Photos from Upfronts Week

Here are some photos of ‘The Office’ cast during upfronts week in New York — including the NBC Universal Experience, the Entertainment Weekly Vavoom Party, and the LUCKY CLUB event.

Jenna Fischer


  1. picture #14 is really making me laugh. something strange is going on with ed’s hair and I don’t think I’ve ever seen paul in glasses.

  2. Omg, JKras with that beard looks so much like one of my best friends it’s sort of freaking me out! lol.
    They all look great though!

  3. Love number fourteen, it makes me laugh too :) Angela not being there is kinda making me sad though.

  4. Aw, Jenna’s so pretty and Rainn’s so dorkily adorable! I love this cast!
    It’s impossible to make John look ugly but… That beard looks like a vicious fungus intent on consuming his pretty, pretty face.

  5. John Krasinski carries off the gone-to-seed look really well–LOVE that long hair and beard!

  6. oh my, John is not very attractive with that beard. It makes the bottom half of his face look over-large or something. Ick.

  7. The beard gets in the way of his natural glow and awesomeness.

    Doesn’t it look like John and Jenna have the same eye color?

  8. Jenna looks fabulous – as usual. I had to break out my DROOL CUP for John’s pics! Love the scruffy, mountain man look.

  9. Me, stream of consciousness like:

    Oh, wow, Jenna looks so nice! Very elegant. Ryan’s a little washed out, but Mindy’s awesome as always. Look at how long Ed’s hair has gotten. There’s the rest of the cast; I wonder how Ang- OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED TO JOHN KRASINSKI’S FACE? WHAT TERRIBLE BET DID HE LOSE?

    Because there is no denying that that is an extremely unflattering beard. An extremely hilarious beard, albeit, but still just sort of offensive to facial hair. (If that’s ever incorporated into the show, hey, I’ll laugh out loud.)

    He had better be getting a Scrooge McDuck’s Vault worth of money for that role. (Please please please say it’s for a role.) Has there ever been an actual deficit of stylists in LA? Just- why?

  10. it looks like Jim “Mad Money” Cramer is looking into Jenna’s brain…maybe she has some good stock tips in there?

  11. RE: Pic #9: The mother in me wants to straighten up that boy’s collar and make him button up just one more.

    RE: Pic #11: And I want to smack that grin off his face. Whoops, the line between reality and fantasy was momentarily blurred. My apologies.

  12. #14- John’s beard is for his role in the movie Farlanders, which is filming right now. At least that’s what I’m thinking, because all the pictures I’ve seen on set he has a beard!

    The cast looks great! I love them!

  13. I wonder if Krasinski is growing that for a part, because I can’t see why he would just for the fun of it.
    And anyone think that Ed Helms looks a bit like Chris Parnell?
    Such beauties, this cast!

  14. whoa ed helms looks so much different here than on the show. well so does rainn but i always knew he did–i had just assumed ed looked pretty much the same as on the show—minus the preppy clothing…

  15. Jenna looks gorgeous; she is stunning. Love her dress. Rainn looks dashing; his pink tie is fab.

  16. Everyone looks so fancy! – Rainn looking sharp, mindy and jenna – beautiful as always.

    I agree though I missed Angela (except I’m sure she’s busy with the baby) and what about Melora?!?

  17. They should have baby pics of Isabel so Angela is there in spirit! Anyways, Jenna looks super fit and I like Kate’s eye makeup. I also always think Rainn looks rather dapper in his skinny suits. And I am totally down with lumberjack John!

  18. I get so used to seeing Kate as Meredith that I am always so amazed that Kate is so gorgeous. And I’m putting my vote in for the beard. It is awesome.

  19. Saying the beard is for a film role still leaves one huge unanswered question: who would want to put that beard on film?! Maybe it’s better styled or it’s not fully grown yet. If not, it must be for comedy because it sure doesn’t scream “romantic lead”.

  20. in the words of ed helms in “evan almighty”… he’s a weirdo with a beardo!! hhehe… i know the beard is just for a movie role, but i couldn’t resist.

  21. Jenna is always so classy. I love her for it.
    I think there should be more photos.
    Most importantly, pics of them posing together. Right?

  22. Jenna be careful this year!

    You looking stunning!

    The whole cast looks so cute!

    John! Loooove the beard. Just like my hubby.

  23. Note to John: I love you and you’re hilarious but after you’re done filming that movie, PLEASE shave off your beard. I’m getting beard burn all over my face just from looking at you.
    Jenna, Mindy, Kate, and Phyllis look amazing as usual.

  24. Oh wow, I am totally not a fan of the John beard. Scruff would have been okay, but I’m not digging the whole beard.
    I was also surprised as to how different Ed looks from Andy!

