The Office: Local Ad, 4.09

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The Office

Writer: B.J. Novak, Director: Jason Reitman

Summary (NBC): When the Scranton branch is asked to participate in a Dunder Mifflin ad, Michael seizes his chance to exhibit his creativity. Dwight explores the online world of Second Life.

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The Office Local Ad quotes

Andy: Break me off a piece of that applesauce. Chrysler car. Football cream.

Michael: Even the receptionist is getting in on the creativity.

Michael: I would like you to meet Andrew Bernard. The Nard Dog. Who let the Nard Dog out.

Michael: Phyllis is like our Mrs. Butterworth. Kind of a less urban Aunt Jemima.

Michael: These are our accountants. And as you can see, they are very different sizes.

Jim: I think it’s great that the company’s making a commercial. Because not very many people have heard of us. I mean, when I tell people that I work at Dunder Mifflin, they think that we sell mufflers. Or muffins. Or mittens, or … and frankly, all of those sound better than paper, so … I let it slide.

Dwight: Second Life is not a game. It is a multi-user, virtual environment. It doesn’t have points or scores, it doesn’t have winners or losers.
Jim: Oh it has losers.

Dwight: I signed up for Second Life about a year ago. Back then, my life was so great, that I literally wanted a second one.

Dwight: Absolutely everything was the same. Except I could fly.

Michael: Actually, I don’t get paid by the hour anymore, but thank you. I get paid by the year.

Dwight: “Angela” can stay the same, but we’ll change “Andy” to “Dwight.”

Ryan: I told you not to call about small problems.

Ryan: Maybe you can cook, but that doesn’t mean you should start a restaurant.
Michael: Well actually I can’t cook, and I am starting a restaurant. Mike’s Cereal Shack.

Michael: I was five. Five years old. Couldn’t even talk yet.

Michael: How about never hundred hours, sir.

Michael: Ryan is being a little bitch again.

Michael: And thus, Michael Scott sealed his own destiny. In a good way.

Kevin: My nickname in high school used to be Kool-Aid Man.

Oscar: When I was younger, I always wanted to be an actor in commercials. Then I realized I had a brain.

Meredith: I’m excited about doing the ad, but I’m not really used to doing videos with so many people around.

Michael: Oscar, I would like you to do costume design, obviously.

Michael: This would be a huge coop, people.

Angela: I find the mystery genre disgusting. I hate being titillated.

Michael: You need to learn a lot about your own culture. I’ll make you a mix.

Michael: I don’t hate it. I just don’t like it at all.

Andy: Break me off a piece of that lumber tar. Snickers bar.

Andy: Break me off a piece of that Grey Poupon.

Meredith: Piss or get off the pot!

Pam: I passed out on my keyboard trying to decide.

Dwight: Oh … D.

Michael: Welcome, one and all, to the world premiere of Corporate Crapfest! 07!

Michael: Dunder Mifflin. Limitless paper in a paperless world.

Bartender: Hey listen, have you ever been on a motorcycle?

Michael: Advertising is about big ideas. If you want to sell a can of Coke, you don’t just show a can of damn Coke. You show a baby picking flowers on the moon. And then people are like, woah, I’m thirsty. You know? It’s not rocket science.

Andy: Claude Van Damme. Hair for Men. Poison gas. Nutrasweet. It’s got to rhyme with “piece.” Fancy Feast! Break me off a piece of that Fancy Feast! It’s the cat food. Nailed it.

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  1. Aw I can’t believe he is asking Dwight for advice!

    LOL @ “we’ll change Andy to Dwight”

  2. AHHHH!!! It was soooo freaky when I heard Dwight talking about SecondLife when I had JUST started playing it right before I turned on the show!!! AHHH HA HA HA HA!!! ;D

  3. Noooooooo! Global dropped it from it’s Thursday night line-up and now we’ve missed it! Oh the pain :(

  4. This was an excellent Andy episode. In fact, the episode was excellent all around. I’m never going to forget “Break me off a piece of that football cream”.

  5. You have a son.

    And it’s me.

    I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that.
    Andy is priceless- hair for men, nutrasweet, fancy feast!!!!
    As much as I love a full hour of The Office, I must say I’m glad the half hours are back.

  6. Great episode — good balance of the cute and laughs (loved the singing bit =P)! Def. prefer the 30 minute format =).

  7. I really enjoyed this episode! It was a little weird to have it end so soon though! lol But I am happy to have the 30 minute episodes back.

  8. That was fun!

    Honestly, their ad wasn’t bad at all. I want a copy.

    Also, Daryll singing!

    Good Episode

  9. Okay, here are my thoughts:

    Loved that it was back to 30 minutes. I was left wanting more, wishing the episode wasn’t over instead of thinking, “Oh man, there’s still 20 minutes left?”

    I loved Michael’s commercial!!!!!!! Kelly poorly green-screened in India, Stanley as a roadside convict! So much better than corporate’s, even if Michael’s was overly dramatic.

    I am glad Dwight got a small victory: “Ohhh D!” But I will say I am upset that they are setting up this Jim’s “road not taken” storyline. He finally has Pam, and I think they are going to make him miserable again. It is even more magnified since Pam loved working on the animation. Do we all think that Jim wants to be a Philly sports writer who plays the guitar?

  10. Break me off a piece of that Fancy Feast! lol.

    Michael’s commercial was SPOT ON… so much better than that crappy one the professionals made.

  11. Oh my Gosh! The music in michael’s ad. was the EXACT same music me and my friends used in our little school movie, and the awesome thing is, it played when it was following a pencil in mid-air just like they followed the paper.

    Anyway 10/10

  12. That was basically awesome. The perfect level of Michael being wacky-but-still-believable, so many good moments of minor characters, and the Jim-sadness of needing to find a life outside of wanting Pam and now having Pam.

    Also– “I don’t like to be titillated.” AMAZING.

  13. Man that was a ghetto episode. I guess we all know where the Jim-Pam drama is heading: Pam’s following her dreams whereas Jim has sacrificed his to remain in Scranton. The tension is tingling…

  14. It’s weird to go back to the 1/2 hour episodes. It felt like I blinked and it was over. Overall, the episode was good…the scranton ad was SO great. I love the little theme song they were working on! “Dunder Mifflin…people vs. paper people…” pretty catchy! I’m anxious to see some deleted scenes.

  15. What an amazing episode!! Best of the young season so far! It played with my emotions so well. Just when I wanted to punch Michael in the face for interfering with the amazing singing of Daryl, Andy, Kevin, Creed, and Kelly, along with the harshness with Phyllis, he actually put together an awesome commercial. More importantly, you could really see the joy he brought to the entire office by allowing them to feel a part of something very creative. I missed who directed it but kudos to B.J. for a very well written episode.

  16. I love the “real” Dunder Mifflin commercial. Pam’s animation was so good!

    I love Jim’s second life character. You can get a glimpse of who he wants to be. I hope that when this show (hopefully a long time from now) wraps up, that Jim has a new job as a sports writer in Philly, and that him and Pam are married/engaged. But I’m looking forward more to all the hilarity in between :)

  17. Loved it! The 30 minute episodes go by so fast, but it really crams all the “funny” in! I love Phillie Jim!

  18. I loved the singing around the piano. I loved “Oh D!” The ad was great. I am wondering where the storyline will go with Jim and Pam. It seemed like he was kind of sad that she was going after her dream when he has given up some of his dreams.

  19. What a stellar episode…so many things to love! Kudos B.J. And on a personal note – I am glad we at least got to see Toby’s face :)

  20. 1. Michael’s cheesy ad was much better than the even cheesier corporate ad.

    2. Darryl, Creed, Kevin, and Andy need to start an Office band.

    3. Jim created an avatar and we didn’t even get to see any virtual pranks on virtual Dwight in (Second) Second Life? For shame.

  21. Great episode! One thing I noticed though…Dwight is playing an online computer game at work but in “Take your daughter to work day” Dwight told the kid that he doesn’t play games at work.

  22. I think they *have* to delve into Jim this season. It would be a disservice not to, because outside of his love for Pam and pranks, we don’t know much about him. I didn’t know he wanted to be a sports broadcaster, but it makes sense, given his love for sports (especially basketball). He’s a smart, creative, witty guy. He’d be great at that type of career.

    Jim’s counterpart in the British series had dreams outside of his job. I think its great that they’re finally showing Jim to have the same.

    He’s finally got the girl, but he doesn’t have much else. Pam’s got it all right now and she’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her. I think this could be a great arc for JIM, just as S3 was a great journey for Pam.

  23. Amazing! I absolutely died when Daryll, Kelly, Creed, Kevin, and Andy sang different theme songs for the commercial. Can’t complain about one thing.

  24. Michael actually made a good ad…say what? lol I really liked it! It was cute and clever at the same time…go Michael!

  25. Perfect episode for returning to the 30 minute eps. Some of my favorite parts:

    1) Jim’s “Second Second Life” bit. Classic.
    2) Daryll and the jingle.
    3) Pam’s “watch Michael edit while Dwight watches or die in a fiery car wreck” talking head
    and finally,
    4) Phyllis. Poor, poor Phyllis. That totally makes up for her being a little bit of a you-know-what the first few episodes.

