1. YES! Toilet paper squares! Of course, Michael had to guess 14! I love that Angela Kinsey got that little nod from her Adventures with Angela footage :)

  2. Why was this stuff cut out? I loved seeing Jan get some instant karma from Kevin.

    And loved the call back to Toby in Costa Rica. I miss Toby.

  3. Very funny. I hope one of the deleted scenes shows Jan’s reaction to what Dwight did to her baby carriage…

  4. I loved Jim’s comment about her not being as beautiful “once you get to know her”.

    I loved this episode!! And loved this deleted scene!!!

  5. wish they had kept the Toby clip… and all of this really – we NEED kevin to be the daddy!!!

  6. Great deleted scene! Lately the deleted scenes have all been pretty funny. It must be so hard for the editors to decide what to cut.

  7. Why cut this? They should have cut the stuff with Dwight testing the baby carriage, that added nothing to the episode and they never followed thru with it fully.

  8. This scene is awesome and definitely should have been included in the episode.

  9. Kevin’s deleted scenes have been hysterical lately! Why aren’t they keeping this stuff in?!! Come on, now!!

  10. Another point for Kevin. His deleted scene here and his one from last week were priceless. It’s a shame they didn’t make the final cut. Actually I think shame is an understatement here.

  11. WOW! Should NOT have been taken out!!! Fits perfectly after Kevin announces that the baby already being there ruins the games!
    +1 for hour long episodes!!

  12. Loved it so much but I just couldn’t make out Jim’s line with Holly at the shower. Help?

  13. LOL!
    What a great clip! Too bad it got deleted. This only reinforces that The Office should be an hour long show;0)

  14. Best deleted scene so far this season. I guess this was the clue they were supposed to give us about who the father was. It’s almost too soap opera-y for me, but it does add a funny element to the show.

  15. For those who couldn’t understand Jim’s exchange with Holly:

    Holly: Did she really just have a baby? She’s so beautiful!

    Jim: Oh, yeah. Wait ’til you get to know her better, though.

  16. For the first time this season I have to say all of these scenes should’ve been in the episode. Toby was hysterical and I think the actual baby shower ended up getting short-changed in the finished episode. There was good material here.

  17. oh man, I hope this issue pops up later, that would be hilarious if it turned out to be true!

  18. Oh Lord have mercy! That was the funniest dang thing I have ever seen. Well, maybe not EVER, but, jeez, that one should have stayed. That was so much funnier than Dwight trying to destroy Jan’s stroller. Not that that wasn’t funny, but a couple of those shots could have been traded for just that moment with Kevin. Not the Holly or Toby stuff, but Kevin and Jan. How freakin’ awesome is Kevin?

  19. This was clearly one of the better scenes and it was left out “the one next to the IHOP?” WHY WAS IT DELETED! It made me laugh like the “tide at Omaha Beach” from Creed…My only two laugh out loud moments. Not the best episode so far. There’s always next week.

  20. So I guess based on this deleted scene that there is no way Michael is actually the father. And also, I think my theory that Hunter was the father also goes down the toilet…

    Great deleted scene!

  21. That scene was awesome and I can’t believe it got cut! When Kevin said, “I might have done it with Jan!” the look on his face was priceless! It would be hysterical if it turned out to be true.

  22. I love that Michael finally asked out Holly, and put himself out there. Displayed his feelings, and just went for what he wanted. No more games….very sweet.

  23. That scene was great! I’ve watched it more than the episode. Should have traded it for Phyllis blowing up balloons.

  24. Okay, that was way better than watching Dwight try to destroy the stroller. Why’d they take it out???

  25. Wow, I love this deleted scene. This should have been in the place of that random Jam laundry mat scene that was so….boring or maybe one of the other Jam moments that added no comedy to the show.

