1. Dammit NBC! Of course they make sure you’ve watched the damn commericial before telling you it’s only available to Americans. @#$%!

  2. Have a look at the comments for “The Return”, Word. It explains how Canadians can watch footage on nbc.com. I agree though, it’s a bummer that they’ve just NOW made the deleted scenes more difficult for us to watch, but there are still ways!

  3. Whats with the Canada hating all of a sudden? The producers cuts are one thing but deleted scenes? What do you think gets us through the week?! GAAH!

  4. Love the brave face. Hate the speeches.

    Seriously, Canadians can’t watch the deleted scenes??? What about other clips from NBC.com? What about other countries? That sucks.

  5. I guess us Canadians shouldn’t be fans of the show eh? What are we supposed to watch Le Job instead? arg…

  6. It’s not just the Canadians – the British appear to have been well and truly snubbed as well. What on earth is the point in doing that halfway through the season?

  7. Kari you where talking about a way for us Canadian to watch the video that was talked about in the return comments but I couldn’t find it, could you or someone else be very kind to point me out how to do it. I want to watch those scenes so baaaad!! :D .

  8. This cutting off of Canadians happens at the same time that… Canadian rights holder (Global) seems to have pre-empted (or outright bumped) their broadcasts The Office to show Deal or No Deal (Canadian edition) for the next three (four including last night) Thursdays.

    So, perhaps if the Canadian rights holders are not supporting the show (given that they also started the Office about 6 weeks late due to some other show they had been carrying in that timeslot) then NBC is giving Canadian viewers the cold shoulder.

    So, I blame Global. They’ve been lousy for viewers of the show. Deal or No Deal. Give me a break. NO DEAL!

  9. All the canadians, british or argentines (like me :P):
    In this web http://www.ultrareach.com there is a program called ‘UltraSurf’, you download it, yo open it, and you enter to the nbc web. This program “erase” your IP, so the web can’t identifie your country. It works for me.

  10. Am I the only person who thinks Dwight is completely over the top? He’s so unrealistic that I can’t possibly find him funny. He’s also too “evil”. Quirky is hilarious, but evil isn’t. Are we really supposed to buy the fact that his family holds weddings in their graves? Even so, his delivery is too uptight and mean. He should soften up, just as Michael should take a chill pill. The funny characters are the ones who don’t try so hard – Jim, Pam, Phyllis, Stanley, Toby — they’re dead on.

  11. I agree with comment 1. More Michael? Are you kidding? I want to see the deleted scenes of the other awesome characters that surely got cut out because there was an overload of Michael to begin with!

  12. Bold Guy (Agus Lucas):
    Do you know if there is anything like this that will work on a Mac? If so, that would make my purely and utterly happy.

    P.S. Did you guys read on GMMR that Rainn Wilson is going to host SNL!!!!
    Yeah this is huge.

  13. Ultrasurf broke my computer. well, not so much broke as, i didn’t know you had to restart the program whenever you wanted to use the internet.

  14. Deleted scene(s, really, they are more than 1!) #2 should have been in the episode. I’m sure there was something Michael that could have been cut out. THAT is what I wanted to see at Phyliss’ wedding!

  15. I totally agree they should have put that last deleted scene in and cut a little bit of Michael out.

  16. I “third” the sentiment that they should have cut some Michael and included more of the other office members. The stuff with Oscar and Creed was great. Especially Oscar’s TH at the bar.

  17. I just realize that everyone made fun of Pam for being engaged for 3 years … but so has Kevin. I believe he mentioned his fiance Stacy in the first season, if not, she definitely made an appearance at the Dundies, which was the first episode of the 2nd season, and so it’s been at least 2 and a half years. Just thought I’d point that out.

  18. The Dundies was only a little more than 18 months ago Elena. It just seems like 3 years because of all the Roy/Karen soap b.s. since then.

