Watch tonight’s Office!

Yeah, I know tonight’s episode of ‘The Office’ is a rerun.

But … rumor has it that a new Dunder Mifflin Infinity promo launches tonight during the show. And if you’re a DMI employee, who knows who you might recognize in it!

Update: East Coast Tallyheads also report a new cold open AND a new tag! Ya gotta watch now … (don’t read the comments if you don’t want to be spoiled)

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  1. Ok call me crazy but have we ever seen the cold open in tonight’s episode??? I think I would have remembered Toby making out with someone right in front of reception……

  2. Ok… that first scene with Toby and his girlfriend, the cold open, how come I don’t remember that from the hour long? Was it in the original?

  3. Oh no – I missed the beginning with the new cold open! I should have known to never miss The Office even when it’s a repeat! I hope someone gets it up on YouTube soon (hint, hint). :)

  4. Oh my god! Matt, Matt… I saw Matt on the new Dunder Mifflin commercial… yay Racine. Actually I think I saw Kenoz too. So cool!

  5. Oh how I wish I could reach my DVR from my desk at work…

    I agree with a youtube posting…prettiest please?

  6. New cold open? How the hell am I supposed to watch the season premiere of Lost when TO has a new cold open?

    Damn you, Office!

  7. Ok the ending was new too!! What the heck?? I was not prepared for a new cold open and ending! What a nice surprise!!!

  8. I am so glad I made my regular Thursday night visit here. I can’t wait to see the new cold open!

  9. Cold open: Jim is leaning against reception talking to Pam. Toby comes in with his new girlfriend, introduces her to everyone, then makes out with her in front of reception. The girlfriend looks a little freaked and so do Pam & Jim. Then Pam says something to Toby about his PDA memo….that’s all I can remember, I was just so shocked to be seeing something new!

    Ending: Ryan is sitting on Jim’s desk trying to convince Jim that New York is awesome. Jim isn’t having it…

  10. that cold open was amazing
    i about died laughing
    i think paul is amazing
    but toby is a weirdo creep

  11. Why, oh why, did I miss both the cold opening and the ending?????
    Please youtube it!!!

  12. oh my god, WHY does my tivo record 5 minutes after the cold open this ONE TIME?!
    please please, somebody youtube it!!!

  13. I’v got it taped on a VCR, but it’s at my sister’s house. Someone, please youtube it! :-)

  14. Eff! We’re on our way to a concert and I didn’t set my dvr. Please someone Youtube it. You will so get a dundie or a gold yogurt lid if you do.

  15. Luckily I have DVR, because I was watching the Democratic Debate and missed the episode as it aired. But guess who was at the debate? Our man Ed Helms! So I got a little “Office” fun anyway.

  16. of couse i read this now, an hour AFTER it aired! omg. so sad…
    someone plase youtube!!! please!!

  17. Gah! I have to watch Lost. Thanks for the recap Urkle Grue. I’ll be in the “waiting for the video” group. :(

  18. This could be completely far-fetched, but I was watching the democratic debate on CNN and I thought I saw Ed Helms on camera for a few seconds in the audience. Is this possible or am I just seeing the Office everywhere??

  19. what? are you kidding me? new cold opening and ending?! is that even legal?
    see, i knew LOST moving to thursday would be a problem for me. i was relying on the strike and the fact that there are no new episodes. damn it…i love the office, but, lost is new and it’s great. it was quite good tonight….that’s what she said.

  20. Well while all of you were watching awesome new clippage (which I must see), I SWEAR I saw Ed Helms at the Democratic Debate! They cut to him looking very pensive for a few moments; it was awesome! They also cut to a few other actors during the night so I’m pretty sure it was him.

  21. Youtube, please! I hate being on the east coast. It’s always too late. It is possible that I would move across the country for specifically this reason. :(

  22. Okay, I’m with everybody who is all discombobulated because of Lost. I watched The Office, since the first hour of Lost was just a recap, but I turned it back to ABC before I saw the new ending, because I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss a second of Lost! Then I come here and find out that not only did I miss a new Office ending, but I missed seeing Ed Helms at the Democratic debate too! There was WAY too much good TV on tonight. Why did it all have to air at once?! I really need a DVR. LOL

  23. Ed Helms was totally there! (I’m 99% sure it was him.)

    But bummer for missing out on a new cold open and tag… Toby making out with someone in front of the office seems too unreal, though. It’s too broad and out of character.

    That being said, I still hope these wind up on YouTube somehow. My liberal decided to dominate my fangirl for tonight.

  24. It was indeed Ed Helms.

    Awesome new footage tonight, I’ve been dying for some new Office.

