The lost souls of The Office

This little masterpiece, created by our gal pal over at GMMR, was just too good not to share:

the office lost gmmr

Click the image to jump to the full-sized version.

My favorite part of the picture has got to be Kevin wearing Hurley’s hair!

So are there that many similarities between “The Office” and “Lost”?

  • Lost has the front section and the tailies; Office has the office and warehouse.
  • Lost has the main cast and “the others”; Office has the Scranton branch and the Stamford branch.
  • They both have (or is that, had?) a love triangle.
  • They both take place in locations that seem inescapable.

Please add to the list!


  1. I don’t like Lost, but this is still hilarious. Stanley is the best part. What a sexy expression.

  2. GMMR- I thought that was what you were going for. To give the photoshop a Michael-ish quality. Give it some extra meta for the hell of it. Either way, it’s absolutely awesome. No offense intended. :)

  3. That is AWESOME! I like how the guy with the least amount of hair (Kevin) is portraying the guy with the most, Hurley. Rock on GMMR!

  4. Sawyer eats crappy fish crackers and Dwight eats beets.
    [I’m not a beet lover.]

    They had funerals for dead things [Lost: people, Office: bird].

  5. Oh, good. Someone said it first. I don’t like Lost either. I had to quit it cold turkey. For real. Like it was some kind of habit forming substance that made me crave more but never satisfied. The Office does not do that. They don’t need to have cliffhangers within cliffhangers before every commercial and add six new mysteries for every one not really revealed. Ick.

    But, the picture is funny and good.

  6. whoa, what is with all the hostility towards Lost. it’s a great show.
    i love the Office and Lost. they both are the best in their categories.
    Lost is the best written drama on tv.

  7. If Dwight likes the show, I won’t like it,
    although I do commend him for his musical

  8. “What is the Dharma Initiative?!”

    Ohh! Another connection (close enough to a similarity ;))!

  9. I was going to act mock-offended that Jim was put on Jack’s body instead of Sawyer’s, but this is just too funny.

  10. Two best shows on TV COMBINED!
    That’s friggin sweet.
    I love how Kevin has to be the fattest and funniest character.

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