C’est ce qu’elle a dit …

Uh, say quoi?

According to John Hughes of C. Washington University, today is International “That’s What She Said” Day:

This February 15th, be sure to dedicate yourself to pointing out all the innuendo you possibly can. If your friends don’t know what you’re doing, be sure to make it clear within the first 20 minutes of conversation that “that’s what she said.”

Whether you celebrate ITWSS Day or not, you need to check out its Facebook page (sorry, you will need an account) where Michael Scott’s bon mot is translated into more than 60 languages.

Including my favorite, hexadecimal:

54 68 61 74 27 73 20 77 68 61 74 20 73 68 65 20 73 61 69 64

Get a load of those sexy numbers. That’s what she said.

Tipster: Jessica


  1. Tanster, I’m so happy you brought this to everyone’s attention! I joined the facebook event weeks ago and there are now more than 148,000+ participants! My roommate and i are making a game of it today to see who can get in the most “that’s what she said”s.
    She’s ahead, 3-2, at this point, but it’s still early in the day! :)

  2. Elisabeth–
    “that’s really hard” was the phrase that won my roommate her first point this morning!
    I’m sure the game will be tough, but I hope it will also leave me satisfied and smiling.

  3. Guys, how long is this ‘Survivor: Fiji’ bullshit gonna go on for? I never watched Phyliss’ wedding, and I’m gonna miss Business School, any other way I can watch it? I live in Canada.

  4. Make a “That’s what she said” joke today?

    I’ll give it a shot, but I have a feeling I’ll wind up feeling let down.

  5. My housemate is an intern at Redbook, and her editor (who is a freakish Office fan) tipped her off about this, who in turn, tipped it off to me. The Office is so important, that even editors at powerful publishing conglomerates are observing International “That’s What She Said” Day.

    I think I may go to Chili’s to celebrate.

  6. “Cool, I’m gonna get into this thing, seems really fun…” — Chewsh

    … uh, that’s what she said.

  7. At cafepress.com you can get a t-shirt that says “that’s what she said” on it. I got one for my husband for his birthday, which coincidentally is today.

  8. oh man i brought this up in the chat room about a month ago. i’m so glad its here already!

  9. my day so far:
    in anthropology, when we were determining the gender of different skulls, my TA said
    “We’ll be sexing the pelvis next week”
    and in spanish class,
    “?Que es la significa de damelo? Give it to me.”

    …thats what she said!

  10. I’ve already said it about 7 times today. Great Fun!

    And here’s another language, Andy’s favorite – Pig Latin:

    hatstay hatway hesay aidsay!

  11. I don’t know if this is too naughty, but it is That’s What She Said Day…

    Pilates class this afternoon: “Touch your toes and bend forward”
    My thought? “That’s what she said…”

    My roommate is still ahead by one point in our game; I keep saying things that just give her the perfect opportunity.

  12. alas, I’ve been teaching PE to elementary school kids all day. And I don’t think it’s all that appropriate to use TWSS with them, although there were more than a few moments in the teachers lounge I thought it to myself. Now that I’m out of school, there will be much TWSSing tonight!

  13. Where I live, it’s officially one hour until Michael makes an ass out of himself in “Business School.” I’m tingling with anticipation…”That’s what she said!”

  14. I hope Michael gets in a “That’s what she said” tonight in order of the holiday. It would only be fitting.

  15. Looking over at the upcoming (when?!) contest, a quickie Valentine giveaway…?

    That’s what she said.

  16. to be honest, i didn’t celebrate it as much as i thought i would. because to me, EVERY day is that’s what she said day!

  17. Chewsh-

    I, too, live in Canada (although I am *gasp* a Survivor fan) and while Survivor airs around 9:00 on Global and CBS (depending on your timezone, I guess) the Office, which is usually broadcast on Global, is still aired on NBC at 9:30-ish. Because of my like of Survivor and LOVE of The Office, I tend to watch Survivor for an hour while taping The Office on NBC and then watching the Office once Survivor has finished.

    Or, because I can’t wait to watch The Office, I watched Survivor for a half-hour and then promptly switch to the Office at 9:30. :)

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