  25. Oh man! I walked right by this at Rockefeller Center yesterday and wondered what was going on! Dang it!

  26. Both my boyfriend and my dad have beards so I may be a little biased here but I must say that i’m loving John’s beard.

  27. John’s hair and beard are that way for his role in Farlanders. He also wears glasses in the movie.

  28. Everyone looks really great—it would have been good to see Angela and Melora. Oh, and sign me up for Team Lumberjack John. He’s so talented that it seems like a disservice to focus solely on his handsome mug and it’s cool to see him trying different roles and looks. For all of these guys, more range equals more work for us to see (I hope!)

  29. Jenna look gorgeous, John….the hot points have gone down for right now. Someone needs a razor on the face and a pair of scissors to attack that hair. I still love you, but you need to shave and get a haircut. Grizzly Adams = not hot.

  30. Am I one of the few that thinks John looks adorable with the scruffy beard? That man always looks great!

    Also, I think Leslie looks very spiffy in his orange shirt and funky tie.

  31. I don’t care what people say about the JKras beard … I’d still snuggle with him.

    Even if I would get beardburn on my face.

  32. I’m sorry, but I’m still not lovin’ the beard. I agree with Jessica (#44)–Grizzly Adams ain’t workin’ for me!

    I loved the pics though. I thought Phyllis looked really nice in red!

  33. I don’t get it, how come they took pictures of the Geico caveman for 8 and 9? I kid I kid! On a scale from 1 to 10 Jenna’s about a 1000, give or take.

  34. I was wondering why I ran into Mindy, Creed, and Oscar on 59th St yesterday….. it was pretty surreal!

  35. OMG John looks crazy….Not NOT hot but not as hot as Jim….Its weird….Rainn was super cute…and was this the time jenna talked about wearing dark nailpolish in some interview

  36. In shots from the filming of his movie, John is styled as a slightly unkempt academic type…messy hair, beard, glasses, no thought to fashion, etc. TOTALLY my type. ;) So, anyway, I’m loving the beard.

    Jenna looks amaazing, as does Rainn.

  37. Jenna pretty. John still scary (I know it’s for a movie, but not liking it!). But all of them clean up very nice! :D

    Oh, and Paul looks so cool in the glasses!

  38. Wow, Jenna looks great — not that she ever doesn’t look great! Rainn, amazing! John, hmmm, yikes? I know it’s for the movie. When is he done filming anyway?

  39. oh john please finish filming soon haha. he doesn’t look like himself.

  40. Kate Flannery always looks great in these photos – man, does she know how to dress. And I love Paul’s glasses – I know, I’m biased, but I think he looks cute!

  41. Aww, I like the beard!!!

    Is that the guy from Will & Grace behind Jenna in pic #2? He looks… odd.

  42. #54–Kelly–I think Jenna was talking about the dark nailpolish when she was on Leno. Don’t quote me on that, though. Maybe it’s the same manicure!

  43. 54 and 62 – Jenna posted on her myspace that she wore dark polish on Leno.

  44. Ahh! Paul with glasses, Rainn in a pink Andy-ish tie, Jenna in black, and John “Beardy” Krasinski. Good day.

  45. If Karen thought Jim looked homeless then, I wonder what she’d think of him now! John’s still a great guy, though.

    And I noticed Jenna went with a slightly shorter heel this time;)

  46. I’m iffy about the beard! I mean .. He always looks good .. But I like him with more of a “I didn’t wake up in time to shave.” look.

    But Jenna looks dare I say slammin’!
    So does the rest of the cast!

  47. My thoughts: Paul looks adorable, Rainn’s suit is fantastic, Jim looks really scary.

  48. Wow…Jenna looks amazing. Love that dress! And although I think it impossible for John to look bad, I will be glad when he can shave again (this is definitely for his current role). Go Rainn–workin’ it! :-)

  49. Whatevs, it’s just a beard. XD I’m rather partial to it. :3

    Jenna looks adorable.

  50. the photos of john are not the most flattering but in his interview with kristen the beard looks hot!
    jenna is beyond classy. all the ladies look lovely (mindy is just too cute).
    i love rainn’s style and i am also a big fan of leslie’s look! how can you not just love this cast??

  51. i actually like the beard…..the pictures just aren’t extremely flattering.

  52. They all look great! I really like Paul’s glasses. Rainn Wilson just makes me laugh — I bet his driver’s license picture would crack me up. To sum it up, how can you go wrong with a lovable, funny, talented, cool cast like this?

  53. Jenna looks beautiful! I love her style. Classy and feminine.

    I’m a fan of the beard. What can I say? It’s John.

    And the rest of the cast looks good too.

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