The Office: Double Date, 6.09

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The Office: Double Date

Writer: Charlie Grandy, Director: Seth Gordon

Summary (NBC): Jim and Pam are out of excuses so they have no choice but to go out with Michael and Helene (guest star Linda Purl). Meanwhile, Dwight is strangely doing nice things for everyone in the office.

The Office Double Date rating

In a poll conducted November 5-9, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.47/10

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The Office Double Date quotes

Dwight: Don’t mention it. You owe me one. You all owe me one.

Dwight: Fish sticks are not an aphrodisiac. You’re thinking of deer penis.

Dwight: Jeez. When did everyone get so cynical?

Dwight: That’s right. You’re a woman and you need to refuse food the first time.

Pam: No way out. No way out.

Ryan: I’ve always found beauty in uncommon places.

Michael: There’s no better medicine than birthday lunch.

Michael: So open wide, Pam, and take a big ol’ spoonful of birthday lunch medicine. Take with food.

Michael: The rest of the story has been censored due to inappropriosity.

Creed: Something’s up. That paper was never supposed to arrive.

Michael: Just want you to succeed, Pammy.

Pam: I have a whistle in my purse. I didn’t even blow it.

Andy: Do not test my politeness.

Dwight: If you clench your buttocks together while walking, you can really take the pressure off your knees.

Jim: Oooh, burn. Burn on you. And a little bit on me, too.

Michael: I am not robbing the cradle. If anything, I am robbing the grave.

Michael: Do I really want to go snowboarding? No. But I would like to if I wanted to.

Jim: Is that Shel Silverstein?

Pam: Home run, MIchael.
Jim: You set the bar so high.
Michael: That was a bunt.

Pam: Okay, weirdo. C’mon, it’s time for cake.

Michael: I want you to enjoy that cake because I have something terrible I need to tell you.

Michael: I want you to enjoy your cake before I tell you this terrible, terrible thing.

Michael: Who is Kafka Esque? I don’t know him.

Michael: There’s another woman, and her name is Italy. And skydiving. And bungee jumping.

Michael: I want kids. And you, unfortunately, have already completed that part of your journey down there.

Andy: What if Dwight dies and I still owe him something? That is a recipe for a ghost.

Dwight: They’re mushrooms. They don’t get that high.

Pam: I have the worst attitude of any person here.

Michael: Talk to me, face. Tell me what Pam’s brain is thinking.

Pam: I’m going to hit you as hard as I can.

Kelly: Pam. She’s going to punch the crap out of your face after work.

Kelly: Pam has that crazy pregnancy strength right now.

Toby: The power comes from the back foot.

Meredith: He’s not in the men’s room, although the seat was warm, so we may have just missed him.

Kevin: Why can’t you just agree with me sometimes?

Michael: I’m scared I’m going to love it.

Pam: Don’t ever date a member of my family again.

Michael: For the record, your mom came on to me.

Dwight: Why are you limping?

Dwight: Let’s get some raw meat on that face. I’ve got a chicken in the freezer upstairs.

Michael: I have a hover car and a hover house. And my wife is a runner. And it shows.

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  1. Well, now that Kelly, Dwight and Pam have hit Michael…who’s next?

    Also, I love Creed. His talking head about the paper arriving was gold.

  2. Pretty good classic awkward Office! Toby teaching Pam how to throw a punch was my favorite part, he’s clearly been practicing for years.

  3. Second favorite of the year.

    I love when they go a little deeper into Michael’s character. I thought they were going to lose it during the dinner scene, but it was done well.

    Well done!

  4. Loved loved loved. I called the sneak attack by Pam. At the restaurant, I couldn’t tell if Pam was being sincere about warming up to the idea about Michael, or if she was just trying to get him to back off? Well, whatever it was it worked. I loved Jim and Pam too. Great episode.