  19. Tanster: you have connections with NBC, right?
    I have a favour to ask.

    Please make a poll for us non-Americans and let us sign or vote for these deleted scenes and producer’s cuts to be viewed outside of the US.
    If they realize how many people they are upsetting, perhaps they will respond and take down the firewalls.

    Let us ‘foreign’ Office Fans unite!

    Thank you! I’m sure many others agree with me.

  20. May I just add: the deleted scenes made me a happier being, and an overall nicer person in general.
    Ahh how I long for the days of last week.

  21. I don’t know if anybody has yet but would it be possible for somebody to maybe put up transcripts of the deleted scenes – perhaps a bit of a big ask but I’m sure peopl would appreciate it (well I would at least).

    Thanks in advance!

  22. I don’t know if anyone has asked this question because this is my first comment to this site ever although I’ve been lurking for awhile, and watching the office for as long as it’s been on but…is there any site I can watch the “bouquet” (sp?) scene I’ve heard about. I must have gotten up for water at that part and keep hearing how funny it was! I have already tried “You Tube” because I watch “Office” clips and videos often there already…any other suggestions? thanks…Leslie

  23. i 1038% agree with Comment 32, I would sign that petition. Canada and other countries should be priviliedged enough to see simple deleted scenes and producer’s cuts.

  24. Here is semi-decent transcipt of deleted scne #2:

    Kevin- he says “Congrats on walking,” to Phyllis’s dad in the receiving line.
    Kevin’s TH- He’s proposed to four women in his life, and only one finally said yes, Stacy. She’s awesome. “If it couldn’t have been Melissa Riley, I’m psyched it was Stacy.”

    Cut to Dwight taking names at the door to enter the reception. Jim and Karen are up, and Jim asks him why he isn’t asking for IDs. So, Dwight asks Oscar for his ID, and Oscar protests because they know each other…or do they?

    Cut to Creed and Oscar sitting next to Jim at their table eating wedding cake. Creed is explaining the tradition to Oscar. Oscar counters that just because he is gay, doesn’t mean he hasn’t been to a wedding. Jim gives one of his looks to the camera.

    Oscar’s talking head- “I would like to be married, but I’m afraid it would threaten the marriages of the heterosexuals around me.”

  25. yeah! i would so sign a petiton, i really don’t understand why we can’t see producers cuts, and now, deleted scenes.

  26. So does anyone else think the “If it couldn’t have been Melissa Riley, I’m psyched it was Stacy” line from Kevin was supposed to parallel . . . well . . . something else? Do we know anyone else who may be psyched about someone, but maybe only because it couldn’t have been someone else? Hmmm. . . thinking . . .thinking. . .

    I just want to add that I also wish they left that second deleted scene it. Gold!

  27. I love the way Oscar just looks at the camera and glides out of that talking head. FanTAStic.

  28. Omg I wish they would have kept the last part in. Michael on the stair lift thingy is hilarious.

  29. Oh, I wish they had put the chair lift in the episode instead of Michael disrupting the wedding. I like the idea of him retreating down the aisle and going to play in the lift for the duration of the service.

  30. Wow! The chair lift and Oscar’s talking head should really have been in. I mean… we really could have done without one or two of the other cringeworthy Michael moments (like the cake).

  31. More Michael could have been less Michael. Had they used the chair lift scene as a cut-away during the wedding, there might have been some time to briefly dwell upon the faces of Phyllis’ guests. I’d like to have seen a shade of cynical “yeah, right” on Toby’s face when the pastor said the “’til death do you part” line, fidgetting from Ryan, glee on Kelly’s face, or maybe a brief look at Roy, Dwight, or a little more face time for Phyllis, for Pete’s sake.

  32. Deleted scene 3: What great vignettes.
    I like these Michael scenes better than some of the others because they’re a bit understated. There’s a lot more poignancy that way.
    What saves Michael from being a mere slapstick is the moments of introspection he’s capable of from time to time, like when he’s on the lift looking lonely.