    Overall, fantastic episode!!

  26. I know that this whole series isn’t about Jim and Pam, but I hope they’re not having problems already. This episode was very funny though.

  27. Oh no!! The beginning of the return of JAM angst…you know the writers could only contain themselves for so long.

    Even though the episode felt so short, I have to grudgingly agree that I think the show works better with the half hour format…I still hope they do occasional super-sized eps though! I do need my Thursday night Office fix to get me through the rest of the week!

    p.s. Michael’s ad was WAY better than that corporate bogus. Yay Director Scott!

  28. Darryl, Creed, Kevin, and Andy need to start an Office band.

    ABSOLUTELY! They sounded wonderful!

    And, to all the people who seem to be reading problems with Jim and Pam in this episode, huh?! I saw none of it. Jim was supportive of her, and she seemed completely appreciative, and though she did seem really focused on the ad, it was because it was a step up from being a receptionist, which, HELLO, she’s been wanting forever!

  29. What a great episode! I love that they are back to a half hour long. Oh, and Jim can bring me breakfast anyday!

  30. That may have been the best episode I’ve ever seen. Between the Koolaid face, Stanley in a jumpsuit, and “You have a son. And it’s me” I laughed so hard I literally started to choke while tears streamed down my face. Also I loved the singing!!!
    My friend was watching the ep with me and fell over onto me during the commercial because she was laughing so hard. Screw corporate for airing their cheesy one!

  31. I literally screamed when Andy told Dwight about the “oh, D” incident. Maybe my wildest dream WILL come true!! The rest of it was brilliant too: Kevin’s face, Angela’s hatred of titillation, and Michael’s ad was absolutely amazing. I actually welled up, although I have no idea why…

  32. Not the best episode, but i liked it because we finally got to know more about Jim. I don’t know if anyone else agrees but i’ve always felt like we never really knew what Jim really likes . For example Kelly loves clothes, Pam loves art, Dwights loves farming, ect. Jim has liked…Pam. Its nice to finally get to see who he is.

  33. Michael’s ad was the funniest thing that I have seen all season long. Hooray for the return of 30 minute episodes.

    Also, the songs that Darryl were playing were really catchy.

    On another note, Pam is living out her dreams, what about Jim’s? interesting.

  34. Oh this was so awesome! The only possible thing I picked up between Jim and Pam is when Jim said something about “Pam following her dreams,” maybe he’s just feeling at a standstill at Dundler Mifflin, but I didn’t sense any other trouble.

    I also loved the You’ve Got a Son, and It’s me, Kelly & Darryl, and “D”.

  35. I just wish Jan would have been in it somehow! But it was just the office, which I loved.

  36. When the arrow flew by Toby in the ad I about choked on my dinner I was laughing so hard.

  37. I loved how Pam had to stay up until 2:45 working on that animation! I’m taking animation classes too, and I’ll seriously be up until 4 in the morning a few days a week working on assignments. Also loved “D” for “An-D” haha! And didn’t Jim have a guitar in his room during his BBQ party? So maybe he does really play!

  38. You have a Son. And it’s me.

    Easily one of my favorite parts from Season 4 so far.
    The ad at the end was amazing!

  39. Kevin as the Kool Aide man completely made this episode awesome. The Great Scott commercial was creative and looked professional. Overall a great episode. 8/10.

  40. Jason Reitman of “Thank You For Smoking” and “Juno” directed this. How awesome is that.

    Tremendous episode. The commercial kept me laughing way beyond the end of the show.

  41. Honestly, when I first saw that paper airplane heading towards Toby, knowing Michael, I thought it was going to hit Toby right in the face! I’m glad it didn’t though…so hilarious!!

  42. Yes!! Exactly what I have been waiting for. I have been wondering when they were going to delve into what Jim really wanted to do. I was thinking something like a high school coach, but this is much better! That was perfect.

    Do you like to ride motorcycles?

  43. I was totally heartbroken when I saw Jim’s “Second Life” avatar. But it was great to see a side of Jim we have never really seen, his dreams and aspirations. I sympathized with Jim so much in that moment as I feel the same way everyday I’m at my job.

    I hope that we will see Jim begin to pursue his desires, now that he has Pam and he sees her working hard to pursue her art dream.

    These budding story lines are what make this show great, because they develop the characters, setup for great comedy/realistic moments, and make the show stronger as a whole.

    Jim is my new Guitar Hero.

    OH, D!

  44. I totally agree, 40. I love JAM, but this is such a new way to keep it interesting. Jim’s character has always been kind of flat, and I’m really excited to see where they take this. I always wondered what Jim was going to do now that he had his girl… because this job is slowly becoming his career. Hopefully he won’t throw himself in front of a train. But I’m rooting for some character development. Seeing his room in “Email Surveillance” is all we really know about him. And that he likes basketball, pranks, and Pam.

    Loved Michael’s ad!

    I had to be working on something else while watching this (FIRST TIME), so I only caught about half of the lines, but “football cream” and “oh, D!” had me on the floor. I can’t wait until NBC posts it to watch it properly. But mannnn, it felt so short! I miss hourlongs/supersizeds. We haven’t had a “normal” episode since… Safety Training, it must have been.

  45. I don’t think Jim regrets ‘the road not taken to corporate’. And I don’t think there’s “JAM drama”. He hates paper. (One consistency throughout all seasons). I think that since he now has the woman of his dreams, he might be beginning to realize that he can have other dreams…like a career that could be satisfying. Remember, if paper became his career he’d throw himself in front of a train. The reason he sells paper at all is for Pam. That and he doesn’t like change.

  46. It was pleasant. Angela’s titillated line was the highlight. I came out of this episode missing the hour longs a lot though.

  47. #3 reneedo-
    Yes, we’re all unhappy in Canada and don’t care about “Are you smarter than a Canadian 5th Grader?” (yes! that’s why we graduated elementary school!) but it’s still on NBC! (which we get in Canada)

  48. Wow…I think I’m the only one on here that didn’t really care for this episode. Don’t get me wrong, the “Director’s Cut” of the ad was hilarious, but I just didn’t find the rest of the episode very funny. BUT, I’ll still give it a 6/10 because I love The Office and I have hope that it will be better when I watch it again online. :)

    PS…seriously, the TV Juniors have to go.

  49. About Jim & Pam – Jim is incredibly talented and smart and could do so much better than his current job and position. Taking the job at corporate in “The Job” would have been great for him and a chance to really use his talents. When he turned down the job, he did it all for Pam. Well, now he’s got Pam and he’s happy and it’s going great, but what about his other dreams? Apparently he wants to be a Philly sports writer and play the guitar too. I bet now he’s thinking, “Why can’t I get the girl and live out my other dreams?” Also, it’s nice to finally find out some details about Jim. Thanks BJ!!

  50. WOW! What a great episode! Finally a TIGHT Office episode without the deleted scenes! Love that the 1/2 hour is back! Really loved the commercial and really loved the heart in this episode!

  51. I’ve been on this site for over two years and never posted before. I loved it! I loved it! It felt so uplifting from the previous episodes where Michael has been losing his mind and relationships are just crazy. Despite all the issues that are happening the Dunder Mifflin Scranton family came together and created a great ad. Also seeing Dwight happy again in such a fun way. Oh, I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!

  52. Jim and Pam are just acting like a real couple. Teasing each other, making compromises-like getting a ride home, and being romantic with a wakeup call and breakfast. I didn’t see it as angst,I saw it as just being a couple.

  53. That was a really great Dunder Mifflin ad! It took me by surprise because I thought with Michael behind the camera it would be all about him and be terrible. Way to go Pam with the logo! And I loved how Jim put his arm around her when the waiter asked if she had been on a motorcycle. So cute!

  54. I thought this was a great episode! The time flew by…is that good or bad? My favorite part was with Meredith and Jim in the parking lot after work. Jim’s expression was priceless. The commercial was hysterical…gotta love Stanley in the orange prison jumpsuit!

  55. Loved it till Phalis cried. Then I loved it again. Grrrreat episode! Question: did Michael end up having to pay the the final commercial?

  56. i didnt notice any jim and pam angst. i thought they were absolutely adorable tonight.
    also, if they do go down this road, it will be way too much like friends.

  57. Showing Jim’s interests, other than Pam, does not forbode problems between them. After all, he brought her breakfast in the morning, although they did not explain how he knew she was there all night, unless they are living together. Pam knows Jim a little better now. Maybe she she will get him guitar lessons.

  58. The scene with Jim’s Second life character….was he hiding something else from Pam because he was in such a hurry for her to stop looking at the details of it I thought maybe there was more too it then just the changed job title and guitar thing

  59. I agree with “tem” the time FLEW by. I guess it will take a while getting used to the half hour episodes again :] I loved it though, “hey, have you ever been on a motorcylcle?” “awww” lol. Jim was hilarious there.