  5. This episode was perfect – as far as story arcs go. The way this played out with Michael, Helene and Pam was perfect and in character and I loved it! After 5 1/2 years watching this show, it went totally as I would expect, and I think that’s a good thing because I feel like I know these characters a little. Not a particularly funny episode, but I know I will laugh more the second time I see it. The Dwight/Andy side story was great too – Andy being Mr. Polite is perfect.

    Great job!

  6. Decent episode. I thought it would have been better if Pam couldn’t get herself to hit Michael because when she looks at him she realizes how screwed up his life is and ends up feeling sorry for him.

  7. awesome episode. Andy continues to be a great character to watch. Steve carell did a really good job in this one.

  8. This episode was pretty good; I laughed a few times. However, Pam slapping Michael? Come on. This is getting so far out of reality. It’s such a bummer. I loved seasons 1-3 for their realness…this is getting ridiculous.

  9. it was okayyyyy. not my favorite, by far, but not the worst.

    the whole slap thing was kinda off putting, actually. although — the double date was fantastic. loved when michael added up the years (and then got it wrong).

  10. Dwight and Andy saved this episode for me. I absolutely love the dynamic between those two characters. “That is a recipe for a ghost!” So funny.

  11. That slap was awesome!! Also didn’t know that Toby was good at throwing punches!

    All in all, the episode was pretty funny. I think the best parts were when Dwight and Andy were being nice to each other and doing different things and, in a way, when Dwight was rubbing that raw chicken against Michael’s face!

  12. This was awesome! Not as great as last week IMO, but still fantastic. Michael talking about robbing the grave was fantastic.

  13. I feel so bad for Dwight. :(

    Did anyone else see how happy Oscar was when Andy bought lunch? He only smiles around Andy!

  14. I thought it was a very funny episode! I thought Dwight and Andy were hilarious. I would like to see more of what’s going on with Ryan… he’s just getting weirder! I really liked the double date thing, and can’t blame Pam for slapping Michael. He had it coming. Don’t mess with an over emotional pregnant woman’s mom on her birthday! I’m loving this season!

  15. So typical Michael… as soon as Pam accepts that he’s going out with her mom, he breaks up with her.All I can say is wow…

    My favorite parts of the episode were:
    1. How excited Pam and Jim were about Helene saying she wanted to be Grandma
    2. Dwight trying to get Jim fired
    3. (I know this was hardly noticeable but it made me smile) Pam and Jim talking to each other over the menu, in their own little world. I thought it was such a sweet moment!
    4. The way Pam, Jim, and Helene were teasing each other like a real family

    I’m still waiting for Pam and Jim to really acknowledge the baby. I mean the thing with Andy last week was funny, but I would prefer Jim!

  16. Really liked this one. Light and fun, mixed with some horrific awkwardness. Wish we could have seen more of the whole cast, but at the same time, enjoyed Jim and Pam in this one. I was proud of Pam for her attempt to accept Michael being with her mother, and I didn’t blame her one bit for that slap! Michael’s reaction to Helene’s age was terrible, but, I thought, so like Michael. Also, on a side note, I want a little more Kelly/Ryan/Erin silliness!

  17. I laughed quite a bit at Michael’s “robbing the grave” line. That’s what I watch the show for. The rest… I’d rather not talk about.

  18. Angie: I totally noticed Oscar. He was beaming! He smiles sometimes still but when it’s Andy making him smile he just looks so happy.

    “Andy bought us all lunch!”

  19. Sara:

    Kelly slapped Michael in front of everyone in Diversity Day, and Dwight literally punched him in the actual office in The Fight. So I don’t really see what’s so ridiculous.

  20. To #23-I agree! I enjoyed seeing them get excited about “Grandma” but I would like to hear Jim say something about how he’s going to be a father or something. Also, do they know the sex yet? Or are they keeping it a secret? We’ve waited so long for them to be together but both with the wedding and the baby we don’t see a lot of preparation. :( I think what happened with the lunch was Pam wanted to let Michael know Helene’s age but then realized that they should be happy and then was upset when he dumped her. I also liked the menu part with Jim and Pam.