  26. Wow!!!! That second scene is funnier than the ENTIRE episode. Why oh why didn’t they leave that in! If they took out the Dwight stroller stuff there would have been time argh! haha

  27. Granted this scene is funny – but taking out the Dwight stroller scenes? Haha you gotta be kiddin me those were the funniest scenes of the night!

    “Play time.. is over”. Haha I almost cried when he said that.

  28. Oh my god! I almost peed my pants I laughed so hard when I saw the second deleted scene.

  29. I liked the end of the scene, but there’s a huge disconnect for me in making Jan, formerly one of the most uptight, conservative characters on the show suddenly get naked in front of people she doesn’t think too much of. Another OTT moment among too many others. Jan needs real POV and an explanation. It’s gone too far without one.

  30. Wow, I watched this scene after watching “The Return” and “Benihana Christmas”… just shows what a totally different show this has become in regards to the types of jokes they do.

  31. Well, since Jan’s…um…’funbags’…are NOT natural, she doesn’t have the right to talk. ;)


  32. Wow, that second was very interesting, and hilarious. I loved how grossed out Ryan looked, and when Creed came over to watch Jan breastfeed – he looked so earnest. That was golden.

  33. i have to say, i am VERY glad that they didn’t keep the second deleted scene in. is it even possible to breast feed with fake booooooooooooobs?

  34. I could not be more happy that they cut the second deleted scene. I’ve suspended my disbelief for a lot of over-the-top things on this show, as long as they’re in character (i.e. Michael driving into the lake to prove his point, Dwight birthing a watermelon in order to assist Michael, etc.), but under NO circumstance can I see Jan breastfeeding completely topless in the office. I could see it happening as an awkward break room/restroom encounter between Jan and one or two characters, but come on, sitting in the visitor’s chairs by reception?!? And without a blanket or anything?!? Too unbelievable. Even for Jan.

  35. ummm…..I didn’t like the second one. The end was great because of the awkward silence but they would have had to cut it anyway for time, which wouldn’t have made it good.

    Also, I Hate Jam, I don’t think every moment in the show has to be comedy. They need to show character relationships and move the plot forward, too. Just saying.

  36. “Wow, I watched this scene after watching “The Return” and “Benihana Christmas”… just shows what a totally different show this has become in regards to the types of jokes they do.”

    I agree. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the direction the writers are taking this. Before with episodes like Basketball and Diversity Day, I could watch this show with my mom. But now, the show has lost too much class.

  37. Oh my – that is hilarious. They should have definitely incorporated that into the show.

    However, I definitely would not have wanted to miss out on Dwight’s attempted destruction of that Orbit stroller! Such a classic.

  38. Jan is the most unlikeable character in my opinion. I was hoping the baby would bring her back to reality. Maybe there is still hope for her.

  39. oh. my. gosh. I love the look that crosses Jan’s face when she realizes that she has just given them permission to stare. haha. I can’t even handle watching Kevin and Creed ogling Jan’s boobs.

  40. I’m interested in the love Jan or hate Jan divide this episode has brought up. Can we take a poll and have the writers write her out if there’s enough haters in the group? :-)

  41. I have to second the glorious day when Jan will no longer be on the show (never…) I don’t like any of her personal interviews and i hate her character on the show – NO ONE is that shamelessly self destructive! And I also agree that this show continues to get riskier and riskier…. I do miss the times when it didn’t matter if i watched it with my kids around. I have one word for season 5 – blaaaaahhhhh. Give me some season 2 comedy!

  42. 75- I agree. Before if I was watching an episode I didn’t really care if my parents watched with me, but now it’s just starting to get too awkward, I have to think ahead, what episode it is and how weird it would be.
    I can so see Jan breastfeeding in the middle of the office though. It reminds me of dinner party, and how she kind of ‘snaps’ and starts acting all peaceful and happy.

  43. “Another OTT moment among too many others. Jan needs real POV and an explanation. It’s gone too far without one.”
    Exactly! I think they’ve lost their way in regards to motivations for Angela as well. That scene was ridiculous. Apparently the writers sit around and say “wouldn’t it be funny if…” and then don’t further consider whether it’s at all plausible or organic. Ugh.

