1. Good scene, but the ones they kept are better. The editing on this episode was sharp.

  2. haha.

    Home is where the hardest. I love Michael Scott.

    gosh. these next couple of months are gonna take forever.

    Anyone else also a fan of Scrubs?

    I watched both episodes back-to-back.

    I got up from my couch and was just in such a euphoria of good-feeling from good writing.

    Thank you NBC for putting on stuff thats worth watching.

  3. Amazing that they still have deleted scenes after filling a full hour of comic gold.

  4. He did say gluetooth. Ha! “A . . . multi-vitamin”? Yeah, good scene. Scenes, actually.

  5. Hah! I thought he said “gluetooth,” too. I even mouthed it, like when Pam whispered “Pan” in The Injury. Glad to know I’m not crazy. I’m glad they cut that part of the interview–it’s just painful to watch Michael screw up that badly–but I think I would have preferred the office scene afterward to stay in the episode. I was wondering at the time why Michael didn’t let everyone know that the CFO fired Jan.

  6. Season 4 starts sometime in September. Season 3 DVD’s also come out at that time.

  7. oh! and they posted the last couple of minutes of the show last night. the caption under the link reads: Pam and Jim start a new chapter.

  8. Anyone know of a downloadable “Schrute Buck”? Or do I have to earn one in order to get it?

  9. Man he nearly pulled that off! “My point is, the future is now, and I am the future of this company.” If he hadn’t come across so well I was going to say weird, but if he hadn’t been himself, that line might have worked. Great scenes.

  10. @quickquestion

    “do you have any idea when season 4 starts?”

    Filming starts in August. I’m expecting a September start

  11. I have a question that doesn’t have anything to do with the deleted scene. Jan’s assistant Hunter. What show did he used to be on? I’ve tried looking him up on IMDb and Wikipedia but he’s not credited. I think he was on an old Nickelodeon show called Fifteen, but I have no way of finding out. It’s kinda driving me crazy. If anyone knows please tell me. Thanks.

  12. 2 | Corey – I’m a huge fan of Scrubs, but I haven’t watched yet.

    That scene was so great. David did an excellent job hiding his displeasure/dismay/disdain for Michael. The multivitamin thing had me in the floor. This is why we love Michael Scott.

    I especially loved what Michael did after Jan stormed in and yelled at David Wallace. “I didn’t tell her.” OMG, I really thought he’d be fired for all of that nonsense. So dang funny.

  13. Corey – I watched Scrubs also, I hope Elliot and JD are happy like Jim and Pam are.

  14. quickquestion

    The NBC site says the new fall season begins Monday September 24th putting the season premeire date at the 27th.

  15. Melissa (#13): Looking at the closing credits, and cross-referencing with IMDB, I see that Hunter is played by Nicholas D’Agosto. IMDB has him listed as a guest star on a number of TV shows, including ER, Six Feet Under, House MD, Without a Trace, etc. He will also appear in the movies Rocket Science and Drive-Thru coming out later this year. I don’t see any reference to Fifteen, but maybe the list is incomplete.

  16. Hey folks – it’s 5:22pm EST and clip # two is up but there’s a “connection error” on my computer. It’s a scene with Pam and Kelly, so surely it is hilarious.

    The actor who plays David Wallace is brilliant!

    I’m going to Scranton tomorrow – woo hoo!!

  17. yeah… does anyone know where I can find a Schrute Buck?

  18. Hey Tanster,
    Looks like a second deleted scene is up. You can see it when you go to the homepage of NBC’s “Office” site. However, I can’t see it when you just click to their “Deleted scenes” section. (This is why NBC’s site doesn’t hold a candle to OfficeTally!). It’s a scene between Pam and Kelly. (ironically, those are the names of me and my sister. ha.)

  19. How prophetic, Kelly! If only you realized you were talking about yourself, not Pam.

  20. HA!

    Kelly, like, turned out to be, like, SO wrong. I am sure!