  21. I LOVED Toby teaching Pam to throw a punch!

    For some reason, I really enjoy episodes where Michael discusses his want for family and friends. It makes it feel more Office’esque.

    Who is Kafka’esque? I don’t know who that is.

  22. Yes! The Office gets back some of the same type of awkward moments that made Season 1 so great!

  23. The Dwight stuff was hilarious. :D And Michael was so wonderfully awkward. I’m not sure how I feel about Pam slapping Michael.

  24. Michael limping after Pam hit him in the face cracked me up. I love those little details.

  25. I LOVED this episode! It had all of the elements I love about The Office. Dwight and Andy “out-nicing” each other (and for differing reasons) was FANTASTIC! I couldn’t stop laughing. And I also really liked the fact that after Pam hits Michael, Jim asks her if she feels better, and she acknowledges that he was right about it NOT making her feel better. Those small moments between them are even more entertaining to me than the “big” moments. It makes them seem like a real, believable couple who are trying to help each other become better people. Bravo, Office cast and writers!

  26. For so many years, Pam was on the show primarily to be the object of Jim’s affection. But now that her and Jim are together and married, I don’t think the writers really know what to do with her. She’s been in a lot of storylines lately, but her character is kind of boring to me. There are so many other great characters on the show, it doesn’t make sense to force Pam into being a main character anymore.

    Just my opinion.

  27. I haven’t seen it yet (hi fellow westcoasters!) but I have to say, as angry as Pam was in last week’s epi, the writers better have a really good set up in getting Pam to go out to dinner with Michael and her mom. It doesn’t make sense that Pam would get *that* angry and then in a week’s time, say, “okay, let’s have a double date.” Weird. We’ll see.

  28. “Something went wrong. That paper was never supposed to arrive.”

    Funniest part of the episode. I LOVE Creed’s bizarre comments that are never explained, like his TH about only needing one more chair in Chair Model.

  29. The only time you should care about a girl’s age is if she is too young for you and I’m robbing the cradle…if anything, I’m robbing the grave.

  30. Solid episode. Nothing great, but solid.

    I don’t mind them making Pam feistier or b**chy-er. Better for her to have mood swings than to retreat back to Mary Sue-ville.

    In fact, a running theme this season seems to be the changing dynamics at the office, so an angrier Pam seems to gel with this theme.

  31. toby teaching pam how to punch and michael’s reaction?=Priceless!!! I didn’t see that coming at all…. hahahaha

  32. This episode gets a 5 from me for the frustrating Pam character (otherwise it would have been much higher). Pam just isn’t nice anymore. Even with moments like helping Andy in the last episode, her poor attitude (which even she recognized tonight) takes over the entire character. Where’s the Pam Jim fell in love with? On first watch, it’s hard to figure out whether the writers wanted Pam to actually attempt breaking up her mom and Michael during the lunch scene (and having her cover up her doings by giving them her blessing). Pam’s character grounded the show for the first few seasons because she was able to see beyond the absurdity and still genuinely care for the people in the office. I hope the writers find their way back that Pam soon because I don’t like ambiguously mean, poor attitude Pam. There’s only room for one “meany” in the office and that’s Angela!

  33. Did anyone else notice that the dry erase board in the conference room during the tacos said, “Bienveneato?” Classic cheesy Andy. Hilarious.

  34. Anyone noticing in the past few episodes Ryan is trying to be more artistic? First with the fedora, then the next episode he was wearing a sweater and had glasses on his lips. Then in this episode with taking pictures. Haha.

    And for some people who want Jim and Pam to talk more about the baby: I don’t think it’s necessary. The workplace isn’t the place for Jim to be touching Pam’s belly or gushing about being a dad. We all know both of them prefer to have their own private moments when they are alone, we don’t need to see that.

  35. Nina – I’ve noticed, and I quite approve. He needs something positive in his life – Kelly isn’t it lol. At least being artistic keeps him focused?

