball” connection has something to do with “Philly Jim” and the sports writer reference.What do you think?

  546. Oh my god. I really couldn’t hate living in WI more than I do now! I’M 23 years old (but looks younger)6’2″ former college basketball player. WHY couldn’t I live in LA? WHY CRUEL WORLD WHY??

  547. Are you kidding me, Lindsey? Get on a plane now! If I weren’t almost twice your age and 4’11” tall, I would!

  548. I have a conspiracy about the basketball girl…

    MAYBE, and I sure hope this isn’t going to be correct, but it’s possible that Jim might have a little ‘basketball buddy’ or a former friend who visits, and causes turmoil or something. Maybe some jealousy going on with Pam?

    Who knows. I could be completely wrong.

    April 10th can’t come soon enough!

  549. Lindsey- Go for it! I would so totally do it if I weren’t 5’4″ and the age was a teeny bit older [As in 28]. I see myself as more of a Pam type, [hence the name], not a Philly Jim Love Interest type. But totally go for it!

  550. Pam and Jam –
    I totally would go, but I have no idea how to send my resume to Allison Jones Casting. I looked online for their info, but couldn’t find anything. Anyone have any clue?

  551. I’m from Philly and tall?? Should I go for it? Plane tickets from Philly to LA may be a bit much though ..

    WOAH those pictures! Pam’s face is hilarious.

  552. I immediately thought Jim’s sister, but the love interest idea is good too. Now I’m all kinds of intrigued.

  553. Who’s that brunette from the pictures? (She’s at the end of the table in the Pam, Jim & Dwight picture..)

  554. Some really tall actress who never got any roles is about to get her big break…crazy. I hope it doesn’t cause any turmoil between my Jim and Pam.

  555. Ooh, new spoilers! And I’m super-excited about seeing Dwight dating other people… bound to be hilarious! And I might be alone on this one, but I’d love to see some JAM turmoil! But not too much, because after all, they ARE the perfect couple.

  556. We need to have an intervention I think – a season 2 intervention. Where for 5 episodes, the writers have to think like season 2 and keep it in the office – no exceptions!

  557. I’m glad I’m not the only one wanting the Dunder Mifflin employees to stay in the office.
    Other than that though, these new spoilers have kept me so excited this week. But how would Dunder Mifflin infinity have sexual predators on it?

  558. Dude… sex predators? Hilarious but how? I personally can not wait until they explain that storyline. I’m actually kinda excited about the episode “Parking”. Meeting other office park employees should be interesting, like Pretzel Day and meeting the wheelchair guy.

    All in all, my heart is very full with joy! My TV is about to be used again!!!

  559. Season 2 was often out of the office, guys. Michael’s Birthday, Jim and Michael at Hooter’s, The Dundies at Chili’s, Michael buying his condo, Jan and Michael at Chili’s.

  560. Yeah. And there were only like 5 outtings in Season 2. I think every episode this season has had them going somewhere outside the office! In Season 2 it was kind of a breath of fresh air to see them out of the office, but now I get a nostalgic feeling just when I see Pam answer the phones!

  561. Aaron: Booze Cruise is the biggest example in Office history of a location driving the plot. It was an excuse to take Michael somewhere new and different and have him act wacky. If there was a season 4 episode where Michael’s antics caused someone to jump off the side of a boat, this place would go NUTS. And even though we shouldn’t discuss shows that haven’t even been SHOT yet, let’s not forget that the characters going to clubs and bars was a big part of the British original.

  562. No spinoff!!! No!! Well, if there is one, it can’t include any of the current people. The office won’t be the same without them. I guess they can do like a corporate or Utica one. But they can’t take away any of out beloved Dunder Mifflinites.

  563. Ok, so I have a Dinner Party question…what exactly is Celebrity?! I know it’s a game (ill-fated, in the episode) but how does it work? How do you play?

  564. I just read the description of Parking and I can’t stop laughing–I’m in tears! Michael obsessed with a picture of a model in an office supply catalog! I can’t wait!

  565. Totally agree with Epinson! Kevin/Andy is something we really haven’t seen yet. We haven’t seen much of Kevin this season and I think he needs more development! Oscar too!