  33. I agree–I think scene 3 should have stayed in. It says so much more about his character than his erratic “I now present Mr. & Mrs. Bob Vance” during the ceremony.
    “He can hear me.” Priceless.

  34. I don’t think anyone mentioned this but, at the end when everyone is throwing rice Michael throws a handful at Phylis’s dads head! Hilarious stuff


    We used to be able to see them – this is bullhooey!

    It’s hard enough getting wireless connection in my igloo — :S

  36. Bahh can’t view the deleted scenes in Australia any more. Oh well I guess I will have more to watch when I get the DVD’s.

  37. Here’s a transcript of deleted scene #4:

    (SCENE: The church, the room where Phyllis is getting ready for the ceremony.)

    BOB: (thru door) Phyllis? How you doing in there, honey?

    MICHAEL: (opens door) Bob! What are you doing here? You don’t want to see her before the wedding. It’s bad luck.

    BOB: That’s why I didn’t open the door. But now that you did, I’ve seen her. Nice job, Scott.

    (MICHAEL laughs nervously.)

    BOB: You look beautiful, honey.

    MICHAEL: Doesn’t she?

    PHYLLIS: (looks down, upset) Thanks.

    BOB: (waves hand in front of face): Jesus, Scott.

    MICHAEL: (gestures toward Phyllis) Nerves. It’s trapped under her dress.

    BOB: Are you okay, honey?

    PHYLLIS: Michael did it.

    MICHAEL: I, all right, I’ll take the heat. It’s your wedding day.

    BOB: I, um . . . (leaves)

    MICHAEL: (to PHYLLIS) It wasn’t me. All right. (leaves, looks at camera) She who denied it supplied it.

    (SCENE: The reception. Michael talking to one of the bridesmaids.)

    MICHAEL: I need some more jokes for my speech. Do you have any dirt on Phyllis?

    BRIDESMAID: Um, she hates her boss.

    MICHAEL: Angela’s not her boss.

    (SCENE: The reception. Phyllis is talking to her father, seated at one of the dinner tables.)

    MICHAEL: Phyllis! Phyllis! How can I help? I am at your service.

    PHYLLIS: (through gritted teeth) Just find your seat. We’re trying to get everyone seated so that we can do the toast.

    MICHAEL: Okay. All right. (yelling, heading toward another table) Everybody, take your seats! Take your damn seats! Please! (Michael sits down at a table next to Toby.)

    TOBY: Sorry, my date’s sitting there.

    MICHAEL: Your date? Really? How much did that cost you?

    TOBY: She’s not a prostitute. She’s a pediatric nurse.

    MICHAEL: (getting up) Well, good. Because your feet need a lot of help.

    (SCENE: Toby talking to the camera.)

    TOBY: I met her at the gym. What is so hard to believe?


  38. And here’s deleted scene 3:

    (SCENE: Phyllis’ father, Albert, is riding slowly up the stairs on an electric stair lift, assisted by one of the bridesmaids.)

    MICHAEL: (with a look of disgust) Gimme a break.

    (SCENE: Phyllis and Bob leaving the reception. Everyone is cheering. Michael is talking to the camera.)

    MICHAEL: You steel yourself for moments like this, but you’re never fully prepared. (cut to Bob and Phyllis getting into a white Vance Refrigeration van decorated with balloons and streamers) Bob Vance isn’t perfect, but he loves Phyllis. That’s really all that matters. (turns his back to the camera) Isn’t that right, Albert? (no response from Albert, in his wheelchair, who is watching Phyllis and Bob leave. Michael yells louder) ISN’T THAT RIGHT? (Michael turns back to face the camera) He can hear me. (turns his back to the camera again and throws a handful of rice right at Albert)

    (SCENE: The stair lift. Michael is on it, looking sad. He rides slowly down, then starts playing with the switch, going up, down, up, down, up, down, still looking sad.)

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