  36. I thought this was hilarious. I love those short talking heads that seem spontaneous and punchline-free, and this episode was chock full of them. I burst out laughing at Andy’s “recipe for a ghost” comment. And wow- Michael’s “NO!” when Pam asks if he’s okay…the funniest delivery humanly possible.

  37. What happened to Pam’s painting in the office? There is another picture where it used to be. Did I miss that part of some episode? Any answers?

    By the way, great episode!!!

  38. #44, mary. I don’t think Pam is the only one who’s changed. The whole dynamic between all the people in the office is different now. That sense of camaraderie is gone. The other characters have been rude to Pam(and Jim too really) ever since she started dating Jim, so it makes sense to me that she’d be more annoyed with them now than she used to be.

  39. I don’t understand why people think Pam’s changed for the worse. Given everything she went through in this episode, accepting Michael dating her mom then having Michael dump her mother for an incredibly superficial reason, she isn’t going to be the happiest sales rep in the world. The Pam Toby scene was also my favorite.

  40. Pam’s anger was much more justifiable here than it was in “The Lover,” because it was REALLY cold on Michael’s part to break up with Helene on her birthday. Even so, Pam is becoming more unlikeable to me every week. I feel like I’m watching Ryan back in season three when he started becoming more and more of a jerk. I love Jenna Fischer and despite my growing dislike of her character, her performances continue to be fantastic; but PLEASE writers, give Pam something more to do than be angry and mean. Pam said it herself: she has the worst attitude of anyone in the office. Hopefully now that the Michael/Helene romance is kaput she can lighten up.

    Other than that the Andy/Dwight “nice war” was hilarious, Michael had that perfect blend of funny/jerk/sympathetic that makes his character great, Toby was gold and Jim defeating Pam’s ruse to not go to lunch was great, and reminded me of when Pam did that to Jim when he tried to skip out on the dinner party. Not a great episode, but still very good!

  41. I really couldn’t stop laughing with this episode. Seriously.

    – Creed’s talking head.
    – The famous author “Kafka Esque”.
    – “I could have grown poison mushrooms that’d be THIS high by now! They’re mushrooms… they don’t get that high…” XD
    – Toby’s punching lesson.

    Absolutely loved it! And I don’t think anyone mentioned that Kelly was nude in the picture! You guys notice that?

  42. Toby coaching Pam on the best punching form was great.
    Pam meeting Michael in the parking lot after work (school) to punch him in the face was great.
    Ryan and Kelly asking Michael if he was scared was great.
    Jim telling Michael it would take him a week or two to help him with calming down Pam was great.

    I love my “The Office” again.

  43. Remember in Season 4 “Chair Model” Michael wants everyone to write on an index card someone they know who is single and Jim wrote Pam’s mom? Who would have thought they would really go out! haha.

  44. Why are people giving Pam a hard time and saying she’s being bitchy? Michael dumped her mother on her birthday! Why is nobody disappointed with his behaviour?

  45. Whitney H:

    The deleted scenes from Mafia show what happened to Pam’s painting.

    As far as Pam goes, she tried to be nice to Michael and saw how much her mom really liked him. But then, Michael screwed it up, as usual. Of course Pam is going to be mad. I don’t really get why people get upset when it’s not always 22 minutes of Pam being giggly and sweet. People get mad and overreact sometimes.

  46. I think Pam’s attitude is just a phase because of her pregnancy. You know, mood swings and stuff. Cut her some slack. She’ll be back after her baby delivery.

  47. Are we forgetting pam has a person growing inside her?
    That gives her a little leeway to be bitchy…

  48. Aw awful as he was, at least Michael stuck to his word: “I am not gonna date a 55-year-old woman.” (Office Olympics)

  49. 55 – Jim is psychic! Haha.

    I do miss the old dynamic of the show though. It’s doubtful it will ever come back.

  50. When Michael learns Helene’s age you could see it coming from a mile away that he was going to dump her. (Classic Michael, like how he always ends up saying something he shouldn’t).

    I think Pam should become a bit nicer and happier around the office now that Michael isn’t dating her mother.

