1. Poor John. I know the feeling….It’s so embarrassing! It’s going to be even MORE embarrassing if George kicks his ass again.

  2. I really wish i could see that match.
    Clooney vs Krasinski in a sweaty basketball game?
    Okay. I’ll take it.

  3. John K. isn’t even the best hoops player of The Office cast. I bet Brian Baumgartner could beat Clooney. He rains jumpers in a coat and tie.

  4. He still let the superstar win. He knows how the game is played – he’s a smarthrob and there was more than one game being played here.

  5. I too agree that John was letting George win. Clooney is now part of Hollywood royalty…the talk of a rematch alone increases John’s Hollywood stock.

    I’m a dude and I still can’t get used to the hair…my wife says he looks like a geek…LOL.

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