    Wish they had left that in just so the tables would be turned on Kelly when Ryan gives her (oh, so tactfully) the bad news at the end of the episode.

    “You and I are done”.

    He’s just not that into you.

  21. Oh, Young Kelly, there is so much to I need to warn you about, and yet I cannot.

  22. Everything i watch is so different now that jim and pam are.. together. (it’s still weird to say that).

    The scene with pam and kelly would have irked me if i had seen it before the “Pam and Jim start a new chapter” but now it was very very funny.

    Also- i just want to announce that today was the first time in history.. since last may.. that the “i’m in love with you” from casino night didnt make my stomach drop. it’s amazing what 30 seconds of the office can do.

  23. I’m actually a little sad she and Ryan “are done.” I really liked them together. It was wonderfully irritating.

  24. i love how pam’s kinda weirded out when kelly touches her on the shoulder. haha, so funny!

  25. Re: # 13 – Fifteen was shot in 1990/91, and although IMDB doesn’t list a birthdate for Nicholas D’Agosto, it seems that he’d have been too young, plus he’s not Canadian, so it’s unlikely he even played someone’s younger sibling on the show.

  26. Kate (#35) –

    The scene goes something like this…

    Kelly is talking to Pam at the receptionist desk about who is going to get the corporate job. Kelly says that it will be weird for her if Dwight is the boss in Scranton b/c he used to have a crush on her. (She comes around to Pam’s side of the counter and kind of sits on Pam’s desk when she says this).

    Then, Kelly tells Pam that she should be happy if Jim gets the job b/c if Jim were gone then Pam wouldn’t have to deal with Jim not “feeling the same way”. Pam says “Whatever happens” (like she just wants Kelly to leave). Then, Kelly puts her hand on Pam’s shoulder and says “Pam, he’s just not that into you.” (Pam looks super weirded out).

    Pam – “I know, we talked about it and he told me.”
    Kelly – “No, seriously Pam, wake up.”
    Pam (to Kelly) – “Ok.”

    Pam TH:
    “Kelly made me realize something. She and I have nothing in common. And I need more friends.”

  27. Hello Office Tally Friends,

    Would anyone please be able to describe the deleted scene between Pam and Kelly? I live in Canada, and can’t see it, but I would love to know what happens!

    Thank you!

  28. i absolutely love how clueless kelly is. the way jim feels for pam is indifference, and the way ryan feels for her is true love. that’s right, it’s all in the attitude, kelly.

  29. Thank you for the description of the deleted scene with Pam and Kelly! *sigh* Still just enjoying FNB. :-)

    *from a Canuck*

  30. Thank you so much Vol-de-mort! I was so curious as to what it said.

    I appreciate it!


  31. Kelly grabbing Pam’s shoulder was just…. awkward…. but I love Pam’s TH after that :) “I need more friends”

  32. Oh the irony. If y’all didn’t see this coming with Ryan & Kelly, you haven’t been paying attention at all!!!

    Ryan has been nothing short of dismissive and self-serving his entire stay at DM Scranton. He starts the fire (which gives us a great song by PresentDwight), and has no remorse other than he looks bad. He puts up with Michael’s BS, which isn’t easy, but does it in a way that says “hey, I’m smarter than you, Bozo”. And since he continually talks about how he can get out of his relationship, I’m guessing the only reason he stays in it is for the booty.

    So basically, he’s like 80% of the recent college grads I know: kissing up to get a job, but inside mocking everything about the people that trusted him with an opportunity. Sure, PastDwight treated him as a lowly temp, but Ryan never once took ownership in the Scranton branch’s success, unlike Pam, Michael, PastDwight, Angela, and even Jim. It’s absolutely so fitting that he’d be promoted to management!!!!

  33. Thanks Vol-de-mort, for the summary of the second deleted scene! Could someone do the same for the first one? It sucks living in countries where access is denied.

  34. Well, there’s a third one posted with Dwight’s face titled “Do people like the new boss? Irrelevant.” but it pops up with an error message whenever I attempt to play it. And the main page (nbc.com/theoffice) still lists only two scenes on the auto player.

