1. ooh! with all the hooplah of the episode and its extras, I almost forgot Jenna on Letterman. Thanks for being so organized, Tanster! You are undoubtably the best Office site there is.

  2. Isn’t Jenna going to be on Rachel Ray today as well as Letterman? Somebody be sure to put these on YouTube!

  3. I’ll be putting Jenna’s appearance on Letterman tonight right after it airs on YouTube and MySpace video. And since I’m in the central time zone, they’ll be up before it even airs on the west coast!

  4. Just wanted to drop a line and say “thanks” for running such a terrific website. It’s great to have this one stop, organized, friendly, easy to use place to keep up with everything “Office”.

  5. Yes, Kate’s blog is incorrect. I just confirmed with NBC that the producer’s cut won’t be online until 9pm PT, out of respect for West Coast viewers.

  6. Great! I’m a west coast viewer and if the producer’s cut was online I would be so tempted to watch that before the show even aired here.

  7. oh man i wish the timeline was more organized so i knew what to watch! hahaha, thanks tanster!

  8. umm, is this racism against canadians, or is there just something wrong with my computer, becasue i can’t get the producers cut.

  9. Yes it is racism against Canadians, some videos such as the 2 minute replays never work for us, its not fair! Let’s hope someone can get this up on Youtube.

  10. I want to see the producers cut also! someone put it up on youtube! I am Canadian also! hey I missed letterman last night, when will it be on youtube? i need to know!!! it was a great episode last night, hilarious!

  11. I’m Canadian also and the producer’s cut doesn’t work for me either:( That sucks. Hopefully us Canadians will get to see it soon.

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