The Office: The Manager and the Salesman, 6.16

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Writer: Mindy Kaling, Director: Marc Webb

Summary (NBC): The office is eager to welcome Sabre CEO Jo Bennett to Scranton, and are dazzled by her Southern ways. But when Jo finds out there are two branch managers, she says either Michael or Jim must go back to being a salesman. Meanwhile, Andy’s Valentine’s Day plan backfires. Guest stars: Kathy Bates, Zach Woods.

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In a poll conducted February 11-15, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.568/10

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The Office The Manager and the Salesman quotes

Michael: Hello, Vancouver, this is Michael Scott calling from the United States of America.

Dwight: Could it be under ‘affirmation’? — ’cause you have thousands of those.

Michael: I have always heard that British Columbia is a very nice place, but I am not getting that from this conversation.

Michael: She bought us sight unseen, like a mail order bride.

Michael: I mean, are we ugly? Are we smart? Are we cool? Are we too cool? Do we speak English?

Jo: I kept the Mrs. just to piss off the new wife.

Jo: They love a good crotch!

Dwight: I am treating you the same as a man, for whom I would also not stand. Unless it was the president. Or Judge Judy.

Jo: Who’s this tall drink of sun tea?

Andy: Got some valentine’s cards for my co-workers and my bro-workers.

Meredith: I have this thing about men cutting or threatening to cut my throat. Don’t try to cut my throat.

Michael: I don’t know how things work in Florida, which, from your description sounds like a colorful, lawless swamp.

Jo: Now this is knucklehead talk.

Jo: You can’t give me gravy and tell me it’s jelly ’cause gravy ain’t sweet!

Michael: Where I’m from, there’s two kinds of folk. Those who ain’t, and those who are knee-high on a grasshopper. Which type ain’t you ain’t?

Jo: I’m a breast cancer survivor, close personal friends with Nancy Pelosi, and Truman Capote and I slept with three of the same guys.

Andy: It’s Roger Federer for Men.

Jo: Chop chop, little onion.

Michael: I can’t even go near a cigarette now without thinking of a penis. And vice versa.

Jim: With all due respect to this job, I think I’m definitely in it for the money. And quite honestly, the women.

Michael: Oh that is my favorite ocean! I love it!

Michael: Manuel who?

Michael: You can take the man out of the salesman, but you can’t take the sales out of salesman.

Michael: Have fun signing my commission checks, boss.

Dwight: Bobcat, this is Dragon.

Dwight: I wish I had a lair.

Ryan: Did you see Saw?
Dwight: Of course I see-saw. Mose and I see-saw all the time.

Michael: Who should I call with my magic sales fingers?

Dwight: Why don’t you just let me handle the Tolkien references, okay, dumb jock?

Erin: A spinning brain is a working brain.

Kelly: I know, obsessed with me much?

Erin: That girl can sing and dance and gets all of her clothes at the mall.

Dwight: He’s molesting people via the Internet.

Michael: I am going to Google sulfur maps.

Dwight: Michael, it’s Phyllis.
Michael: No, this is geological.

Andy: It’s not ’cause of the smell, I’m just expecting a nosebleed.

Kelly: I didn’t see you. And you were there all along.

Meredith: Believe me, if I got that card, we’d be in the bathroom doing it right now.

Michael: It’s just a farty dirt patch.

Michael: I wish we had one of those amnesia flashlights from ‘Men In Black.’

Jo: You two are grown-ass men.

Jo: Finish walking my dogs for me. And don’t ride them. A lot of people try to ride them.

Andy: Yours in professionalism, Nard Dog.

Kelly: Do you realize how hard that makes me like you, Andy?

Dwight: New record … low.

Ryan: Jim dug his own grave. But maybe we provided … the shovel.

Dwight: It is beet vodka, and it is delicious.
Ryan: I’m not interested in anything I have to make myself!

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  1. Not the best episode, but it was great seeing Michael and Jim trying to fight over who got to be ‘demoted’. Also, Erin was so cute at the end when Andy got so nervous!

  2. I loved this episode!! Great way to fit in everything we needed!!! The diabolical plot! Awesome quotes from Michael! Andy and Erin! AND JIM IS BACK TO NORMAL!! HE PUT DWIGHT’S TIE IN HIS COFFEE!!!


  3. That was AH-mazing! Loved everything about it… makes up for last week completely. Michael was hilarious in this one…!! Haven’t laughed so much since the wedding!