  60. I’m sorry, but that was not Jim & Pam angst (see: Phyllis’ Wedding/Business School/Cocktails/the Negotiation for that) this episode was pitch perfect in every aspect. I was pleased. and thanks to BJ for giving us a little more details about what Jim wants to do with his life… we know all about Pam’s artistic aspirations but what about Jim? That was awesome. I hope that is explored further this season.

    Andy, ILU. Lots.

    Oh, D!!! ;)

  61. I think Urkel Grue’s on to it here. I don’t think it’s fair to characterize this as, “Jim gave up his dreams for Pam, now she’s leaving him behind…” If anything, we’re seeing his REAL dreams now, and they don’t involve working for Corporate in NYC; they involve, clearly, getting a job as a sportswriter & maybe getting back to the guitar. Maybe Pam doesn’t know about the depth of his guitar wish because they’ve been, um, too busy lately with other… hobbies? It doesn’t have to go all soap here, guys!!

  62. Creed singing = WIN

    And I agree – this isn’t JAM angst (JAM gets better every week – I love them to bits), its Jim’s turn to do some growing. Selling paper is not what Jim wants to do for a living as we all know. He’s been such a big force and encourager to Pam to go for her dreams… I’d really like to see Pam be the big force in Jim to reach for HIS dreams.

    Great ep!!

  63. They are definitely setting things up for some angst in the Jim/Pam relationship. Jim’s reaction to Ryan in DMI already began to hint at the fact that Jim isn’t 100% content and happy with his situation. Tonight we saw Jim not completely happy with the fact that Pam decided to spend the whole night “following her dreams” and stranding him there (even though Jim gave up his dreams to be with her). And we definitely saw Jim’s unhappiness in his Second Life character (the fact that he spent so much time putting so much detail into his other life and his touchy reaction to Pam noticing it). I really like it. They kinda dropped Jim’s dissatisfaction story-line for the JAM storyline. Good to see them pick it up again. It’s also totally realistic. Even when you’re with your soulmate, there’s still that doubt about what might have been (especially when you have given up what Jim has given up). The writers have done a great job of just subtly planting little hints about what’s going to happen.

  64. As much as I love The Office, after tonight I think I prefer the 30 minute episodes. They feel more “considered” you know? More thought out and well edited. The editors on the show are masters, to fit all the footage they get into 23 minutes or whatever as well as they do is awesome. Also, it leaves me wanting more for next week, which I think is a good thing.

    That said, I’d watch new 30 minute episodes multiple times per week if they would air them!

  65. My favorite show is back. This episode was great-funny, full of heart, lacking any JAM drama. Even Michael is back to his old self-how great was his commercial?

  66. Do we all really think Jim gave up his dream for Pam? I think that’s missing the point. I think what we learned last season is that Jim playing the role of serious business guy isn’t for him, at least in the paper business. I really don’t see the corporate job in NYC being his dream at all.

    I think the show is laying the foundation for some angst later, but I didn’t see it here. A couple of others have said it, but I think we’ll see Jim figuring out what his dreams are (sports writing?) and deciding to pursue them or not. That’s where any angst would come from, the consequences of him pursuing his real dreams, not from Jim feeling resentment about “giving up his dream” for Pam.

  67. I already miss the hour long episodes. That was way too short! Plus, it made me feel like there was so much left out of the story lines.

  68. If anyone in the Office has pursued their ‘dream’ it was Jim. Pam was/is his dream. Dreams are not all career related. Sure, it turned into a nightmare for awhile but he woke up from it and lived to dream another day.

    I’m not saying his life should revolve around only Pam and I really liked that we got a glimpse into other elements of Jim tonight. If anything, I hope we see a more multi-dimensional Jim by the end of S4.

  69. Is it ridiculously dorky that i made a secondlife to check outs Jim’s profile and now I’m chatting with “Pam” via secondlife? b/c i think i am too obsessed with this show.

  70. I thought the episode was okay. i don’t know what the deal is, but i’m used to laughing a lot more; maybe i’m crazy…
    i don’t think there is trouble brewing for JAM at all; i think they were a normal couple, getting used to being with each other, yet still finding out new things about each other. it’s pretty realistic. and i don’t think that jim is hiding anything or regretting anything or feeling left behind. i think it was fun for him to create 2nd Jim. yes, it reveals his interests, but we’ve always known that paper is not a passion for him. i think he didn’t think what he chose for 2nd Jim was a big deal and it was weird to him that Pam was so interested. i don’t think he takes his interests seriously. maybe pam can help him to…
    best part was “oh, D!”

  71. I felt there was a little angst when Pam said she was going to stay there later and Jim felt hurt, however i don’t think that it’s really going to affect the relationship in a big way.

    (creed stole your hash browns)

  72. #91,

    I wasn’t saying that the job in New York was Jim’s dream. I’m saying that he stayed in Scranton going nowhere for years just for Pam. Now that he has her, he’s wondering if that’s enough to make him happy with a miserable dead-end job. The fact is that Jim isn’t a guitar-playing sportswriter in Philly because of Pam. He isn’t a high paid manager in New York because of Pam. That’s what Jim is struggling with, and her ditching him to work till 2 on her dreams just highlighted that for him. It wouldn’t be realistic at all if Jim and Pam were totally happy and totally in love for every second of the rest of their lives. It just doesn’t happen that way no matter how much you love someone. It wouldn’t be good TV either.

  73. Post 40- Dorky Dancer, I completely agree with you. I for one can’t wait to know more about Jim. It feels like we know him so well by now and at the same time we hardly know anything about him. Oh, what will happen?

  74. #98 Sarah

    Well said! This show is amazing at staying true to real and relatable situations.

  75. jim isn’t doing whatever his dream job is because of one person: jim
    it really has nothing to do with pam.
    he wanted the new york job to get out of scranton and i don’t doubt karen had something to do with it as well.
    now that he’s with pam, he doesn’t have a reason to leave scranton.
    he can do whatever he wants.
    when he gives up being a sports writer, or whatever his dream is b/c pam won’t support him, then it would be true that he’s given up everything for her.

  76. I think the reason some people, including myself, didn’t like this episode as much as usual is because of last week.

    With all the great emotional stuff and the length of the first four episodes that we got used to, that this one was a let down.

    By the way, I didn’t realize this episode had a guest director. I love “Thank You For Smoking” and I got really excited when I saw Jason Reitman’s name right at the beginning.

    I gave it a seven, but it didn’t let me down.

  77. ps- I have to tag on to my previous post and say I didn’t really see any Jim and Pam angst, I really like the fact that the writers are keeping it real. Sometimes Jim and Pam feel like the only normal part in this crazy Dunder-Mifflin universe that I love. Jim was totally sweet tonight, I really do think he is thinking about some other stuff right now though. Same as we all do when one part of our lives fall into place, we think about the next thing to sort out.

    Also, anyone remember how when we saw Jim’s room at his bbq, there was a guitar in there, presumably not for decoration. Let’s hear Jim play! YEAH!

  78. Loved that episode. All the supporting actors were amazing tonight. I think JAM is being portrayed very realistically. I didn’t think there was any angst, but it just showed that both characters have lives outside of their relationship.

  79. Jim is passionate about Indian good and it’s part of his dream. So he’s fine. I loved that Meredith is his ride now, poor man. I love Pam when she’s passionate about her work as well.

    Check Oscar, Pam, and Stanley’s faces when Jim is mocking Andy for not remembering the KitKat jingle!

  80. If Ryan is so good at managing people how come nobody in the corporate office or Scranton seems to like him? Sarah, I think Jim did turn down the corporate job for Pam, but that wasn’t the only reason. He seems to lack ambition and be suspicious of it in himself and others. That’s what I read into his working on a commercial no one will see comment.

  81. This was a great episode! I loved the singing and all the Andyness of it. I also thought the commercial was gold.

    On the Jim and Pam subject, I think that so far this season they have made it pretty clear that Jim is happy about his relationship with Pam, but is unhappy about his job and career path. He will have to work that out, and hopefully Pam can help him do that.

  82. My take on the whole JAM angst issue — it’s completely realistic of a point in a relationship when it’s okay to start exploring your dreams and having your partner support that. Case in point — my husband’s job was recently eliminated. We had the opportunity to move across the country and continue on with the company, but he chose to turn it down because he knows how close I am with my family. So he chose our family over a job and has no regrets over it. So now I’m encouraging him to explore his dreams and do what he really wants to do. I think that’s just what you do for your love, you just support no matter what. It’s a little hard at first, but you see how happy the other person is and it becomes a lot easier. And then it’s reciprocated…

    My prediction for the end of the series — Jim and Pam get married and move to Philly! :)

  83. I don’t know how to describe it. This episode was just amazing. The Office manages to make me sympathize with their characters so much. Phyllis crying struck a chord in me!

    For this episode alone, I will immediately buy Season 4’s DVD set upon its release.

  84. I wouldn’t read too much into Jim’s reaction to Pam staying at work. She was his ride afterall…I don’t think it is major angst or a relationship problem that he was concerned about her investing a ton of personal time on Michael’s questionable project. He had to ride home with Meredith for goodness sake!!!

