Office Cast Watch List: Dec. 29 – Jan. 4

See Office cast members on these upcoming shows:

  • Sun Dec. 31 and Tue Jan. 2:
    Steve Carell on ‘Between the Lions’ (kids’ reading show)
    Station: KQEDK. Episode: ‘Too Cool.’
  • Mon Jan. 1:
    Melora Hardin on ‘Monk.’
    Station: USA. Episode: ‘Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine.’
  • Mon Jan. 1 and Tue. Jan. 2:
    David Denman on ‘The X-Files.’
    Station: TNT. Episode: ‘Field Trip.’
    Before The Office came along, my top TV addiction was The X-Files. This particular episode, ‘Field Trip,’ is a fun and twisty one. For you diehard fans, it’s the one with Scully and Mulder slathered in yellow goo. Yummy.
  • Thu Jan 4:
    Jenna Fischer on the Rachael Ray Show.
    Taped before Thanksgiving, this is when GMMR met Jenna!


  1. I know that X-Files! I guess that makes me a diehard fan lol. I’ve just started rewatching the DVDs. I will definitely have to dig that one up and watch it!

  2. Between The Loins? Tuna are you kidding me?! i used to watch that show. Dang that was a long time ago!

  3. Wait, David Denman was in that episode? Wow. That is pretty freakin’ cool. Will have to tape that now.

  4. David Denman was also in an excellent episode of The Pretender way back in 1998. The episode was called “Crash”. His role was small but pivotal to the plot. He looked so young back then. I was watching the DVDs a few weeks ago and when I saw him, I was all β€œRoy! Look! It’s Roy!”. LOL


  5. Which Rachel Ray show is it on? Seems like she has about half a dozen. I know I get one of them on the local channel. I think she has one where she cooks with the stars-could it be that one?

  6. Thanks tanster-I figured it out after doing some researching and found on Yahoo TV about it. Yahoo TV also mentioned in a list of stuff Jenna has been on 1 vs. 100. Maybe she is going to tape an episode of it?

  7. I was watching reruns of Bones on Wednesday and saw David Denman in “The Woman in the Tunnel” (Season 1, Episode 16). He played the victim’s ex-fiance. Makes me wonder if casting directors look at DD and think, “He’s got that broken engagement look!”

  8. David Denman also played “Skip” the demon on Angel. When I first found that out, I pulled out my dvds and had to watch.

  9. ahhhh i dont really know where to post (so i just did it in the last post on the website) this but that was awesomeee! I’m watching USA and a commercial of never before seen footage of the office just came on!!

    ((this is an not the exact words.. just what i remember))
    (Set in the old branch of stamford.. Andy is turned to Jim)
    Andy: Why dont they make man leggings? They should make leggings for dudes.
    Jim: Well, in medieval times men wore leggings and tights.
    Andy: That is disgusting. Why would you tell me that? *turns around*
    Jim: *priceless adorable look*

    ahh that was so unexpected!

  10. I saw that commercial the other night when I was watching Bruce Almighty. I guess I should’ve mentioned it.

  11. My previous TV addiction was The X-Files too!! I think I own the DVD season with Field Trip in it. I love the end of that ep because of the hand holding. Mulder and Scully will always be my favorite sexually tense couple. Although Jim and Pam come in a very close second and have filled my need to see that kind of wonderful flirtation on TV.

  12. Mmm, X-Files.

    And I love Jenna Fischer, but I absolutely cannot watch Rachael Ray. The woman makes me want to murder things.

  13. Also, I agree with everything Allison said. And Mulder and Scully eventually got together (even though it took FOREVER), so it gives me hope for Jam.

  14. Brian Baumgartner was briefly in tonight’s episode of Everwood. IMDB said he’s supposed to be in tomorrow’s episode too.

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