Cast members go blog-wild

Four Office cast members blog in two days? Woo!

I’ve added all of Kate’s appearances, as well as B.J.’s appearances, to the OT Calendar.

Now I gotta go to Sephora and try that Vanilla Grapefruit!


  1. I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. Please come back soon, show.

    Angela’s blog made me smile. The BFF team of Angela and Jenna = win.

  2. All of the blogs were great but can I just add to the Angela love? She is so awesome and sweet. Congrats to her on the baby! How amazing is Jenna for going with her to baby yoga?!

  3. I saw Kate on TV on Thanksgiving, but I didn’t think I could find a way to get it on here. Good job at posting! As I said before, Chicago rocks!!!

  4. How awesome would it be to incorporate Angela’s real-life pregnancy into the storyline. Imagine Angela explaining her growing belly to the “office tramps” Kelly & Pam!

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