  4. I loved this episode, which was full of awesomeness. I like how everything turned out, although I wonder where they are going to go next with the Sabre storyline. I like the relationship between Michael and Erin. Erin has so much fun helping him out.

  5. That is why Mindy Kaling’s episodes are my favorite. Who is this tall drink of suntea? Jim is back! I really love the Dwight/Ryan dynamic and although I’ve never been an Erin fan it breaks my heart to see her sad. Thanks Mindy for being awesome!

  6. Yay, Michael’s still manager but Jim benefits too! It’s the best of both worlds! Why won’t Andy admit his feelings? Other than that, loved the episode!

  7. Everyone was fantastic in this episode but Ryan stole the show. Man, Kathy Bates is a great actress. Loved to see Jim back where he belongs (and is much funnier.) Dwight’s tie in the coffee was the funniest moment of the episode and was a great “everything’s back to normal moment” much like Michael’s foot on the desk at the end of “Broke.”

  8. I really hope Jim pulls a prank on Dwight soon! Then I’ll really know he’s back for good!

  9. a very solid episode, in my opinion. at the end i got the sense that, despite sabre, things are kind of going back to normal. it was really funny and well done.

  10. So many things to love about this episode! The visuals were awesome, those dogs were hilarious, the apple squashing, the tissues up Andy’s nose, all very funny! Things I absolutely love? When Jim took his jacket off, rolled up his sleeves and put Dwight’s tie in his coffee mug. I’m really happy Jim is back in Sales and that he could make more money that way. So many good Michael quotes. Not really feeling Erin and Andy, wish they’d just let it go or something. I also loved how Ryan and Dwight thought they actually did something. All in all, I really loved it!

  11. One little thing that stood out: I loved Kathy Bates just getting so annoyed…”You two are grown ass men!” and “This is knucklehead talk.”. She’s a great actress.

  12. SOOOOO GOOD!!! I loved that!!! Can’t pinpoint a favorite part; it was all good! Reminded me of old school office :) amazing!

  13. I loved this episode! The dogs got quite annoying, and the boss was pretty mean. Michael was so hilarious! And Erin really thought Andy meant to get a card like that for Kelly! lol I like how Jim got his old salesman spot back, and also his old desk!

    I can’t wait for Andy to ask Erin out!

  14. Ah-mazing. This is exactly why I love The Office. Jim unbuttoning his collar, loosening his tie, and rolling up his sleeves was an amazing moment. And I love the whole Dwight/Ryan dynamic… “Did you see Saw?” “Yes, I see-saw. Mose and I see-saw all the time.” The whole manager/salesman thing definitely didn’t go the way I thought it would, but was so much better. Finally, Jim and Pam (and Dwight) are back on their island, together, again. I also saw a promo for the baby episode, but missed most of it because my TV was on mute and I couldn’t find the remote. darn. Can’t wait to watch this episode again. and again. and again.

  15. OLD JIM IS BACK! As in, messy haired salesman Jim we all know and love. :) Couldn’t be happier!

  16. Finally…………..The Office is BACK! The goofiness was evident. Dwight was the old child like Dwight. Great episode! Andy needs to make his move, however, I cannot figure out why he’s so stumped when he quickly fell for Angela.

  17. I think I laughed for five minutes when Jim put Dwight’s tie in his mug and then Dwight cried out for Michael

  18. Am I the only one who didn’t like this episode? I did love Kathy Bates in it, though. She’s great in everything she does.

    We need more Oscar scenes!

  19. That episode was amazing. I loved everything about it…and I know a lot of people probably didn’t catch Michael’s “Curves” joke, but I’m a Curves owner and that totally caught me off guard! Oh and PS Curves is not a gentleman’s club, it’s an all women’s gym! haha

  20. I haven’t seen the epi yet (work gets in the way of seeing it on Thursday and no Tivo), but I have a thought on the Andy/Erin thing. Andy was hurt REALLY badly by Angela. When someone gets their heart destroyed, they will approach new relationships very carefully. Since Erin works with Andy, I am sure that he is being careful both so he doesn’t get hurt and Angela doesn’t do anything.

  21. Yay! The Jim-Pam-Dwight island is reunited :)

    Did anyone else notice that the new IT guy is the same guy from Job Fair that talked to Pam about graphic design?