  566. Should we read into BJ Novak’s name missing from the Parking description? hmmm…

  567. i dont know. Maybe beacuse SAFETY TRAINING was the only other episode where we saw alot of the building-

  568. It’s the funniest show ever; if I ever got stranded somewhere, I would take the entire series with me, like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

  569. i’m stoked.
    they both sound like hilarious episodes. :)

    please come soon, april 10th!

  570. Also, Safety Training was an episode that focused on the actual office itself during a time in the show in which every episode seemed to take everyone outside of the office.

  571. Alamedaman- yeah it does. it has the feeling to be either really good or really bad. It should be a big change.

  572. I’m really excited to see Parking, because I’ve always been curious to know what the other businesses are in that building. I mean, all we’ve been able to see is Dunder Mifflin and Vance Refrigeration, unless I overlooked something…

  573. I’m guessing Night Out is the one where Michael and Dwight go clubbing with Ryan.

  574. I’ve refreshed the spoiler page like, 50 times and I still don’t see anything new for 3/30

    [from tanster: updated today, 3/30, with backdated items 3/24 and 3/25]

  575. Night Out sounds like some pretty good potential on both the A and B stories.

  576. ‘Night Out’ sounds quite cool. Maybe because I was just forced to work on a Saturday. Jim’s storyline sounds a bit ‘Office Olympics-y’ which should please all the season two huggers out there. I wonder if it’ll backfire and make him feel like Michael again.

  577. I’m a tipster! I’m a tipster! (I’m singing this to the tune of “Where’s the rabbit?” from Bugs Bunny) Is it lame that I almost cried? Probably. (P.S. I’m Vikki)

    I think Night Out will be fantastic – actually, I was just watching the British Office the other night and it was the episode where they all go clubbing too. Anytime Michael dances, I must watch – it’s kind of like a traffic accident that way.

  578. Ah! John Krasinski & Jenna Fischer, I love you. And now I can’t wait till the second episode back!!

  579. an engagement?! Don’t you think that’s a little fast/ unrealistic? first a spin-off now this… Writers, please don’t ruin my favorite show!

  580. Eh, I don’t think an engagement would be that unrealistic. Assuming Jim and Pam got together right after “The Job,” they’ve been together almost a year, plus all of their history before they actually started dating… I don’t think it’s unrealistic at all!

  581. Eh, I have a feeling that the ‘curveball’ will be a breakup or fight or something, which will be sad if its true.

  582. I personally don’t hope an engagement’s in store this soon..
    I mean, I realize it’s not unrealistic, but to me it just seems like there’d be nowhere to go but down once theyre engaged.
    It’s too climactic, you know?! I dont want the Office to start wrapping things up too fast!

    And, as much as I’d hate to see a JAM fight, I think it’d add a good amount of depth into their relationship. If the writers want to keep their relationship “real”, then it’s pretty much inevitable.

    Either way, I’m still counting down the days!

  583. I’m convinced that Pam is preggers…I mean, that’s a curveball if I’ve ever heard one.

  584. Hmmm…I wonder if maybe Jim and Pam aren’t together anymore? Since Dinner Party is supposed to be before the strike, maybe they broke up over the break and don’t tell the cameras anything. That would be a huge curveball.

  585. Engagement? Oh no, Pam might be afraid of an engagement since she was in one with Roy for 3 years. That smells like trouble to me… NOOOOOOO! *cue dramatic music*

  586. I think the “curveball” has something to do with Pam’s past, something about Pam that maybe she didn’t want anyone to know about. And then when everyone does find out, how will it affect PB&J? In the latest Entertainment Weekly, she said to not miss the second episode back, that on May 1 we find out something out about Pam. So I think that is the “curveball” being referred to…but now the question is, what is it about Pam that she doesn’t want anyone to know about?

  587. New and ‘big’ about Pam? Could the the tall ( big) girl they are casting be Pam’s sister??

  588. I’m with you, Sabrina. I don’t think Pam is ready to get engaged – I mean, she just found her own voice. Of course, last time The Office had “big” news, it was Jan’s chest that was big, so it could mean anything.

  589. i really don’t think a curveball from the office writers would be as predictable as a pregnancy or an engagement. that seems more like a sped up natural progression. a curveball comes out of left field, something we don’t expect. and given the type of stuff these writers come up with a curveball sounds pretty unpredictable.
    i agree, did i stutter is an odd name for an episode. not as simply descriptive as they usually are… hmmm…

  590. Wow, the first punctuation mark in an Office episode title. This is truly groundbreaking!

    [from tanster: LOL!]

