1. I wouldnt mind being hetero-life mates with BJ Novak. He has a real sarcastic and dry sense of humor that I like

  2. So interesting hearing actors talk about what they do.
    The craft of acting – something that BJ, John et al make look so effortless – it’s fascinating to hear them discuss it so thoughtfully.
    But as for John’s discussion of Karen – am I missing something with this character? – how could his character truly she her as an “alternative to Pam”? She’s a foil to Pam, at least in my opinion: so gray & bland in general, as a character. I kind of felt John was pandering a bit to the JAM audience there. When he looked down as he spoke, I felt he wasn’t quite genuine.

  3. I love what BJ said about Jim thinking he’s in a comedy and Ryan thinking he’s in a tragedy. That’s such a great way to put it.

    I also love John’s comments about Dwight. He is a good friend when it comes down to it.

  4. Kate, it was in Traveling Salesman.

    Jim was out with Karen (when she was in scary makeup) trying to explain his crush on (read: undying love for) Pam. When he returned, Dwight had resigned and they met in the parking lot.

  5. I enjoyed how we got a view into Ryan’s character a little more. I like how BJ compared his character to Jim… but just different in the way that they see/deal with their life.

  6. Not sure where to post this, but EW.com’s question of the day is: Who’s your favorite member of the “Office” support team?
    Stanley is ahead at 28%, but Kevin is right behind with 27%. Go vote!

  7. is there another link for these videos? it doesn’t seem to work for me now..I get an Error message when I try to watch them..

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