1. i was wondering when we would get to see him opening his bobblehead, lol at the $5000 bill haha!

  2. Never thought we’d see the day! I truly didn’t expect to ever see John’s bobblehead video. Excellent :)

  3. 2 things make me love this video more than just it being John….

    1) “I’d like to beer you this bobblehead. -NBC” classic note skills.

    2) “First they invented a $5,000 bill THEN….” hahaha

    If only he had said “I’m the bobblehead’ it would’ve made my day.

  4. That’s so funny John said, “He’s nervous.” My bobble Jim bobbles in the exact same fashion! I wonder if he purposely dressed the same as his bobble in anticipation.

  5. Rhetorical question, but: could this be the most adorable two minutes in the history of everything?

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