1. i fear a dumb romantic comedy, but i am still thoroughly excited- even if just for the john shirtless scene that jenna fischer promised us in that’on the set of the office’ interview ages ago.

  2. Someone who is skilled at photoshop owes it to us all to cut/paste Pam’s face over Mandy Moore’s.

  3. #3 HamburgerHalpert – Truer words were never spoken. But I would take Jenna over Mandy Moore any day,night, morning, evening…..

  4. I can’t see him as anything but Jim!
    I blame hours of rewatching Office episodes for that.

  5. So nice!!!

    Oh, NV…someone who saw the prescreening said that there are no shirtless scenes. So, no luck there.

  6. I agree with you “God” (thats weird to say)…i can’t think of John as anyone else but jim, and the article said he was hot and heavy and honestly the thought of seeing John making out with Mandy is a little weird to me…cause I’d be thinking…”No don’t do it you love pam!” Then i’d remember i’m in a movie…

  7. By the way this movie is directed by Ken Kwapis who directed many episodes of The Office.

  8. aha, this movie looks alright, i will probably go see it. i like the picture of the two little boys on leashes strapped to john.

  9. Are those John’s parents in one of the pictures? I know they make an appearance in this movie. The woman looks a lot like John, and the man seems to be making a Jim face. Anyone know?

  10. This only further proves my theory that Mandy Moore is the luckiest person in the universe.

  11. Whew!!! He’s too cute for words…standing there with his arms crossed, all cleaned up in a suit and tie….ahhhh…

  12. Ah man.

    Okay so I did a few photoshop tricks and I ended up with this picture

    kind of funky looking but oh well. its better than mandy moore’s face.

    I can’t find a good jenna fischer picture to photoshop into the kissing picture. Anyone wanna help me?

  13. The movie looks a little strange, but I like both Mandy and John, so I’d like to see it. And (please nobody kill me for saying this) they look cute together.

  14. He looks really great in a good, well-tailored suit, and not his Jim clothes.

    Jm Halpert may have my heart, but John Krasinski will have my money on opening weekend.

  15. he is too adorable…totally wish that i could be kissing john instead of mandy moore…can’t wait to see this…it’s great seeing john on the small screen but on the big screen it’s so much better…

  16. Hahah ohh Kristin that’s hilarious.
    A true prodigy from the school of Michael Scott photoshopping. (You’re better though, not to worry)

  17. No, no, no! He’s wearing a Cubs hat. I don’t care if it’s in Chicago, that’s just wrong, wrong, wrong. Maybe someone could photoshop a different hat?

  18. The angle is not very flattering, but I’m the girl in the brown suit in the pic of them walking out of the church! :)

  19. Oh, and in the pic with Mandy and the guy in the convertable, I’m getting into my green bug across the street!

  20. Hubba hubba! I know how I’m spending my July 4th. Seriously, someone needs to get human cloning off the ground. I for one am in the market for a John Krasinski clone.

  21. Thats awesome you are in the movie Dava! I can’t wait to see it Mandy and John look REALLY cute together!

  22. #28 | Chris:

    In total agreement. If it’s in Chicago, why couldn’t it be White Sox instead? I swear… the Cubs get all the love (outside of my part of Chicago, that is).

    Back on topic, I may have to make myself go and see this after seeing the pics. I’m not a huge fan of Mandy Moore, and I don’t enjoy most romantic comedies as a rule, but I think I’m really gonna have to make an exception for this one.

  23. “Seriously, someone needs to get human cloning off the ground. I for one am in the market for a John Krasinski clone. ”

    Haha… as I am now procrastinating from my Ethics paper on just this, I found this comment extrememly amusing.

  24. I can live with Red Sox. No probs, there.

    I agree, the White Sox get no love. They’ve won a world series within the last 99 years, too.

    I think when I see this, I’ll just have to lift my thumb in the air over his hat. If my thumb is there, then his hat isn’t. He just doesn’t have a top half of his head. Makes sense.

  25. seeing him in a CUBS hat just made him twice as hot… didnt even think that was possible!! =]

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