Jim Halpert, Prince of Copenhagen

Jim Halpert Prince of CopenhagenReddit reader ReigningCatsNotDogs writes:

“At a museum in Copenhagen I went to (Statens Museum for Kunst), there is a picture of a prince from the 1800s in the classical portrait section.

He also happens to look exactly like Jim Halpert. Even the hair. You be the judge.”

(This is a portrait of Carl Adolf Feilberg by Christen Købke, 1835.)

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  1. I saw it on tumblr, and I’m among those who can definitely see the resemblance!

    This should be hanging in place of the CreepyClown painting :D

  2. Oh my goodness! I definitely see the resemblance. Who is that? At first when I went on the OfficeTally homepage I thought it was a joke piece of Photoshop, putting Jim’s face on a portrait of someone else.

  3. [from tanster: thank you so much Lars! i was hoping someone would verify the origin. tak. :) ]

  4. Oh wow, that’s bizarre! I can just imagine Dwight seeing the painting and coming up with some amazing theory about Jim Halpert being a ghost.

  5. This awesome OfficeTally entry more than makes up for the fact that I lost that SCI-Cure raffle. MORE than makes up for it.

  6. WOW! No way! I thought this was photoshopped or actually part of an upcoming Office episode… They must do something on the show about this!

  7. Oh my gosh yes! This must make an appearance on the show, however small. Dwight can purchase it at a yard sale or something and become convinced Jim is not who he appears, so many possibilities!

  8. Well, according to Wiki, Feilberg was born in 1844 and Kobke died in 1848. So unless he looked like this at 4, I don’t think this is Feilberg

  9. I bet Geo is right–seems more likely that it’s Carl’s father, Christen Schifter Feilberg. The google translation of Christen’s Danish wikipedia entry notes that he “. . . was as a young man painted (1834) by his close friend, the famous Golden Age painter Christen Købke. This portrait is today at the Statens Museum for Kunst.” Interestingly, it seems that the museum itself may have it listed wrong: http://bit.ly/ap2oap. I posted a comment about it there, so maybe we’ll get some clarification.

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