  44. Oaky Afterbirth: You can BF after a boob job… if you have a very good plastic surgeon and make it known to your surgeon that you want to BF. I can’t remember if it’s the way they put the implant in or how they move all the milk ducts. But it can be done.

    And I don’t think Jan has changed… I think we’re just seeing her “other side”. I can’t remember the episode but it was after The Client and Jan talks about her therapist and embracing her self destructive ways. But yes, an explanation would be nice.

  45. If you told me while I was watching Performance Review that later in the series Jan would be breastfeeding in the middle of the office, I wouldn’t believe you.

  46. Come on you guys, don’t be so uptight. Jan is a hilarious character and Melora Hardin is a terrific actress. Remember. The show isn’t real. And don’t get your hopes up about her being written off the show. She’ll be there for a long, long time.

  47. Cocktails (3.18):

    “I am taking a calculated risk. What’s the upside? I overcome my nausea, fall deeply in love, babies, normalcy, no more self-loathing. Downside, I date Michael Scott publicly and collapse into myself like a dying star.”

    She collapsed in on herself like a dying star.

    What’s the last word she says at the end of the first clip? I can’t make it out.

  48. I hope people realize the great acting ability of Melora Hardin as well as the amazing talent of the writers of the show. The writers and Melora have created a character that is really bringing out strong visceral reactions in people. Like her or hate her there are really a lot of strong feelings which means job well done!

  49. My dislike for Jan has subsided.
    Now, I just see her as a kooky character. As the show goes on I think Michael is realizing that she just isn’t “the one”. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t bug me as much this season as she did last season. Holly seems to be a better match, or at least the idea of there being someone for Michael is comforting.

  50. Jan wasn’t topless. Her top was on and she was pulling it down.

    As far as her character, I think it’s been a pretty slow change from one personality to another. She went from being a mean workaholic to very earthy (if not a bit crazy, and still mean to Michael). People change. It’s a drastic change because it’s on television, not in real life. But think about it…it is possible for someone to change that much over the course of 5 years.

  51. Actually I love the Jan stuff. Just the fact that she acted so “perfect” and was “stuck-up” and then she turned out to be an actual nightmare is brilliant
    writing. Holly is Michael’s soulmate. Not crazy Jan.

    Creed rules.

  52. for those who aren’t fans of the risque nature the show seems to have taken… it’s not on at 8 anymore… it’s a 9pm slot. they can take more liberties now. it’s all part of the awkwardness just to the extreme. if it makes you laugh and sometimes squirm in your seat, i think they’ve done their job!! :)

  53. Jan is definitely my favorite character and one of the most well written fictional television women in recent years. Her incredible spiral is so well written I can’t stand it. She’s just so…complex.

    Anyway, season 5 is amazing.

  54. Yeesh, so many comments on this entry seem so negative. Can we all remember we’re here because we love The Office?

    Also: it’s not Season 2 anymore. Hasn’t been for a while. Can we all move on?

  55. Oh I think everyone in this thread is well aware that it’s not season 2 anymore. Some of us just wish it was.

    And for everyone who’s calling for Jan to be gone– really? You really want the tremendous asset that is Melora off the show and out of a job because Jan’s pissing you off? A better call might be for the writers to fix her and make her a less hateful sociopath.

  56. To all the people defending Melora Hardin: Neither I, nor anyone else, ever said anything negative about her. She is a terrific actress and is doing a great job… with what the writers gave her.

    For me, the problem with Jan isn’t the fact that she is a horrible person… it’s the fact that her transition into this person was done terribly. Came out of nowhere. Jan became a totally different person between The Job and Money. I mean, she was crazy but she wasn’t a completely crazed, selfish psycho. The character is officially ruined for me.