  591. Yeah, I noticed that with punctuation mark too. Only Tallyheads would think that’s important. Anyway, I have no idea what that episode is about, but it sounds really funny. I’m so excited!

  592. “Something new and big about Pam you have never known.”

    …Oh God. She’s a cyborg isn’t she?

  593. Maybe Pam has been pregnant before but had a miscarriage…which would be really sad…

  594. So Michael and Jan are splitsville? It would be a shame if Michael actually had all those vasectomies and then he and Jan broke up anyway!!

    I am dying to know what the April 17th PB&J curveball will be, as well as the May 1st Pam reveal. So much suspense!!

    Also, I really really miss Dwangela. The Office will not be the same until their kitchen/breakroom conversations are restored to their rightful place.

  595. About the development with Jim and Pam – do you think the title “Parking” could be a reference to this? A lot of The Office titles have double meanings (see The Injury, The Return, etc). Maybe the title suggests they were caught making out? I have no idea…

  596. 848: That’s a very realistic and probable secret; something that wouldn’t veer too much into soap opera territory. But then how would something like that be brought up and why?

  597. 853: I was trying to think of that too. Maybe she decides its time to confide that in Jim and the cameras overhear it. I don’t know why she would tell him something like that at work though, they would have to be alone, I don’t know…

  598. 852: True, parking could have a double meaning, don’t forget about The Job, references to the corporate job and Jan’s, er, job.

    Michael is set up on a date? Looks like Stretchpants Jan’s days may be numbered.

  599. 848 – I highly doubt that. It would be WAY too serious. It’s a good thought and it’s what I thought of too, but I keep forgetting that this show is a comedy and not a drama because of all this serious stuff that’s been happening…

    I bet she has/had a stuttering problem.

  600. Pam’s a porn star.

    No… I think there’s something to be said that we find something out about Pam in the episode “Did I Stutter?” there’s something there.

  601. Pam didn’t hook up with Andy (or someone else in the office), did she?


    Nice going, Jenna Fischer. Spoiler alert.

  603. 852- Oh my, that woud be hilarious. :D I’m hoping Parking is one of those double-meaning titles!

    As for the big Pam news in “Did I Stutter?”, she very well might have had a stuttering problem like 856 said. I could see it!

  604. A stuttering problem could definitely be the Pam reveal! It would explain the unusual choice of title, and it would not be something as shocking as some of the other suggestions. That still leaves the big Parking curveball though.. hmm…

    Also, let’s not forget that some great TV comedies like Friends, Frasier, etc have all had emotionally driven story lines and remained GREAT comedies. If The Office chooses to tug at a few heartstrings this season, I’d like to remain open to the idea (that’s what she said.)

  605. I think Pam’s secret is less serious and just something fun. I can’t think of what ‘big’ secret it could be without it being overly dramatic.

    I dunno what’ll happen with Jim/Pam. I don’t see any reason for them to break-up. Perhaps they’re just moving in together.

  606. Hmmm…’Pam deals with an unexpected inconvenience after spending the night at Jim’s.’

    1) That counts out the ‘virgin’ theory that was floating around.
    2) I do think that it is a stuttering problem. Maybe she talks in her sleep, but stutters…
    3) I really don’t have a clue.

  607. Hmmmmm? This latest bit has me thrown as to what Pam is inconvenienced by… I can’t wait for Thursdays again!

  608. Okay, well, it looks like come May 1, PB&J are still together…now, here’s the question, is the “unexpected inconvenience” something quirky or is it a big deal? hmmmm….it kind of sounds like the writers are setting us up for a bit of a tift and then they might move in together?!?

  609. So, am I on something or did they change the name of Parking to The Chair Model? When did this happen? I liked the name Parking and was hoping it had some sort of double meaning. Oh well.. Still excited for it! Is it Thursday yet!?

  610. The Chair Model link doesn’t work. I want to review the description! Is this the one with Michael looking at some sort of catalog? Maybe they decided not to introduce the new characters this early… (more time to think about the spin-off?)

    [from tanster: oops, sorry. now fixed!]

