MeeVee Watch List: Sept. 15-23

Here’s a list of previously aired shows Office cast members will be appearing in:

  • Sept. 19: Melora Hardin (“Jan”) in ‘Gilmore Girls’
  • Sept. 21: Melora Hardin in ‘Soul Man’
  • Sept. 22: Melora Hardin in ‘Matlock’
  • Sept. 22: Nancy Walls (“Carol”) in ‘Becker’
  • Sept. 23: Steve Carell in ‘Saturday Night Live’

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  1. Melora was great in Gilmore Girls. It was strange to see her with curly hair, and looking so upper class/preppy as opposed to her Jan look.

  2. Is that Nancy Walls appearance correct? I checked and neither nor have Becker listed in her credits.

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