  57. I thought these were HILARIOUS!! I never watched this show with my kids in the first place because they can HEAR Michael’s inappropriate antics. It’s always been adult humor IMO.

  58. Hey, we all have known for quite some time that Jan was not the most stable person. She’s shown these tendencies throughout.

    For those who think the show is too risque now, think of the beloved British version – THAT was risque.

    I love this show.

  59. Yep, the second one needed deletion. Not because it was too risque, possibly not even because it was too weird, but because it took forever and didn’t really pay off.

  60. Wow – that second clip takes the all-time awkwardness award for sure. I was wanting to look away for the last 20 seconds or so. Yikes!

  61. I think that Dwight’s stroller tests are the most cringe-inducing and disturbing thing he has ever done.
    On that note, the buttered watermelon did not phase me. :P

  62. That really is a hearty stroller… I had no idea the extent to which Dwight’s stroller testing scenes went! I love it!!!

  63. I like that third clip. I guess Dwight wasn’t satisfied until the stroller was totally destroyed haha.

  64. Although still not finding it that funny I like the Dwight scenes in the third deleted scene better than the ones in the show. I think what I’m not liking is that it’s too much Rainn and not enough Dwight.

  65. I wish they had used the third one in the show instead of what they did use. It was a lot less ridiculous.

  66. Reminds me of the skits in ‘Jackass’ when Johnny Knoxville goes jogging with a stroller and then falls on it, or when he leaves a carseat (with a fake baby!) on top of his car as he drives away from a grocery store, or when Dave England has a (fake) baby in the baby-seat on his bike, which he then crashes. Hilarious.

  67. OMG – now I’m a true believer. I really want that Orbit stroller.

    That was funnier than Dwight throwing the stroller from the top of a pile of tires. I still wish that I could see Jan’s expression when she saw the stroller though – surely something noticeable must have happened? Or is she really that clueless?

  68. I wish they would have shown what happened to the stroller was beaten to a pulp in the episode. This Dwight clip was just lame and should have been deleted.

    They need to bring back Season 2/3 Dwight, much better IMO.

  69. I personally thought they should have cut down one or two scenes out of Dwight’s baby stroller tests in the final cut. Those succession of scenes went on too long in my opinion, especially after the horrors of Dwight giving birth, legs akimbo in the cold open. Wow. Too much.

    This third deleted scene was more silliness that should have been edited down to begin with. It pains me to say it, but other than Jim explaining the absurdity of the birth renactment, Jim and Pam dealing with their out of synch day, and Michael/Holly hugging, this episode disappointed me. What happened to The Office’s intelligent, subtle humor?

  70. Thank god we have people like Dwight in this world to safety-test baby strollers.

    I’m pretty sure I could watch Dwight abuse that stroller all day.

  71. The cut clips of Dwight and the baby carriage are actually way funnier than the clips they included in the episode. I was actually kinda annoyed with the clips of him that aired. This would have been way funnier…

  72. I don’t mind watching Dwight abuse the stroller, that was kind of funny but I’m glad that wasn’t in the episode. That would be overkill. Overall the deleted scenes weren’t the best, but it was better than Business Ethics.

  73. Yes to more of Dwight with the baby stroller!!
    @ 120/Debi: Since when is “that’s what she said” considered intelligent or subtle humor?

  74. haha that is a GREAT stroller.

    When we criticize how much we don’t like the humor or actions in these DELETED scenes, please remember that they were DELETED for a reason. Let’s not be haters.

  75. I Hate Jim: When “That’s What She Said” comes from a character like Michael, it works well with the subtle, intelligent humor.

  76. I think the baby stroller scenes were funny. Better than the aired version. Also, why do so many people want this to be season 2 or 3 all over again. Wouldn’t everybody get bored with it if they just kept airing the same show week after week? It’s called moving forward.

  77. A little off exact topic, but I’ve always wondered if the deleted scenes should be taken as events that “actually” happen but we just don’t see it. Any ideas?

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