1. “I’m trying to lure these kids into my booth but these kids are very wary of my booth thank you dateline” That alone makes me want to see the episode. And that “yes” is probably the happiest we’ve seen Pam.

  2. Pam is SO cute when she says, “Yes!” And love the “Thank you, Dateline.” hahaha this episode is gonna be golden!!

  3. Since this episode has Jim at the golf course trying to land a big client, I’m throwing out my guess that Pam is reacting to his having landed said client and going over to him for a hug.

    What is it about these two that I’m excited at the mere prospect of a hug?!

  4. I have got to know what that yes means! My mind is filling with possible scenarios. I can’t wait!!!!!

  5. I think it’s a congratulations yes, although I really want it to be a proposal yes.

  6. What’s she saying yes to, what’s she saying yes to!!!?
    I can’t wait.

  7. No way Jim would propose in the office…he lands the big client.

  8. LOLOLOLOL at the Dunder Mifflin “booth” at the job fair. No brochures, no pamphlets or information on the table.

    Happy Pam is adorable.

  9. Darryl, Oscar, Pam and Michael at the job fair seems like a good team…and if Jim, Andy and Kevin are getting the new client I wonder what that leaves Dwight doing..he could be pretty lonely.

  10. Yah I don’t think she’s saying “Yes!” to a proposal at the office. It’s probably about something else. They just are trying to get us all excited. haha.

  11. I’m thinking the “yes” is for Pam being able to go back to her alma mater? Question mark?

  12. She’s not saying yes to a proposal. It wouldn’t be in the office, and she’s too far away from whoever she is running to, to be saying yes to anything “intimate”.

    But it looks good, and I can’t wait.

  13. “Thank you, Dateline.” hahaha
    I’m thinking the excited “Yes” from Pam is in response to Jim landing the big client.

  14. Looks so exciting! I’m guessing Jim landed the big client and that’s why Pam is so excited. I was so caught up in everything I barely noticed Pam’s hair! It’s different! She has it straight and in a ponytail. Looking a little more like Jenna than Pam but it’s still cute

  15. Jim definitely lands the big client! Counting the days until Thursday!

  16. Let the speculation begin about “Yes!”. For the record, I think she is reacting to Jim getting the client.

  17. “thank you, dateline” HA! oh man, this episode looks grrrreat!! I can’t wait for thursday!!!

  18. That’s definitely not an engagement yes, so i’m wondering what they yes could be about? Maybe she’s excited because the job fair is being held at her old school? I don’t know.

  19. Ooooh! Darryl’s at the job fair. I cannot get enough Darryl.

  20. I wonder why Dwight doesn’t go to the job fair? What is he up to? I think we might see some Dwangela in this episode. Angela seemed impressed by Dwight’s idea to flip Andy’s car for a profit.

  21. I see I’m not the only who loved “Thank you Dateline”!

    I wish everyday was Thursday.

  22. Ian #16: I like your math. That leaves Kelly, Meredith, and Creed, who are generally oblivious, Phyllis, Stanley, Dwight and Angela in the office. Just a few seconds could be very revealing.

  23. #4 headphone – don’t forget about that ending of The Job that left her with tears! (happy tears!)

  24. I’m really psyched about this episode. I think it holds a lot of promise of the season two and three magic.

  25. I agree with #18, Sprinkles.

    It looks like Michael went out of his way to bring Darryl and Oscar to the Job Fair, almost like he was trying to represent Dunder-Mifflin’s understanding of “what it feels like to be a minority” (how very Michael Scott). I can’t think of any other reason that the two of them would be chosen. Neither of them are in sales. I’m guessing there’s some complicated procedure to pick who gets to go, and Pam’s “Yes!” is her reaction to being chosen.

  26. Another thing about the people left in the office, is that Dwight may be left in charge. Its always great to see Dwight with power.

  27. I’m guessing that Jim pursues this big client because of that warning from Toby and Ryan last week. And, judging from Pam’s reaction, I’m also guessing that he’s successful. Take that, Toby.

