1. i will forever keep in my myspace inbox – a message from Jenna (with Angela by her side)
    also i was in Angela’s top 8 for a while

    also – Angela, Jenna, Toby + Kevin have commented me
    *sigh* the office forever..

  2. This was interesting – some of the best blogs (ALL A’s of some kind) were by WOMEN! AHHHH HA HA HA HA!!! YAY for us chicks! ;)~

    P.S. Sorry for that other post – I messed up. WHOOPS!

  3. I love Jenna’s blogs. She really does a lot for the fans. My friend and I started a joint myspace page just so we could read all of the Office blogs and we have been lucky enough to get commented by Jenna and messaged by Brian, Gene and James! Let me tell you, I was extremely excited!

  4. Jenna’s blog DOES rule! :) I hope one day she comments me. I have gotten a comment from Angela & Bob Vance. :) I wish the others would write more too. Like Creed, and B.J., and Paul.

  5. Jenna does an great job with her blogs. I do miss that she wrote more often before. Hopefully we’ll hear more from her once The Office starts filming the new season.

  6. Go Jenna!

    She totally deserves this, her blog is genuine and she is a complete sweetheart for sharing SO much with us.


  7. I was quite surprised that James Gunn’s blog wasn’t included; his is great too.

  8. aww that seriously makes me miss her blogs a lot!! i hope her back gets better soon and she feels up to and/or has the time to update us on all things in the life of jenna fischer and the office! she’s the best!!

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