The Friday Tally


  1. There is a definite learning curve in loving The Office. My conversion rate hasn’t been that successful: I’ve only converted one person at work, and my boyfriend will watch it ONLY if I force him to. Others I’ve tried to convince have given up because the cringe-worthy moments of the show make them feel “too uncomfortable.”

    What to do, what to do …

  2. I’ve converted three people: two of my friends by making them watch all of season 1 and one person at work. It seems that very few people love it from the first episode they see. It has to grow on you.

    People who feel “too uncomfortable” should really watch the episodes that make you more sympathetic to Michael, like Take Your Daughter to Work Day and Michael’s Birthday. Sure, they’re sad, but you definitely learn more about why he does the things he does. It’s hard to hate a guy who was allergic to his birthday pony.

    How can you not just fall in love with Jim and Pam, though? They’re reason enough to watch the show.

  3. I converted my friend by sitting her down and having her watch episode after episode on my DVR! It was surprising because she usually doesn’t like the same kinds of tv shows that I do. I don’t know of anyone else at school that watches it though, which is disappointing.

  4. I tried forcing my mom to watch it, but she says that she just doesn’t get it. I think she’s coming around though.

  5. Tanster, you’re conversion rate may be low, but with this site you’re helping hordes of people that love the show remain faithful. :)

  6. tan, i feel better hearing your boyfriend only grudgingly watches. my wife can’t even be in the room when it’s on. she might be getting even with me for my anti-Everwood hysterics, though.

    I have one friend who watches. That’s it. What has two thumbs and no Office banter? This guy.

  7. Wow, I feel incredibly lucky that all my friends LOVE the Office. It helps that the two of us who started it would play the episodes repeatedly on the computers in the student lounge. I think we got everyone else hooked. My friend would shoot me if he knew that I repeated this, but he told me that The Office (specifically Jim and Pam) is his new General Hospital. What can I say, I only surround myself with cool people.

    It’s not just my friends either, my Mom and I will call each other up and talk about it after it airs, and I got my sister hooked when I showed her episodes on my laptop over Christmas break. For the premiere I’m making a huge dinner and having everyone over to watch it. It’s gonna be awesome!

  8. On Thursday, I had to tear the remote away from my roommate, because she wanted to watch Grey’s Anatomy, but, well, Casino Night was on. I told her there was another episode of Grey’s on after, but there wasn’t. :) And after receiving my dvd’s today (finally!) my other roommates are coming around, but slowly. It’s my goal to have them all love it by the end of the semester.

  9. I’ve been trying to get my friends into it, but I know haveing these DVD’s are gonna seriously help with it.

    Oh, and congrats with the name recognition on the Dvds! I was watching comentary for Casino Night and Jenna starting naming sites and I was just thinking ‘say it..come on’. I think it was Brian in the end who mentioned it. I had a little cheer. :)

  10. It seems like most of the people I know that really like The Office are not the kind of people that would forgo other social plans to stay at home and watch any tv show, no matter how great it is. Except for my mom; I totally got her into The Office. But the weird thing is that she mentioned the show to me in the first place, but she didn’t really like it. She was just telling me how strange it was. So I watched it and began to love it and then later got her to watch it again. blah blah blah. Done blathering.

  11. Uh, not sure where to put this comment (and I don’t think it’s what you’d call a “spoiler”), but did anyone else happen to catch the NBC Fall Preview thing they ran this afternoon? It was the first time I’ve seen ANY footage from Season 3. I won’t say anymore in case anyone hasn’t seen it, but there were some interesting clues as to the Jim/Pam situation. Or at least I thought they were interesting. :)

  12. WOW!! That original post is one month old today! Can we say “Brad’s a little bit behind the rest of the class”?? But in my defense, that was before I started getting the RSS feed from OT. I stay on top of things a lot better now. :) Thanks Jennie!!!

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