1. Oh poor Pam! Seriously, Jenna had the best looks tonight, the BEST.

  2. I wonder how long it took Michael to realize that he just gave away the one piece of paper that Pam traveled 20 miles for?

  3. I agree, poor Pam! Yeah, she’s definitely stepping it up with her attitude this week.

  4. Oh my God! He gave the paper away! Does he have any idea how much gas costs?!

  5. When Pam came back to the office for the paper, I told her, “Take extra!” Did she listen? Nooooooo. (Also: Who puts cardstock in the copy machine?)

  6. Her fault for not bringing more than one sheet!

    Oh lord, the popped collar is pink on one side…that doesn’t make it any better.

  7. I wish this had been in the episode, I like “Job Fair” a lot, but it needed another laugh out loud moment or two and this scene did it for me.

  8. Pam’s look made that scene. It was short but this could have made the final cut. Ah well… the beauty of deleted scenes!

  9. Jenna is a great actress but I’m glad they cut this scene. It was unfunny. Usually the deleted ones are very entertaining hope the next one’s better.

  10. #6–YES! I was thinking the same thing, and even thought, she should keep the extras in her car, and if she needed to “go back to the office” to get another one, she could just sit in her car for half an hour! Oh, well, she paid the price, didn’t she! Still felt sorry for her, though.

  11. You may think you’re cool, but you’re not “pink popped collar” cool.

  12. I’m glad this scene was deleted because I think the other kids who made the final cut are more realistic as to how kids act and dress today. The pink popped collar seemed soooo Michael Jackson ’80ish.

  13. If there was a time ever for a kid with a pink popped collar to feel awkward, this would be it.

  14. Pam’s jacket is on and off all through the episode, actually, and it never shows her taking it off multiple times.

  15. Omg, poor creepy Michael! I can’t believe he flipped his collar, haha.

  16. lol I like how Michael puts his collar up, like the douchebag kid

  17. The pink popped collar is more current than you might think. Personally, I was waiting for a scene like this last night with a jerky kid.

  18. For those of you not “hip” to teen trends, the 80s are back in a major way.

  19. Poor Pam, she really should have taken more than one.

    Also, as a teen myself, I can ashamedly say that I too pop my collar, and it is “trendy.”

    Actually, the occasional people laugh at my collar, but I wear it proudly with all the arrogance I possess.

  20. The only thing I could hear while watching that scene is “Ever since I can remember I’ve been popping my collar…”. It also made me think of “The Secret” when Michael messes his hair up to look “cool” like Jim.

  21. the popped collar is great, it’s the signature look for today’s arrogant douchey teen.
    michael was creeeeepy!! and the condom line = michael at the top of desperation.

  22. Poor Michael. Poor Dunder Mifflin. Don’t they get it? How cool it is to sell paper? Oh, wait… Haha. I can’t believe the popped collar is back in, and fluorescent pink, no less. I’m in my 30s and I did that back in elementary school! Ha!

  23. And yes, the popped collar is terribly trendy. I am a teenager myself, and the day I pop my collar is the day I throw myself off a cliff.

  24. Is it just me, or does Michael seem to become a little obsessed with other guys? Between Ryan, Jim, Todd Packer, and this popped collar kid, he seems to have a lot of man-crushes. I wonder why he doesn’t try to get more females to work at Dunder Mifflin.

  25. I have never popped my collar unless I was joking… but now that Michael did it, I might just give it a serious try. lol. After all, Michael is the epitome of fashion. ;)

    But yes, to all of you who may be older, the popped collar is back. But, it seems that only the douchey ones do it… like that kid.

  26. Man! These episodes are getting darker and darker. This scene had a really sad ending. . . It’s hard when Michael just about can’t come up with a good emotional defense against the world. Sniff. .. getting closer to the British version. Thanks for the pain, however.

  27. So…a cameraman is walking around, filming a documentary in a high school, and NONE of the teenagers try to duck out of shot, look awkwardly into the lens, or go out of their way to do something stupid on camera. Right…
    One thing I loved about the original Office series was that the extras always behaved realistically when they realized that they were on camera.

  28. I think they cut this one because the kid they left in was more realistic in his reactions. Although the kid in this deleted scene fits Michael’s idea that good looking equals qualified.

  29. Thank goodness these were deleted…not funny, just creepy. *shudder*

  30. You know if they left that scene in, I would have forgiven Michael for all his antics with Pam during this episode.

    Now that I’ve seen it, I forgive him. :)

  31. A friend of mine did the pop collar thing, and I swear I walked ahead of him the whole day.

    That’s a trend that should of have been left in the 80s.

  32. If the popped collar is in, then I’m not a trendy teen.

    But I have seen no one wear a popped collar… Everyone I know would laugh at them.

  33. So THAT explains what Andy and Kevin were doing there. That’ll teach us to doubt Jim- he always knows what he’s doing!

