Tracking Office stars in other shows

Update: Since MeeVee recently re-launched its site, I thought I would update these instructions …

Want to track The Office cast’s appearances on other TV shows?

Then set up your personal MeeVee guide and add all your favorite Office actors to the list.

Setting up your guide

  1. Go to MeeVee and create an account.
  2. From the My Guide tab, click the “Add Interest” button on the left side of the page.
  3. Enter an Office cast member name in the search box, for example, Jenna Fischer. Press Enter.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you have entered all the cast members you want to track. They will appear on the list on the right.
  5. When you are done, click “Save and Close.”

Having your guide emailed to you every week

  1. From the My Guide tab, click the little envelope icon on the right side of the page.
  2. Select the “Email me My Guide every week” checkbox.
  3. Click the “Submit” button.


  1. I saw Rainn on Dark Angel a couple weeks back. His character wasn’t that far from Dwight in terms of geekiness, but had a friendlier disposition. :)

    I liked Melora Hardion on the USA Network’s “Cover Me,” about an FBI family on the run, but it only lasted one season so it maybbe isn’t in syndication.

  2. Does the watchlist automatically email me, or do I need to change some setting? I’m kind of lost on the site. I added all the office stars, but I don’t know whether it will email me.

  3. Never mind, I found it! I had another question, but now I can’t remember what it was… agfdjhgfd

  4. I guess there is no luck for Canadian users? There doesn’t seem to be any options to enter a postal code instead of a zip code so I can’t select my cable service with all the correct channels and times and everything. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to stick with the old fashioned method of using the TV Guide.

  5. Holy crap, thank you for this tip! I loved the Without a Trace episode w/ John and i wanted to show my sis the episode but now i have to look for it on the tv guide to see if it’s on. This would be such a HUGE help! Thanks!

  6. Does anyone know of anywhere I could find subtitled versions of the Frech, Quebeqois, and German versions of The Office? All of these are really based on the BBC version, but itd still be interesting to watch. But I don’t speak French or German. Or, does anyone want to find them and subtitle them for the greater good? Thanks!

  7. The Quebecois version of the Office (called La Job) hasn’t started airing yet. They are using the tiny town where I grew up as an equivalent to Stamford, which tickles me a lot. Unfortunately, the person who is the executive producer on the show doesn’t have the best track record so I’m not holding my breath for it to be very good. The actors they’ve picked though are good so you never know, I guess.

    As for the version from France, I’ve never seen it but it appears to be available on DVD. As far as I could see from the description on, there does not seem to be any English subtitles on it.

  8. I caught a very young Melora Hardin on “friends” a few weeks ago. It must have been season one or two; she looked SO different, and it took me a minute to figure out if it was her, but I was so proud that I was right!

  9. There was an episode of Family Guy where Melora (Jan) played a singer…she also sang in “the Rocketeer.”
    Dwight and Pam were on Six Feet Under.
    Dwight was also Numbers in the first season.
    Kevin was on Arrested Development,
    and Stanley was on Scrubs once.
    Michael and his wife in real life (Carol) were both on the Daily Show together.
    Carol was in the movie Anger Management as the flight attendant.

  10. CH, what episode of Friends was it? (what happned in the episode?) I have every season on dvd and would love to find it!

  11. Dwight was a Comic Book Critic on Entourage in season 2.

    Vince and the boys ordered him some french maid hookers

  12. I remember channel surfing and landing on an episode of Charmed on TNT. Rainn played the part of some kind of mythical dude or something. It was weird because it looked like he was supposed to be this evil badass, but, I think he’s been typecast as geeky now because I was laughing at his character. “Oh look, Dwight, is living his fantasy as a LOTR guy,” said my girlfriend.

    Also, Melora Hardin was in the Trilogy episodes of Quantum Leap.

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