  25. My roommate was freaking out. “Come see this!! I think a new episode of The Office is on!” He just caught the ending. Obviously not believing him I immediately checked OfficeTally and didn’t see anything. Now I feel bad for not believing him but worse for missing it!

  26. Unfortunately I don’t have DVR, otherwise I would definitely put it on YouTube for you guys!! Anna-I will elaborate just for you–I must say it was very shocking to see Toby kiss anyone like that, much less right in front of Pam and the whole office!! It seemed slightly out of character but I guess that just shows how upset he was when he saw Pam kiss Jim in the break room. Yay for Paul though, he’s awesome with Toby!! And then the tag was good too…after Kevin and Andy made such a big deal about how awesome Ryan is now, it was funny to see him trying so hard to convince Jim that NYC is great, and Jim wasn’t interested at all. Pam was smirking the whole time Ryan was doing this too. Good stuff!!

  27. I was testing out my new camera and had it aimed at the tv for like 10 seconds and those 10 seconds happen to be when they showed ed helms!

  28. I was too busy doing homework and realized it was already 8:30. Ran to my tv, and the opening credits just started.


    Youtube, please.

  29. Omg, are you serious? Being in Germany I completely missed it, and my regular source for episodes has dried up! Tanster, can you put up a big flashing update when these go up on Youtube? We all need our hit off the Office pipe!

  30. DMI Reno was in the ad! Yaaay! 1Dan, our former Regional Manager, made a video of about six guys standing in line. They were all him. Very cool!

  31. A few things:

    1) I actually teared up in excitement when I realized it was a new cold open. Which only goes to show how deprived I am from the writers strike.

    2) I was so wierded out by Toby making out but laughed hilariously at Jim staring at the ceiling…. yah Toby! hehe

    3) I actually sat straight up on my friends couch, almost spilling the entire coffee table worth of drinks over, and yelled “Oh my GOD that’s Matt!!” during that commercial. Then I got that whole “ohmigod I need to call someone” feeling… and then I had to explain what dmi was to a bunch of non-office fans, non-computer geeks. “See it’s like you work for the fictional company… but only it’s online and people from all over work with you and you make up songs and make pictures to earn Schrute bucks…”
    Soooooo that was fun.

    I want to see the commercial again more than I want to see the cold open again!!! It went too quick!
    TOTALLY made my night though…. especially cause I’m one of the few
    anti-Lost people here apparently.

  32. Damn! I was clearing out my DVR in preparation for LOST and I thought, “do I need to record tonight’s episode?…Nah, I have already have the full hour long episode (as well as every other from this season and last saved.)” What a bummer. And I missed Matty?

  33. I heard that during the scene that Ryan is talking about New York, that Jim said, “The last time I was there I had a great time.” Pam overheard but had no reaction. eek. Why would he say that?

  34. Hey all –

    At the end of the cold open, when Pam (who looks at Toby and his girlfriend like she’s really happy for them) says something like “Whoa Toby, you’re almost violating your own PDA memo.” Toby looks at her and in a flirtatious, deliberative but in a shy Toby way, says very slowly “Well I wouldn’t want to…do..that.” Like “yeah baby, I just made out with my girlfriend, I’m the man.” Then he looks at Jim like “yeah I’m cool.” Very creepy but very funny.

    The tag was great – it was basically Ryan trying to convince Jim how great NYC is and Jim isn’t having any of it. Not in a rude way, but it’s funny seeing Ryan trying to rationalize how great his life is and also kind of get Jim’s approval that he is cool.

    I’m so glad I watched!

  35. I caught most of the cold open on my DVR, though it didn’t catch the first few seconds. It was weird seeing Toby kiss his supposed girlfriend. It was just odd, but seeing new footage was a treat.

  36. i’m kinda bummed i missed, but lost was crazy amazing.
    at least lost and the office on at the same time was a one time thing just cause of the recap… now i will no longer miss either.

  37. I love how we’re all finally starting to see why Michael hates Toby so much. I’m officially on Mike’s side now and don’t feel bad about beach day. This strike better get settled this week so we can get our month’s worth of episodes and call it a season.

  38. I just found it on youtube and watched it (with no sound of course, I’m at work). Hilarious… did you see the way the girlfriend looked at the camera when she walked out? Now I can’t wait til I can go home tonight and hear it!

    I don’t know why none of us thought of it… there was no cold open the first time because it was the second half of an hour long. Why didn’t our writer friends warn us?

    OK, I’m going back to watch it again… thanks for all the info tanster/Tallyheads!

  39. Oh, MAN. I missed it. I was all caught up in the Lost extravaganza and forgot The Office was on. How did that happen? The Office would ALWAYS take priority over Lost, but I thought it was just a rerun. (Cayce80 makes sad face). Hopefully someone will YouTube it?

