1. “Oh my Gol” lol That made me laugh pretty hardcore. And Kate has a nice voice, dang! Though it is funny to see her as a Christian songwriter instead of an alcoholic lol

  2. Classic. Kate was great. It’s nice to see her play different roles. She’s hilarious.

  3. “drop it like its god” haha. This was fantasic. I agree, nice to see Kate in a different roll. Thank you for posting. I loved it so much.

  4. Wow Kate Flannery looks really beautiful! This is a hilarious series–any time people take themselves way, way too seriously in any capacity it makes for some really great humor!

  5. I love it! I watched all of them not only is the show great, but kate does a great job acting “Im captured by your rapture” LOL

  6. This was very very funny! And it seemed slightly inspired style-wise by The Office, which was nice.

  7. I discovered this website a few weeks ago. Good stuff. If you want to see Craig Robinson in a video look for “The Tutors of 826 LA” on said website.

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