  51. Hands down, more belly laughs than any other episode this season. Meredith’s line about the toilet seat still being warm and Creed’s line about the paper not supposed to have arrived… those are the types of golden nuggets that make The Office my favorite.

  52. Watching this episode made me feel sad. I felt sorry for poor Helene who has been dumped once again and this time on her birthday. And even though Michael was a pig for breaking up with her the way he did, I felt bad for him because he has once again lost in love. While I didn’t see this relationship going on indefinitely, I had hoped that it would last at least until February Sweeps.

    That said, there were still a lot of funny moments in this episode. Loved Dwight’s “deer penis” comment and the hostess referring to Michael et al as the “Scott family.” The expression on Pam’s face was priceless.

  53. Pam should have slapped Michael long ago. Or maybe Jim should have grown a pair and done it for her. No way you let that imbecile near your mother. Was there any doubt it would end badly?

  54. This may have been mentioned already, but when Michael called Pam “Pammy,” I thought back to Pam’s “…and don’t call me Pammy!” talking head from season 3. :)

    Good episode overall, Michael’s “NO” and Pam’s “you’re okay” after the slap had me rolling!

  55. The Shel Silverstein poem that Michael plagiarized is my favorite one–thought I’d fall on the floor laughing as soon as I heard “I cannot go to school today….”

    I really liked this episode…I have to disagree with those who are getting upset about the character development of Pam. Just because she is happy romantically does not mean that she should be expected to be immune from the (many!) other sources of stress at work and elsewhere. She is facing the pressure of working in sales (and her numbers apparently aren’t great), the weird dynamic of being married to someone who is also her supervisor, still dealing with the fallout of her parents’ divorce–compounded by awful mental images of Michael and her mom–in addition to the pregnancy and money-related issues.

    If I were dealing with all that, I’d be a lot more cranky than usual, too! And since Pam has worked in an office environment for years where melodramatic, often ridiculous behavior is tolerated (and even encouraged) by her boss, why wouldn’t she feel free to behave that way herself?

    You can only be The Sane One for so long (Lord knows I gave up years ago at my job…). ;-)

  56. #36 Jason: Wow, buddy, I couldn’t disagree with you more! I think Pam is one of the most evolving, interesting characters on the show. I feel like everything inside of her that used to be dormant she now acts on as she has become more and more of her own person. I mean, there are several points in seasons 1-3 where you know she wants to slap Michael and holds back. Anyway, she wasn’t “mean” about it. She felt bad immediately. There was never a gleeful look on her face.

    I think my favorite scene is when Michael was trying to give Pam a raise and she keeps telling him all the reasons why he shouldn’t, and he can’t read her face. Something about that scene felt like old school Office with a new school flair, if that makes any sense. How on earth will Jenna pick which episode to submit for Emmys next year? It’s only November, and there’s already so many options!

  57. I like fiesty Pam. I don’t think its OOC for her at all. It’s been 6 years. I’m not the same person I was 6 years ago, and Pam’s not either. Look at all she’s been through: broken engagement, cancelled wedding, losing her true love, getting him back again, failing art school, getting engaged, parent’s divorce, quiting her job for Michael’s failing company, getting her job back, pregnancy, a wedding….

    Dang. I would be completely different too after all of that.

    And I think the way she’s treating Michael is justified. Not just because of pregnancy hormones. But, think about it…don’t we have exaggerated emotions for those people that are closest to us? And I believe that Pam knows Michael better than anyone (esp. after the MSPC!). When she’s mad at him, she’s MAD. But she’s also super protective of him in some cases (following him out of the office when he quit, making a list when he freaked out over his new company).

  58. oh yeah and everytime creed opens his mouth, I will always laugh my head off… I love how random he is LOL!!

  59. Oh my, what a Moe slap! Poor Michael!

    and i agree to all of you about Toby teaching Pam… Pure Gold!