  611. Maybe she has a weird sleeping problem. Maybe she does *things* to Jim in her sleep.. (;

  612. Perhaps Pam is left “inconvenienced” by her lack of a drive to work when either (a) while sleeping or (b) definitely NOT sleeping she calls Jim, “Roy” and James leaves her stranded at his apartment. Nah…

  613. Okay so with the newest spoilers we can pretty much conclusively say that the April 17th “curveball” that Jenna has been hinting about is NOT a Jam breakup. Also the descriptions use of the word “inconvenience” and Jenna calling it a “fun little fact” probably rule out some of the more heavy ideas (ie miscarraiges, infidelities, fertility issues, etc) that some of us have been mentioning.

    Still doesn’t help us figure out what it IS though, just narrows down what it ISN’T.

  614. I don’t think Jan is necessarily out of the picture just because Michael is set up on a date. Maybe they’re on a break? Or maybe he chickens out and doesn’t go because he still loves Jan?

    I think all the stuff about JAM and Pam’s secret will be light-hearted. But who knows!

  615. Maybe what Jenna was talking about was that Jim does propose, but Pam decides it isn’t time yet. Then in “Did I Stutter?” she finds out she’s pregnant… which would be a curveball that we wouldn’t be expected because she isn’t ready to settle down yet and yet here comes a baby!

    I don’t know.. Just a theory.

    And I think we could rule out the stuttering problem due to the fact that it obvious they slept together at Dwight’s B&B. I could actually just imagine Stanley snapping back at Michael with a “Did I stutter?” remark.

  616. When I read the summary for “Did I Stutter?” I gasped and nearly fell off my chair.
    Stanley’s attitude adjustment? Dwight buying Andy’s car? Pam spending the night at Jim’s? An unexpected inconvenience?
    All I can do now is sit here and chew my nails until May 1st.

  617. Ok, does it look from Jenna’s chat transcript that perhaps Jim will be leaving Dunder Mifflin at the end of the season? He has been unhappy, and perhaps that is what the big thing is for Jim and Pam?

  618. Ryan’s website and campaigns are going to get DM in serious trouble. They are going to have to pay out millions in law suites. To keep the company alive they are going to have to close several branches including the Corporate New York branch and move the headquarters to Scranton. Ryan will be demoted to junior sales rep. and Jim will move into the management position. Michael is not going anywhere. Pam might try and get a job as a graphic artist but that could be a problem now that her boyfriend is the boss.

  619. Does “The Chair Model” part with Michael remind anyone of when Arrested Development’s Gob fell for the boat model? haha

  620. Cher is Bonto –

    Some of The Office staff have mentioned that Ryan’s Dunder Mifflin Infinity model will not go as well as he had planned, something about it getting filled with sex predators! And there have been promo pictures of Ryan back at the Scranton office looking pretty down, but I doubt corporate headquarters will move to Scranton.

  621. Thanks for the clarification, Jamie. I knew about the sex predators, which I think is genius, but the other info from that comment scares me a little. I really don’t want anyone to leave, espeicially Jim. He already left before. And Corporate moving to Scranton… sounds unlikely. But I’ll leave my undying faith in the writers. They haven’t failed me yet. Thanks again!

  622. I’m not sure how I’d feel about Jim leaving Dunder-Mifflin in Scranton. They have already done that, and quite honestly, the show was missing something when Jim was in Stamford. What it was missing was the day to day interaction of Dwight and Jim.

  623. I was getting sort of attached to the name “Parking.”

    I have convinced myself that “unexpected inconvenience” means a rowdy roomate.

    And “curveball” is just to throw us off. They probably discuss moving in together or something.

    And “fun fact” is something random and fun, like Pam’s sister is an actress or something.

    I don’t want to make too big a deal of this!

  624. I still am wondering why BJ Novak’s name isn’t showing up in the NBC releases…


  625. My guess is that Stanley leaves. He’s already been close. Maybe the Did I Stutter confrontation with Michael pushes him over the edge.

  626. I’m wondering who is leaving at the end of the season. and Jenna said it would be a series regular.

  627. Here’s my two cents.

    Jenna said that in the second episode back, something big happens between Jim and Pam. I think they move in together.