  85. The new twist in the Jam storyline is a little worrisome, but what is even more problematic is that Pam seemed unaware of Jim’s interests and dreams….Whats that about?

  86. I adored this episode! It was hilarious and felt too short- which I think is the mark of any great movie or TV show.
    I laughed for about ten minutes after Dwight and Andy’s “OHHHH D!”
    And as for Jim- I am SO happy we’re starting to see his dissatisfaction with his job again. Recall season 1 Jim: “If this were my career, I’d have to throw myself in front of a train” It seemed like he’d sold out in season 3 by moving up the corporate ladder. So YAY for the Jim we all know and love!

  87. Although Darryl & the group’s jingles and the homemade commercial were gold, add me to the short list of people who didn’t like it overall. It just didn’t seem that…funny. And if they’re not going to bring the funny, at least have some good storylines.

    I also didn’t notice a lot of Jim angst. He seemed (understandably) unhappy about having to hitch a ride with pissy Meridith but he seemed happy for Pam and supportive of her doing whatever it took. Bringing hashbrowns and bragging to the barkeep doesn’t seem like the reaction of someone who’s feeling slighted…

  88. The part when Andy is talking to Dwight about how him & Angela only are “necking” had be totally cracking up. Just picturing them neck to neck.. gah i love this show so much.

  89. Wow…. loved this episode! We seem to be having more and more episodes with singing, which is a bonus. Darryl’s song was great, and Michael’s ad was super-cute as well (which by the way, for as uneducated as he comes across, he’s got some mad video editing skills!). Jim’s support of Pam was touching, and that, coupled with his SL character, was a good reminder that although his love life is making him uber-happy right now, he still needs to find what will make him happy career-wise. Ahhh, I love these guys. I think the Office is my Second Life.

  90. The only Jim/Pam angst I saw in this episode was Pam leaving Jim to find a ride home. I’m not sure if I detected any bitterness, jealousy or resentment from Jim, though. He’s always been Pam’s biggest fan, encouraging her to pursue her interest in art. Their relationship won’t break down on its own–I think it’s solid–but Jim might want to leave the company or relocate. That could cause some problems. As everyone else has said, Season 3 was all about Pam, but Jim has almost taken a career step back despite the promotion. Excited to see where this goes!

  91. Kool Aid face and football cream? It was awesome. I am so glad we got a half hour episode tonight, they are so good. Poor Phylis.

  92. Wow — I really liked the past two episodes, but they really knocked it out of the ballpark with this one. *Fantastic*!! And did anyone else notice how they changed the entrance location for Poor Richard’s?

    As for Jim & Pam — I think Jim truly is happy for and supportive of Pam’s pursuit of her artistic goals. And I think it’s also making him realize he may need to figure out what his *really* wants to do, because it definitely isn’t selling paper (just as Pam’s did not involve being a receptionist).

  93. Tonight’s show was fantastic. I loved how Michael’s commercial was actually very good. I have a feeling maybe Ryan had something to do with Michael’s commercial being rejected.

  94. Loved this episode! Although the Second Life plot seemed a little under-developed and I’m willing to bet there are a lot of deleted scenes for it, especially one from the promo photos of Pam sitting on Jim’s desk. I agree about most comments on Jim/Pam. Jim’s dream wasn’t Corporate. I think it’s Jim’s turn to grow and find out what he wants to really do with his life. The only thing that felt a little weird about Jim and Pam was Pam actually forgetting she was Jim’s ride. She could have given him the keys and gotten a ride home from Dwight or called Jim when she was ready to be picked up.

    Also: “A second chance…to score” and then cut to Jim and Pam at Poor Richards was so AwE-Some!

  95. Dwight Shelford! Anyone know why Shelford was Dwight’s Second Second Life last name? Awesome.

    What an outstanding episode. We’re back to the show that I can’t get enough of. Ryan getting the call from Eddie Murphy, and Creed singing so happily.

    I got goosebumps for some reason watching Michael’s ad. So much better than the corporate crap-fest, and so true to real life. Love it.

  96. was anyone able to tell if Andy taped up his nipples for his scene in the commercial?? i loved the episode… the “oh D!” scene is an instant classic!

  97. Oh my gosh that episode was PRICELESS.

    Anyone else feel like we were watching Season 2 all over again? oh my it was beautiful.. just so many awesome moments, and it just felt ‘officey’, like they didn’t have to go outside the office, it was perfect just as it was.

    Best bit for me: Jim’s Second Life character =D

  98. Jim’s dream job isn’t in New York managing people who sell paper. Jim’s dream job is writing about sports (probably the Phillies) and hopefully, learning how to play the guitar. Can anyone confirm if he has a guitar in his room in E-Mail Surveillance?

    Jim is definitely a Philly man. I live in Philly now and there is a big difference between Manhattan people and Philly people.

  99. Is Second Life a real game?
    That’d be pretty sweet.
    I really liked this episode, but it seems weird without it being hour longs. I kinda miss it.

  100. I am soooo glad that we’ve returned to a half-hour format. This episode was pure gold.

    From Darryl and the gang singing, to Andy and Dwight doing anything, to Jim and Pam being adorable… just wow. Loved it.

    One thing bugged me though– Pam would have seen the guitar in Jim’s room in “Email Surveillance” right? So she should know he plays. Or did I invent a guitar in my head? It was there, right?

  101. Just to preface….I pay WAY too close attention to this show. But…has anyone else ever wondered where that huge conference table disappears to when they set up the chairs in the middle of the conference room like in the opening scene.

  102. my top 3 funniest moments:
    1. mama bear
    2. piss or get off the pot. my dad used to say that (his dad used to say it to him)
    3. oh d!

    nice jim and pam- their relationship is so real. great andy and dwight. great andy. i liked the michael redemption, his comercial was excellent. it was way better than the other one. the song was hilarious. and pam’s animation was really good. i always had faith in her (take that, gil).

  103. I hate to admit it, but we were wrong the 1 hour episodes just don’t work. This episode was so much better it peaked my interest so much more with shorter snipets of plot lines not overdoing it like last week. I loved this episode, The Office is back!

  104. I really liked this episode.

    Second Second Life. Kool-Aid Face. Creed stealing hash browns. The Dunder-Mifflin Band. “Ohh D!” Just so many great parts. All leading to a wonderful resolution with Jim playing the “real” DM ad and Michael realizing his destiny…in a good way.

    Well done, Office. Well done.

  105. Kuldeep #21
    “Pam’s following her dreams whereas Jim has sacrificed his to remain in Scranton.”

    I agree that Pam and Jim are in for some ups and downs and we might have seen a hint tonight. But I think it will not be that cut and dry. After all, Jim did not sacrifice his dreams. I don’t think it is his dream to work for Dunder Mifflin Corporate Headquarters. Remember, if this was his career, he would throw himself under a train.

    I think Pam will end up supporting him to follow his dreams too. Like Tim and Dawn, they need each other to be truly happy. More Philly Jim!

  106. great episode. i’ve enjoyed three of the 5 eps we’ve seen so far. season 4 is shaping out to be a lot better than season 3 and almost nearly in the same league as the first two seasons. what do you guys think?

  107. The commercial is on It was actually there last night, and I watched it, which kind of lessened the surprise, but I still was laughing so hard when I saw it tonight that my cat ran off my lap. “You have a son. It is me” and Stanley were hysterical. I loved that the ad turned out well, if not professional.

    I also loved how Michael was talking to the ad guys about being cutting edge and then immediately starts riffing on “who let the dogs out” circa 2000. “Limitless paper in a paperless world.” I love this show. Go Philly Jim!

  108. I’ll confirm–He had a guitar in his room during Email Surveillance, because I remember thinking “Wow. Halpert plays guitar? He just got 10 times more awesome in my book.” :)

    I loved this episode. Pure gold. Amazing…I don’t know where to begin, so I will just leave it at that :)

  109. I loved the 1 hour episodes but I think that the 1/2 hour format works better. The episode was much stronger and I found myself laughing a lot more than with the previous four.
    As for the JAM angst…Throughout season 3 we saw the evolution of Pam and her journey to becoming the person that she is now. We got to know her character-in depth. But what about Jim? We don’t really know much about him and his life outside of Pam, pranks, and selling paper. I think that the writer’s are setting up season 4 to be Jim’s journey in self-discovery which allows us to see him 3-dimmensionally and get to know who Jim really is. And, like in season 2, where Jim was pushing Pam to be more than just a receptionist (see Boys and Girls from S2) and has always encouraged her to pursue her dreams no matter what, the ball is now in Pam’s court. Will she be the encourager for Jim as he was for her? In the end, they ultimately love each other, so I try not worry. Though there may be ups and downs, they will end up together in the end.

  110. Favorite moments:

    – “Oh it has losers.”
    – The Pam-alike in Ryan’s office– intentional?
    – Stanley as the convict, with his uniform over his tie & work clothes.
    – Angela’s smirk at Dwight when they show his part
    – Jim embarrassed about being into Second Life
    – Pam’s graphic– so very Pam! Modest, but it shows she has talent (which I found the most unrealistic part of her art show– I mean make it quiet and superficial but that was just bad) and that she’s developing as an artist.