  22. That was an awesome episode! I have not been a fan of the majority of this season so far, especially because of the Co-manager storyline, so tonight’s episode was what I had been waiting for months.

    This was seriously one of the best office episodes I had ever seen. My girlfriend and I were laughing the entire time. But I’m still not a fan of Erin and I can’t buy into her and Andy being together and he was hilarious tonight. Overall a 9/10 episode that I will watch over and over again. The Office is back!!

  23. Such a good episode! it’s so refreshing to see the old Jim back, the last scene was perfect.

  24. Eh. Episode was okay, but SO HAPPY to have salesman Jim back!! I have hated him as manager.

    And loving loving Andy and Erin. So sweet! Makes up for missing the lovely Jim and Pam courtship.


    I’m so so glad that Jim is back to his old self again, and that Michael is still the only manager (despite his flaws). Seeing him roll his sleeves up and stick Dwight’s tie in his coffee made me SO happy!

    Loved the “Curves” joke (it’s a ladies gym) haha, and I just don’t understand how Andy and Erin are just so awkward with each other. They’re real cute though. :)

  26. I loved the episode! Jim’s back to his old position and job! He got it back in a way that I didn’t hate either.

    I liked Jo, too. I didn’t think I was going to, based on the preview. But she was awesome. And her dogs are adorable.

    Can’t wait for March 4th!

  27. Something about the sound quality was true to form – if finally sounded like an office again. I also liked the restraint. The secondary characters were used sparingly but with impact.

  28. LOVED LOVED LOVED this episode! It was classic Office, even the cold open! The end was priceless, and I’m soooo happy to have the real Jim back! I can’t wait for the pranks to ensue! There were some really great quotes too, I can’t wait til it is on Hulu so I can watch it again! Mindy did an amazing job! Just bumbed that we have to wait 3 weeks for a new episode, but it is going to be so worth it. We get the one hour episode and the JAM baby!!!

  29. I gotta give it to The Office team, unlike the creative teams behind other shows its age (*cough*Heroes/Grey’s Anatomy/House/Desperate Housewives*cough) they recognized things weren’t working and actually try to fix them.

  30. looks like everyone is just as happy as I am that old jim is back!! it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling

  31. Just got home from work and will be watching this episode momentarily. After reading everyone’s comments, I can’t wait to see this episode! And I’ll be on alert to look for the special little moments you all enjoyed so much.

  32. I liked it. Can I also say I like Ellie Kemper’s hair better the way it has been the last couple of episodes?

  33. This was a pretty avearage episode for me. No really amazing part, but no really awful part either. 7/10

  34. Yes Mindy! Yes! You’re doing it right!

    You gave us back Jam… and Jim with flippy hair… and Dwight… and Kevin… and Oscar and… Jim pranking Dwight and… pungent Phyllis!

    Epic, I was laughing out loud the whole time.

    Sidenote: I did notice a couple of continuity errors, but who cares? Not me, cause this episode was awesome!!!

  35. QUESTION: Was this the first night that Ed Helms had an intro credit in the theme song? I swear it was, but my roomate argues that he’s had one since ‘The Banker’. help!!!

  36. I’m a bit ashamed everyone is so vehemently against change. I enjoyed Jim’s stint as co-manager; I was in fact a little sad to see him leave. Ah well, these little experiments are good, even if the results don’t please everyone.

    Moving onto the episode at large, I loved it. Kelly especially got to shine; and the writing was razor sharp. 9/10

  37. How did Pam’s painting get resurrected? It was on the wall again as if Erin never destroyed it.

  38. Yes! I totally called it! also I loved Andrin and I loves the kelly/andy story line, perfect 10 for me!

  39. Complete and utter turnaround of AWESOME compared to last week’s (for me) lackluster episode. It seems every time the Office begins to disappoint me a little (emphasis on “little”), they come back with an utterly hilarious episode that reminds me why I love this show so much.

  40. I feel like watching s5’s “Broke” (in terms of wrapping up some storylines)…and I LOVE that feeling!!! hehehe

  41. I loved this episode; it had everything, many jokes, many characters, and a complete story that was resolved in the end. Also, it was great to see an episode with some more Ryan in it; I love his character, the mix of arrogance and complete insecurity. My favourite part was when he couldn’t crush the can, and just sat there, defeated while Dwight just destroyed that apple.

