Creed named one of best TV actors

MSN TV has named Creed Bratton one of “The 10 Best Actors on TV”:

… the biggest scene-stealer on NBC’s hit comedy has turned out to be the demented-yet-lovable elder statesman of the Dunder-Mifflin family. He’s creepy, apathetic, bizarre and quite possibly homeless.

Link: The 10 Best Actors on TV

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  1. hahah awesome. i never found out – did he end up getting an award when the whole cast won the globe / emmy / whatever it was?
    he deserves one : – (

    and i toooootally agree on a sidenote that Michael Emerson is one of the best on tv right now. he conjures up so much tension and drama in a single look its crazy.

    anyway, creed FTW!

  2. I was just going to say that I’m pretty sure Creed isn’t the best “actor”, since that’s just Creed Bratton. Then I went to the link and sure enough, they call him the “best actor on tv who isn’t acting.” Sounds about right to me.

  3. and he’s never owned a refrigerator up until casino night, after winning because he took everyone else’s chips….

    Creed is simply amazing!

  4. That’s great that he’s finally being recognized for what we’ve known since Count Creedula.

  5. Creed finally gets the credit he deserves. YAY for Creed Bratton and his old man creepster-ness!

  6. Even if the writing & the background character of Creed is great, I still think Creed Bratton does a really good job! He definitely deserves this because he is a big scene stealer! I mean, c’mon! If he can steal scenes from Steve Carell, he’s good! :)

  7. Ah….I’m a huge Office fan and supporter…but I’m not too sure about this! Creed one of the best actors on tv? All of TV?

  8. Oh, I steal things all the time. It’s just something I do. I stopped caring a long time ago.

    LOL I love Creed – even though he is a bit of creep ha ha


  9. Creed is my favorite character. I’m waiting for an episode that centers on him.

    More Creed!

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