    I think we’re going to see some great Jim development soon. I mean it’s got to be kind of a shock for him– for years he’s really only had one goal– Pam (winning her over and then getting over her). Now that he has that and it’s settled into a normal kind of thing, I think he’s realizing that he needs to do more than that– sort of like ‘what now’? I could see a plot where Jim goes for another job somewhere else, but then financial concerns or something pull him back into Dunder-Mifflin. Some sort of development with sacrifices and minor realistic angst.

  111. I think that Jim and Pam will have growing pains just like every other relationship. Remember that part of Jim’s dream is to be with Pam and vice versa, now they just need to get the rest of their lives in order.

    The commercial was priceless. Loved this episode. Love this show. I really can’t say it enough.

  112. Best episode this season, i could NOT stop laughing. I love it when Michael gives his own little input about everyone (like when he introduced them to the ad guys)!
    And Michael’s ad was SO much better than the advertising company’s!!

  113. #130 – Yeah, Second Life is a real game. I remember reading about a Japanese politician who also had a campaign in the game itself, haha.

    Fantastic episode by the way.

  114. 106- “If Ryan is so good at managing people how come nobody in the corporate office or Scranton seems to like him?”

    That is exactly why he’s good as a manager – the point isn’t to get everyone to like you, the point is to get everyone to be productive.

  115. I loved when Andy told the ad crew they just got Nard-Dogged. I loved Jim’s insecurities surface at the bar and in Second Life, and Pam pursuing the animation over him; this makes for excellent depth in the characters and storyline. I loved the cringe I felt as Michael described his vision to the ad guys; it felt like that old-school Office cringe.

    And I liked how the whole group smiled at themselves as they watched their commercial. But it felt way too set-up, and too crammed into a half-hour format. Yep, we see Michael being a total jerk to his staff, telling people how much he hates their contribution to the video. Now comes the feel-good moment, and Michael redeems himself, and sweetness prevails. Everyone is happy. Am I watching Full House? It was way too obvious; much different than the subtle set-ups and deliveries that make The Office so great. Think of Booze Cruise and Michael’s end-of-show speech to Jim. Episodes The Client and The Dundies also had similar, brilliant setups.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, especially the drama. Last week’s episode was wonderful. This one just seemed forced.

  116. After last week this episode seemed disjointed. It was like ok we gave people what they wanted in Jam lets yank it away now. Why does there have to be trouble for JIm and Pam. I think it is going to aggravate viewers if this thing blows up.

  117. Now I’m really missing the Office on iTunes. This is one I could watch over and over.

  118. Did anyone else think that one of the ad guys looked just like Harold from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle? Does anyone know if that was really him?

  119. I loved the hour long episodes but as others have said, this episode flowed much better at half an hour. My wife thinks the hour longs are better because it gives more time to secondary players. And to those who thought the Jim/Pam relationship was going to be smooth don’t realize that this show is like real life and problems do occur in relationships. I’ve been married for 6 years and I STILL have issues with my wife. But that doesn’t stop me from loving her. Michael’s commercial was 1000 times better than Ryan’s.

  120. Ryan’s receptionist didn’t look like Pam at all to me. She was a dead ringer for Katy, maybe. Red hair, stylish hairstyle, pouty lips. I didn’t see Pam at all in her.

    And re: 154 – I don’t see how they’re yanking Jim/Pam away from the audiences by giving them internal conflict. Its better than any 3rd party conflict, which they’ve dealt with for 3 seasons. Internal conflict is realistic and human and every couple goes through it. If they’re going to have angst coming, I think the writers set it up perfectly. They haven’t fought, they aren’t mad at one another, but you can see there are going to be some questions down the line. I, for one, can’t wait to see how they handle it.

  121. The first thing I thought of when I saw Ryan’s assistant was, “He’s got himself a Pam!” It must have been the way she wore her hair.

    I don’t think there was any JAM angst, per se. They’re still happily together, but Pam put her work first one night. I like how determined she was to get everything perfect. Finally she gets to have some passion for her work! And Jim putting his arm protectively around Pam to ward away the waiter was such a boyfriend move. I thought it was cute!

  122. wow, I did not get the whole jim/pam “angst” thing from that episode. i think some people are reading way too far into it.

    pam is taking ONE art class. she designed some illustrations for a commercial that will never be seen by any one other than the scranton branch. i don’t think that’s exactly “reaching for her dreams” or “leaving jim behind.”

    i do hope that jim finds a way to be happier with his career (whatever it may turn out to be)…. as long as he and pam are happy together…..and married….with babies…

  123. I’ll admit it. I was a little concerned about what was going on with Jim and Pam in this episode.

    However, I think Pam would totally support Jim if he wanted to get another job or move. It’s not like her family lives right there in Scranton, or that she is totally in love with being a receptionist. And it seemed like Jim got over any grumpies he was having by the Poor Richard’s scene, and he seemed pretty awed by Pam’s work.

    All in all, I really liked the episode. I feel like I need to watch it again, because on first viewing I miss a lot because I’m nervous in some way (Is that weird?).

  124. I love how the attention has turned to Dwight and Angela’s relationship and think this was a brilliant way to push past the “Jim and Pam as centre of the Office universe” concerns people have had. She said D!

    And I thought the singing was amazing (including Creed with his air guitar – nice Grass Roots call-out)!

    P.S. Anyone watch 30 Rock – I think Alec Baldwin may have just won the Emmy and it’s only September.

  125. This has been my favorite episode so far this season by far. Andy and Dwight are too funny together. The “Oh D!” scene had me rolling on the floor it was to funny. More Daryl is good, and I loved that Jim allowed Pam to do her thing and support her by bringing breakfast to her. I agree with everyone that more in depth Jim stories are coming, and I look forward to them. Great episode, and I am glad to be back in the half hour slot, where a great comedy belongs!

  126. I definitely think Ryan played a significant role in rejecting Michael’s commercial. I think Ryan has it set in his mind that no matter what Michael does, no matter how good or bad it is, that it should be rejected on principle. Ryan is spiteful like that.

  127. 153 – I did!

    154 – pretty sure this won’t blow up, just showing that Jim has a dorky side and that Pam and him joke around a bit.

  128. Jim is like me. He’s in a job that’s tolerable, that he’s ok at, that pays ok. Keeps him fed. He’s not happy with the work, but the people at the office make it (semi)-tolerable. He would get another job, but he doesn’t know what he wants to do or what would be less pointless than the one he already has.

    I think it’s a VERY common problem with people in Jim’s and my generation. Maybe that’s why he’s so relatable. I mean, other than the fact that it’s hilarious and we’re all rooting for Pam and Jim, don’t a lot of us watch it because it so mirrors our work lives?

  129. That was a great episode! I’m so glad it’s back to the half hour format, it feels so much more natural. And more Andy is always better.

  130. This episode had some really great moments, but it wasn’t my favorite of the season. It’s hard to top last week’s, I suppose.

    I did LOVE the scene where Andy tells Dwight that Angela has been calling him “D” when they make out. Too awesome. That part made me laugh out loud. I think my neighbors heard me.

    PS) Comment #148 spells his/her name the same me?! You don’t see that too often. Shout out to -Cayce- from Cayce80!

  131. Okay episode, but I think Money and Launch Party have been the strongest episodes overall so far. I also agree that the 1 hour format seems to work for the office. This show definitely has enough going on to fill an hour. I always cheated with the shorter format, but I guess that is sort of a good thing.

  132. I’m a bit surprised by everyone saying the JAM drama has begun. Maybe they opened the door for that a bit for future episodes- but I really didn’t see much of it in this episode. I think more than anything they were showing us a bit more depth to each of the characters – Jim *does* have aspirations outside of Pam, even if he’s not quite ready to admit it. And Pam finally has something she cares about on her own terms. It’s all good stuff for both of them. Pam not being able to drive Jim home doesn’t really strike me as “problems brewing” in their relationship. You don’t have to be super affectionate all the time in order to be in a happy relationship…

    Anyway – all of the JAM stuff aside, great episode! I’m also thrilled to see it back to the 30 minute format :)

  133. So my question is, is B.J. Novak a big Sue Grafton fan? He referenced her in this episode and also in “The Fire” episode, when Michael was looking at the school books in the back of Ryan’s Civic, “What is that “‘M’ is for Murder”?”

    I didn’t know if anyone else had noticed that.

  134. The more I think about it the more I love “Limitless paper for a paperless world.” It’s so brilliant and nonsense all at once. Well done, B.J.!

  135. Pam is still very much in the early stages of realizing her dreams. Let’s not go crazy with the making her seem that much more fulfilled than Jim. But yeah it was nice to see another side to Jim. Other than the house party episode and rare glimpses here and there we have not really seen that type of stuff. On a sidenote doesn’t Jim have a pretty high position in the Scranton Branch, isn’t he second in command to Michael? Or did something change. Why so little Jim/Ryan interaction.

  136. I did not sense ANY tension between Jim and Pam last night! He seemed truly supportive of Pam, and happy for her newest accomplishment. I think some people are reading too much into the JAM angst here.

