Kate and Angela at TVGuide.com

Kate Flannery (“Meredith”) has updated her TV Guide blog:

This week’s new episode is “The Initiation,” written by B.J. Novak. Salesman Dwight Schrute teaches Ryan-the-former Temp how to be a salesman for Dunder Mifflin. Aside from the beet farm, I can’t give away anything. But the NBC promos have shown a phone conversation between Pam and Jim! The first time they have spoken all season. I am not allowed to say anything but you cannot miss it! What a talented guy, that B.J. Novak is. Ryan’s desk faced Meredith’s desk last season and he would sit and write a new episode of The Office while the rest of us were doing our fake office work, or online with Myspace fans.

TVG.com also has posted a nice interview with Angela Kinsey:

TVGuide.com: How did she and Dwight get together in the first place?
Kinsey: I remember when we were at the table read for the “Jim’s Party” episode [when their relationship was revealed], Rainn and I just started cracking up. He said to me, “It just makes such perfect sense.” They have this dance they do with each other. They both crave power and authority, they take life and their jobs really seriously, and they’re really militant and like to follow lots of rules.


  1. Wow Tanster!! You got a name dropped in Kate Flannery’s blog! That is fantastic! Congratulations!

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