iTunes: Jim Halpert’s List

“Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away” (Track 1): “The best new and in a while. Plus, the lead singer has an odd voice that drives Dwight crazy, so I play the album a lot, in the office.”

“Sing” (Track 2): “I’ve gotten a lot of my friends into this song. It’s nice to dance to. Or, like, sway to.”

“Rebellion (Lies)” (Track 3): “My roommate and I drove to Philly last month to see them play. They’re amazing live.”

“When I Laugh” (Track 4)
: “If the Rolling Stones were from Atlanta, and like 60 years younger, this is the kind of music they’d make.”

“Chicago” (Track 5): “Heartbreaking and great. Plus, I love any song whose title is a city that isn’t ‘Scranton.'”

“Rich Girl” (Track 6): “Yes, I am a music snob, but my ex-girlfriend Katy put this on a mix for me when it came out, and I got hooked. Try to listen to this song without smiling and/or singing along. I dare you.”

“California Stars” (Track 7): “There’s about 15 Wilco songs I’d like to put on this list. But that would be boring. So: buy everything Wilco puts out.”

“Ghost” (Track 8): “Buy the whole album. It’s incredible. If you don’t like it, I, Jim Halpert, will give you a free box of Dunder Mifflin 8 1/2×14 legal pads. (Then I will be fired. So, win-win.)”

“A Quick One, While He’s Away” (Track 9): “An epic 8-minute story. Used to perfection in Rushmore.”

“Try Not to Breathe” (Track 10): “I can’t believe I chose a song from the same album as one of Dwight’s songs. What are you gonna do?”

“Gone for Good” (Track 11): “I know it’s ‘trendy’ to be into the Shins, but I don’t care. Their new album, due in a few months, is my #1 looking-forward-to-it release of the year.”

“Drunk by Noon” (Track 12): “A really depressing, but very pretty, song. I think about the title every day, Monday through Friday, around 11:45 AM.”

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  1. Are these actual songs that John Krasinski chose? If that’s so, he has a really awesome playlist.

  2. We already know from the episode “The Delivery” that the only thing Jim has on his iPod is the soundtrack from MM’s movie “8 Mile.” Pam said so on the way to the hospital, and, we all know that Pam would know this and would be telling the truth. So, THIS list is a FAKE and a FRAUD! Whoever made this list is a LIAR.

    — DKS

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