  34. Nice to see that Jim had a game plan after all, and that it was primarily at Andy’s expense.

  35. The douche line was HILARIOUS. Awesome. Still wondering if we’ll find out what Pam’s art room comment meant.

  36. Well now my question I submitted to the writers has been answered! “Why oh why did Jim bring them!!”

  37. I love when the Office writers mention Cornell. As a student there, it’s nice to see my school being picked on in Primetime TV.

    Andy is a fair representation of the student body at Cornell. I’m only a quarter joking. Haha.

  38. I’m glad they cut all these scenes.

    Michael has some serious male bonding issues for sure.

    None of the ‘teens’ here call themselves ‘teens’. So,I’m a bit incredulous about those comments on the popped collar. Also, the kids don’t wear them here in NOLA.

  39. Hahahaha, Andy gets the douche thrown back at him! Brilliant. I love Jim!

  40. Why couldn’t they show the Jim clip in the show? Would have explained so much and made Jim look a little less desperate/clueless. That clip was hilarious!

  41. I think the popped collar thing is a California trend fueled by Hollister/Abercrombie. Any Californians beg to differ?

  42. please please please can someone describe this deleted scene #3. Up here in Canada I can’t watch them and I have never wanted to watch one so bad!! I heart Jim!

  43. My attempt to describe the scene:
    Jim, Kevin and Andy are sitting at the table drinking beers, Kevin talking about how he will win lots of money from the client.
    Kevin TH: “he’s not MY client!”
    Jim TH: “If your client likes Italian, you take him to cuchinos, if your client likes a little action you bring him a gambler, and if your client hates Cornell… you bring him andy”
    Andy tries to break club over his knee but just hurts himself.
    Client: “that guy’s kind of a douche”
    Jim: “yeah, well, Cornell…”
    Of course I can’t do justice to all of Jim’s facial expressions!

  44. I just got the “what on earth are you watching?” from another room because I laughed so hard at the third deleted scene… several times.

  45. 53 | Ms. A. Knife –

    As a recent Cornell grad, I agree with you, Andy is definitely a good representation of the student body! Some people there really are like him and it amazes me how accurately the writers portray that…clearly, someone on the writing staff went to or got rejected from Cornell and I love them for it.

  46. That third deleted scene is AWESOME! So funny and somewhat necessary for the plot. It really helped show that Jim was, in fact, trying. It was only 45 seconds!!! I wish they would have left it in.

    But I am so glad they cut the first two deleted scenes. I don’t care for what they have been doing with Michael lately. They’re taking him closer to the David Brent character, who was, in my opinion, much more difficult to appreciate. I enjoy that Michael often manages to still be somewhat sympathetic as clueless as he is. If they completely move away from this, I will miss it.

  47. so now we all know the answer to the question “why did jim bring andy and kevin with him?” never mind gene and lee!

  48. #3 was fantastic! Ties in so well with Andy’s speech at the beginning about his grandfather spinning in his urn. I enjoy all the plotlines related to the Andy-Cornell-douche trifecta.

    The popped collar thing is around, not extremely widespread, in that I think you would see more people who do not pop their collars. Originated on the golf course to keep some sun off your neck.

  49. “Andy-Cornell-douche trifecta”

    THAT is the funniest thing i have heard all week.

    on the popped collar debate, it must be regional. i live in california and boys pop collars here likes it’s their job. when i saw the collar i thought “ha! how perfect”

  50. Loved, loved, LOVED the 3rd deleted scene. They really should’ve left it in…it explains SO much!

  51. That third scene is awesome. I agree with the other posters that it would have been nice to keep it in… it was rather brief, and yet it made Jim look like less of a moron for choosing that particular grouping.

    And it might have just been the funniest part of the episode. Sigh.

  52. I love that clip! The title of it is perfect…Jim DOES know exactly what he’s doing!

  53. i can see why they cut this scene out, it wasn’t really too funny but anything office related i like.

  54. The first two were wisely left out. The third one is awesome and definitely should have made the cut. The fourth one is pretty funny but makes Michael look like even more of a jerk in an episode where he was already a little too jerky for my taste, so another good call in my opinion.

  55. That third scene calls back to Traveling Salesmen when we saw the mifflinites were actually good at their jobs.

  56. I loved the subtle dig at desperate recruiters who tell you what you want to hear ;)

  57. Geez, will deleted scene 5 will be Michael driving Justin’s car into a lake, with Brad in the trunk?
    Good call leaving 1, 2, & 4 out, over-the-top Michael is not a good thing! #3 really needed to be in there. It addressed obvious questions, and more importantly brought back clever, good-salesman Jim.

  58. The show made an excellent call in leaving deleted scenes #1,2 and 4 out of the final cut of the episode. Michael was such an annoying jerk the entire episode; it’s hard to believe that the majority of the deleted scenes are ALL about racheting up his creepy and irritating behavior to Threat Level Midnight status. UGH.

  59. I can see why some of these were deleted. I felt like I had already seen that clip before! But the lineup of the episode was so good, it leaves me satisfied and more is just excess.

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