  137. OK, I’ve read all the comments, and here is my expert analysis. haha.

    Jim had no desire to be in Corporate, as said before, paper is not his chosen career. And the fact that Karen planned all their activities in NYC proves that he’s not a New York boy either. Like it or not, Scranton and the branch are home. For now.

    He got his dream of Pam… now it’s her turn, and he is content allowing that. He is not as happy as he could be in Philly as a sports writer (which was a total shock but makes complete sense for him) with Pam, but for now, he has Pam and he’s OK with that. The thing about art is that she can do it anywhere… probably better in Philly. Pam can follow his dream, but they aren’t at the point of moving in together yet, in Scranton or Philly. So he chooses her right now. She’s not preventing anything. And again, the amazing writers portray a completely real relationship.

    Also, what’s a girl gotta do to be in the Office Band? I want in!

  138. I agree with bedlam1313…this episode seemed way too formualic for the Office I know and love.

  139. i agree with all the comments applauding half-hour eps vs. hour longs. i loved being able to watch ‘the office’ for a full hour, but the eps in the half-hour format are so much stronger. the dialog is quicker, the scenes are neat and tidy, and only the very best gets in to the final cut.

    this half hour episode gave me as many laughs as the hour-longs.

  140. Did anyone notice that Jim unwrapped Pam’s (what looked to be) Egg McMuffin for her? awwww. And the hashbrowns are the best part Creed!

  141. A good episode that felt really short after 4 hour long episodes. Almost felt like a season 2 episode to me. One plot line, to the point and quick. I’m wondering if a lot was left on the cutting room floor. Guess we’ll have to wait for the DVD to see it all.

  142. “Break off a piece of that …apple sauce.”
    (One of many favorite moments)

    Second Life Thought:
    Wouldn’t an Office Tally Fan’s identity on the game Second Life actually be their “Second” Second Life behind their Office obsession life?

  143. Who says there is trouble? I didn’t see any “trouble”, not in the might-blow-up disastrous kind of way. She wanted to get work done, and Jim even brought her breakfast in the morning. They know how to deal with each other, I think. The “trouble” that they had might be some minor insecurities, but that’s reality. That’s not drama.

  144. Rating: A-. Solid episode, lots of great laughs. The “Oh D” scene with Dwight and Andy was hilarious.

    It’s also fun to have episodes (occasionally) where Michael is just a tremendous jerk to everyone he comes into contact with. The show would be a lot more dreary if that was all we got, but it’s good to have reminders that Michael still fits the David Brent archetype of a horrible boss.

    Anyone know the significance of Sue Grafton? Was the joke merely “Sue Grafton is the most famous person who could be bothered to visit Scranton?”

  145. As a HUGE JAM fan last night had me a little sad. I just loved last week when Jim said he loved Italian and Pam was all giddy. This week she wasn’t so giddy with him, but I did re-watch and saw that he brought her breakfast…how’d he know she didn’t make it home? Hmmm… I am just praying/hoping Office writers don’t break Jim/Pam up like Ross/Rachel on Friends or something like that…Let us Jam fans enjoy our PB&J!

    Gotta love that Andy Bernard…ha. And glad that Angela mentioned “D” and Dwight has hope again! :)

  146. Another great episode! So many funny moments and the Office singers rock! Scrantonicity III?

    As for Jim and Pam, pb&j (#143), you said almost exactly what I was going to say. I agree that this will be Jim’s season of self-discovery and now that Pam knows about a couple of Jim’s dreams it’ll be interesting to see what she does with this information.

  147. Kool-Aid Man!

    Anyone able to tell the name of the other branch? Or what Michael was driving when he pulled up to Poor Richards? Not the Sebring or the Boxter.

    Ryan’s management skills – note that the only evidence we have of Ryan being “good at managing people who sell paper” is Ryan’s own statement in this episode. The DMI webcast and the corporate ad, are his only work product so far, and they aren’t much.

    I don’t think it was PB&J angst, just a signal that we will start learning more about Jim. His ride home seemed more for the Meredith related laugh, and he 1)brought Pam breakfast, 2)bragged on her to the bartender 3)put his arm around her when she was hit on

    I wonder if we will see Jim developed even more as a “good” counterpart to “evil” Ryan? There’s enough material there to get it going – i.e. the desk, the “ask me 10 years ago”, and that Ryan has attempted to ask out all 3 people that Jim has dated on the show.

  148. I think it seems that Jim likes Pam a lot more than she likes him back, and that will be a problem for them.

  149. I am so elated that the half-hour episodes are back.

    P.S.- Phyllis is so emotional. It’s funny, but sometimes she just seems plain immature and dumb.

  150. This was a great episode, funny all the way through, with a touch of sweetness at the end. I saw a comment earlier that it reminded them of Office Olympics – that’s exactly what I was thinking. I love it when Michael gets vindicated.

    They also hinted at possible drama in the JAM direction, and the use of Second Life was brilliant for that and also for Dwight’s continuing depression (second life within second

    Finally…”break me off a piece of that..fancy feast!” I love Andy to DEATH

  151. Two great moments for me:

    Andy’s and Dwight’s “Oh D” moment and Michael’s commercial.

  152. First of all: SO happy to be back to the half-hour format!!!

    As for the JAMness–one of my favorite aspects of S3 was the evolution of Pam’s character. The truth of the matter is that we really don’t know a lot about Jim. Everything that was brought to light in his “Second Life” character has been touched on before (sports: S1 “Basketball”, fantasy football and Phillies references in S3; the guitar in his room in “E-mail Surveillance” which I always wondered about anyway), so props to BJ for letting us into Jim’s mind a little! I also do not think he “gave up his dream” for Pam. I think that some people happen to have dreams so big you can only focus on one at a time. He’s go Pam, so now its time to focus on another dream. May this be the Season of Jim (and maybe it will end up like Jenna’s S3 with an Emmy nom)!!

    I also LOVE it when the writers touch on the fact that Michael is not just an idiot, but he really has some redeeming qualities. The commericial was AMAZING!

    All Michael/Ryan interactions: AWESOME! “Eddie Murphy’s on the phone…”

  153. I liked the tension between Pam and Jim this week. It’s hard to date and work with someone, especially if you sit 5 feet away from that person all day. I know what they have is special and all, but, they’re going to need some space, so Pam can continue reaching her art dreams. It seems that Jim is already where he is going to be in life. He has his old job, he has Pam, he has his ham and cheese sandwhich, he’s good. But Pam just got out of her shell, and now gets to grow up so I can see where it would be hard to adjust. I don’t know, maybe I am biased because I am feeling the same with my boyfriend at the moment (but I am Jim), so it speaks to me.

    All in all I thought it was a great episode, I don’t think it could have stood up to an hour long.

  154. I’m still confused by the motorcycle bit. Was that a pickup line?

    I don’t buy the whole “JAM angst” fervor. Pam had season 3 to grow and now it’s Jim’s turn. Maybe he’ll sign up for guitar lessons. I’m interested to see what they do with his character. I don’t think this means they’ll break up–so far they seem like the most normal couple on the show.

    Besides, how lame would Pam be to dump Jim for following his dreams?

  155. Loved the Dwight paper “You have a son. And it’s me”. I laughed about that for several minutes. And Stanley in the convict uniform; how funny is that! To all the people who continue being hung up on Jim and Pam, as much as I like them individually and as a couple, the show has always been about so much more than them. They are a great part of the show but don’t forget everyone else. I’m interested to see how Ryan does at Corp. He’s shown little insecurities over the last several episodes that make him more of a person. Not a likeable person, but a person nonetheless.

    Love the show. Still my favorite half hour/hour of the tv week.

  156. Forgot one more great line; Andy saying “Break me off a piece of that Applesauce” and then Jim questioning “Applesauce?”

  157. OMG! This is in the top three episodes of all time! Congratulations BJ.

    The Office is best when one hour of material is crammed into 30 minutes. Local Ad is so dense with bits it takes your breath away.

    I literally stood up and clapped during Michael’s director cut. It was so funny. Eyore Stanley picking up trash and Dwight “I am your son”, killed.

    Yeah for Jim angst. It’s long overdue. Pam will be there for him.

    And with feisty Dwight back, I expect some great pranks in coming episodes.

  158. I loved this episode! I felt like it was season 2 all over again! But I kinda got the feeling that Jim is feeling a little unfulfilled I guess like hes not really doing the career he wants to do. Just a thought.

  159. So, who wrote the jingles that Daryl and the group are singing? I didn’t see it in the credits. I loved them. They were so funny and cheesy! I imagine Daryl came up with them, but maybe Creed or Andy?

  160. I didn’t see any issues with the Jim/Pam relationship either, so I agree that there’s a little much reading into it. I loved how their commercial turned out, it was really cute/funny. I think each character was great in the episode, each showed their little quirks that we love!