  42. Mindy Kaling has written some classic episodes, but I don’t think this was one of them. It was in fact a little weak, and the Sabre story arc isn’t doing much for me yet. I do hope and expect that the gang will soon come to dislike Mrs Bennett as much as I already do. That’s when things will REALLY start to get interesting.

  43. So good! I loved at the end how Jim basically changed back into his old sales wardrobe and ditched the stuffy jacket look!

  44. Casual Jim, how I’ve missed you. I’m so glad you’re back! And Meredith: “Don’t try to cut my throat.” Hilarious episode! This was a huge improvement over recent weeks, and why I have complete faith in the Office creative team. Thank you for bringing back the greatness!

  45. The writers finally figured out what the fans love about this show and a simple tie dunk said it all.

  46. Waaaaay better. Now if only they would get Pam back to normal & not weird Pam it’ll all be right in the Office.

  47. Did anyone notice the continuity error in the conference room scene when Michael messed up Jim’s hair? For two or three shots, Jim’s hair is messed up big time. Then after a few seconds the camera goes to Jo, then when it returns to Jim and Michael, Jim’s hair isn’t nearly as messed up. GREAT episode though!

  48. some solid lines this episode. died a little at meredith’s throat-cutting scene, also enjoyed erin’s face light up when the dogs were sniffing andy’s crotch. killed last week’s episode by a mile.

  49. The cold open was brilliant! Who knew Michael was really on the ball and reserved his room for the Olympics 3 years in advance?! Only to cancel – how funny!

    Loved the part where Michael was back in his office and Erin was saying that he had his “space heater, humidifier, de-humidifier…” It would have been HYSTERICAL if she added “And your George Foreman grill” while pointing under the desk!!! Missed a comic-gold opportunity there…but oh well. At least he had a food dehydrator!

  50. Jim’s back! Even though I quite liked seeing him as the co-manager alongside Michael, it was great seeing the old office I first came to love.

    I almost cried laughing when Michael messed up Jim’s hair :)

  51. Loved this ep! Jim is back! Did anyone else notice/think that Nick the new IT guy is played by the same actor that was the graphic design guy from “Job Fair”?

  52. Ok I would never talk bad about Jim but man, I’m really glad that he seems to be back to normal. Yay. I loved this episode. The See-Saw line and Kelly’s line of “Do you know how Hard that makes me like you” made me laugh out loud.

  53. Finally got to watch the epi. I liked it. But it seems like Ryan is turning back into NYC Ryan slightly. Oh, and beet vodka???

  54. It’s very cliche to always resort to, “it had that season 2 feel” whenever there’s a good episode. But this one really did. Excellent. Best episode in a long time.

  55. @29 and @35 – yeah the ‘Curves’ joke had me laughing the hardest of anything last night (my wife used to work at Curves and to clarify it is a gym for women and not a gentleman’s club).

  56. Jim’s hair instantly “poofed” back from its lovable messiness to the sculpted do in mere split seconds of a cutaway to Jo. I kept rewinding it and watching it magically straighten itself up again – it was hilarious! I love finding continuity errors – it makes me feel clever (even though everyone and their brother probably noticed this one!!)

    I had a smile soooo big when Jim was rolling up his sleves. woot woot – the island is reunited.

    I love where they went with the diabolical plan. I was worried for a few weeks. But I love that they didn’t ruin Jim’s career and yet they still think that they are masters of evil! Win, Win Win.

  57. I was disappointed in this episode. I really, really enjoyed last week’s episode, which seemed far more true to the Office writing in seasons 1-3. I did, however, enjoy Kathy Bates and her Great Danes!

    Favorite moment: Erin’s interaction with Jim as the new manager!


  58. Amazing what happens when they keep an episode within the confines of the office, isn’t it? There’s a reason Gossip, Secret Santa, and now Manager and Salesman are the three best episodes of the season, by far.

  59. This was a middle-of-the-road ep for me. It didn’t floor me like last week’s did, but I definitely enjoyed most of it. The thing I didn’t like was the plot device used to get Michael back at his job; it just seemed too contrived. A weird smell? Really? My initial thought was that Jim would inundate Michael with so much busywork that Mike wouldn’t be able to actually make any sales and would demand his old job back, thus displaying Jim’s cunning.

