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Even though there was no new Office episode this week, props guy extraordinaire John Sparano updated his MySpace blog with an ode to the crew — and it’s a fantastic glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world that we TV fans rarely get to see:

I remember when Jenna got into the set the first day back, she thought the ceiling seemed a little lower than last year before she figured out that Pam slouches and Jenna doesn’t. That’s the kind of detail that pervades every aspect of the show. Even the guys take quite a bit of time for makeup to give them the perfect look. Rainn especially has a specific hairstyle that always had to be adjusted to stay consistent.

Read One for the Crew.


  1. I think I love John’s comments more than those of any other cast or crew member. The level of detail and care that goes into constructing the artifce of the set is so striking – not unlike producing a ballet or an opera.
    A good friend of mine works in props for TV in Los Angeles…she once took me on a tour of the “Dynasty” set near the end of its run. It was fascinating. The highlights were spotting a grip asleep on one of the set’s lavish beds and finding Joan Collins’ shoes (which I slipped on & had a photo snapped) near her chair with the name on the back.
    Thanks, John!

  2. I think his blogs are good enough that they should be included as a small booklet with the Season 3 DVD release. Most fans of the show are unaware of his blog and it would be a treat for them to discover this journal, it really adds another dimension for fans.

  3. Better yet, he should do a video diary of behind the scenes stuff like they did with the Booze Cruise. It’d make a great DVD featurette.

  4. he left out post-production.. but i guess he doesn’t see that part of it just like with the writers

    and big big changes? yesssssssssss

  5. His entries are just the best. And he is always kind and complimentary.

    I’m not. Jenna does slouch, not just Pam. Whenever she makes her entrance on those talk shows I sort of feel badly for her.

  6. Aww. Poor Jenna. But I have to say, I was kind of thinking the same thing. She’s great on the talk shows, but she does sometimes enter looking a little self conscious and slouchy. Pam, though, I think, slouches more. And in a bit of a different way.

    Oh, dear. I’d hate to be picked apart like this in public. Thank God I’ve escaped being a famous person!

    Anyway, I love John’s blog too.

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