  40. 46/Phlob – Jim’s mention to Ryan of the great time he had the last time he was in New York was very casual. It didn’t strike me as something that would upset Pam. Plus, it would appear that Pam could see how Ryan was badgering Jim and Jim wasn’t reacting.

  41. crap!!! I watched it but I missed the new stuff! It figures…oh well I did get to see Jim tell the camera that Ryan can’t get any girl he wants. (too cute)I am so tired of this strike, I am starved for new episodes. I need to know what happens when Pam and Jim go to Michael’s house for dinner. Please end this thing soon.

  42. Loved loved loved seeing this. I was taping this anyway because I’m an obsessive completist and needed both parts of the divided episode (get me help, please) and this was a great surprise, as was Beach Games last year.

    46, Phlob – Jim’s comment can be taken as either inconsequential and just said to show Ryan his little game isn’t working, or maybe he and Pam journeyed to New York over the summer and he, uh, really enjoyed himself…

  43. Thanks for posting the clip, Tanster! It is great that Toby got some action – but kinda made me cringe in a Michael-Scott-is-awkward fashion. Haven’t felt that way in awhile (since the strike)… It was a pleasantly uncomfortable surprise!

  44. Phyllis*farm: Jim and Pam could not have gone to New York together. Recall that Jim stated that the trip to Schrute Farm was his and Pam’s first trip away together.

  45. The cold opening and tag were great! I’m glad I saw it since I wasn’t going to watch b/c it was a rerun.

    Best scene: Brian and Andy telling Jim in the breakroom how awesome Ryan is. Seeing their “man crush” play out was creepy yet so funny.

    And who was the girl that played Toby’s girlfriend? I’ve seen her on another show.

  46. mcdonam3 – Too true. I resort to my previous proposition then. And I vow to rewatch Money as penance.

  47. Thanks to tanster (and plaidadin) so much for posting the new cold open from last night! That did seem kind of out of character for mild Toby, but we all know the reason behind it (i.e., Pam)! ;)

    Oh – by the way – to the earlier posters who mentioned thinking Ed Helms was at the Democratic Debate last night – he definitely was. I saw a photo of him there (sitting in front of Brandy!).

  48. I think NBC dropped the ball on this one. They should have promoted the fact there was a new open. I was out doing things (as it seems most other Tallyheads were) since I knew this was a rerun and have all the episodes on DVD not to mention seeing it twice on Tuesdays thanks to TBS. If I knew about this I would have definitely altered my schedule.

    At any rate, the Toby meltdown continues…

    [from tanster: i agree, NBC should have given us advanced notice!]

  49. I LOVED the ending. I thought it gave a great bit of character development from Jim. You see that with Karen he was willing to move to NYC (for the job), and yet, when he has Pam, the idea of NYC doesn’t appeal to him in the slightest.

  50. Thanks so much for the links, Tanster! Wow, Ryan was even more annoying than usual in that tag. Jim’s reactions were priceless, though.

    By the way, I just watched last night’s debate at the New York Times website, and that was definitely our Ed in the audience. Two of my favorite things (political debates and The Office) coming together … how wonderfully unexpected!

  51. Holy cow – I was on network TV for 1/1,000,000 of a second….things are going to start happening for me NOW…..

  52. so great to get new stuff! jim’s face when toby is kissing his girlfriend…priceless! and how much of a jerk is ryan?!

  53. i just watched it on the tivo.
    i love, love, LOVE it when jim looks at the ceiling during tobys awkward pda.

    that whole cold open was awesome.

  54. I was sort of forgetting about The Office, thinking it was just like off-season…now after this…jesus let the strike end soon.

  55. Have people stopped supporting the writer’s strike?

    I thought that the plan was to boycott NBC (and the other networks) until the strike was over. I guess I’m alone on this.
    NBC can add all the deleted scenes and bloopers to old footage that they want, but I’m not watching the show until the writer’s get their fair share.

  56. That was awesome! Those two moments of brillance made me wish for this strike to be over! Urg!!! Bring me my Office, pronto!

  57. ChrisM70, I’m with you. Yes, I am thirsting for Office. Yes, I wish I could see new stuff and have something to look forward to again on Thursday nights. But do we think that the writers, cast, and crew of The Office sat down Thursday night to watch their new cold open? NO. They are protesting. Boycotting. Standing for something. They’re out walking every day defending what’s right, and I support them, no matter how badly I miss my show. NBC put something new in now just like they do in the summer to try and get people to watch, and we should have said no. Everyone is still writing letters and sending emails, right? The strike is still active, and I’m going to be too.

  58. I loved how creepy Toby was in the cold opening. I thought he was really trying to stick it to Pam, not being flirtatious…more saying, look what you’ve missed out on–which was hilarious!

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