Melora Hardin on ‘Runaway Box’

Here’s Melora Hardin in a series of funny vids from ‘Runaway Box’:

Elevator — Melora Hardin Super Fan

Two more after the jump, plus a little behind-the-scenes footage.

Elevator — The Office Song

Elevator — Nanny Cam

Behind the Scenes with Melora Hardin


  1. I like the fact that all/most of the actors in our documentary are talented enough to have so many outside projects going on. I can’t remember another show that can say that.

  2. “How’s a girl supposed to make a shrine without a hair sample?”
    I laughed out loud.

  3. Hey thanks to the OfficeTally for posting our videos! We’re glad you guys like them!

    Here’s one more from Melora

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