Los Angeles Magazine interviews Amy Ryan

SPOILER ALERT! Content and subsequent comments may discuss spoilers.

Los Angeles Magazine interviews Amy Ryan (“Holly”) on the set of The Office:

After her debut in last season’s finale as the new HR representative at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch, actress Amy Ryan returns this week as Holly on NBC’s hit comedy The Office. We hung out on the Universal backlot with the actress, who grabbed an Oscar nomination for last year’s Gone Baby Gone and who will appear later this month with Angelina Jolie in Changeling.

Link: A Day at the Office


  1. Holly is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!
    I still don’t understand why she will be leaving the show soon. Michael and Holly are better than Dwight and Angela.
    Holly is my homie!!

  2. Why, oh, why is she leaving the show?!? Amy Ryan is incredible – tearing up after being hugged and asked out by Michael was so perfect! I really hope they can bring her back – maybe Holly can leave the company but marry Michael so we see her every so often… Just a wish… : )

  3. Not long until she’s…”gone baby gone.” Sorry, I love her, I just couldn’t help myself. Hey, Michael would do it, too.

  4. Wow… So, she’s probably leaving in the “Employee Transfer” ep and Pam will be back in “Business Trip.”

  5. my heart shattered into a billion pieces…i hope amy ryan heard it..thank you for breaking my heart. sigh…

  6. What a great article! Sounds like Amy will not only be greatly missed by us, but by the cast and crew as well. But let’s not cry yet – you never can tell what the future might hold! ;)

  7. Noooo! Not Holly. I think I’m gonna tear up again. I guess if Toby’s coming back then Holly has to go. Holly when leaving The Office don’t leave your water bottle on the desk. It ruins the shot.*
    *It’s a Paley reference to Paul Lieberstein’s rules of acting.

  8. Spoiler Alert!!!!!
    I thought she would leave but not so soon. And I didn’t think this is how I’d find out.

  9. l am extremely impressed: she worked in a Clint Eastwood movie, had an Oscar nomination and she ASKS to work in The Office. Woaw she’s a fan.

  10. everyone thought Roy would never return but now he’s back. NBC likes to have the audience in suspense. never say never.

  11. The thing about Amy Ryan is that SHE IS Holly – in every single way. I am tearing up as I write this. I can’t possibly think of a better match for Michael Scott than Holly Flax.

    I hope this is all just speculation or a terrible joke…is she really leaving??

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