John Krasinski on ‘The View’

spoiler alertContent and comments may contain spoilers. (Video starts with a clip from an upcoming episode of The Office.)

Here is the first part of John Krasinski’s appearance on ‘The View’ today:

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  1. I love Sheri’s reaction. I would have reacted in the EXACT SAME WAY! “I wanna rip my clothes off!” HAHAHA. Dang, another interview that I missed!

    [from tanster: subscribe to officetally’s twitter feed or calendar. events listed in advance so you won’t miss them! :) ]

  2. Haha…before I even opened it I knew it would basically consist of a woman (women) yelping over John. I was not disappointed. Oh, The View: you are predictable!

    Bonus: John doing Muppet arms!

  3. I had window installers at my house this morning so I planned for the gym just so I could watch JKras on the View, and it made my workout that much better, I can’t tell you how hard I was smiling and squeeing over him. Haha, how can you not like the guy.

  4. Love that Sherri lady’s awesome unbridled enthusiasm about having John Krasinski on the show! Would I react that way to meeting him? Well, probably, if I could, sure, why not! He’s such a good sport in all kinds of weird situations.

  5. I love him! He is just an amazing guy. I wish that Sheri hadn’t pushed him to say how he proposed to Emily though. Even I could tell he didn’t want to reveal anything. I’m glad he did, but I feel a little bad for knowing now. Thank you so much for posting, Tanster!

  6. Awww! “I love her too…” Sooo cute! I really don’t think he’s much different from Jim Halpert :)

  7. @7 – I totally agree! I find interviews like that so awkward to watch. She asked the question three times. It was obvious he didn’t want to say.
    Tanster thanks so much for pointing out the calendar!! I had no idea that existed and like others have mentioned, I was always bummed when I missed something. I shall never miss anything again. :) Thanks for all that you do!

  8. Can a guy be more handsome? I do not think so. So modest, that’s why I love you John!

  9. Oy! Talk about the price of fame–having to appear on The View. I made it through about 1 minute after the preview clip then had to bail.

  10. Yikes, just watched him with the four hostesses…man, what a truly, truly brave guy. Too bad it cut off, I wanted to hear why his character was the most hideous man.

  11. Is it just me or did anyone else get the impression none of the women there really watch the show? Oh well, John did a good job despite that. :)

  12. No, Danielle G., I’m pretty sure they were unfamiliar with it. Then again, maybe I’ve missed the hundreds of episodes where Michael makes constant Chris Rock jokes.

  13. @ Josh

    I was going to say the same thing. First off, she wasn’t even positive Michael’s last name was Scott, then the Chris Rock comment. I stopped watching after that, so there may have been more foolishness.

  14. I think this clip was from Murder!

    Michael is trying to say murder’s a good idea and Jim has to let him have it bc he didn’t let him have the office-wide hampster track.

    looking forward to this episode!

  15. Sooo cute! I am so jealous of Emily Blunt! But did anyone else notice the blazer was a bit small for him?

  16. Really Sheri? Michael Scott makes constant Chris Rock jokes? I wonder what John was thinking when she said that. And could they have asked questions more relevant to recent Office episodes instead of ‘How did you get the part?’

    Those women annoy me but John was great despite them.

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