    Did I Stutter?- I think that maybe Pam had a stuttering problem, and it returns. Maybe she talks her in sleep (and stutters during it). I think Jim brings it up to her, and maybe she literally asks “did I stutter?”

    Even though I don’t want anyone to leave, I wonder if it would be Dwight. Although I would totally watch the spinoff if it was a character that wasn’t in the ‘main ensemble’, a show with Rainn Wilson seems like it could have a better chance of a following and pick up new viewers. He’s a pretty strong character.

    I’m sure I’m completely wrong, but its fun speculating since the funniest show on tv is returning. :)

  628. I’m pretty sure the person leaving is Ryan. Jenna says a person leaves Dunder Mifflin. This means it (probably) won’t be Jan. If Jenna said Scranton my guess would be Jan. Jim leaving is highly unlikely because that would just be a rehash of him going to Stamford. Dwight left already in season 3. He could be a likely candidate though. A possible mental breakdown? I also don’t think that the person leaving is related to the spinoff.

  629. #892 (With one of the best names on here!)- I think they’re been building for the fall of Ryan Howard. BJ Novak IS a writer for the show, but he’ll likely get fired, or get a branch of his own, a la Karen. Stanley and Jim leaving are out of the running, since they either thought about leaving, or did, respectively. If not Ryan, I think the person to go might be someone unexpected, like Meredith. When the person leaves, you have to be like “WOW! Was not expecting that”. And I too miss “Parking”. So mysterious, so simple…

  630. #891- OMG, I was thinking the same thing about “Did I Stutter?” Although I think it would be even funnier if Jim was the one talking and stuttering in his sleep…even though that doesn’t coincide with the idea that we “learn something big and new about Pam”.

  631. Oh my God! How did you guys not figure it out yet!!!
    Pam is pregnant!
    She tells jim! After she tells him, he is stunned and doesn’t reply,
    so she says “Did I stutter?”
    How did you people not get this yet?

  632. Nooo….I think “Did I stutter?” is the thing that Stanley says when he “snaps” at Michael. I’ve heard people use that as a rude comment before.

  633. Krentistthedentist said that already, sorry.
    And I think the “unexpected complication” is that Pam forgets clean panties or something like that.

  634. haha, so the baby is the “unexpected inconvenience”!
    I can’t really seen that happening, though.

  635. I agree with Betsy #896. I think the title has something to do with what Stanley says to Michael. Sounds like something he would say anyway…

  636. Although I kind of suspected it, I am still a bit surprised that the spinoff *might* take Ed Helms off The Office. I’m definitely a big fan of his, so I think it would be a great opportunity for him, but I hate to see any of the current cast move to a new show – if there has to be a spinoff I would definitely prefer a whole new cast.

  637. I am not cool with one of the four options, and I’m afraid it’s going to be that one. And when did they break up before to make it “again?”

  638. As much as I love Andy/Ed, The writers haven’t really given the character much to do since his anger management/Dwight rivalry/annoying the crap out of everybody arc. I miss that side of his personality. I’d rather see him leave than any of the original guys.

  639. With the May 1 episode Did I Stutter? …what happens if Jim asks Pam to marry him and she hesitates, hence a stutter? Maybe that would create insecurities as they go forward to be used as a device for more plot lines? Or I could be thinking too hard and it could be like other people think that one of them has a stuttering problem.

  640. I’m so happy that Ausiello’s 4 options does not include a pregnancy! In my opinion that would ruin the show. I’m guessing that they won’t break up, and I don’t think they’ll elope. We ASSUMED they’re having sex (beds pushed together in Money). So maybe a proposal, Pam turns it down? I think it is way too soon to be entering engagement territory. Save that for season 5. I would have been happier if they left Jam alone for these next 6 episodes.

  641. When did Jim and Pam ever break up?! Ausiello said ‘break up (again)’! I’ve watched every single episode of The Office and I can’t say that I recall them ever breaking up! Or is that just me?! As for the predictions: Jim and Pam getting engaged (maybe); I always figured that they were having sex (They’ve been together for six months and Jim’s been pining over her for 3 years); They’re eloping (doubt it); They’re breaking up (They better not, or I’ll cry). So, I think the only likely possibility is the engagement one! That’s just my take on things, though.

  642. #905 that is what I thought. Maybe the Did I Stutter either has to do with the Michael/Stanley plot or possibly Jim (or Pam) proposes.