    But I didn’t dislike much else. Andy was adorable in his posturing about who he likes and had a phenomenal delivery with, “That was weird.” And Jim’s tie bit with Dwight was understated brilliance. I hate the overuse of the talking head to describe a joke, or comment on a joke, and much prefer the old school vibe of letting the actual joke itself breathe and become funnier on its own. Dwight’s incredulous look, Jim’s satisfaction, and Pam’s viewer-echoing realization that “things are normal again” said more than any exposition ever could.

    And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the awesome symbolism of Jim removing his jacket at the end. Too cool.

  60. I really liked this episode. it was unpredictable and yet so predictable what with michael being a salesman and dwight and ryan’s inability to work together . a lot of sharp lines i especially loved the ending and can’t wait to see jim/pam pranks on dwight again

  61. Yes! Yes! Yes! I loved this episode!
    Back to the funny stuff; loved the crotch-smelling. Loved the Kelly moments, Meredith’s description of Kelly’s card & the papercut, Michael’s reservation cancellation (classic MS stupidity), Kevin’s one-liner (Jo, there’s books in my chair!)… loved everything. Way better than last week’s episode!

  62. Meh.

    The only part I reacted to audibly was when Jim dunks Dwight’s tie in his coffee and everyone gives looks to the camera. “Yay!”

    But I have no real interest in the Andy/Erin thing. Too awkward for me, at least Jim and Pam were cute.

    Loved Kathy Bates.

  63. two words:

    Nailed it!

    Great writing on Mindy’s part, great acting, and the tie dunk was CLASSIC

  64. So, SO glad that salesman/jokester Jim is back. The tie-dunk was the absolute best part of this episode for me, especially with the way Dwight, Jim, and then Pam look at the camera afterward. The icing on that cake was Dwight calling, “Michael!” That brought to mind the “Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica” incident, which was classic “The Office.” Thank you for a great episode that hints at future comedic greatness! :)

  65. I am SO GLAD Jim is back at sales and can mess with Dwight.That was my favorite part of the office years ago and I hated there not being any this year. I hope they will finish up with A LOT of pranks this year and the seasons to come.

  66. People noticed Jim’s hair not being messed up after a couple seconds, but did anyone notice when Michael was making a sale Jim’s office door was closed the whole time but then the last cut to Michael the door was open?

    Anyways, the see-saw line was hilarious. Do you think Dwight really did see the movie Saw or was he just lying to Ryan and telling him that he’s seen it? I wasn’t sure.

  67. I wouldn’t want to work for her, but I loved Jo and her back story! I also liked the nod to “The Devil Wears Prada,” one of Michael’s favorite movies, when Jo tossed her coat over her shoulder to Gabe. I’m looking forward to seeing what Jo has in store for Michael and the rest of the staff.

  68. This episode was just like Broke from last year, one of the greatest episodes of the season… but not necessarily because it’s funny, but great for the plot.
    Also, I noticed Nick the IT guy from Job Fair in the last episode and I was like “I hope he comes back!” and he did…that was a great scene too haha.
    Yay for Jim back in his old desk! Amazing :)

  69. The episode as a whole was ok. Mindy’s episodes are fun.

    Kathy Bates was perfect for this role. I would love to hear her perspective about the whole process.

    Thought the whole see-saw thing was funny, but it seemed kind of inconsistent that Dwight didn’t understand. Wasn’t he dressed as the puppet thing from Saw in this season’s Halloween episode?

    Fave part was the end! Loved watching Jim settle into his old seat, loosening up his tie, cuffing up his sleeves, putting Dwight’s tie in the coffee, and the looks/smiles between Dwight, Jim, Pam, and the camera. Loved it!

  70. I really liked this episode! My favorite part was Jim sticking Dwight’s tie in his coffee cup. Just like old times. I liked the co-manager thing, but I’m happy things are back to the way they were. I knew Michael would hate going back to sales. Really fun episode!

  71. I loved this episode! It was unpredictable but everything fell into place by the end. And I didn’t want it to end!

    Andy and Erin are such cute dorks, they are perfect for each other!

  72. Terrific episode! Kelly reading her Valentines Day card aloud–hysterical! Jo is a wonderful character. Hope she can stick around, I want to see her more! Andy with Kleenex up his nose is still making me laugh!

  73. Loved the entire episode. Still makes me warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Awesome. I still slightly miss David Wallace :)

  74. So with every one back to their respective positions, does this mean they will take down Jim’s office or will they leave it up for something else?

