1. Wow, what is with all those ashen-faced stares, and those matchbox cars? Secondly, both Michael AND Jim are at desks (and I think Michael actually did switch desks, hence the Dundie…). I can’t wait to see who gets demoted! My guess, they both do and Ms. Kathy Bates will be in charge from afar, or something like that. I can’t wait for tomorrow and next week’s episodes! Finally some new material since the middle of December! (I didn’t really count the Banker, it wasn’t enough for me and not my favorite. :(, Sadly…)

    Sorry, this is SO long, but I just had to say I love how Dwight seems to be tolerating Jim dunking his *mustard* tie into his coffee. What’s with that? Or is he about to yell, “Dammit Jim, I’m telling Michael”, stand up, and angrily speed-walk to his beloved boss’s office?

  2. Aww Ed Helms is so cute!!! And can’t wait to see who gets demoted!!! I kind of agree with Claire, since there is a Dundie on the desk but I guess we’ll have to wait and see! These pics are always so teasing.

  3. While I really hope Jim doesn’t get demoted, I think he might.

    And it’s so exciting to see him back at his old desk! I didn’t realize until I saw that picture that I missed him there.

  4. Michael does seem to have a ‘what just happened’ look on his face.

    Also his megaphone is on the desk. And maybe those toy cars are his too seeing as he has stuff like that in his office.

  5. While it makes me very happy to see Jim back at his old desk (with his jacket off and next to Pam… yay!), I really hope he isn’t demoted. But since it looks like Michael’s mega phone (?), Dundie, and water bottle are on the desk, I’m guessing Michael is the one who’s demoted.

  6. There may be an office party for Kathy Bates, too! There is a “Welcome, Jo Bennett” sign in the conference room. Maybe Michael did something stupid at the party and got demoted?

  7. Jim and Michael are both sitting at the same desk! What is going on?! Though the toys are all out, I have a sinking feeling that Jim will be demoted, since Dwight’s diabolical plan has to end sometime

  8. I have a feeling that Jim is going to be the one demoted I don’t wanna sound mean but I kinda knew that Jim being a co-manager wasn’t going to work out. even though I know he’s more qualified for the manager position than Michael but knowing Michael he’s probably going to throw a fit if Jim gets the job therefore getting the spot.

    i’m super excited to see how it works out. :).

  9. I’m guessing that Michael is initially the one to go back to sales. After all, Jim would seem to be a more likely candidate for management, especially upon first impression. But then, after some pouting and tantrums and the usual antics from Michael, Jim might realize that it’s in his best interests to go back to sales. He might do it to make his life easier, or because he knows being manager means more(everything) to Michael, or maybe he’ll work out a deal with Michael that is to everyone’s advantage.

    And personally, I’m in favor of anything that puts Jim back on the island with Pam. (And Dwight.) It’s high time to get back to the way things used to be. (Or at least back to a place where Jim and Pam are allowed to speak to each other.) I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  10. I honestly don’t care who gets demoted, I’m more excited to see Kathy Bates.

    Though, I guess they threw the old “no famous actors/actresses on the show, to keep it more realistic” rule out the window.

    I kind of miss the old Office, where it felt more like a documentary.

    But still. Kathy Bates.

  11. I really hope that if one of them gets demoted, it’s Jim. I’m a HUGE Jim fan but ever since he got promoted, he hasn’t been the Jim that I knew and loved…he’s become exactly what he didn’t want to be in seasons 1-3.

  12. are they really sitting at the same desk. when i first saw michael, i thought he was at andy’s desk. but maybe jo is making them take turns at managing to show who does a better job.

  13. Dwight goes out of his way to make a good impression with the new boss, both Jim and Michael are demoted, and Dwight becomes the new manager. Called it! Welcome to the hotel hell!

  14. I agree with dunderheadsally. Jim has become what he never wanted to be. It’s his career now. It’s not that I want him to be in sales forever. He is management material. But at least at Dunder Mifflin, sales is where he belongs.

  15. I kind of hope that Jim gets demoted. He was much
    more funny when he was next to Dwight.
    “Which bear is best? False. Black bear.”
    Just a classic example.

  16. It would be cool to see Michael in the salesman position. We keep hearing how great he was and it would be cool to see him succeed at his job; something he does so rarely as manager.

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