  28. I thought Oscar might have gone because he’s in accounting, Darryl’s in the warehouse, Pam’s reception and Michael’s there for sales.

  29. Oh wow, I am so excited for this. Yeah, I am trying to lure these kids into my booth. I can’t wait to see Michael “sell” Dunder Mifflin.

  30. “Thank you, Dateline” will go down as one of the best one-liners ever on this show.

  31. I kind of doubt that Pam’s that excited about going to her old high school.

    As a former artsy, turtleneck-wearing high schooler, I have to say that the idea of going back to my high school is not one that fills me with glee. Not that I hated high school, but it wasn’t exactly where I lived out my glory days.

    I think it’s much more likely that she’s excited over Jim’s success with the client.

  32. #35 That seems plausible, but before I saw the promo, I was initially under the impression that Pam would not be happy about the fact that her overbearing boss is setting up a booth at her alma mater. Plus there’s the fact that she’s wearing her jacket when she says ‘Yes!’ and I think she wouldn’t have already had that on when Michael would be choosing people to go with him. And there’s the fact that she heads toward Jim’s desk when screaming ‘Yes!’.

  33. “Thank you Dateline!” had me falling off my chair laughing! Thursday cannot come quick enough!

  34. I agree Pam is probably happy she actually gets to leave the office for once

  35. i had the exact same thought as dwight’s beard, he brought darryl and oscar to show how diverse dm is!

  36. Pam is not excited to be going back to her old high school. In fact, no normal person does.

    My guess is Jim landed the big client.

    Question: Why does every rich potential client for a company play golf?

  37. Also, after such a good in-office episode this week, I didn’t think I could handle another episode that took us out-of-office. But this looks like it could be really good!

  38. I’m excited to see what Pam is saying yes to. I definitely don’t think it’s a proposal, because Jim wouldn’t propose in the office. Also, it’s probably not that Jim landed a big client, because why would she get so excited over that? And she wouldn’t be that excited over going back to her high school. We’ll see…

  39. I’m totally excited for this one. And I agree that Pam’s “Yes!” is probably to Jim making the sale… she’s running towards his desk, as someone else pointed out.

    And 50 (Kevin), I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed that too. Maybe it’s because it’s a rich person sport. I’m thinking bowling, not golf, should be the order of the day. Everyone’s on equal footing in ugly clown shoes.

  40. First of all “thanks to Dateline” lol!! The job fair takes place at Pam’s alma matter so I think the yes could be her excitement for that.

    I also think that with Jim and Pam (the only people who really knew about Angela and Dwight) along with Andy out of the office that doors will open for Angela and Dwight to share some moments.

  41. I could be wrong but I do not think that they are going back to her high school but I think the college she graduated from. If I remember correctly she graduated from Marywood, which is a college.

  42. :-) haha thank you dateline!!!!!

    ^ classic michael right there!^

  43. Could Fancy New Beesley be offered an arty JOB by someone else at the job fair??? We’ve seen how psyched she gets about those rare opportunities she’s had to use her talents.

  44. maybe…just maybe…
    pam came in and said “yes!” excitedly because she received a job offer at some artsy job? and the paper she is holding up is an application or something?

    just throwing it out there.

  45. 52 – I’m not sure why everyone has the impression that Jim is not going to propose in the office. My personal theory is that he told Pam it would be lame just to throw her off. That office was the catalyst for their entire relationship. Where else would he propose? My money is on a roof-top proposal scene.

  46. Pam’s hair looks so cute. And she looks so excited (for whatever reason we cannot agree upon)!

  47. I think Pam’s excited because there’s a new episode of The Office on Thursday. But that’s just my inner NBC-exec speaking.

  48. # 60: just as Jim said, it would be rather lame if he proposed to her in the office. My husband and I met at work and the last place I would have wanted him to propose was AT WORK! So, it will be interesting to see how they come up with a way to show the proposal in the format of the show inside an office, if they ever show the proposal at all. After all, we never got to even see their first date!

  49. I am still going to stick to my theory that JAM are already engaged and they are just playing this up for the cameras.