  161. The Office is Back to it’s good ol’ self!!!

    I like the relationships aspect, but The Office is not The Office (that I have come to love) when they dwell on relationships for the entire show. Office relationships happen, but they’re not the focal point of a workplace. Work is the focal point and how people react to each other during working hours while trying to get a job done is what made the show work. At least that’s what I think. The slight hint that Pam’s passion for designing and drawing might become a factor in the relationship was an interesting kink. But all the while, there’s a commercial to make!

    Best episode of the season! Good job, Novak!

  162. A bit of a letdown after last week’s gem, but being an advertising copywriter, I did find humor in both the “professional” TV spot AND Michael’s attempt. Of course, we all knew Michael’s spot would be a parade of overused, hackneyed advertising cliches. But the professional spot wasn’t much better — that’s what cracked me up. It takes real genius to write satire at that level, so major kudos to B.J!

  163. I have to disagree with #152. It didn’t come across forced to me. After seeing most of Michael’s movies I fully expected the commercial to be hilariously terrible. I’m not a huge fan of constant episodes where they venture out of the office so last week’s was a bit of a mixed bag. It ended well, but when they have stories outside of the office a lot of times they come across as forced and bad writing. This episode felt back on track with what I like about this show.

  164. The paper airplane shot in the commercial cracked me up. If you had a video camera in the 80’s then you probably made something like that.

    I’m actually looking forward to some JAM conflict, it’ll make things more interesting and real. Relationships arenen’t always peaches & cream or in this case, PB&J.

  165. I just re-read my comment and it makes no sense! I get too excited about this show!

    What I meant to say was that no one’s dreams are getting in the way of Pam and Jim’s relationship. Jim is happy that Pam can be so passionate about something, and he proved his pride in her at the bar. And her dream can follow his to Philadephia. But their relationship is still relatively young and moving away together, to a place where they know presumably no one, is a huge step.

    That said, I do think this will inspire the PB&J angst we all knew was coming, but im a completely real and non-sappy way. No Karen or Toby in the way or something, it will just be them growing together.

    And I still want to be in the band!!

  166. A great episode. I’m trying to think how I feel about the hour long/half hour formats. The half hours are short, but deliver the story better. And the hour longs just play out like two separate episodes.

    Anyways … Jim pursuing his dreams doesn’t mean he has to leave his job at Scranton branch, just as Pam doesn’t have to leave to pursue hers. I would love to see some scenes of him and Pam eating hot dogs at local high school games while Jim jots notes for a local paper. And both Jim and Pam know about Creed’s mad guitar skills. Creed would sell his organs for extra cash (and probably has). It would be a great way to learn more about Creed to have him teach Jim.

    Another GREAT episode, I can’t wait for more.

  167. Just adding that I enjoyed last night’s episode and i do think the half hour format works better, though I do like having occasional longer episodes. Loved the reveal that Angela isn’t really over Dwight – Oh, D! – I’m sure they’ll end up back together at some point. I’d feel sorry for Andy but I have a feeling he’d get over it fine! Michael’s ad at the end was great – much better than the corporate ad – even if it didn’t really make much sense! Another good episode!

  168. I’ve rewatched the scenes with Darryl, Creed, Kevin, Andy and Angela singing the jingle and can’t stop laughing. That was as good as a Flight of the Conchords song! “The people person’s paper people…” It’s almost impossible to sing! And I loved the awkward little peak into Jim’s fantasy life. This episode was a great ensemble comedy–everyone had a chance to shine.

  169. THIS episode should have been an hour long. I felt it was way too short (that’s what she said) and it left me wanting more (that’s what she said). Why couldn’t they have made THIS one an hour long. I would have loved to have seen Stanley’s reaction to being cast as the inmate.

  170. One little thing I just realized- I think Andy is holding a can of Wegman’s brand cola (when he’s telling Dwight about “Oh D”) which is a grocery store by me, and I think Scranton has them too. That’s such a cool little detail if it actually is from Wegman’s!

  171. I’m sorry, but the Kevin-Kool aid joke was the lamest joke in Office history. I wonder if BJ would accept a dundie for that? :)

  172. ok, i totally miss the hour long. i used to look at the clock at 9:40 and get all giddy that there was still 20 minutes left. But this time, i looked at the clock at 9:22 and got sad!


    Was it Dunder Mifflin

    The people persons paper people or
    the people vs. paper people?

  173. I loved the songs…much like a Flight of the Conchords song. But Angela, Oscar and Kevin all had very unfunny THs.

    I hope they explore the Jim stuff. I think they can do it without OMG, What will happen to JAM??? You know what? Nothing. Pam “wants Philly Jim.”

  174. I think it seems that Jim likes Pam a lot more than she likes him back, and that will be a problem for them.

    191 | Dwigt

    I have to disagree. Do you remember the face that Pam made after Jim kissed her? That said it all. I think it is more a case of Pam starting to persue her other loves, outside of Jim, and Jim hasn’t yet.

    215- Weresquirrel: I totally agree, Creed giving Jim guitar lessons would be fantastic! I hope the writers have thought of that too!

  175. 223 – Rin

    Yeah Andy is holding a Wegman’s soda can, I noticed it as well. Also in “Fun Run Michael is eating a Wegman’s cereal and using Wegman’s soymilk. It’s very cool that they are trying harder to get location specific items on the show. No more Hooter’s, that don’t exist in Scranton, and more Poor Richard’s Pub and Wegmans, yeah!

  176. Great episode. I really loved the breakfast and wake up call Jim is so sweet and you know Pam has never experienced something like that with Roy, its just great! The Michael Scott commercial brings me to tears, I love this show!!!

  177. 226 – tuna tuna tuna

    I agree, I think Jenna Fischer should win an Emmy just for her great “happy moments” every time I see Pam smile after Jim it makes me smile. She just does it so convincingly that you forget that she is acting. And it conveys how happy Pam is with Jim.

    Although Jim obviously loves Pam, I get more feelings of indifference from him at times instead of Pam coming across that way.

    “Oh…J” (no typo)

  178. Loved the episode. It was like a big boot with the words “The Office is BACK!” kicking me in the face. Almost good enough to make me forget I won’t be in Scranton this weekend.

    A few things:

    -The flipping over of two letters in the Pam’s animation totally felt like something she would do. Bravo to who(m)ever designed it for making it look like something that Pam WOULD actually do and COULD actually do.

    -Yes, Pam probably saw Jim’s guitar in Email Surveillance. But not everyone who owns a guitar can play it. I’m one of them. And to paraphrase Pam, strumming isn’t playing.

    -Third viewing unveiled the gem that is the string attached to the paper in Phyllis’ hands to simulate a dramatic wind effect.

    -Angela places a congratulatory hand on Andy’s shoulder as he celebrates his commercial scene and gives a wee smile. She may truly love D, but it’s nice to see she’s not just using Andy as a revenge rebound.

    Half-hours, baby.

  179. Really great episode!

    The only part that took me out of the scene was the one where Michael and Ryan are talking over the speakerphone. It didn’t sound right, it sounded like they were a room away from each other or something. Did anyone else notice that?

    Anyway, as others have said, I too would like to see some of Jim’s other interests explored this season. More Philly Jim please!

  180. Great episode. Hilarious Kool Aid face of Kevins! I’m glad to see that Pam is doing so well with her graphic arts. She has found her niche. Will the end of this season show her leaving Dunder Mifflin altogether?

  181. They clearly wanted to show that Ryan has a Pam look-a-like assistant. She could have just buzzed him on the intercom, but the producers hired an actress to poke her head in the door.

    Angela’s love life is just like Wilson on Home Improvement. We know all about it but we never see it.

    I love how the ad guys are so into their own lousy commercial. Their beaming faces crack me up. Then Michael tells them it’s crap. Priceless!

  182. I think the super-sized episodes are the best length for The Office. I was really left wanting more after only 1/2 hour! I don’t think there was any JAM angst. Jim just didn’t want to ride home with Meredith (would you?). I was surprised that Pam didn’t know those things about Jim from his Second Life character. Best moments–Andy not knowing the Kit-Kat jingle, Creed stealing the hashbrowns (SO Creed), and the commercial Michael did was so cute!

  183. The Asian guy from the ad agency corporate sent looks really familiar. I know I’ve seen him in some commercials, but I can’t remember which and it’s driving me crazy. Anybody else recognize him?

  184. #240 – is he the guy from the Cingular commercials where he’s at a game and the guy next to him has to use a pay phone because he doesn’t have rollover minutes?

  185. ME TOO! Who is that asian guy!? I have been looking all over for his name. That’s why I’m even commenting here. Help us FIGURE OUT who that local ad asian guy is! He looks like someone perhaps from grey’s anatomy, house m.d., heroes, etc. I don’t know!

  186. My take on Jim storyline: as an audience, we can’t possibly think that Jim Halpert is happy being a salesmen at Dunder Mifflin (which we’ve known since the first episode), so now that he has the girl, he needs the life.

    It also shows that Pam wants more than a paper salesman (as she should), so Jim must blossom in this show to mimic a real-life scenario. It will be interesting to see where this plot goes…

    And the Kevin Kool-Aid face: awesome.