  643. That newest spoiler is worrying me, I really don’t want anyone to leave.
    I’m happy that it isn’t Jenna or Steve leaving, but I don’t want it to be John (leaving again would be redundant), Rainn is my favourite so please not him.
    Maybe it will be Angela (only for a while) so she can have a nice long maternity leave.

  644. I think the “unexpected inconvenience” is that Pam wears contacts, but has to wear her pop-bottle glasses to work after staying over at Jim’s.

  645. I think that we learn that Pam suffers from a stuttering problem, hence the name of the episode “Did I Stutter?”

  646. what if the person who is leaving is John? Jenna said it is not her or Steve but she does not say any thing about John. I hope it is not John that leaves. Maybe it is Toby or Phyllis. I don’t know, all I know is that I do not like change.

  647. Just keep in mind that leaving Dunder Mifflin doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the show.

  648. I don’t think John’s leaving either because if you watch the preview of him on Rachael Ray, he makes a joke about leaving the show, but then explicitly says he’s not.

    I agree that leaving D-M doesn’t mean the person is necessarily leaving the show, but it’s sort of already been done (Jim in Stamford, Dwight in Staples).

  649. addendum: I think it’s Toby. I think he simply won’t be able to deal with Michael any more, and Pam and Jim being together might just be the last straw.

  650. In the Money episode, Jim and Pam slept together at Dwight’s B&B, which I think implies that they are already having sex. So, I doubt that is the big event in next week’s ep. I also don’t think they will be eloping as there is no need for them to marry in secret (except to prevent Michael from crashing their wedding like he did Bob and Phylis’s). So, either they are getting engaged or breaking up. I am hoping for the former.

  651. Well.. before we get ahead of ourselves- it doesn’t say leaving the show. It just says leaving Dunder Mifflin. They may be back, or may still be in the show. For instance- Dwight went to staples (yesss.. only for half an episode but still..) but he still came back.

  652. I’m thinking either Toby or Andy. Good to see other people think so too : )

  653. Hi, I just wanted to point out a few things about the new spoiler thats alerting people.

    I think the person leaving will definitely be one of the following: Stanley / Phyllis / Andy

    For these reasons.

    1.) Stanley may leave considering he’s almost done so before (Branch Wars.), as well as the synopsis stating he “snaps” at Michael. This could mean he does a little more than “snap” at Michael by the end of the season.

    2.) Phyllis might leave because she has stated in a previous episode that “Once I marry Bob, he says I won’t have to work anymore, he said my new job would be to be Ms. Bob Vance.” This could mean she wouldn’t be afraid to quit after tolerating Michael for so long.

    3.) It could be Andy, due to the rumors and speculation that a possible Office-Spin Off would revolve around him. Another significant reason the writers would feel justified for having him leave Dunder-Mifflin, would be him being the last transfer employee from the now defunct Stamford Branch still working at DM-Scranton.

    So, I’m not certain, but it makes sense for any of those characters to “Leave Dunder-Mifflin.”

  654. Here’s my speculation:

    1) Jenna said it wasn’t her or Steve leaving the show. If you watched Rachael Ray today with JKras, he also stated he wasn’t leaving the show. NBC made it clear the Dwight wouldn’t leave bc his relationship with Michael is very integral to the show…

    2) I think Dwight is going to win Angela back and we’re gonna see Andy leave.

    3) Michael and everyone teases Pam about some kind of quirk that she has. I think we’re gonna find out that JAM had never slept together until now and she has some kind of quirk that people will assume she got lucky the night before.

    but you never know!

  655. We’re making the mistake of assuming that it’s someone from DM-Scranton. Ryan is likely going to be let go from the company after his website starts collapsing. We’ve seen spoilers hinting toward this and would make for a great storyline.

  656. I’m pretty sure it’s Angela leaving, because she needs to be on maternity leave in real life, right? By that episode, that’s one day before her daughter was supposed to be born isn’t it?

  657. The title is Did I Stutter?

    Pam and Jim have sex. The day after sex pam stutters..hilarity ensues

  658. Anyone think there is a double-meaning for the word stutter?? It could be something totally different then its sp-sp-sp-speech (stuttering) meaning.

    Anyone have any thoughts????