  60. and am i the only one who doesn’t like Erin’s hairstyle?
    much much cuter last year

  61. Pam has now become my favorite character. I relate to her and I am so proud that she says and does the things that are on her mind. Yes they can be a bit harsh but ridiculous actions require harsh reactions sometimes. I love pam more than I ever have before. GREAT episode!

  62. Geez man, once again they write Michael into a relationship and hit the eject button. Was the whole point of “dating Pam’s mom” just to have “angry Pam” for an episode or two?

    Since it seemed that Pam had mellowed to the idea of their relationship, at the start of the episode, I felt it had the potential to be a funny, on-going story. Sadly no.

    And speaking of things done before, the hit scene
    was very unfunny when compared against the “double-punch” in The Fight.

  63. It was okay, I liked the slap and loved that Michael was limping when he was only hit in the face. But, I don’t know about others, but I miss the old Pam from the first few seasons, she was quite and sort of shy – since she started dating Jim, she’s been different. But, all and all it was alright, I didn’t like how they did the Dwight/Andy being nice to each other during the entire episode though, it would have been better if they only did it duing the very beginning.

  64. Not really a fan of this episode. Michael’s become too childish, and the episode itself wasn’t as funny as it was painful. There’s still room for character growth. Speaking of which, they need to start bringing the other characters to the foreground. Phyllis, Angela, Stanley and Toby used to be a lot more prominent.

  65. Best quotes:

    “Do not test my politeness.” and “That was a bunt.”

    Hahahah!!! I was laughing hysterically!!

    I loved the Dwight/Andy storyline, and the Pam/Michael storyline was just inevitable. I will stand by Pam until the end! Dwight and Kelly have already hit Michael, so I don’t see why everyone is so concerned about Pam. Everyone wants to hit Michael, I mean honestly. I love seeing Jim being his regular self again, and when Kevin looked over to him about getting fired, you could see that people were beginning to respect his authority.

    Good episode!

  66. #79, yes when Jim just calmly shook his head no when Kevin gave him the panicked looked was nice, subtle, and very funny, like The Office of old.

  67. Is it just me, or did Helene kinda remind anyone of what Jan might look like at Helene’s age? I saw a strong resemblance. And the actress playing Helene…I couldn’t place her last night, but now I know where I recognize Linda Purl from…she was The Fonz’ girlfriend with the little blond daughter (the same little girl who I think starred in Poltergeist and died young in real life) in the final seasons of Happy Days…man I’m old.
    Loved this episode, esp. Meredith’s line about the toilet seat :)

  68. I really loved this episode! Great stories and lots of layers. There were so many little golden moments in it–like Angela’s brief reaction to the taco lunch, Michael freaking out and sitting at the bar, Creed’s comment about the paper delivery, Ryan’s photos (hysterical!!) and Andy’s over the top payback. I do hope sweet, sassy Pam comes back. She had every right to be mad, but as she herself admitted, her attitude is the worst and it’s getting kinda old.

  69. This was an uncomfortable episode…at least Michael is honest, but just not tactful. He of all people should know how important one’s birthday is (I’m thinking back to the season 2 episode)! I think I prefer it when the cringe-worthy scenes are a result of events happening in the Office or with a client. The scenes with Andy and Dwight trying to outpolite each other were a welcome relief to the awkward double date scenes.

  70. This was a great episode. Awesome one liners. But,in relation to the comment topic, I understand people defending Pam’s bad attitude because of the pregnancy but it’s really getting old. Sure, she can be grouchy but not all the time. I also don’t like how Jim seems to screw up constantly now. I know that the characters have to progress but it’s getting to the point where I don’t even like them anymore.

  71. Did anyone else notice that the writers actually did screw up Pam’s mom’s age? If she has celebrated her 49th birthday nine times like Pam says, that makes this her 57th birthday, because you have to count her actual 49th birthday.

    Also, how did Dwight lock the conference room from within to keep Andy from helping to clean up after the lunch? We learned in Health Care that he could not unlock it from within, so how could he lock it?