  35. There is now a third clip posted captioned “Do People Like the new boss? Irrelevant.” It’s not quite working yet, I guess NBC is still posting it. I can’t wait!!

  36. Eli Whitney was the creater of the cotton gin.
    But I’m sure that would be irrelevant to Dwight ;)

  37. hi all,

    if someone could describe the first and third deleted scene – i would so appreciate it …cannot see it from where i am! Thanks!

  38. If you’re looking for a transcript, check the LJ community. There is a transcript with pictures.

  39. You know though, I thought it would be funny if Kelly dumped Ryan, and then he got all upset. But then seeing that deleted scene with Kelly and Pam, made me remember that Kelly is..well Kelly.

  40. I’m surprised Andy didn’t know that “Dharma Initiative” question after his whole “TGI Wednesday, am I right? Gonna go home, get my beer on, get my Lost on” spiel in “The Return.”

    But “a corporation formed by aliens?” Wow, Dwigt. Wow.

  41. I love the picture of (what I assume is) Grandfather Dwide Shrude behind Dwight in his new office.

  42. i completely agree with mig.

    he should know. i wish they had kept that in the episode, i LOVE the Lost references

  43. I dunno, I watch Lost every week and I couldn’t tell you what the Dharma Initiative is…

  44. I really think that they should have left the Pam/Kelly scene in the episode! It was funny, and reminded me of the Kelly/Jim conversation where he told her that it would be great if Ryan liked her, but he didn’t… Plus, it would have made the ending scene with Ryan that much funnier… But I feel this way about deleted scenes all the time, so I guess this time isn’t any different.

  45. Interesting. In clip 4 Michael says his roommate’s name is BJ Chokalingam. Sounds like a combination of BJ Novak and Mindy Chokalingam (her real surname).

  46. “If I fall asleep, I still end up at home. It is a SWEET one bedroom. I have a room mate.”

    In a world of divergent paths, this would make a great episode unto itself.

    Can’t wait for next season, and the look on Michael’s face when he finds out that Ryan is his new boss. I simply can’t imagine what Dwight will have to say about it.

  47. Loved the shoutout to the Huxtables/ Cosby Show. Cliff and Clare will always be my parental heros.

  48. It was already established in Diwali that Michael doesn’t like Indian food….

  49. These deleted scenes are amazing and all, but I am DYING to see the alternate ending! I’m sure they’ll only release it on the DVD, but man, I’m so hoping they don’t make us wait that long….

  50. It’s entirely unfair that Canadians can not see the deleted scenes. Any idea when they will be on youtube?

  51. I think he says “Vijay” as a first name.

    I grew up in Jamaica Queens, one block from the 179th street subway station, which is the end of the line for the E and F trains, so I got a real kick out of this. I also graduated from Queens College!

  52. What a bittersweet clip!
    I say this because it might be the last new video through the long, hot summer.
    Does anyone know if they will be doing webisodes this year?
    Bring on September & our Season 3 DVDs!!

  53. Thanks for the description of the Pam/Kelly scene (I was thinking Kelly was getting too cute lately and we would probably see the not-so-nice side of her at some point!) If anyone else has time to let us know about the other scenes or if someone gets a heads-up that they are on youtube or yahoo, we poor, deprived Canadians would sure appreciate it…eh.

  54. free food, curry smell, and being the last stop on the subway….that sounds like a win win WIN

  55. Hey I’m in the UK and NBC won’t let me watch the scenes! Can someone point me to the link on youtube/describe the scenes for me?

  56. Yeah, it’s definitely Vijay or maybe V.J. Chokalingham, with the ‘V’ standing for Vera, Mindy Kaling’s given name.

    Nice touch!

  57. Close. It is “Vijay” but not because Mindy’s name is Vera. Vijay is her real-life brother.

  58. Hey, for the record, I think mindy did it for me!
    (I am Vijay Chokalingam)
    My sister rocks!

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