Ken Kwapis interview

MoviesOnline Canada spoke to Ken Kwapis, director of License to Wed. Ken is also a director and co-executive producer of The Office, and mentioned our favorite show several times in the interview, including a cute story about Jenna Fischer’s audition for Pam:

[Jenna] said to the casting director, “I’m so desperate to get this part. What do I need to do when I go in there and meet the director?” And the casting director said, “Just go in there and bore them.” And I thought that was the most brilliant advice because that’s the style of the show — people who kind of disappear under the woodwork. She came in to audition and just sat in the corner for awhile and I remember literally someone came up to me and said, “I think that woman is under the misperception that she’s here for a receptionist’s job.”

Link: Ken Kwapis Interview, License to Wed


  1. I agree that JF is brilliant (and wonderful, and talented, etc etc), but does this story have anything to do with her brilliance? I mean, the casting director’s, Ken Kwapis’, sure… but just because a story has some tiny amount of JF involved in it doesn’t mean Ken should get ignored for comment after comment. He directed the pilot of the best comedy of the 90s, The Larry Sanders Show, amongst other impressive aspects of a successful career.

    It’s rare that folks discuss the writers, directors, and other behind-the-scenes geniuses that make the show work so well.

  2. Re #2: I think you’re being a bit harsh on CFO(not my initials). I think it’s a really cute anecdote about Jenna, and I didn’t know before that Ken was involved in the auditioning process, which makes me appreciate his hand in the success of our little show even more. It’s hardly unexpected that the actors of the show would receive a little more attention (one only needs to see the 1000-plus pages of John Krasinski discussion on the TWOP forums if one doesn’t already know this), but I don’t think this makes us less appreciative of the integral role that the writers, directors or producers have played, and would no doubt continue to play, in making “The Office” the great show that it is.

    To Ken Kwapis’ impressive CV (which includes, as you rightly mentioned, the pilot of “The Larry Sanders Show”), I would also like to add his impressive helming of two “ER” episodes during its sterling sixth season, as a demonstration of Ken’s versatility. He’s more well-known for his work in single-camera comedies, but he showed he could handle, just as adroitly, the daunting switch to a logistically-demanding drama.

  3. Great interview. I had no idea he directed a couple episodes of ER, thats pretty interesting.

  4. This was a really fun interview. It was nice to get a little glimpse of what John is like and to hear about Jenna’s audition. They’re both very talented. I will be an avid supporter of any films or TV shows they make in the future. Thanks for posting this.

  5. I really enjoyed this interview, and the one previously posted with Greg Daniels at the Banff festival. The thing I like is the way the creators/writers/directors of The Office talk about the show – the things they love about the show and the characters, and the whole creative process of it, are exactly the things I love too. It makes me feel very good about the future of the show to hear them celebrating all the things I think make the show so great.
    P.S. I especially agree with his view of JK – I’ve always thought he reminded me of a modern-day Jimmy Stewart too!

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