  72. A few overlooked great moments here:

    -Jim foiling Pam’s escape plan (great throwback to Jim’s attempt in Dinner Party)
    – Helene’s dig at Pam’s pregnancy- hysterical! And I was glad Pam and Jim had a laugh at it, and weren’t annoyed
    – Michael calling Pam “Pamela Beesly-Halpert”
    – Michael asking Jim if him and Pam ever “get frisky” and Jim’s “Inappropriate!”

  73. Oh, and I wanted to mention the director, Seth Gordon – I thought he did a great job. The mockumentary format isn’t easy and he just seemed to get it (I looked him up on IMDB and he’s been a cinematographer on real documentaries, so maybe that’s the reason).

  74. “I am going to hit you as hard as I can”.
    Was I the only one who got the ‘Fight Club” reference?

  75. I’m rewatching it right now. And one overlooked thing that I find to be hilarious — the fact that Andy polishes his shoes at work.

  76. A couple words.. really liked it.. LOL’d a lot this episode.

    Just because Pam’s mom used 49, 9 times, does not mean she started at 49. At 42, she could have used 32 to start a streak of 5-6 years. then at 50 used 42 for a couple years. Pam said this was a “record” so guessing she might have done it before. Though Ms Pearl is only 55, and looks great. I don’t expect Pam’s mom to be much past 58.

    I hope the writers give us a prankster Pam again soon, just for fun. Mood swings usually means swings, so can have a happy, prankster day in there.

  77. One other thing — on the white board in the background of Andy’s taco scene, he wrote “BienveNEATo”

  78. Mark–

    I was wondering about the locking the conference room too. Michael is always locking people in there (The Convict, Launch Party). My own little way (in my head at least) of justifying it, is that after all these incidents happened Dunder-Mifflin decided to have the locks changed so you can’t be locked in from the outside anymore haha.

  79. This episode was okay…I do not like what Pam has turned into. So far I have not liked this season of The Office

  80. Amazing episode!!!!! Pam & Michael were awesome!!!!! Specially when she’s about to smash his face in, but instead, she slapped him. Dwight and Andy were funny too. They’re being so nice.

  81. I can’t say I love where the plot is going this season, but Charlie Grandy is a rock star writer!

  82. I just watched the whole episode online (I turned it on late yesterday)…the funniest thing I have seen in a long time was when Michael was doing the Math on Pam’s Mom…of course his math was off and when she said “I’m 58” the look on Michael’s face for the next three minutes was classic. His line about “some people rob the cradle, well, I think I’m robbing the grave” made me laugh out loud. This scene with the four of them having dinner and all the emotional up and downs was one of my favorites.

    His character is so naive and child-like and lovable. I hope he finally finds the love of his life and gets to have lots of children.

  83. I haven’t read thru all of the posts, but I see a lot of people complaining about Pam’s new “character”.

    Guys — Pam was quiet and subdued because she was with Roy and he was holding her back. Once she started dating Jim – who has not held her back – she has developed into a person who has more free will.

    It’s called a person changing.

  84. Molly-(haha same name)
    I totally agree I think that the Pam who’s with Jim is a stronger Pam, she’s not letting people walk all over her, she’s standing up for herself.

    I loved Jim in this episode, especially him in the car telling Michael to shut up.

    I think that for the third week in a row this was classic office with a new twist. I am definitely liking the A plot B plot of the past episodes, I hope that the season continues on like this!

  85. I loved how Michael mentioned he doesn’t know how to swim, esp. since we got to see him panicking & floundering around just last episode in the koi pond. :D

    Other favorite moments:
    -Michael limping off when he was slapped in the face
    -Michael’s “NOOO!!!” in reply to Pam’s “Are you ok?”
    -Toby teaching Pam how to punch
    -Jim saying he needed at least a week to think things through
    -Creed’s talking head
    -another butchered word from Michael – “inappropriosity”
    -Stanley’s reaction to Dwight’s “clenching your buttocks” – reminded me of when Dwight & Andy were talking about “blood rush to the penis” LOL

    I thought Michael’s gifts (esp. the scrapbook) to Helene were actually really sweet & thoughtful, but in typical Michael fashion, he just ruined everything at the end.

