1. I don’t know where JustJared gets the idea that JAM “gets it on,” or what exactly is JustJared’s concept of on getting. Still, looks like an awesome Dwight/Drew/Angela episode.

  2. I’m so glad Jim and Pam are still so happy. Will Andy ever find out it was Angela who keyed his brand new Prius?

  3. Seeing Jim & Pam together like that still makes me giggle like a school girl. I don’t think it’s possible for them to lose their magic!

  4. #2 I think it may be the fact that Jim has two different shirts on, and yet Pam is sporting the same sweater.

  5. It seems like there are a lot of extras in the upcoming episodes. (i.e. that guy in red behind pam in the picture with her leaning against jim’s desk, and also that kid in the picture for Launch Party.)

    Is it weird that I happen to geek out at how Jim’s and Pam’s hands are on the desk???

  6. AH! I love the Jim and Pam desk pose. Too Cute.

    Oh, and Angela and Andy are gettin’ their flirt on ;)

  7. Angela’s dressing pretty racy (for her) in this episode, with the above the knee skirt. I like Andgely myself :)

  8. I think it would be hilarious if Angela played Second Life as well, and Dwight and Angela “met” on the internet.

  9. #11- I geeked out a little at the JAM-hands too!!
    I can’t wait to see Andy vs. Dwight unfold!

  10. If you look at the JAM hands pic (super cute, by the way) there is a guy in a red shirt in the background. Probably a guy hired to film the ad. Is he filming JAM??

  11. What’s to be made of Angela having a D.A.R.E. button and a Tinkerbelle greeting card on her cubicle? I offer this as alternate discussion fodder to whether Jim and Pam “got it on,” as JustJared so lovingly put it.

  12. ALK, I agree, Angela’s outfit is pretty showy. Maybe she’s dating Andy (or Drew) and she’s been happier since.

  13. Awww, Pam and Jim look so happy! That color of blue looks good on her. Jenna and John have such great chemistry on screen.

  14. I don’t think Andy’d be giving Dwight a noogie if he knew how much that haircut cost. What? $2.00?

  15. Love the Jim and Pam pictures, especially the one at Jim’s desk. They look so happy, something is bound to go wrong soon. :(

  16. i also enjoyed that Jim is behind the desk with Pam. The only other time i can remember him doing this is on “the alliance” and then Roy comes in and ruins the moment. It’s a small thing but I still love it.

  17. Also, is there a reason he said to look at Dwight & Angela’s computer screens? Are they related or something? It doesn’t look very interesting to me. Dwight’s is kind of funny, but Angela’s is… not…

  18. #23: Jim also comes behind the desk in “The Hot Girl,” when he is narrating Dwight’s purse-buying adventure. “Good lord, look at these purses…” “Oh, definitely definitely step in and out of it like that…” That is one of my favorite Office moments ever :-)

  19. That Second Life account (Dwight Shelford) does exist and he created a SL group for his paintball team.

  20. I wonder why film the ad in the Scranton Branch? The title implies that it’ll air in the Scranton area.

  21. The importance of the computer screens: Dwight’s is just him playing Second Life, as far as I can tell, but Angela’s is a picture of her with Sprinkles, signifying her continued attachment to her dead cat and therefore her continued disdain for Dwight. When paired with her talking to Andy…well…it looks bad for Dwangela right now, but I’m sure things will look up soon.

  22. Hmmm…I actually think Andy’s intentions here might be good. He might be trying to break Angela and get Dwight out of his funk to push the two back together, therefore winning their trust.

  23. 23 & 26: also in Halloween, when they’re creating Dwight’s resume!

    What does Dwight have as his characters’ last name? It’s not Schrute…part of me wants to say Sprinkles, but I doubt that’s it, haha.

  24. 33-That’s what I thought as well. I can’t read it completely, but it looks like it says something like “Sbelflord”.

  25. Does anyone get the feeling that in Second Life, Dwight’s character will be dating a petite blonde cat-owner?

  26. Even in his second life Dwight is still assistant to the regional manager. He can’t even make himself regional manager in his fake life.

  27. I was just thinking that isthisok — does Angela’s computer have Second Life icons on it?

  28. So… is it really sad that my roommate and I totally joined second life just because it said Dwight would be exploring it? Anyways… Those pictures are so cute!

  29. I think it looks like Andy might be serenading Angela with a bit o’ a capella. Awesome.

  30. Did anybody else notice that behind Pam’s desk there is a certificate stating that “James *something which I couldn’t read* McDermott” won some sort of Dunder Mifflin award?
    This is noticable in the first picture.

  31. Omg, I heard there would be a love triangle but i didn’t expect it to be with Andy, Angela and Dwight

  32. -isthisoak-

    Right on. My thoughts exactly.

    And I can’t wait to see what happens when Dwight finds out Andy is hitting on Angela!

    I also smell a prank brewing.

  33. Does anyone else think that this episode has something to do with that video clip which seems to be an employment recruitment ad for Dunder Mifflin Infinity on NBC’s Office website?

  34. Pam is wearing the same shirt in two pictures, but Jim has a different shirt on! Did Pam not get a chance to go home the night before? Jam!!

  35. WOW!! I can’t believe that Dwight and Angela are like over. I had really high hopes for them. But I’m super excited to see what happens with Jam!!!

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