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This just posted by nbcskampy over at the NBC Office boards:

I hope you’ll all join us for the second edition of live blogging with executive producer Greg Daniels TONIGHT after the east coast airing of the show…approximately 9pm EST.

You are welcome to head on over the blog right now and leave your questions in the comments … Greg will be checking them out and selecting which questions to answer starting immediately following the episode.


  1. Is there any specific reason on why official scripts for The Office haven’t been released for fans/writers to read and see the format of the show?

  2. If they put out a book of scripts soon for a reasonable price I’d buy it. It would make a great x-mas gift to an office fan.

  3. I would like to know the format of the show. Of course I understand the actual words.

  4. Oh I really like Karen and I just know that she is going to get hurt… On the other hand, it is gonna be nice to have everyone in the same room.

  5. That was a good little Q&A session. I loved when he said he was thinking about dropping the whole Pam/Jim storyline and that Pam would end up with Lee or Gino. ;) The whole bit with their names was something I hadn’t picked up on either.

  6. I can’t believe he said he considered dropping the Jim/Pam storyline…That’s outrageous, seriously. I’m so mad. Haha.

  7. I wish he would have answered my question about the possibility of a 4th season. Guess we’ll find out after sweeps.

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