    I might be the only one, but I love when they show Michael’s handwriting – it’s like cute kid writing :)

    And was Ryan hitting on Erin, or was he just being weird?

  86. I think this is my fave of season5. Loads of great moments: Toby teaching pam to punch, Kevin looking at Jim to see if he is fired, Ryan’s photos. I thought that Steve’s acting was excellent in this ep.

    10/10 from me I think… or a 9. But def a 10.

  87. I thought the episode was really funny!

    Fave lines:
    Dwight: “It’s not a book, it’s a survival guide.” Classic Dwight.
    Pam “Okay weirdo.” When Michael had to rest coming back from the bathroom!

    I like that Pam isn’t a pushover anymore and that she is more confident because of Jim, but I miss her silly-ness and sweetness. I think we saw a glimpse of it a couple weeks ago when she asked Oscar how he would feel if Michael was sleeping with his mother.

  88. I loved this episode! I 100% agree with everyone who loves Pam’s evolution and thinks she is totally justified in slapping Michael. He just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and deserved it. I don’t agree that she should stay the “nice girl” Jim fell in love with. Just because she’s a “girl” doesn’t mean she’s not a complete PERSON.

    Yes, pregnancy creates hormonal changes, but suggesting that her anger is just due to that minimizes the situation and her feelings. It’s like Michael asking the women in the office if they have PMS so he knows whether to take them seriously. It’s very condescending. Pam was fine when she saw her mother being happy with Michael.

  89. I can’t add much more since I’m late to post, but I thought it was another “okay” episode overall. I particularly liked Kevin and Jim’s reaction to Michael saying “you’re fired” and Michael’s “noooo.” Oh, and Dwight’s reference to deer penis. I like where the season is headed overall!

  90. My favorite quote:

    Pam: “Are you okay?”
    Michael: “NOOOO!!!”

    I love how after Pam slapped Michael, he started limping back to the office.
    Dwight: “Why are you limping?”

  91. Ok, I’ve realized what it is that is keeping my from liking Pam as much as I used to. It’s not her attitude change, it’s the fact that ever since she became a sales person, she started dressing like a female version of Jim.

    Her outfits are boring. Gray suit jacket, neutral dress shirt, black skirt. She wore a lot of nice, colorful things as the receptionist.

    I suppose it may be the costume designers way of translating that Pam thinks she needs to dress in a serious way in order to be taken seriously as a sales person.

    Never mind the fact that she’s 6 months pregnant and not wearing clothes that fit her. I keep expecting the buttons on her shirt to pop.

  92. I loved when Angela walked in then abruptly out when she noticed Dwight and Andy arguing like they did over her. Too funny!

  93. One of the things that I liked about this episode was how conflicted Pam was just as she was getting ready to slug Michael. At one hand she was getting ready to hit a man who not only dumped her mom on her birthday, but has also treated her not so very nice many times. However, she was also standing in front of a man who has rained upon her several acts of kindness that have helped her gain confidence.

    That’s what one of the biggest ironies of the series is that Michael does have the ability to gain her trust and confidence. However, he always ends up ruining things, but this time he did have valid reasons to break-up with Helene. He is still conflicted with his feelings for Hollister, and the idea of trying to move on. It was one of the few moments we’ve seen Michael come to his senses, however, he chose the worst time ever for the break-up.

  94. I loved the episode…it had some very classic Office moments. I think Pam will have some of her sweetness back when she has the baby and she’s all motherly.

  95. The power comes from the back foot..very funny!
    Andy and Dwight scene is again…hilarious
    great episode overall

  96. Excellent episode. I just wish that they’d put Creed in the show a bit more – his tiny scene in this episode was the best thing about it!

  97. Aww poor Michael. As much as I wanted to like Pam, I couldn’t help but find her unlikable most of this season.

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