    As far as why she is excited, maybe she’s happy that they are hiring an intern so she doesn’t have to meet anymore of Michael’s crazy demands. LOL

  50. Her “Yes!” in the promo is not an answer to a proposal. She may even be talking to (and running towards) Jim but he didn’t just propose there. The setting’s all wrong and her tone of voice and demeanor are too.

    If we see a proposal this season, I think it will be in the finale.

  51. If you pause the video at about 2 seconds you can see the sheet of paper with what is written on it before the “1 office intern” graphic pops up on it. It looks like it’s large black lettering but I can’t make out what it says.

  52. Pam looks so happy and excited! I love her bouncy ponytail! I’m thinking that maybe she got a college acceptance letter, or Dunder Mifflin agreed to cover tuition for art classes related to work she could do for them in the future, an internship through work, or something along those lines. Grrr…if I’m right (which I know I’m totally not) I just hope Toby wasn’t behind doing something nice for her. Isn’t that awful of me? But he bugs the crap out me lately.

  53. I thing Pam is excited to get out of the office for a day.She is stuck behind the receptionist’s desk every day and rarely gets to go anywhere. I think it is also possible she is reacting to Jim saying he landed a big client. Is it Thursday yet?

  54. Sadly I doubt it’s proposal excited but possibly going to the job fair excited. I can’t wait for proposal excited. Hopefully that will happen at the end of the season. And I hope this whole Toby/Ryan/Jim thing doesn’t cause trouble.

  55. Jenna/Pam looks extremely cute with her hair up like that!

  56. If Pam’s happy, then I’m happy. I’ll be happy even if this episode doesn’t involve a proposal. But I would be happier if it did. :)

  57. 50 (Kevin): “Question: Why does every rich potential client for a company play golf?”

    Answer: They haven’t gotten the memo: Chili’s is the new golf course. Said so in Small Businessman Magazine. In the letters section.

  58. I’m really looking forward to this episode…is it Thursday yet?!?!?!

  59. I don’t think the “yes” is over a proposal. I think Michael would have told Pam the day before to go to the job fair. But Michael is the type that does things on the fly. Michael’s thinking is probably bring the pretty girl along and attract the boys. Speaking as a college age male, it would work.

  60. Tara-
    I agree that kind of thing happens all of the time with couples.

  61. Someone asked why Pam would get excited over Jim landing a big client…they’re together and in love, when he has a success and is happy why shouldn’t she be happy for him (and by extention, since he’s told her he’s going to propose, them).

  62. Just to throw this out there, maybe there is some kind of proposal cliffhanger in this episode. I feel like we already know that JAM is destined for engagement and that someone is leaving the show (probably for the spinoff). I am starting to think that maybe it’s Jim who leaves, esp. after the “warning” and maybe he doesn’t land his big client. Done very thoughtfully and carefully, this could work. And if there is a JAM propsal in this episode that would leave a lot more to happen on the finale!

  63. I’m wondering if Pam’ll see someone from her past when she visits, like a professor. She’ll be forced to introduce them to the disaster that is Michael, and they’ll see how her life has turned out. I bet there’s going to be some discussion of “you were such a promising student, what happened?”

  64. I agree with Cathy (#60) that it’s very likely that Jim will propose in the office, or as Cathy came up with and this would be my favorite, at top of the rooftop. Jim said that it was going to kick her derrière and I think Jim would accomplish that by proposing to her in the office.

  65. My prediction of why Pam is so excited and says ‘YES!’ might be because Jim promised to take her on some sort of trip or something if he got the big client.

    Otherwise, I just don’t see how Pam could be so excited only if she found out that Jim got it.

  66. umm… because she loves him and this client is really important to him? i get that excited when my husband has successes.
    showing the camera the piece of paper is more curious to me than the “yes!” part though.

  67. I don’t think that Jim will propose in the office because Pam already said that she wouldn’t say yes if he did in the last episode.

  68. pippitypoppity, she said she would say no during a Michael meeting, not the office in general. So that is still an option.

  69. #83: Pam said she would say no if Jim proposed during a Michael meeting, not if he proposed in the office.

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