Yes, Michael Schur IS Ken Tremendous

Who the heck is Ken Tremendous, you ask?

If you follow baseball, or if you just love snarky sports writing, then you may have heard of a blog called Fire Joe Morgan — “Where Bad Sports Journalism Comes To Die.” (NSFW for profanity)

It’s been called one of the best sports humor sites online. (Not by me, because I don’t know anything about baseball, but it has been said.)

One of the key contributors to FJM is a writer who goes by the name of Ken Tremendous.

Well yesterday, The Office’s own Michael Schur outted himself as that writer. How so much wicked funny can come out of one dude … well that is tremendous.

Link: Era of Anonymity Comes to an End

Tipster: Voltaire


  1. Yes, he certainly is, and I, too, love FJM. I’ve also been sitting on this particular piece of information for a few months now (long story) and seeing it come to light is pretty interesting.


    Sweet Sassy, make me love this show and these people some more.

    How fantastic!

  3. Yay! My first time as a tipster. And if my theories about the demographics of this blog are correct, we’ve already maxed out on the comments. ;)

    But seriously, for those of you who don’t read FJM, Ken Tremendous has shown himself to be one of the cleverest, sharpest, most well-written and witty minds in all of sports. Seriously. And he’s damn funny.

    Gee, I should have figured this out sooner.

  4. I’ve been reading FJM for a long time…my favorite Red Sox site, and all this time it was Mike Schur? You’ve GOT to be kidding me. Well at least I know good writing when I see it (or watch it).

  5. I knew it! Not. I’ve never been on that site, but I could have told you Ken Tremendous was one of The Office writer’s since he’s listed on Mindy’s blog. Now off to read it.

  6. As a Red Sox fan and an Office fan, this is the collision I never dreamed about but am soooo happy it happened. Michael Schur, you freaking rock….a lot.

  7. Thanks for posting this! I didn’t know about this website but I will be SCHUR (bad pun) to read it from now on!

    And Ken/Mike – you’re right. The Giants are fantastic and their winning was easily the best day of my 2008 so far.

  8. I maintain a little blog called 41Miles, and we are big Office and FJM fans. One of our writers, Glenn Davis, actually figured it all out, but we held off on publishing until we got the OK from Schur. You can see it now, though, and it’s very interesting.

  9. I read FJM religiously, it’s definitely one of my favorite sports blogs as it’s always hilarious. When I read the post this morning, I thought that one of the people’s names sounded familiar but was too busy to Google it. Was Schur the inspiration for the sports writing Philly Jim? And in the upcoming season (hopefully) will we see Michael or Dwight blogging on

  10. Wow, look how snarky he is on there. It’s fun but I officially no longer feel guilty for making snarky comments about the Office now and then. :)

  11. The fact that Cousin Mose is familiar with WARP3 has shattered my reality. The cup that contains my man-crush on Mike Schur hath runneth over. In the universe of TV-writers-cum-sports-journalism-critiquing-bloggers, he is akin to Gary Sheffield or Darin Erstad (who was a punter in college). The things I like best about him are his consistency and grit. He’s a grinder, and I love him for it!

  12. And so as you plant this seed in the ground, I will also plant my seed in you…

    It all makes sense now. I had tears coming out of my eyes from laughing at that episode. KT is so funny.

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