1. They were SO CLOSE to giving us a close up of that great picture of Jim & Pam on Pam’s desk… come on! Give the people what they want! Haha… thanks for posting this!

    [from tanster: lol, i knew you guys would be scouring the background looking for hidden details … ;) ]

  2. Vanfan14: Haha, that’s exactly what I was thinking! I was so sad when they didn’t zoom in to that picture. So close, yet so far.

  3. KSL is my local station, too, and I missed it. Thanks for posting, or I probably never would have seen it!

  4. Yes! Utah is being represented on The Office. No wonder we are the happiest state in the union according to that new report I read today.

  5. The Office and Utah! Woooooo!!!!

    (singing) Utah…people working together…you know the rest! (cause I don’t :)

  6. The whole time I was just trying to figure out what paper attached to wire would lead to. Ha.

  7. Re: 11. MustardShirt – The new episode being on at 8:00 is the time The Office airs locally in Utah.

    And yes, Utah represents! Cool to see so many other Utahns on Office Tally!

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