  75. This was a solidly funny episode, and for the second week now, there’s a distinct return to the old style. I’m not sure what the writers want people to think about Erin and Andy’s courtship though; it almost seems like a parody of Jim and Pam as opposed to a real relationship, but I still find their interactions funny. Best line of the night had to be the Curves sale.

  76. Was that a nod to the movie “Amelia” (thus a shout-out to Hilary Swank) when we saw Jo Bennett in her “pilot” scene?

  77. LOVED IT! We’re back!!! This episode was fantastic!

    My Mom owns a Curves and coincidentally we watched this together last night, so we totally LOL’d at the Curves joke!

    And I loved Jo saying, “Finish walking my dogs for me. But don’t ride them, everyone tries to ride them.”

    I was laughing this entire episode… Good job, Mindy!

  78. this episode was hilarious, i was cracking up the entire time. the dogs’ obsession with andy’s crotch just killed me. i also really like the way they amped up erin and andy this episode. they are like bizarro jim and pam and it is fantastic! erin is too delightful. i have been really enjoying the risks the writers have taken and how they have shifted around the dynamics the past few seasons keeping the characters and their relations fresh. i echo the sentiment that i am a bit ashamed that so many people seem to resist any changes in the show. i love how they take us on a journey and then bring us back to the place we know and love. great, great writing. oh and ryan killed me this episode, mindy always writes well for ryan.

  79. Ahhh Mindy did such a great job with this one! I loved every scene. I agree that she always writes well for Ryan. When did Ed Helms become listed in the opening credits? Terrific! Did the IT guy look a lot like the Job Fair guy, or was it my imagination?

  80. Anyone catch who the new IT guy was? Season 4 job fair the guy Pam went to at the end of the episode. Told her to check out New York for school.

  81. Mindy writes the best episodes ever! I absolutely loved this episode! Great Michael moments! Classic Jim! Pam in her element! A funny story for Dwight! And Andy at his absolute best. Loved it…just great!

    God bless

  82. Wow! This was my favorite episode since season three.
    Great job Mindy and everyone else involved!

    The Kathy Bates character was funny and, more importantly, present in just the right amount. All the other characters had some funny moments, and most important Michael was NOT over the top.

    Please, please, please keep up this trend!!!

  83. Anyone smelling an Emmy for Kathy Bates come awards season?

    Favorite moments
    -Old Jim coming back, especially the tie prank at the end
    -Jo calling Michael and Jim “grown-ass men”
    -Andy scenting his card with Roger Federer cologne

    There was some classic Michael in this one too. Some of his subtleties and expressions when he was out in sales were cracking me up, especially with the Phyllis smell problem.

    You can always count on Mindy for a good ep. Now we just need Andy and Erin to get together…

  84. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how they pulled off Jim’s transition back to sales (then again, I probably should have had faith all along that they could do it). It seemed natural and not contrived, which was great. And I agree that it’s SO nice having the Jim/Dwight dynamic back. This was a great lead-up to the delivery episode.

    This might be my favorite episode since “Money” from season 4.

  85. Finally watched the episode, and LOVED IT! This brought me back to our good ol’ Office from seasons 1-3. I was so excited to see Jim back in his old sales position, and the thing with the tie just made my day.
    I loved when Meredith got that papercut. I was busting up over that.
    Great episode, Kathy Bates is phenomenal, as usual. The Office is back!

  86. Amazing. The last 10-15 seconds were the icing on the cake, with Jim transforming back into prankster salesman right before our eyes. Just awesome :) Kathy Bates and her Great Danes had me rolling. “Don’t try to ride em…some people try to ride em.”

    Ahhhhhhh. March 4 will have my heart soaring with the eagle’s nest :)

  87. Seemed like old times…in the best possible way. The characters are back where they belong. Of course, the tie prank was the best part!

  88. Best episode in a long time. By far, the best episode of the year. The last 10 minutes were just so great. The return of old Jim, but also Ryan and Dwight arguing about what to drink was great too. Mindy Kaling is the best!

  89. I was just re-watching this episode, and the part where Dwight says, “We don’t really announce our sales anymore. It’s not 1992” was totally a reference to Glengarry Glen Ross! At least I’d like to think it is. Office writers, you guys are genius :-)

  90. This is late and someone has probably noticed this, but there are two continuity errors in this episode. The first is after Michael ruffles Jim’s hair, and then suddenly it goes back into place. The second is in the scene where Dwight and Ryan talk to the IT guy and a red soda can appears from nowhere halfway through the scene

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