  187. Great episode, for all the reasons you guys already posted.

    Just wanted to add how hugely impressed I am with Rainn Wilson. He’s taking this awesome arc that the writers are giving him and performing the hell out of it. His breakup angst, in this episode in particular, was so realistic. We’re used to Dwight being authoritarian, nerdy and suck-uppy. I never would have thought we’d see him lovesick, and I’m totally buying it.

    Oh, and having Andy be his unwitting tormentor is genius.

    I’m so psyched to see what Dwight’s strategy will be for winning Angela back. You can do it, man!

  188. There’s a lot to be said for the “Jam angst.” I really felt bad for Jim. Yes, Pam is finally able to explore her interest in art, but she totally blew off Jim on several occassions (i.e. the Second Life Dwight update, driving home). That said, I’m hoping that we see some Jam angst from Pam next week in “Branch Wars.” Jim seeing his Karen . . . Will “Glam Pam” be replaced with “Season 3 Pam?” I think next week’s episode will better define the Jam relationship.

    Side note: Mike’s Cereal Shack –> Hilarious!

  189. Jim is(was)Dwight!

    Hear me out. The scene is when Pam becomes more interested in Jim’s second life character.

    1. Jim describes Dwight’s participation in Second life as withdrawing from reality. Jim withdrew to the point that he moved to Stamford. Also, how does he know the intricacies of Second Life so well?

    2. Pam asks how long it took Jim to create his avatar. Jim tries nonchalantly state that it’s only used to track Dwight. But obviously it’s been well thought out (name, clothes, hair, guitar.)

    3. Pam seems mildly skeptical to Jim’s answer and is further surprised that he is a sportswriter. He looks into the camera even more uncomfortably and tries to switch back to Pam’s animation, in order to, I believe, not expose the actual time he’s spent in Second Life

    My theory is we’re seeing more of Jim’s past struggle as he was trying to get over Pam after season two. We’ve always seen Jim as the cool and good-hearted prankster, but maybe the writers will expose more of Jim as the angst-ridden, sometimes frustrated and perhaps insecure guy that is closer in personality to Dwight than we think.

  190. They’ve made Daryl too cool, to a sickly sweat point and yet he’s not tough looking, at least not compared to the guys I’ve worked out with and around. It’s almost like he has no problems, where as everyone else has some little defect.

    I think they really intended to keep him a background character and that’s all. Is Roy really gone? Does anybody know?

  191. 240 – I don’t know the guy’s name, but he was recently in a Home Depot commercial.

  192. I love the Dunder Mifflin Commercial….that was the best part of the whole show.

  193. Great episode. The half hour format really suits the show. Can’t wait for next week!

    And there are so many classic lines from this episode. One of my favorites is “Ryan is being a little bitch again” – does this mean that Michael has complained previously to the CEO about Ryan being a little bitch?

  194. The Asian guy was from grey’s anatomy.. season 2 I think. He was an intern from another hospital who fell asleep for 2 seconds and hit a car – pregnant girl

  195. OMG this episode was so awesome. I mean, yeah. It was just another example of how much better the AMERICAN version is than the original brit version.
    I mean, this version is so believable! I remember the first time I worked in an office, the boss was sooooo stupid. He would totally have fallen for the secretary vocalizing fake beeps!!! And that creepy guy Dwight is also very realistic. And this show doesn’t pigeonhole the characters into stereotypes at all, unlike the brit version which was incredibly fake. I mean, c’mon, ‘Comic Relief’? That’s the fakest sounding charity I’ve ever heard of. The AMERICAN version is hyperrealistic and doesn’t rely on cheap (Comic Relief) tricks and fake characters for laughs! Am I right girls!?!

  196. Let’s not make the forum into a British/American ‘who’s better’ debate. Both shows are comic gold. It’s like comparing applesauce to football cream.

    I keep dorkily (it should be a word) re-watching the show, and I have to say that the only thing that would’ve made it better is if Kevin busted out with an ‘OOOHHHH YYEEEAAAHHH!!’ while doing his kool-aid man impression.

  197. Janey – I know who you’re talking about, but that wasn’t him, that was the Asian guy from “Harold and Kumor Go to White Castle”. He’s on Ugly Betty now. Otherwise, I’m not sure where that Asian guy was from on this episode. Go figure.

  198. Susie: Comic Relief was an actual thing. And I think most of the time the British version is a lot more believable than the American. I mean I love this one (I’m at the convention!), but I think it goes a little over-the-top sometimes. For example, I think the Tim/Dawn relationship was much more relatable than the Jim/Pam one. But there’s such a difference between to two now it’s hard to compare them.

    As for JAM, I was very worried for them after seeing Local Ad, but now I think they’re going to be OK – for now. I mean, Karen is no threat. But I think the real plot twister will be in the season finale with Jim being like “I got a job in Philly as a sportswriter” and Pam being like “I got a job as a graphic designer in NYC.” But they’ll end up together (: not leaving the office hopfully.

  199. I loved the Jim aspect of the show. I do have to disagree with the posts that say Jim gave up an opportunity at corporate and now is unfulfilled being a salesman. I believe that passing on the job was the best thing he did for himself, not just because of Pam. He would have felt just as stifled in NY in corporate as he does in Scranton because it is this line of work he hates. Come on! If he had taken the job, he would have woken up one morning, ten years down the road and realized that he was just going thru the motions. But now, being in a less lucrative position while seeing Pam follow her dreams will force him to follow his…I just hope the writers use this as an opportunity to show what a great pair Pam and Jim (as she encourages him) are rather than use this as a way to keep them apart.

  200. When they showed Pam waking up at her desk to Jim’s phone call, it looked like there were a couple of photos back there. Couldn’t tell if either one was a photo of Pam and Jim though.
    As for Pam and Jim, Pam wouldn’t even be taking a computer animation class if she was still with Roy, so I assume that Jim probably encouraged her. It was funny to see him become uncomfortable when Pam wanted to see more “Philly Jim”! All of Jim’s talking heads aside, he seems like a private guy who likes to joke around but hasn’t let others get really close to him. Guess that will have to change now that he’s dating Pam!

  201. I kinda noticed a little angst too when Pam was kinda mad that Jim was interrupting her, but that’s how I get when I’m working on graphics and my boyfriend interrupts me. It’s not a relationship flaw, it’s just that she’s really in the groove of the work and she doesn’t want to be interrupted. :)

  202. I don’t really sense any angst from the JAM perspective of the show. Pam has finally come into her own and they will probably/hopefully develop Jim this season. But we’re had plenty of opportunity to learn that Jim has interests outside of Dunder Mifflin and Pam. He never wanted this job as his career, we’ve seen him play basketball, and he would have rather watched the Philly game last season than go out with Karen one night. I think this is the season when Pam will be encouraging Jim. But what an awesome episode.

  203. Side note – Local Ad was directed by Jason Reitman (son of Ivan Reitman) and he just won the best film award at the Rome Film Festival this weekend (have to give a shout-out to a fellow Canadian – way to go, Jason!).

  204. I liked Betty’s point (response #255).

    I had never really thought about that. Jim has been a major character throughout the show and we really know the least about him and his outside of work life.

    I thought Local Ad was great. Pam’s little smile when she saw that Jim brought her breakfast was just adorable.


  205. I love Michael’s “limitless paper in a paperless world” slogan. It makes Dunder Mifflin sound invaluable and obsolete at the same time. Brilliant.

  206. I was wondering that too, Julien. I think we can conclude that Jim and Pam spent the night together before they came to work (;

  207. Question: The quote listed last, where Michael is talking about selling a can of Coke…where is that in the episode? I’ve watched it twice and I don’t know if I’m missed it both times or what, but I haven’t heard it.

    A little help?

    [from tanster: oops! that Michael talking head came from a DVD version that i was given. i guess they changed it for the broadcast version!]

  208. DVD version?! No fair, tanster! I’ll buy it from you. ;)

    The quote about the can of Coke is the funniest one; wish they’d put up a deleted scene with that quote in it.

    [from tanster: unfortunately, I had to return the DVD. NBC was kind enough to lent it to me so that I could do my normal Thursday night quoting since I was TiVo-less in Scranton. NBC rocks!]

  209. Nothing says “We have lots of what you don’t need” like “Limitless paper in a paperless world.” Ha! Instant classic.

  210. I don’t think Pam and Jim are living together because Jim told the camera in “Money” that this was his and Pam’s first night away together (at the beet farm). Unless they really don’t want anyone to know and are doing a good job at keeping it a secret, which they’ve been known to do. ;)

  211. seeing kevin do the kool aid man cracked me up for a good 5 minutes.Ive never seen anything so funny.HAHAHHAHAHAHA

  212. SO happy they’re rerunning this one soon… the funniest of the new season IMO.

  213. We were wondering who Nathan Robinson was too. We did a search and found a video of someone with the same name, but we couldn’t get the page to load.

  214. who was memorialized at end of show – in memory of Nathan Robinson – was that Nathan playing theme song on piano and in photo at end of show?

  215. we found out that Nathan was a fan of THE OFFICE and had a video of him playing the theme song on you tube. He died a couple of weeks ago from complications from the flu.

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